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AnyDo:Make Things Happen with Friends

Any.DO helps you get things done with your friends in a simple & elegant way. It's free, simple & fun.

mobilevoicecommunicationsocialIsrael14 Nov 11

Mieple:Meet New People

Mieple makes it easy for anyone to find mutual friends and get in touch with people you want.

socialcommunicationconnect12 Oct 11

Teeboxer:Social Golf

Teeboxer makes getting rounds of golf together faster and easier by handling the coordination for you: sharing and planning with your existing social networks, managing who's in and out, gathering tee time and course preferences, optimizing tee time selection and assignments, and keeping everyone up to date over web, mobile, text messaging, and voice.

gamecollaborationsocialnetworkcommunication10 May 11

Tingiz:Taking QR Codes to the Next Level

Tingiz is a platform for creating smart and simple mobile microsites for products, to be accessed from the product itself through a connector (mainly QR codes). The product microsite is created and managed by the product manufacturer, and is built from a set of modules which are designed specifically to be used for products.

brandmobileQRcreatewebsitecommunicationscanIsrael6 Apr 11

Yobongo:Chat with People Nearby

Yobongo is a place for people to share ideas, talk about what’s happening, and connect with interesting people nearby. It works because of the people who participate (and the people who don’t).

chatcommunicationgeolocation21 Mar 11

ShareDiscuss:Share and Discuss

ShareDiscuss is your place in the World Wide Web to share and discuss your ideas and projects. You can use it intuitively, for free and without registration.

sharetoolcommunication3 Mar 11

Convore:Communicate in Groups in Real-time

Convore is a quick way to instant message with groups of friends in real-time. You can join in on conversations about topics that interest you, or start your own conversations. Don't worry about missing anything, because we keep track of what you're not seeing, so that when you return, you can easily catch up! But don't take our word for it, join in on the fun and see for yourself.

communicationfacebooktwittergroup9 Feb 11

Tastebuds:Find single people who share your passion for Music

Tastebuds music dating helps you find single people in your area who share your taste in music. Simply enter your username or select your favorite artists to get started.

datemusicmeetsearchcommunication7 Jan 11

Contapps:Enjoy Your Contacts

Contapps boosts your android contacts with customized widgets and a fresh look & feel. Discover new ways to interact with your mobile community and stay tuned for more cool widgets & updates...

androidmobilecontactwidgetcommunication socialIsrael11 Dec 10

LiveGo:Web-based Client - All In One

Facebook, Twitter and your favorite messengers (windows live messenger, yahoo messenger and gtalk) and e-mail accounts (hotmail, gmail and yahoo mail) are all in one place now. Also Social filters, To-Do List, Notes and Calendar empower users.

chatmessagingcommunicationsocialtwitterfacebookemail11 Dec 10

MessageHop:Cool Way to Create Personal Messages

A fast and easy way to create a special message for loved ones.

cardmessagingcommunicationphoto2 Dec 10

Juxio:Create New Meaning

Juxio is a new visual way to communicate. Individuals and businesses use Juxio to combine images, text and more into a visual streams called Juxes to share across social media and in print.

visualmediacommunication2 Dec 10

Micromobs:Group Discussion Made Easy

Micromobs is a way for small and niche communities/groups to communicate. No more having to deal with long email threads, or archaic group applications. Create mobs for your friends, family, classmates, co-workers, and everyone else in between. Organize your groups!

organizegroupchatsocialcommunitycommunication12 Oct 10

Hashable:Who are you connecting?

Hashable is a fun new way to post meaningful connections with people and see who else in your community is connecting.

communicationcommunitytwitter12 Oct 10

Sococo:A Group Communication Service for Distributed Teams

Sococo Team Space is an always-on service that promotes more effective communication. Team Space presents an intuitive visual layout that depicts an office floor plan with individual offices, conference rooms and common areas. Visual cues allow you to see who's in the office, who's busy, who's free and who's meeting with whom. A simple click allows you to enter any room and be instantly connected to all those within with voice, chat, and multi-screen sharing. Since Team Space is always-on there are never any web meetings to schedule, access codes to distribute, or delays while waiting for attendees to locate codes and join your meeting.

communicationprojectgroupoffice23 Sep 10

CloudContacts:Business Card Scanning and Transcription

CloudContacts scan your business cards, create real-time contact pages and connect you to your contacts on social networks, CRM systems and email applications.

contactbusinesscardcommunicationconnectionrealtime4 Sep 10

Miglu:Communication Made Simple

Miglu allows you voice calls and SMS from your existing phones, web browsers and instant messengers like Gtalk. There are no contracts or commitments, no new software or hardware required. Start making international calls and SMS right away.

communicationSMSvoicemobile13 Jul 10

Tropo:Add Voice, SMS, Twitter, and IM to Your Applications

Tropo makes it simple to build phone, SMS and Instant messaging applications. You use the web technologies you already know and Tropo's powerful cloud API to bring real-time communications to your apps.

APISMSIMmessagingcommunicationrealtimemobile7 Jun 10

SocialVisor:Twitter & Facebook Desktop Client

SocialVisor is the tool for people who want to communicate with their contacts, without putting everything else on hold.

socialcommunicationtwitterfacebookcontactdesktopdownload18 Apr 10

BetterMe:Say What You Really Think

''Why don't people just say what they really think?'' - Send private, anonymous feedback to coworkers, classmates, and friends.

communicationfeedbackcommentprivate26 Feb 10

Clientshow:Creatives and Clients, Collaborate

ClientShow allows creative and marketing professionals to show, pitch and sell their work to their clients more effectively.

collaborationtoolmediacommunicationrealtime31 Jan 10

Whispurr:Connect, Share, Follow

Whispurr is a new interactive way to stay in touch with people. We all have something to say to those that matter.

communicationtool21 Jan 10

Followbase:Customer service & support via Twitter

Followbase is a real-time customer service & support forum for any company that uses Twitter. The service scan Twitter and collect customer ideas, problems, questions and mentions of your company so you can share what people are saying and respond.

twitterrealtimecommunicationIsrael19 Jan 10

Zokem:Your Mobile Social Assistant

Zokem is a mobile communications and lifecasting startup that has set out to change how people communicate with each other. For that, Zokem has introduced a social assistant who helps users to share selected moments of their everyday life through mobiles to their friends and social networks.

sociallifestylecommunicationmobile11 Jan 10

Simler:Similar People Just Like You

Whether you want to discuss one particular topic or meet people that have a lot in common with you, Simler provides an easy way to connect.

communicationconnectdiscover10 Dec 09

Twalkin:Twitter + Talking

Twalkin lets you easily connect and talk with all your Twitter friends. All you need is a phone and Twitter account.

twittervoicecommunication4 Dec 09

Qwisk:Browse the Web with Friends

Qwisk integrating your friends and social networks right into your browser, letting you interact with the people who matter most as you browse the web.

realtimecommunicationbrowsersocialchat21 Nov 09

Chatter:Social Computing Apps and Platform

Salesforce Chatter aims to transform the way you collaborate with people in your company. As both a collaboration application and a platform for building social cloud-computing apps, Chatter helps you connect and share information securely like never before - all in real time.

realtimecommunicationenterprisecollaborationbusiness21 Nov 09

Pipio:Social OS Platform

Pipio is a social operating system that aims to give people the ability to share and communicate in real-time. You can search what other people are communicating about in real-time based on contextual, geographical, and chronological relevance. As an operating system, Pipio allow full functionality of third party web apps within the Pipio ecosystem.

socialcommunicationtrackrealtimedesktop9 Feb 10

OggChat:Live Chat Software for Business

OggChat is a live chat solution that integrates directly with GMail and Google Talk. It offers a free version that allows small businesses to include customer live chats on their website that support the features of expensive solutions such as operator routing, scheduling, topics, and online/offline statuses, but allow operators to respond right from their Google Account. This product is geared squarely toward Google Apps users.

chatlivemessagingcommunication3 Oct 09

HelloHealth:Connect your Doctor in Person

HelloHealth is a revolutionary new experience with your neighborhood doctor. It mix office and online visits to give you personal attention when and how you want it.

healthcommunication1 Oct 09

Gelato:A New Flavor in Online Dating

Gelato is real-time search meets online dating. Instead of looking at static, carefully-crafted profiles, you are looking at a real-time stream of what people are actually doing. More authenticity means better dating connections. We do this by pulling in a users' data from Facebook, Twitter ,Netflix, and other social media to quickly and easily create a dynamic, multi-faceted online dating profile.

realtimecommunicationdatemeetsocial25 Sep 09

Brizzly:A Simple way to Experience Twitter

Brizzly is a way to view content from the social web. Right now, you can view enhanced content from Twitter in a clear, simple way. Brizzly plan to include other social media in the future.

socialnetworktwittercommunication22 Sep 09

DailyBooth:Your Life in Pictuers

Document and share your life with others. Get real time updates on what your friends and family are doing every day.

realtimecommunicationphotolifestreaming18 Sep 09

Moonit:Online Destination for Relationship Compatibility

Moonit is your online destination for relationship compatibility and guidance. Moonit created a tool that produces short, easy-to-digest advice for use ''on the go'' and ''in the field.'' To make your lives even easier, Moonit integrated the tool with Facebook and Twitter and made it accessible across mobile devices.

communitymeetcommunicationconnection14 Sep 09

Slientale:Connect your Conversations

Consolidate your contacts and conversations from multiple platforms, including webmails, social networks and mobiles. Store it all in the Cloud and access it anytime, anywhere.

communicationtrack11 Sep 09

Vanilla:Free Forum Hosting

Vanilla is a simple discussion forum that you can use to build community around your website, brand, or business. You'll have access to a fully functional forum, themes, categories, all of the admin features you need - Free.

forumcommunitybusinesscommunicationhosting30 Aug 09

Pockets:A Visual Voicemail for Twitter

With Pockets, you can leave a voicmail message for anyone on Twitter and they'll be notified via @reply.

twittervoicecommunication26 Aug 09

Olark:Easy Live Chat

Olark lets visitors to your website chat with you without any extra chat software. Their messages show up in your favorite instant messaging app. Olark is easy for webmasters to set up and friendly to your visitors' web browsers.

chatlivemessagingcommunication21 Aug 09

Bantam:Social CRM in the Real Time Stream

Start an online workspace with Bantam to communicate, share information, and manage relationships inside and outside your organization.

realtimecommunicationorganizeofficeprojectCRM22 May 10

BabelWithMe:Create a Conversation

Communicate with anyone, anywhere in up to 45 languages. is a simple, free group chat that automatically translates your conversation as you type.

communicationtwittergroupchat22 Aug 10

Twitter Follow Badge:Twitter Badge for your Site/Blog

Twitter has proven itself to be a great communication channel with your site visitors. This badge calls your users to start following your twitter account. The badge can be installed almost on any site. Just customize it a bit and take the code.

Twittertoolcommunicationgo2web2018 Jun 09

Wibiya:A User Friendly, Customizable Web-based Toolbar

Wibiya allow users to customize a social toolbar with services, applications and widgets of their choice into their site or blog. The platform offers a one-stop solution for integrating, managing and tracking third-party applications without writing any code. Wibiya also gives you the ability to create a community using Facebook Connect.

toolbarcommunitycommunicationwidgetIsrael30 May 09

Colaab:Web Based Collaboration and Communication in Real Time

Be up and running with Real-time collaboration over documents, images and videos in minutes. colaab offers any business or organization secure, real time collaboration through a rich, simple user interface that streamlines work and cuts down wasted hours spent in meetings.

mediarealtimecollaborationcommunication19 Aug 09

urFooz:Your Portable Profile

urFooz your portable ID that lets you share information across your favorite social networks, blogs and start pages. Easily organize your Web favorites, such as photos, videos, bookmarks and more, by creating a urFooz ID. urFooz is your portable ID that gives you: One identity for all your online activities; An avatar that represents the "virtual" you; and a single connection for all your Web favorites.

identityprofilemediabloggingmobilewidgetcommunityfuncommunication26 Mar 09 Less Spam

Convert your email address into a short, and safe link you can share on the web (in Facebook, Twitter, forums, Craigslist, anywhere), instead of sharing a plain text email link that will get harvested by spam bots.

tinyURLemailsocialcommunication20 Mar 09

TodaysMeet:Talk. Listen

Today's Meet helps you embrace the backchannel and connect with your audience in realtime. Encourage the room to use the live stream to make comments, ask questions, and use that feedback to tailor your presentation, sharpen your points, and address audience needs.

meetlivecommunicationbusiness9 Mar 09

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