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Punchfork:The best new recipes from top food sites

Punchfork makes it easier to find the best new recipes from popular sites like101 Cookbooks, The Pioneer Woman, Leite's Culinaria, Serious Eats,Simply Recipes and The Kitchn. It uses conversations on social networks to bring users with high quality recipes that passionate cooks are talking about right now.

socialfoodrecipeaggregatorconversation11 Mar 12

Vodio:Your Video Experience Redefined

Vodio lets users create their own personalized video streams from dozens of content services. Instead of searching through hours of videos in Youtube or any other video platform, the service gathers all the most talked about videos into one place.

socialdiscovervideoipadaggregator11 Mar 12

PostPost:What Your Friends Share on Facebook

PostPost is a news aggregator for the social generation, and collates the articles, videos, and photos your friends have found interesting enough to post. It features advanced search technology powered by yolink where users can search deeply within all of their news articles across disparate sources.

Facebookaggregatorsocial26 Jan 11

Footfeed:Expand your Social Footprint

Footfeed is a mobile geolocation check-in aggregator network that brings together many web services so users can checkin to many networks simultaneously. Built from the ground up as a stand alone check-in service, Footfeed integrates APIs from Brightkite, Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook.

aggregatorgeolocationsociallifestreammobile26 Nov 10

Smak ly:Increase Blog Traffic is a social news network that aggregates content in real time, rates and recommends it through our smart social widgets, global RSS and API, gaining bloggers more traffic, backlinks and revenue.

socialnetworknewsaggregator17 Feb 10

Magma:Simple Video Aggregator

Magma is for exploring, discovering, collecting, sharing, and tracking videos from all over the Internet.

collectionvideoaggregatordiscover11 Feb 10

Jogstr:Explore Digg Just Like StumbleUpon

Jogstr is a new way to explore, discover, and surf Digg news, images, and videos In Stumbleupon way. Jogstr gives you a hot soup of current popular webpages, and let you customize your Jogstr by choosing your favorite categories, topics, and stories type (news,images,videos). Also, Jogstr Let you share what you explore easily in most of social networks. Using Jogstr .. you can see how many Diggs & comments of a story.

newsaggregatorcreatecontenttoolbar21 Dec 09

CookThing:How to Cook Anything

Enter what you want to cook, and CookThing sends back the most common ingredients in that dish. Select the ingredients you want to use and it will return the recipes for what you want to cook with the ingredients you want to use.

foodsearchenginerecipeaggregator18 Sep 09

Thoora:What The World Is Talking About

Thoora puts the spotlight the news worth talking about by exploring more than 80 million blogs and 4,500 mainstream media sources and Twitter.

twittercontentaggregator15 Sep 09

ThyNews:Create A Custom Online Newspaper

ThyNews makes it easy to create your own custom online newspaper page full of headline links from the news sources you trust.

newsaggregatorcreatecontent6 Aug 09

SmakNews:Celeb, Fashion and Lifestyle made by You

SmakNews is a social media platform for ''women only'', where you can find the latest scoop on the ''who's who'' and ''what's what'' of celebrity, fashion and great buys.

newsaggregatorlifestylesocialmedia3 Aug 09

Individurls:News Aggregator Builder

IndividUrls lets you build your own custom news aggregator with content from the sites that you are interested in.

contentnewsaggregatorbuild15 Oct 08

Apptism:Find & Track iPhone Apps

Apptism indexes all iPhone apps from the iTunes App Store and aggregates all of the latest news, reviews, and media related to the iPhone apps. Apptism's focus is to also provide extensive searching, sorting, andfiltering capabilities to help the iPhone community find and track apps within the constantly growing App Store:

mobileaggregator13 Sep 08

FilterBox:More Knowledge. Less Noise

Filtrbox is the media monitoring service of choice for savvy professionals. Filtrbox eliminates the need for multiple monitoring tools saving both time and money while increasing productivity and knowledge.

mediaaggregatortoolfilter5 Jul 08

FeedKiller:RSS Mix

feedkiller provides an RSS mix service. with this tool you can put a variety of content into your website or favorite rss aggregator with a single RSS feed. the setup is extremely simple and it is completely free.

mixRSSfeedtoolaggregator29 Jun 08

FeedTweeter:Feeds your RSS Items to Twitter with some Spice

Feedtweeter is a little service that allows you to link Twitter to your other activities. Basically it's a system that keeps track of an RSS feed and processes any new items that appear.

twitterfeedRSSaggregatormix9 Jun 08

Matoumba:Front News Reader

Matoumba is a website that sorts everyday the most relevant information to you. Vote for the news and Matoumba will learn your tastes and the information that you like the most.

newscontentlinkaggregator28 May 08

Daylife:A Good Way to Explore the World

Daylife gathers news from thousands of sources around the world including mass media and blogs and organizes it into a landscape of related stories, quotes, and images of every perspective.

newsaggregatorcontent22 Apr 08 Your Life is a media and services aggregator that will keep you and your friends informed about what you do online at a glance and realtime.

aggregatorsharetrack7 Apr 08

Where Is Me?:A Social Aggregator Page

where is me is a web identity Aggregator. It takes all the places you do things on the web and centralizes them for you to show off. Including: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Odeo,, Blogs and more.

socialnetworkaggregator11 Jul 08

LinkBunch:Links Aggregator

LinkBunch lets you put multiple links into one small link which you can share over IM, Twitter, email or even a mobile phone SMS.

linkaggregator11 Jul 08

Alltop:All the Top Stories Covered all the Time

Alltop is a directory of stories from the most popular blogs on the Internet. Updated constantly.

contentlinkaggregator16 Feb 08

MoviBee:Music Videos Aggregator

With MuviBee platform, you can watch your favorite music videos online, browse your favorite artists and albums and build your own album and video lists.

musicvideosearchaggregator22 Nov 07

Grouply:All your Yahoo and Google Groups in one place

Grouply aggregates all of your messages across all of your online groups into a single, easy-to-use website. Currently Grouply works with Yahoo Groups, and more systems will be supported in the future.

groupaggregator9 Nov 07

DailyMe:Your Personalized News

DailyMe is a news provider and content platform that allows you to customize, personalize, aggregate, share, and interact with the news, blogs, columns and stories that interest you.

newscontentcreateaggregator27 Nov 07

MiniBoxs:The Net's RSS Magazine

MiniBoxs is a vivid RSS aggregator that offers a new approach to surfing the Internet and presents its users with a simple way to get updated with news and content from around the globe in a wide variety of topics. MiniBoxs is an easy way to familiarize yourself with a handful websites, from the most popular portals and blogs to various Internet magazines, social networks, web2.0 sites, leading video and image sharing communities and other top rated gems that are often missed by the general surfers community.

aggregatorRSSfeedcontent27 Nov 07

Streamy: Read, Share and Discuss the Web with your Friends

At Streamy the home page is divided into topical sections and pretty much resembles to Digg, but then via the wisdom of the Streamy crowds you get personalized recommendations on other stories and publications. Streamy aggregate stories to your homepage so you don't have to collect them. You can then easily share your favorites stories with your friends.

aggregatorsharebookmarkingdiscover10 Jul 07

BounceBase:Bounce MixedResults Search

Bounce base is an aggregation of many sources of many, blog, video, jobs, shopping, etc. Bounce base listen to the Internet and then broadcast it out using a simple API to any destination.

aggregatorsearchengine18 Jun 07

Feedest:Feed Readers with a Social Bookmarking Twist

Combine a feed reader/aggregator with social bookmarking, add more features, and you will end up with Feedest. Feedest intelligently learns what readers prefer, making constant adjustments to the ways of presenting the content provided by thousands of sources. The variety of feed topics is so vast, that it makes it impossible to classify them without creating a complicated and cumbersome directory-like structure. Instead, Feedest relies on the members assigning keyword-tags to the feeds. When different members use same tags to mark various feeds, these keywords create instant cross-references allowing other members to find more feeds related to the topic.

RSSfeedsocialbookmarkingaggregator7 May 07

linkmybox:Profile Aggregator + Reputation System

linkmybox is a shareable Profile Aggregator that lists all your personal Websites, Social Networks, Blogs, Contact Info, Photo Albums and other Profiles in a box. Plus: People can leave a message in your box (this is something between a guestbook and reputation system).

shareaggregatornetwork21 Apr 07

Turilla:Search and Filter Content that Match your Interests

Turtilla is an online service which allows you to search and filter content related to your interests. This content is captured from a large variety of sources. The generated results can be converted to an RSS feed containing a number of items, with each item representing a channel of interest.

contentaggregatorsearch18 Apr 07

Afrigator:Africa's Talking - Are you Listening?

Afrigator is a social media aggregator and directory built especially for African digital citizens who publish and consume content on the Web. You can use Afrigator to index your blog, podcast, videocast or news site (i.e. any site that publishes an RSS feed) and market it to the rest of Africa and the world. You can also use it to discover new sites in the Afrosphere.

socialmediaaggregatorpodcastaudio6 Apr 07

SalaryBase:The Internet Salary Calculator

SalaryBase allows people to know their true market worth and to shift compensation information power to employees. SalaryBase aggregates anonymous and comprehensive up-to-date salary data and share this knowledge back to the community.

moneyaggregatorworkcommunitysharecalculator4 Apr 07

Foxytunes Planet:Universal Personalized Music Mashup

Foxytunes Planet is an aggregates music videos, photos, news, bios and much more from any number of sources all over the Web into one convenient place. The Planet is universal - it can support any music site, service or store. Many great sites are already supported, and the list will be growing fast.

musicmediamashupaggregatorIsraelYahoomost-popular4 Mar 09

BlastFeed:Select. Sift. Read

Blastfeed is an on-line service that lets you aggregate, remix and filter RSS feeds. And Blastfeed can immediately notify you of any results of such filtering. Blastfeed will only collect items that match your criteria in each feed. The results will be amalgamated into a single file and sent to you by email, Instant Messaging or as a new RSS feed, when and where you want it.

RSSfeedaggregatorcontent14 Mar 07

Tezaa:Sharing Opinions

Tezaa is an online community that is driven by polls. Any member can create, modify and participate in a poll. It aggregates public perception and opinions allowing everyone to benefit from information sharing.

sharecreatepollratecommunityaggregator27 Nov 07

Pipes:Aggregated News Alerts

Pipes is an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator. Using Pipes, you can create feeds that are more powerful, useful and relevant. Get news from Yahoo!, Google, MSN, Findory, Bloglines, and Technorati on any topic, all fed to you in one feed.

aggregatorYahooRSSnews27 Mar 08

ViewScore:Product Review Digest

ViewScore provides online shoppers with a comprehensive shopping decision-making tool. ViewScore's product search-engine provides shoppers with aggregated product reviews and simple and easy-to-follow product recommendations, aiming at helping potential shoppers answer the essential question of "what to buy".

shoppingaggregatorIsrael6 Apr 10

Feeds2.0:Personalized Web 2.0 RSS Aggregator

Feeds 2.0 is a Web 2.0 personalized RSS aggregator. It incorporates a learning engine so that it does much more than show posts as they come in. Instead, it prioritizes incoming information according to the user's interests!

RSSfeedaggregator26 Feb 07

FeedFeeds:Free online Web 2.0 feed aggregator

FeedFeeds is a Free online Web 2.0 feed aggregator. Read all your favorite feeds (news, blogs, cartoons, etc) all at one place, from anywhere. Get the latest feeds from all your feeds.

feedRSSaggregator26 Feb 07

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