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Blippar:Mobile Augmented Reality Advertising

Blippar is a mobile augmented reality and image recognition platform enabling advertisers to reach consumers via outdoor ads, billboards, magazine, etc. The service uses the latest image recognition technology to make the ad itself the trigger for the virtual content. What the content consists of is totally brand dependent.

mobileadvertisingaugmented-reality11 Mar 12

Bre ad:Spread Your Idea allows you to customize your own digital billboard to recommend anything you want. Some bakers choose to promote their personal brand; others like to recommend their favorite things.

advertisingtoolrecommendation18 May 11

TvTak:Detection of TV Shows

TvTak recognizes television shows in just one second. A single click is all it takes to share what you’re watching on TV.

downloadmobileTVadvertisingIsrael6 Apr 11

AdmantX:A Leap forward in Monetizing the Web

Using semantic technology, ADmantX interprets words and content, offers an increased visibility of web pages and conveys the feelings they transmit to readers. ADmantX puts into context around the people, places, brands and companies, things, ideas and concepts the content describes; it can also identify the sentiment, emotions, behaviors and motivations that the content elicits in readers. Together, these elements make for a rich and pinpointed match between content, emotion and online advertising.

advertisingtool2 Dec 10

AdsCaptcha:When Ads Meet Captcha

AdsCaptcha is a new online security and advertising tool that uses CAPTCHA authentication to spread branding messages while keeping consumers highly involved with the ads.

secureadvertisingtoole-commerceIsrael26 Oct 10

PlaceLocal:Automated Local Ad Creation and Sales

PlaceLocal app automates the process of creating, selling and managing rich custom display advertising. Using just a business name and address, the application can create a high quality custom ad in under one minute, thus removing the barrier for small businesses to advertise locally online.

mappingadvertisingtoole-commerce 9 Oct 10

Boosket:Recommend Products on Facebook Pages

Boosket offers a new tool to promote and recommend products on Facebook fan pages. Reward your community with your latest product catalog, special offers, promotions or private sales.

Facebookadvertisingtoole-commercerecommendation18 Sep 10

Interlude:Intereactive Video Platform

Interlude is a digital media start-up company that designs, develops and markets interactive music and video technology allowing users to interactively compose a unique version of a music video based on pre-recorded audio/video segments of a song. The Company’s vision is to bring the next generation of online music videos to the web browser space by creating a new and engaging experience of viewing and listening to music that integrates between Internet, television and radio mediums and empowers consumers while protecting and respecting artists’ original works.

musicvideoadvertisingmediaIsrael5 May 10

Zibaba:Social Driven Advertising and Ecommerce Solutions

Zibaba is a distributed social shopping service that lets friends stay connected when shopping anywhere on the web. No longer will you need to waste time wading through hundreds of reviews from strangers. With Zibaba you can get reviews on products and services from people you know and trust. Leverage your friends to share, recommend and discuss products and services, get the best prices and stay connected anywhere you shop.

advertisinge-commerceIsraelshopping9 Jan 10

Utvee:Monetize your Video Content

Utvee enables publishers and advertisers to sell products seen on TV shows and films. Simultaneously, the service enable viewers to easily find and buy the products they see on their favorite shows.

tvshoppingvideoadvertisingIsrael30 Dec 09

MyAdEngine:Online Advertising Made Easy

MyAdEngine is a dashboard for your online marketing - to create, optimize, and report on multiple marketing channels from within the one application. Currently integrated with Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft ad networks, with Facebook and more to come shortly. Targeted at ecommerce businesses, MyAdEngine reduces the time required to manage your online marketing by half. With its advanced reporting and analytics engine, your online marketing effectiveness is also improved by over 70%.

e-commerceadvertising15 Dec 09

CancelAds:Avoid Online Ads

CancelAds is a service that lets bloggers make more money off their content by removing ads for a fee while to web surfers CancelAds offers ad-free browsing.

bloggingadvertisingtoolmoney8 Jul 09

Innovid:In-video Brand Experiences

Identifying the challenges and potential of advertising in-and-around the video environment, Innovid harnessed its creative and technological powers, and set out to deliver online video advertising that works. Innovid introduces the interactivity of the web into the static format of video, enabling advertisers and publishers to reach new level of engagements with their viewers.

advertisingvideoIsraeloverlay11 Aug 09 and Ad Delivery Platform is a publisher driven in-text rich content delivery platform. It has a complete open API and many rich apps could be build around it.

widgetbloggingadvertising29 Jun 09

Stupeflix:Video Creation Made Easy

Stupeflix is a rest web service that turns your pictures, videos, and text into professional videos. Differentiate your service with video produced from your own content. Create one or thousands of video ads and spread them all over the web. Instantly expand your product line to video (mobile, web, and dvd).

videoedittoolphotomediaadvertising10 May 09

Yakaz:Classified Ads Search Engine

Yakaz is a search engine for all local classified ads on the web. Cars, motorbikes, housing etc. Quickly find all classifieds that match your search on the web.

advertisingsearchengine27 Apr 09

Pixazza:Now a picture is worth more than a thousand words

Pixazza provides an internet service that turns static images into engaging content, while generating incremental income for web publishers. Pixazza enables consumers to simply mouse over images on their favorite web sites to learn more and see related products.

photoadvertisingmarketing26 Mar 09

Oodle:Buy, sell & trade locally

Oodle is a growing classifieds service. Pulling together and organizing millions of listings from all over the Web, Oodle is a simple way to buy and sell through online classifieds.

advertisinglistbuysellmarketplace3 Mar 09

fleeQ:What's in it for me?

fleeQ delivers search results from all the major search engines through an easy-to-navigate page. The new interface provides publishers with powerful opportunities to monetize search from their pages, while receiving targeted traffic at the same time.

searchengineadvertising2 Nov 08

TicTacTi:Broadband Video Commercials

Web video, Advertisers and Publishers - TicTacTi brings them all together in a lucrative way. TicTacTi customize the format that best suits your needs, adding layers of clever and relevant ads, and help you to maximize your profit.

advertisingvideocontentIsraeloverlay11 Aug 09

AdRocket:Micro-Targeted Ad Network for Email

AdRocketΓÇÖs unique targeting and optimization network can increase your email eCPMs. AdRocket is doing the hard work of behavioral inference on demographic, behavior and interest data; on keyword generation and ad selection and on text ad insertion and tracking. This lets you focus on the important task of content generation and list growth.

advertisingemailnetworktrack8 Sep 08

Adgregate Markets:Sell Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

Adgregate Markets' network allows merchants to easily upload product listings, create ShopAdsTM widgets, and serve them to any website. The transactional banner ads are Flash-based and can fit into standard IAB ad units. Publishers can leverage Adgregate Markets to enhance their advertising offering or simply grab transactional banner ads to publish on their sites as affiliates.

advertisingmarketingtool8 Sep 08

ToldYa!:Social Commerce Platform

Expand your brand and drastically improve your conversions with a custom-built ToldYa advertising widget that's tied directly to your existing offers and offers an unbeatable interactive experience complete with text, images, audio, video, browsing, search and more.

advertisingmarketplacemarketingwidgetsocial19 Jul 08

Zadby:Be Seen. Get Paid

Zadby is an online marketplace where advertisers, marketers, and brand managers can connect with freelance video producers to create innovative product placement videos tailored for sites like YouTube and MySpace. Zadby facilitates the creation, posting, tracking, and payment for online videos with product placement angles.

marketplaceadvertisingcreatevideomoney27 Jun 09

Jivox:Your Ad to Your World

Jivox online video advertising is a powerful new way to tell your customers about your business beyond the visual and geographic limitations of search engines and banners. With Jivox, you can easily create Free professional video advertisements for your business with music, visuals, and more.

advertisingvideocontent15 May 08 Video Advertising has pioneered the clickable video space. All objects in content are clickable, providing a next generation interactive video platform with a robust monetization solution for content providers, and an effective non-intrusive media vehicle for advertisers.

videoadvertisingmediacontent29 Apr 08

imcandy:Video Network that Pays

imcandy is a unique video platform that connects Video Viewers, Video Creators and Video Advertisers. imcandy offers free high quality videos for viewers, lets creators publish videos and earn video-ad royalties (adRoyalties) and enables advertisers to create and manage online video campaigns.

videoadvertisingIsrael11 Jul 08

Snaptalent:Network Job Ads for Technology Employers and Site Publishers

Reach high quality hand-picked audiences. Let Snaptalent's algorithms continually fine tune placement of your ad to find the perfect hire.

advertisingjobdiscovernetwork18 Mar 08

Rollmio:Promotion Network of Blogs and Consumer Generated Videos

rollmio is a creative network where anyone can participate in creating video commercials for corporate clients. You can also participate as a promoter for video commercials other members submitted.

advertisingvideonetwork1 Mar 08

Conversionstats:Tracking your Conversions made Simple

Conversionstats is a Free professional conversion tracking system that lets you compare your conversions via search engines, pay per click programs, advertising campaigns and referrers.

tracksearchadvertising19 Feb 08

Spottt:Free Link Exchange

Spottt is a free way to trade links that help like-minded websites promote each other

advertisingexchange1 Mar 09

Nabbr:The Widget Promotion Network

Nabbr widget platform makes it a snap to manage your affiliate account, so you always know exactly what you're earning. In addition to the money you can make from Nabbr premium music and entertainment content, Nabbr sweetens the pot with lots of great extras.

musicwidgetmoneynetworkadvertising12 Feb 08

Cutcaster:The Digital Video MarketPlace

Cutcaster is a consumer friendly, dynamic marketplace to license digital videos, motion graphics and photos. The Creators sell beautiful videos and unique photos that buyers are free to securely license and legally use them in their advertising campaigns, film making or video projects, publishing or whatever creative gigs you are working on that Cutcaster can make easier for you.

marketplaceadvertisingphotovideo11 Feb 08

AdCamo:World's First Background Adverising Network

With AdCamo users are becoming adapted to "traditional" advertising formats - which allow them to cancel out banners, text ads and intrusive formats. AdCamo intends to bring back the visual appeal of online ads with the introduction of Camouflage Advertising.

advertisingblogging7 Feb 08

Triggit:Why Code? When you can Create

The Triggit web application allows you to place media and ads with simple clicks and drags. No more embed code, FTP software, or HTML headaches. Triggit allows you to insert dynamic content from an ever-growing list of providers. Triggit automatically integrates with the most popular blog platforms.

createadvertisingblogging31 Jan 08

Kontera:Creating In-Text Relevance

Kontera is a leading provider of In-Text Advertising and Information Services based on patent- pending text and content analysis technology that maximizes relevancy and yield for online users, publishers, and advertisers.

advertisingtextcontenttoolIsrael28 Dec 07

AditAll:Video Ads that Work for you

AditAll is a video advertising community where users can quickly, simply and inexpensively create, produce and distribute video ads. AditAll brings low cost, high quality ad production capabilities to anyone. AditAll patent pending platform lets advertisers choose a "Pre-Packaged" ad from an inventory created by our producer community and quickly customize it. Advertisers can also select video and music clips and combine them into a unique ad using AditAll "Start from Scratch" feature.

advertisingcreatetoolmarketplacevideo11 Nov 07

ViralTracker:Tracking Viral Commercials Worldwide

ViralTracker is a smart, powerful technology that is easy to use. ViralTracker measures the reach and response of viral internet commercials (QT, Flash, WMD) at millions of weblogs, forums, websites, communities, social networks and over 140 video portals (including YouTube, Google Video, MSN Video, MetaCafe, Tudou and many local video portals). In real-time and worldwide.

businessadvertisingvideotrack7 Nov 07

Fittron:To Fit your World

Fittron is a comprehensive online database of fitness professionals and facilities that users can view at no cost. Fittron elaborate search engine allows browsers to select options such as desired service, specialties, training certifications, locations and fees that simplify the process of finding a fitness professional or facility. In addition to its extensive roster of fitness professionals and businesses, Fittron features an online solicitation board where motivated users can post fitness ads.

sportsearchengineadvertising18 Oct 07

AdReady:Build, Run, and Optimize Banner Ads

AdReady is an advertising technology company focused on making online display advertising accessible and effective for advertisers of all sizes. Through AdReady’s data-rich library of proven creative, real-time ad customization tools, and intuitive web-based interface, marketers are learning that AdReady makes it easy to build and run effective online display ad campaigns in minutes.

advertisingcreatetoolmarketplace16 Oct 07

Romllmio:Promotion Network of Blogs and Consumer Generated Videos

Romllmio is an online promotion network where video commercials are made and spread by consumers for word of mouth promotions.

networkvideoadvertising14 Oct 07

Standout Jobs:Changing the Face of Recruiting

Standout Jobs will help you produce a video job ad, something quick and easy, that will do more to show candidates about your company than anything else. In a two to four minute video, you’ll be able to show people why they should work for you, demonstrating your culture, your team and what your company is all about.

advertisingvideojobsearch11 Oct 07

PubMatic:Maximize Revenue and Minimize Complexity with PubMatic

PubMatic is focused on serving the needs of publishers by providing an industry leading platform that allows publishers to maximize their revenue while simultaneously reducing complexity.

advertisingnetworkmanagementtrack27 Nov 07

ClipBlast:World's Largest Video Search

ClipBlast technology helps Viewers search, navigate, watch and personalize their experience with the Video Web, and helps Video Content Providers, Advertisers and Marketers monetize their investments.

videosearchadvertisingmarketplaceshare27 Nov 07

LiveRail:Change the way you Think about Online Video Advertising

LiveRail is a unique online video advertising platform that lets you promote your business with measurable results and predictable costs, by only paying when someone chooses to watch your ad. LiveRail can help you distribute your video content online and monetize it with unobtrusive, relevant advertising. (for advertisers and publishers)

videoadvertisingbusinessblogging3 Aug 07

AdJug:The Online Advertising Marketplace

AdJug is an online advertising marketplace. It connects buyers and sellers of online advertising and provides them with transparency, control and choice. Publishers can take control of their online inventory to increase their earnings and advertisers can run better campaigns because they know where each conversion and traffic is coming from.

marketplacebuyselladvertisingtrackmoney5 Aug 07

Revlayer:Generate Revenue and Feature Content

Revlayer offers bloggers and web site owners the ability to generate revenue and feature content on the videos they embed. Revlayer takes seconds to add to your site and you could be earning more revenue today. Works with GoogleVideo,YouTube, Veoh, Viddler, Revver, Myspacetv and many more.

advertisingblogginggeneratorvideo27 Nov 07

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