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Casino Hold ‘Em is a highly popular off-line and online casino card game (that can be played in any prominent off-line and online casino such as Bet365) which is actually a derivative of the most popular poker variant Texas Hold ‘Em. It’s different from the latter in the manner that unlike in Texas Hold ‘Em where you play against other players on the table, you play against the house in Casino Hold ‘Em. Hence, you have a better chance of winning as you’re competing only against one entity. Casino Hold ‘Em came into being in the year 2000 and gradually evolved into a huge favourite of casino gamblers throughout the world. You can see almost every off-line and online casino such as Bet365, offering Casino Hold ‘Em poker game in the modern times.

Delving a little more into its history, Casino Hold ‘Em made its first appearance in the year 2002 in Great Britain at the International Casino Exhibition. By 2007 it was licensed throughout the UK. It quickly gained huge popularity and is played in almost every casino of the modern gambling era.

Let’s now go over the different rules of Casino Hold ‘Em poker and the basics of this game. In the final section of this write-up, we’ll acquaint you with a basic strategy of this game, which can come in pretty handy if you’re starting out with this game.

Rules of Casino Hold ‘Em
As also mentioned earlier, Casino Hold ‘Em is a direct derivative of Texas Hold ‘Em, and hence follows the same rules as the latter, with only a few minor changes. Following are the basic rules of this game:
– Every player is required to place an ante bet on the table before the cards are dealt to everyone.
– The dealer and all the players receive 2 hole cards in facedown position which they need to combine with the community cards for creation of their best 5 card poker hand.
– As it also happens in Texas Hold ‘Em poker, the dealer places 3 community cards in face up position on the table, which can be used by all active players for forming their best 5 card poker hand.
– Players are free to call or fold during the betting round just like the normal poker game, based on the strength of their hands. A player may call if he/she believes that he/she has a fairly strong hand to continue playing. The player may either wager or call the same bet amount as the previous bet or increase it by a maximum of two times of the ante bet. On the other hand, the player may fold his/her cards, withdrawing from the round, if he/she feels that his/her cards aren’t good enough to continue playing.
– Once this betting round comes to an end, the dealer places two more community cards in face down position on the table.
– The strength of the hands is decided based on the rankings applicable to the Casino Hold ‘Em game, and are primarily based on the best 5 card poker hands created by every active player.
– A major distinguishing factor in Casino Hold ‘Em poker is that it’s a must for the dealer to qualify, for the game to proceed. The dealer must have a minimum of a pair of 4s or higher. In the event that the dealer fails to qualify, the call bet gets pushed and the ante bets are paid out based on the pay table.
– In case the dealer qualifies, and the player loses, the latter loses both his/her ante and call bet.
– In the event that the player beats the dealer, and the dealer had qualified, the ante bet is paid out as per the pay table.
– Both the ante and call bets get pushed in the event of a tie.
– The game of Casino Hold ‘Em is normally played using a standard deck of 52 cards.

Casino Hold ‘Em basics

Primary objective
The objective of Casino Hold ‘Em is fairly simple – all players need to beat the dealer’s poker hand. Every player can try to do this by making his/her best 5 card combination using the face up community cards on the table. Despite the fact that this game is played using a single 52 deck card, the deck gets properly shuffled and replaced by a newer one after every round of the game.

Hand rankings applicable to Casino Hold ‘Em
The hand rankings used in Casino Hold ‘Em are the same as in standard poker. Hence, royal flush is the strongest hand you can get, followed by a straight flush, then 4 of a kind and so on till the lowest one, a pair. Generally when playing Casino Hold ‘Em poker, the house edge is slightly over 2%. Ace is always considered the highest card, followed by King and then the other face cards, going down to the lowest one, which is 2.

Applicable payouts
1 to 1 or even money payout is the lowest what you can get in Casino Hold ‘Em poker, wherein you are handed double your wagered amount if you do win the hand. The highest possible payout in Casino Hold ‘Em is 100 to 1, which is given to anyone scoring a royal flush. Straight flush has the next highest payout, paying around 20 to 1. However, you can increase your payout for straight flush if you place a successful AA side bet. The payout in that scenario becomes 50 to 1 for a straight flush.
4 of a kind is paid out at 10 to 1, and 40 to 1 with a successful AA side bet. The payout for full house is 3 to 1, multiplied 10 times if you get a successful AA side bet. A regular flush gets you a payout of 2 to 1, increasing to 7 to 1 with a successful side bet.

Betting limits
Anyone interested in Casino Hold ‘Em poker can enjoy far more favourable betting limits if he/she plays it online at a reputed online casino such as Bet365 or others. For example, some of the most prominent online casinos allow you to place Casino Hold ‘Em wagers of as low as £ 1, and chip denominations going all the way down to £ 0.01. At majority of such places, you can use to denominations of £ 0.05, £ 1, £ 5, £ 10, £ 25 and £ 100. Majority of online casinos place a maximum betting limit of £ 100 on online Casino Hold ‘Em games.
If you’re particularly interested in playing Casino Hold ‘Em in an online casino, you must look out for a casino that offers live dealer Casino Hold ‘Em games, as they provide a far better gambling feel.
Having talked about online casinos and playing Casino Hold ‘Em Poker therein above, it’s also worth mentioning that anyone wanting to score big returns from their Casino Hold ‘Em indulgences should also look at slots to balance out their returns. Playing slots can often make up for the shortfalls in your Casino Hold ‘Em winnings. Therefore, even though it is okay to hold a great amount of love for Casino Hold ‘Em Poker in your heart, the economics and commercials sometimes make it necessary to improve your total returns with the help of slots!

AA side bets
As also mentioned earlier, you can place an extra AA side bet in Casino Hold ‘Em games. Doing so can deliver an additional bonus in the event that you do end up winning. The added bonus is in the form of an extra profit on the ante bet, and is awarded if your 5 card poker hand comprises of at least 2 aces.
The AA side bet is placed along with the ante bet and can multiply your winnings many times. However, please keep in mind that the AA side bets pay only if your first 5 cards (comprising of the first 3 community cards), consist of 2 aces.

Basic winning strategy
As you start playing Casino Hold ‘Em poker and gain more familiarity with it, you’re most likely to create your own winning strategy and/or a particular playing style. However, please keep in mind that there is no single successful strategy that will deliver you a 100% result all the times, because the outcomes will always change depending on the cards dealt to different players and the dealer.
Hence, the best way to go about this game is to use certain beneficial situational strategies which are based on the specific hand you get.
Furthermore, you should equip yourself with some simple tips regarding ‘when to fold’ and ‘when to call,’ which are also normally provided by several seasoned Casino Hold ‘Em players on the internet. So, for instance you should never fold if you get a straight flush, or for that matter any flush which is gut shot or open-ended. (Please note, you’re said to have an open hand if you get 4 sequential cards that can be turned into a straight with a specific low or a high card. A gut shot on the other hand is a hand wherein you’ve got 4 cards that can be turned into a 5 card straight by a certain middle card. You should also avoid folding whenever you get a high King or a high Ace pair.
Although it’s not recommended to fold, but you can if you want to in the event that you get a gut shot straight draw or a high Queen. This is because the gut shot straight draws have a lesser possibility of turning into straights, compared to open-ended draws. You should ideally avoid folding if you get a high Jack or higher, and can readily make a pair with a community card on the table. However, it’s always better to fold if you get a high 10 or lower in a similar situation unless you have a gut shot at a straight.
Therefore, the situations when you must fold and minimise your losses are situations when you get very low cards and may not be able to match them with the community cards on the table. It’s always advisable to raise if your two hole cards are higher than the first three community cards.

Final thoughts
Casino Hold ‘Em poker is easily the most popular variant of the conventional Texas Hold ‘Em poker game. Both these games are pretty easy to learn and enjoy, regardless of whether you play them in an online casino or an offline one. All you need to do is decide whether you wish to play against the house or other players on the table. Casino Hold ‘Em is generally preferred by starting out poker players who haven’t yet gained the scale or risk-taking ability to go head-on against other players. After all, it’s always easier to play against one single opponent than an army of them! That fact in itself is the single biggest reason why Casino Hold ‘Em has gained huge popularity throughout the world. It simply gives you better chances of winning!
All about Casino Hold ‘Em