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GrammarBase:Instant Grammar Checker

With’s spelling checker, you will get a more comprehensive scan of your writing. Contextual spelling is examined to ensure the right words are used in your document. This prevents mistakes that other spelling checkers overlook, so you get the very best final product with your writing.

toolblogginglanguage 6 Nov 12

Blomming:The Social E-commerce

Use Blomming to sell wherever on the Web: your blog, your company's website, your preferred social network - or even your friends' ones. Blomming is an e-commerce system with cart, checkout, payments and tools for keeping track and manage orders and contacts.

e-commerceshoppingsocialFacebookblogging8 Apr 12

FlipSnack:Make Beautiful Flipping Books

FlipSnack is an online flipping book software that allows you to convert PDF documents into Flash page flip digital publications. It's the ideal solution for those who wish to embed a book, magazine, catalog, newspaper, portfolio or any other kind of document into a website or blog.

PDFbookdocumentbloggingtool13 May 11

Lubith:A Complex Wordpress Theme Generator

Creating your website theme has never been easier - Drag, drop, a few clicks and you can have the Wordpress theme you wanted!

blogginggeneratorcreatetool31 Mar 11

FoodJournal:Create your

A food diary for people that want to keep a record of what they are eating and share the photos with others.

foodbloggingtrack5 Mar 11

Penio:Simple Online Publising

Pen is the fastest way to publish content online. The tool allows you to quickly create beautiful text based pages in just seconds. The focus on Pen is all about the content.

textbloggingtool13 Feb 11

Yesblogs:Your Blog with Style

Choose your own .com domain name and your blog is available on mobile phones. You may customize each part of your blog, including templates, widgets, and fonts style (200 fonts available). You can also create unlimited mailboxes with your domain name.

bloggingtoolmobile10 Dec 10

MobeStac:Mobile Friendly Blog in Minutes

MobStac B! helps you create a mobile version of your blog in 5 minutes. Sign up and enter your blog's URL, see an instant preview and redirect traffic to your mobile site automatically.

mobilebloggingtool22 Oct 10 Surf the Music Web

A fun way to navigate through thousands of music blogs. The web is your player, blogger are your DJ's.

musicbloggingradio18 Sep 10

Gimao:A Social Information Management Service

Gimao enables blogs and social networks to offer their users the ability to organize information in a structured (semantic) form and present it contextually via a lightweight widget.

semanticbloggingsocialnetworkmanagementorganizeIsrael6 Jul 10

Quiqee:Search by Double Click

With Quiqee, double-click enable your website. Add great slick features to your website. Make more money from your content website. Increase Traffic to your site.

widgetsearchengineblogging8 May 10

Talki:An Easy Way to Embed a Forum

Now you can embed a forum just like a YouTube video. Your forum will be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other services so members can skip registration. Turn passive blog and content readers into participating members, contributing content.

forumbloggingtoolcontent23 Apr 10

StatusNet:Open Source Microblogging Service

StatusNet is the open source microblogging platform that helps you share and connect in real-time within your own domain. With StatusNet you can encourage collaboration, build and engage your community, and be in command of your brand.

bloggingopensourcecollaborationlifestream9 Mar 10

Skysa:Social App Bar

Skysa is a free to use website App Bar that enhances any website or blog in a matter of minutes. With Skysa you can add social, sharing, and interactive Apps from our App Library that function through the Skysa App Bar on your website. An example of some Apps offered through Skysa include; Chat, Sharing, Page Translate, Voting Poll, Twitter, Facebook, and more, plus Skysa adds new Apps regularly. Similar to the taskbar on your Windows PC, when you use an App that loads in a window, the App window can dragged around your page, resized, and you can launch more then one app open at a time.

toolbarsocialbloggingtool29 Jan 10

Write4net:Publishing is a matter of Click

Publish full articles without needing a blog or site. There's no setup or login. Just write your text and Write4net will publish it using your Twitter account. That's it. So easy. And free.

twitterbloggingtool24 Jan 10

Boostpost:Easy Social Nework Ranking Integration

Boostpost is the easiest way to add social network ranking buttons to your blog or website.

widgetbloggingsocialnetwork11 Dec 09

Sprouter:A Microblog for Entrepreneurs

''What are you working on?'' Connect with other innovators to network, share ideas and collaborate. Solicit real-time feedback and benefit from previous discussions. Discover relevant events in your local area and post your own.

blogginglifestreamcollaborationrealtimeconnectionofficeproject16 Nov 09

Palmood:Share your Mood

Palmood has an easy and fast way to blog your mood and share it with your friends, family, and the rest of the world.

sharebloggingtool4 Nov 09

Penzu:Write in Private

Penzu is a free online diary and personal journal with afocus on privacy. Easily keep a secret diary of thoughtsor a journal of notes and ideas secure and on the web.

edittextbloggingnote13 Oct 09

OnTheRoudTo:Create Travel Books

OnTheRoad is the newest online travel journal that gives you the ability to share your journey every step of the way with those back home. By providing you with great tools such as an interactive map, youΓÇÖre able to track your locations and plan your next destination. Easily publish photos and videos to share with your friends and family. Upload personal notes about each experiences to make the memories last forever. Connect with other travelers and be inspired by their thoughts, photos and destinations.

travelbloggingbooksharefamily7 Oct 09

AudioPal:Click. Speack. Communicate

Oddcast introduces AudioPal: an online service to allow individuals and businesses an easy and effective way to add audio to their online message.

audiorecordbloggingtool21 Aug 09

Redanyway:Boost your Blog with Followers Widget

Redanyway provides a social way to follow a blog. It provides a friends' and followers' widget which you can sport on your personal blog/site. This enables your friends or readers to directly add your blog to follow or add you to their friends list right from your blog.

bloggingwidgetsocial18 Aug 09

Loggel:Your Travel Diary

Loggel is a Lifelog community. It takes the basic concept of blogging to another level by using an innovative format: The Lifelog. The Lifelog connects esthetics and functionality, modern web technologies and easy usability. The user, loggeler, can record various szenarios from his/her life in a multi-media way, connect with friends and get to know new people.

visualbloggingtravelcommunity16 Aug 09

Wetoku:Bring Talkingheads Experience to your Viewers

With Wetoku, bloggers can bring the talking heads experience to their viewers. There is no software to install. Bloggers can use webcams to meet someone interesting, record the interview, and embed the video right away.

bloggingwebconferencevideorecord22 Jul 09 your Online Card

Make your tiny portfolio online in which you'll be able to integrate your networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), a little about you and how to contact you. Choose between many nice skins and features.

identitybusinesssocialcardbloggingtool21 Jul 09

Heyzap:Get Engaging Games for your Site

Heyzap allows any website or blog to take the most exciting flash games and put them into their website. This results in the website/blog having increased traffic, user time of site and engagement. Publishers can use widgets, APIs or RSS feeds to connect up to over 12,000 games.

flashgamebloggingwidget15 Jul 09

CancelAds:Avoid Online Ads

CancelAds is a service that lets bloggers make more money off their content by removing ads for a fee while to web surfers CancelAds offers ad-free browsing.

bloggingadvertisingtoolmoney8 Jul 09

Twittorati:Blogosphere and Twittersphere Meet

Twittorati tracks the tweets from the highest authority bloggers, starting with the entire Technorati Top 100 and soon including many more of the web's most influential voices.

twitterbloggingtrack8 Jul 09 and Ad Delivery Platform is a publisher driven in-text rich content delivery platform. It has a complete open API and many rich apps could be build around it.

widgetbloggingadvertising29 Jun 09

Roboto:Write Once, Publish Everywhere puts all the latest from the Statusphere and the Web into a tiny, easy to update, video-enabled calling card.

videobloggingsharecard27 Jun 09

SocialFollow:All Social Networks in one Button

Have Facebook, Myspace, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts and want to feature them all on your website? Social Follow has created one happy place for all your social profiles to hang out and get along. Social Following is the action of following someone through all of their social accounts.

socialnetworkwidgetblogging9 Feb 10

Oyster:Hotel Reviews

Oyster gives a comprehensive preview of the hotels you might choose to stay at, from the beds you'll sleep in to the bathrooms you'll use to the food you'll eat. The goal is to guide users to the hotels that will best fit their needs. Qyster do this by extensively photographing every place they visit and writing in-depth reviews based on a firsthand experiences.

hoteltravelblogging22 Jun 09

Feedmil:A Long Tail Feed Search Engine

Feedmil is a feed search engine featuring a spam-free, topic-focused search for a variety of feed types including news, blogs, microblogs, social media feeds, audiocasts, photocasts, and videocasts. FeedmilΓÇÖs goal is to help people search feeds of interest in the most efficient and easiest possible way through the use of innovative technologies and user interfaces.

feedRSSbloggingnewssearchengine4 May 09

Zemanta:Improve the way you Blog & write E-mails

Simple point & click enrichment of your blog posts (and emails). In real-time, while you type Zemanta suggest tags, links, photos, and related articles.

bloggingpluginrealtimeemaildownload22 Aug 09

We Are Hunted:The Online Music Chart

We Are Hunted gives the latest music news from around the globe. It's aggregate social networks, forums, music blogs, Torrents, P2P Networks and Twitter to develop a daily chart of the 99 most popular songs online.

musicaggragationsearchbloggingnews17 Apr 09

Zcapes:Create your own Mini Mobile Blog

Zcapes is a mini blog platform on your mobile. Anyone can make a Zcape for free for any object or event. Zcapes helps you not to miss a thing in a specific context.

mobilebloggingcreatetool7 Apr 09

urFooz:Your Portable Profile

urFooz your portable ID that lets you share information across your favorite social networks, blogs and start pages. Easily organize your Web favorites, such as photos, videos, bookmarks and more, by creating a urFooz ID. urFooz is your portable ID that gives you: One identity for all your online activities; An avatar that represents the "virtual" you; and a single connection for all your Web favorites.

identityprofilemediabloggingmobilewidgetcommunityfuncommunication26 Mar 09

Hollrr:Shout about the things you love

Got a product from a small company you really love? Think this product is so great, itΓÇÖs going to be a big success? Tell your friends about it via Hollrr. Hollrr allows you to root for products you think deserve to succeed. By joining a Tribe of Followers, you are able to promote a new product to all your friends via Twitter, your blog or even Facebook.

businessdiscovertooltwitterblogging22 Aug 10

PageBoss:Website Analyzer Tool

PageBoss is a basic service to analyze websites for website and blog owners. With PageBoss websites and blogs are able to access to a variety of their statistical data. Blog and website owners are suppose to analyze their studies regularly in order to improve their projects. The data coming from this free service is an important instrument for blog and website owners to shape their projects. Moreover, with the help of the badges blog and website owners can share the statistics about their projects with their visitors easily.

analyticsbloggingtooltrack6 Mar 09

Tynt:What's being copied from your site?

Tracer tracks user actions on your website including copy/paste and highlight to help you learn what content your users find most engaging. Tracer drives traffic back to your site using your copied content with no extra effort or cost.

analyticsbloggingtracktool19 Feb 09

sfeed:The Shopping Microblog

sfeed is a shopping microblog that helps you share your findings with your friends, discover new products and create visual sets of items.

bloggingTwittershopping15 Feb 09

Twickie:An Easy way to Archive a Twitter Response Thread

Twickie is a free service that fetches Twitter replies for you (and gives you an easy way to view and export them).

Twittertoolbloggingtrack15 Feb 09

Lizzer:Linking made simple

Lizzer enables you in an easy way to add links and embed content in web-based email & blog posts. Lizzer works with the following blogging and email platforms: Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad, Tumbler, Gmail, Yahoo! AOLmail, and more.

emailcontenttoolblogging11 Feb 09

Vocaroo:Record and send Voice Emails

Vocaroo is a simple service for sending voice messages across the interwebs via email.

recordvoicebloggingwidgetemail7 Feb 09

SocialMention:A Social Media Search Engine

Social Mention is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and microblogging services.

socialbloggingsearchenginemedia31 Jan 09

AddMerch:he One Button Merchandise Solution

AddMerch is a service that allows everyone to embed a complete Print-on-Demand custom merchandise store in right in their own website. Photos, images and user generated content can all be offered as high quality merchandise without any manual uploading or setting up of products. Tell AddMerch the URL of the image that you want to use, and AddMerch does the rest.

bloggingphotobuywidgetbuild31 Jan 09

AddInto:Generate your Social Button

AddInto allows you to make it easier for visitors of your website adding a link, article in several favorite systems, social networks. Instead of having a link to each of them, you have a single link or button to all.

toolsocialbloggingnetworkbuttonbookmarking26 Jan 09

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