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Talkino:A New Way Of Commenting Online

Talkino is a commenting network, that allows you to discuss instantly on any webpage without having to encounter comments from people that would annoy you.

commentdiscussionnetworksocial9 Mar 12

Threddie:Brainstorming . Simplified

Threddie lets you brainstorm using a post-and-comment system everyone's familiar with. Just start a brainstorm, add a briefing and some topics, then invite people to discuss.

commentshare22 Nov 10

AnswerGarden:Plant a Question, Grow Answers

AnswerGarden is a minimalistic feedback tool. Use it as a tool for online brainstorming or embed it on your website or blog as a poll or guestbook.

pollfeedbackcommenttoolanswer18 Sep 10

ShareBacks:Stop Commenting. Start Sharebacking

Tap into Facebook and bring the engagement back home - The conversation starts on your content, shared via social networks, and published back on your site.

socialfacebookcommenttoolbarIsrael16 Sep 10

PopFeedback:Quick Way To Learn About Your Customers

Getting feedback for your website can be a pain, especially because survey response rates are normally low. Pop Feedback solves this problem. It is a web application that provides you the tools to create short one-question surveys that show up on the bottom right hand corner of a specified page on your website. Since the surveys created from Pop Feedback are so short and easy for the customer to fill out, response rates are much higher.

pollfeedbackcommenttool9 Sep 10

Bounce:Share Ideas with Co-workers and Friends

A little app that lets people quickly add feedback to any webpage and toss that back and fourth with other people.

feedbackcommentcollaborationtool 4 Jul 10

Skilltesting:Software Developer Vetting Platform

SkillTesting is the ultimate software developer vetting platform. Test, select, and vet multiple candidates’ technical skills using one of our tests, or create your own. With SkillTesting, it’s never been easier to find out how technical your candidates really are.

trackcommentfeedbacktool26 May 10

Plupper:Live chat service and Feedback Widget

Live Chat, Email, Feedback System, FAQ. All needed communication channels in one simple interface. Connect using Google Talk, Pidgin, Adium, iChat, Psi, Miranda, Trillian, IM+, Meebo or with any of XMPP/Jabber client and start chatting with your website visitors right away.

trackcommentfeedbacktoolIMchat16 Mar 10

BetaEasy:Customer Feedback & Beta Management Service

BetaEasy collects all feedbacks in one place, enables to form the community of users, allows to vote on bugs and features, etc. This service can be easily integrated with any website/software/web application regardless of programming language.

trackcommentfeedbacktoolproject16 Mar 10

UpShot:Design Feedback Made Simple

UpShot is a simple and efficient way to send your screenshot to your clients, colleagues or friends... and to track what they think about it!

designtrackcommentfeedbacktool10 Mar 10

BetterMe:Say What You Really Think

''Why don't people just say what they really think?'' - Send private, anonymous feedback to coworkers, classmates, and friends.

communicationfeedbackcommentprivate26 Feb 10

Monyta:Feedback Tab

Customers are talking. Do you hear them? Monyta is a feedback system, which will listen to your cutomers needs, wants and thoughts using a easy to setup feedback tab.

commentsocialtoolwidgetfeedback31 Jan 10

Jotabl:Your Twitter Shoutbox

Do you use Twitter? Chances are that your visitors do to. Improve your website by encouraging visitors to leave their comments through the powerful medium of Twitter.

messagingtwittertoolcomment10 Dec 09

BugsVoice:Turn Bugs into Opportunities

An online service to which you can delegate serving error pages and collecting user feedback on errors. You can customize your error pages in the browser and be friendlier to your users in case of errors.

feedbackcomment19 Nov 09

Fytch:Read, Write and Share your Comments

Using Fytch, People all around the world read, write and share their comments while surfing the web. They leave their thoughts, opinions and ideas directly at the page they are visiting.

contentbookmarkingcommentsharelink18 Nov 09

VoiceThread:Group Conversations around Images, Docs and Videos

Transforming media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting. A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to leave comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a mic or phone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam). Share a VoiceThread with friends, students, and colleagues for them to record comments too.

voicecommentgrouptooltextmedia10 Apr 09

tracx:People Rank

Tracx ranks people according to various quantitative and qualitative parameters, analyzing activities in various social networks while putting an emphasis on "power users", contacts and interactions.

searchratesocialcommentlifestreamIsrael1 Apr 09

BubbleTweet:Add A Video Message To Your Twitter Page

BubbleTweet let's you add a video message to your Twitter page in seconds. Just click your Twitter username and add a pop-up video message to your page.

Twittercommentwebcamtool19 Jan 09

doingText:Effortless Text Collaboration

doingText makes working on a text together really easy: Upload text, share the URL, comment, edit and review.

textcollaborationeditcomment10 Jan 09

CroudSound:Get Customer Feedback & Improve your Product

CrowdSound helps you gather suggestions from your customers and respond to them, thereby opening up a productive dialogue between both parties. Your customers will love the intuitive, easy way to let you know their suggestions. Your product will benefit by constantly getting a stream of new feature ideas, improvements and feedback.

commentsocialtoolwidgetfeedback19 Nov 09

Mocklinkr:Your Mockups Hosted, Interactive and Feedback-driven

Upload your mockups to central location, give your clients on URL to view and review all of the mockups for their project.

designtoolbuildcomment18 Nov 08

Storyz:Show. Tell. Everywhere

Storyz allows for group messaging and photosharing from your mobile phone to other phone users and web users. Users can post private messages to their friends or completely public. In this way, Storyz functions like threaded group MMS across web and mobile. The service converts photos and videos across handsets and web, and can be used on popular social network sites like Facebook, MySpace and Hi5.

mobilegroupmessagingsocialmediacommunitycommentemailSMS16 Jul 09

Gazzit:Gather all your Updates

Gazzit gather your service updates, and friends' updates too. You can search from your friends' updates and comment on them. You can also save favorite updates to your account.

socialcommentsearchlifestream4 Nov 08

BackType:Find, Follow and Share Comments

BackType is a service that lets you find, follow and share comments from across the web. Whenever you fill out the "Website" or "URL" field in a comment form when you publish a comment on a blog or other website, BackType attributes it to you. BackType gives comment authors a profile featuring all the comments they've written on the Internet.

commentbloggingsearchengine19 Oct 08

Rowdii:The Web Behind the Web

Rowdii generates a discussion forum next to every website in the world so users can provide feedback about products, and services online. The service also allows you to create links between related websites.

searchenginecommentlink13 Sep 08

ContestMachine:Promotion Made Easy

ContestMachine makes it easy to run a contest or giveaway on your blog or website. Today, many bloggers struggle to run contests using the the comments feature on blog posts. ContestMachine makes it a lot easier.

bloggingwidgetcommentrategift13 Sep 08

We Say That!:Comments are Everywhere

Comment every site, every blog, comment everything You think that deserves a comment. Just type in the page You want to comment and write Your pain down. For an easy comment tracking use RSS or the Firefox extension.

commentpluginbloggingshare7 Aug 08

BubbleComment:Easily Send a Bubble Comment

A free service that enables you to share personal video comments with others on virtually any web page.

commentvideoshareblogging18 Jul 08

Konolive:Instant Collaboration

KonoLive is the Instant collaboration software that is defining the future of knowledge sharing. By engaging teams and individuals to contribute to activities and collecting their inputs in real-time, KonoLive brings more value to the knowledge you access, create and share. KonoLive boosts your productivity by enabling you to Get Things Done. Together.

collaborationdownloadteamprojectcommentIsrael15 Jul 08

FindTuna:Add Comments to any Image and Share

Upload an image or design to FindTuna, and add your comments. Then send image & comments by email or simply copy & paste a link, and allow your friends to comment on your image/work.

photofuncommentsocial23 Jun 08

Chirrup:A comment System for Twitter

Chirrup is comment system which uses Twitter as a datastore. People send Twitter replies to you about your site. Then, Chirrup fetches all of the replies from Twitter, and sorts them by URL so you can have a comment feed for each page in your site. You can put the comments wherever you want them, and style them however you please.

twittercommentbloggingdownload1 Jun 08

A.nnotate: Annotate Documents Online

Private or shared review, indexing and discussion with notes and tags. A.nnotate lets you easily give, collect and store detailed notes on documents and web pages.

documentfileshareconversationnotecommenttool23 May 08

Similarr:Meet People with Simlar Interests

You can use similarr as a classic search engine to search the web. Results from web searching are placed on the left side of the page. Right side of the page is used for placing comments, questions or issues related to your search query. Other people who will later search the same query will be able to read your topic and answer to your topic.

searchenginesocialnotecomment20 May 08

Omnisio:Do Cool Things with Video

Omnisio lets you select clips from videos you find on YouTube and other video sites, and easily post them on your profile page or blog. Even better, you and your friends can add comments directly in the video.

videoeditcommentfun13 May 08

UserVoice:What Do Users Really Want?

UserVoice adds structure to feedback and reduces the overhead of an honest dialog with the users - It creates a market around good ideas so we get more quality than quantity.

socialcommunityknowledgecommentfeedback19 Nov 09

Kyolo:Just Bubble It

Kyolo is the easiest way to create speech bubbles on photos. Upload photos, bubble'em and share with your friends .

photofunsharetoolcomment9 Apr 08

Kampyle:Feedback Analytics

Kampyle enables you to give feedback on any website, monitor your submitted feedbacks and respond to website owners' corrective actions to your feedback.

analyticsmanagementIsraelcommentfeedback19 Nov 09

OverStream:Add your Thoughts to Video

Have you ever wanted to customize an online video by adding your own comments or subtitles in any language, or wanted to send a custom video postcard? All of this is possible with Overstream: using their online Overstream Editor, you can easily create and synchronize your subtitles online video, store them on the Overstream server, and send the link to your friends.

videosocialcomment9 Dec 07

Disqus:Track your Comments and Replies

Disqus is a new, distributed comment system for blogs and websites. The comment system works hand-in-hand with a dedicated forum backend, so the conversations are never fragmented.

bloggingcomment31 Oct 07

ContainU:Express Yourself

ContainU is an exchange platform enabling web surfers to trade information and opinions in a wide range of subjects. Express yourself on People, Products, Business and current events.

identitydiscoversharecomment11 Sep 07

SezWho:Leverage your Community

SezWho is a social-media service that enables site owners to increase engagement with their community and to drive traffic by cross-connecting islands of content based on community participants.

commentsocialmediacommunity27 Nov 07

Contakme:Create Albums, Receive Comments from Others, Rate Pictures and More!

Contakme is a new photosharing service with comments and ratings. Upload your favorite pictures and create your own albums without limits and start commenting and rating others pictures and receive comments and rating as well.

socialphotocommentratecreatealbum27 Nov 07

InstaComment:Comment Box for your Posts

InstaComment is a service allowing website owners to add an instant comment system to their pages. Use it wherever you think comments would come in handy.

commentbloggingwidget9 Mar 07

Waxxi:Interactive Podcasts

Waxxi is a presenter and producer of live and archived interactive podcasts. The invitation is open to anyone who wants to be a part of the experience, and have the chance to ask our guests a question, or comment on something relative to the topic. Hundreds globally will participate.

podcastasksharecommentgroup9 Mar 07

Gigoit:Give or Get Unwanted Usable Items in your Community

Gigoit goal is to provide communities with a free venue where users may donate and receive unwanted items within their neighborhoods and ultimately keep useful items out of landfills.

commentsharesocialdonation29 May 07

RatedTradesmen:Trade and Home owner Community

Rated Tradesmen is really a community site putting home owners in touch with tradesmen. With Rated Tradesmen, you can find recommended local tradesmen for a better quality of service at a fair price, with real ratings from real customers for every job they do. Fast, free and easy to use.

commentshareratejob16 Feb 07

MobaTalk:Multimedia Comment System

MobaTalk is a multimedia comment system which allows you to send and receive comments in the form of audio, video, and text. The MobaTalk system offers the integration of audio comments, video comments, dial-in comments, MMS comments from cell phones, and comments via email with audio and video files attached.

commentsharemedia8 Sep 07

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