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SendHub:SMS for Organizations

SendHub is a simple messaging solution. It makes it easy for businesses, educators, healthcare workers and just about anyone to send texts to individuals and groups of any size.

textSMSgroupmessaging28 Mar 12

Miglu:Communication Made Simple

Miglu allows you voice calls and SMS from your existing phones, web browsers and instant messengers like Gtalk. There are no contracts or commitments, no new software or hardware required. Start making international calls and SMS right away.

communicationSMSvoicemobile13 Jul 10

Tropo:Add Voice, SMS, Twitter, and IM to Your Applications

Tropo makes it simple to build phone, SMS and Instant messaging applications. You use the web technologies you already know and Tropo's powerful cloud API to bring real-time communications to your apps.

APISMSIMmessagingcommunicationrealtimemobile7 Jun 10

Wizi:SMS with Location

Wizi SMS with Location lets you instantly share your location with anyone by SMS or e-mail. The location map can be opened on any phone with a browser, namely older phones. This application is very tiny, works very fast and does not require any registration.

mappingmobilegeolocationSMStextemaildownloadGPS3 Jan 10

SendFlow:Interactive Messaging Platform

SendFlow is a web-based platform that lets you create, broadcast and manage interactive SMS text and voice messages. With SendFlow you can broadcast two-way messages that respond to caller inputs in real-time using land lines, mobile phones and internet transports like G-Talk.

SMStextmessagingrealtime5 Nov 09

MeeBee:Makes Meeting Easy

MeeBee is an online personal assistant that arranges all your meetings with friends. MeeBee uses the devices and apps you already use: your email accounts and your calendars, and helps you organize meetings with your friends.

groupfuneventcalendarlifestyleSMSsocial16 Jul 10

Voice on the Go:Email and SMS by Voice

Speak Your Email - Listen to email and compose email and SMS by voice, all without typing. Hands-free and eyes-free access to your email, SMS, calendar, contacts, Twitter, Facebook and more...from any mobile phone, all by voice. Voice on the Go allows you to stay connected, safely and conveniently, while driving or any other time.

voiceemailSMSconnection20 Jun 09

Trackle:Your Personal Tracker on the Web

Trackle is a service that tracks all of your personalized information on the Web, all in one place. Offering the industry's most comprehensive index of popularly tracked categories, Trackle keeps tabs on everything in your life, from local, to social to shopping. The service is built with advanced algorithms that provide a layer of intelligence to the tracking process - ensuring timely and relevant results. Users get automatically notified over the Web, email or SMS whenever Trackle finds a match.

alertSMSsocialtrack8 May 09

Sendsteps:SMSvote during a PowerPoint Presentation

Allow your audience to vote using their cellphone during your PowerPoint presentation and show the results on screen. Need to send a text message to 500 people? SMS2group takes care of it while offering personalization and a rock solid network. Turn a boring presentation into a wonderful conversation. Find out what your audience thinks and give people what they want.

presentationeventtrackchartgroupSMSconversationdownload11 Apr 09

Storyz:Show. Tell. Everywhere

Storyz allows for group messaging and photosharing from your mobile phone to other phone users and web users. Users can post private messages to their friends or completely public. In this way, Storyz functions like threaded group MMS across web and mobile. The service converts photos and videos across handsets and web, and can be used on popular social network sites like Facebook, MySpace and Hi5.

mobilegroupmessagingsocialmediacommunitycommentemailSMS16 Jul 09

Tagga:Handy Information To Go

Tagga allows anyone to create instant SMS and Mobile Sites so that you can interact, sell to, or simply communicate with mobile users.Promote your band, your house for sale, your business, organize your sports team, club, events and more.

SMStextmobilemessaging22 Jun 10

iSMS:Online SMS Inbox provides free online SMS mailbox and allows users to send free SMS (Mobile Text Messages) in Pakistan. It maintains your contacts, SMS conversations and provides spam protection. Build an address-book and keep track of your conversations.

SMSmobileaddressbookconversation12 Sep 08

Sipiko:See Friends' Plans and Join them

Zipiko lets you see what your friends are planning to do and allows you to quickly invite them to join you. Zipiko can be accessed almost anywhere. It responds in real-time and even updates you via SMS.

mobileSMSevent20 Aug 08

CityMint:Food to Go

CityMint is a mobile and web-based service that allows you to order meals from your favorite restaurants from your mobile phone or online. Orders can be placed on the internet, your phone's mobile web, or simply by a text message.

mobilefoodrestaurantSMSsearch30 May 08

moblf:Connects you to Various Online Sites from your Mobile

moblf, (Mobile Life) brings Web to SMS. It is a mobile interface that enables you to interact with web services using your mobile phone, particularly SMS text messaging. It empowers you to access your favorite web services anytime, anywhere from the mobile.

mobilelifestreamSMStextsocialtwitterfriendfeed1 Jul 08

Polleverywhere:Simple Text Message Voting

Poll Everywhere is the world's first all-software audience response system. Unlike other voting or polling solutions, you don’t have to buy expensive proprietary hardware or “call for special pricing,” you just sign up and create text message (SMS) polls in literally minutes.

pollSMSmobilesocialtext11 Feb 08

SMS GupShup:Free Group SMS

GupShup is a free group sms service to connect with your friends and follow your passions over SMS. Send messages to a group of friends or share your thoughts with the world, and receive messages from friends or groups that interest you.

groupSMStext2 Dec 07

Mosio:People Powered Mobile Search

Mosio is a mobile community enabling you to text any question from your phone and have it answered by real people (other Mosio members). It's totally free.

mobileaskquestionanswerSMStext21 Nov 07

MizPee:Where to Go on the Go

MizPee finds the closest, cleanest toilet and gives you entertaining reading material once you get there. Since the service is cell phone-based, it's always with you, when you really need it.

mobilediscoverSMS25 Jun 07

Obopay:Money Transfer by Cell Phone or Web

Use any mobile phone to get, send, or spend money. Text message, use your phone's Internet browser, or download Obopay onto your phone.

moneytextSMSmobile18 Jun 07

MeetMoi:Location Based Mobile Dating

MeetMoi has developed a service that allows you to identify your location from your cell phones and determine whether there are any other people whose profiles meet your search criteria and are within a certain specified distance of you. If MeetMoi finds a match, they will send you the person's or persons profiles via SMS. If you like what you see, you can text message the person you like anonymously and eventually arrange a meeting.

meetfunmobilediscoverSMStext9 Jun 07

MiniMobs:A Web Text Network

The MiniMob Chat Messenger works on all web pages including: MySpace, Friendster, Facebook and more. Simply create an account, choose a mobile phone, then copy some special code onto your site or profile page.

mobiletextSMSsharenetwork8 Jun 07

Mozeo:Powering Mobile Life

Mozeo gives people the power of getting information anytime, anywhere via their mobile phone. It's your own mobile chat room, invite who you want and get going. Speak your mind to the world, and let people hear what you have to say right on their mobile phone.

mobilechattextSMS8 Jun 07

TextHQ:Text Messaging Headquarters

TextHQ allows you to send text messages from your PC to mobile phones in over 150 countries and over 550 mobile operators worldwide. Send text messages to one phone or group or phones instantly. Upload pictures to your gallery and send them to mobile phones worldwide. Find out whether your text message arrived or not and receive replies to your text message via email.

mobileSMSmessaging10 Feb 07

BuddyPing:Meet Up, Hang Out, Be Friends

Simply text: ping me to buddyping, use the website, or the mobile WAPsite and buddyping will find you. Once they know where you are, they will let you know where your friends are via text message.

mobilemeetSMS24 Nov 06

myMemorizer:A Web Calendar with SMS/Text Message and Email Reminders is free to use but max 3 free SMS/Text message reminders/day, it is possible to buy extra SMS/Text Messages.

calendarSMSemailreminder21 Oct 06

Crickee:The More it's Free, the Less you Pay

With Crickee, users can send and receive loads of SMS totally free and without obligation! Crickee users stay real! Crickee also offers a unique service to all types of businesses connecting them with its customer base via a sophisticated multimedia advertising solution for increasing brand visibility.

SMSbusiness27 Jan 07

Zlango:Platform which Transforms SMS into Colorful Icon Based Experience

Zlango developed a revolutionary, simple and practical mobile language. It’s made up of over 200 icons neatly divided into intuitive and memorable categories. Most important words, concepts or feelings can be expressed by an available icon. It’s text-less texting! If you still require text - it can be easily added anywhere in the message, just like typing an ordinary SMS.

mobilelanguageSMSIsrael28 Dec 07

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