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Appoxee:Push Notification System for App Owners

Appoxee enables developers to get to know their users and better understand what they want. By using Appoxee API apps owners can send news, polls, promotions, updates or anything they want - directly to app through push notification.

mobilecommunitydevelopernotification9 Feb 13

Rompr:Recommendation-based Community for Parents

Parents are the new Young! Rompr lets parents share the fun. Join us so we can make parenting AWESOME.

recommendationfamilykidsIsraelcommunity13 Nov 12

Path:Share Life With The Ones You Love

Path is the smart journal that helps you share life with the ones you love. Path should provide you with the simple way to keep a journal, or ''Path'', of your life on the go. It should help you authentically express yourself and share your personal life with loved ones.

mobilecommunitymediasociallocation17 Apr 12

Anybeat:Neighborhood Community

Anybeat is an online community, a public gathering place where you can interact with people from around your neighborhood or across the world. Anybeat is hoping people will find it to be a casual place to gather and communicate with interesting people.

communitycontentsocialdiscover28 Feb 12

Fab:Design-based Shopping Platform

Fab is a members-only online shopping website for design. It provides daily design inspirations and sales at up to 70% off retail. Membership is free but numbers are limited.

shoppingdesigncommunity12 Oct 11

Zaarly:Buy and Sell Anything with People Nearby

Zaarly helps you buy and sell things with people around you. People need a simple way to get what they want from people around them. With Zaarly, you can now get what you want from your local community - goods, services or a way to earn extra cash.

socialbuylocationcommunitymoney16 Aug 11

Mobli:Subject-based Media Channels

Mobli is a real-time visual media platform made up of subject-based channels such as people, places and topics. Mobli enables users to see the world through other people’s eyes.

mobilecommunitymediaIsrael16 Jul 11

Prizes:Solve Problems. Win Contests. Make Money is a place where you can create contests and let people compete for a prize of your choosing. The best submission wins the prize.

moneycommunitygift9 Jul 11 and Open Microblogging Platform

Microblogging has taken the world by storm. Millions of people around the world now share their thoughts with friends, family, and random strangers every day. Links are shared, stories are told, and events are discussed. rstatus is the newest place to participate in the collective conscious of the planet.

socialcommunitylifestream25 Mar 11

Chicisimo:Real Fashion on Real People

Real fashion on real people - Chicisimo is a global community of girls sharing their personal style and inspiring each other.

fashioncommunitysharelifestyle13 Mar 11

DocMeIn:Online Patient Appointment Manager

DocMeIn is a revolutionary online appointment scheduling service for private practices of all types. With no software to install, no fees and no ads anywhere on the site, DocMeIn enables two-way communication between practices and patients with a singular focus on managing physicians' time in the most efficient way possible.

healthsocialnetworkcommunitycalendar31 Jan 11

Toonti:Create your own Free Social Networking Site

Toonti is a platform that allows you to create your own custom social network. An innovative WYSIWYG Design Wizard and Design Tools make it simple for anyone to design their site. In addition, it has a rich set of tightly integrated features and it supports various privacy options.

socialnetworkcommunitymanagement21 Jan 11

diyFractional:Do-it-yourself Fractional Ownership

diyFractional is an online service that helps people set up and manage shared ownership of any type of infrequently used asset (such as a boat or vacation home). For those seeking to share something, it's a social network designed to help people find and connect with partners to share an asset with. For those already sharing something, it's a community of experienced shared owners and a robust shared ownership management app that makes managing an asset-sharing partnership easy, providing capabilities such as scheduling, expense tracking and reimbursement, voting, issue tracking, and much more.

socialnetworkcommunitymanagement4 Jan 11

GameGround:Power Up Your Games

GameGround is a lightweight personalized app that connects, enhances and allows you to share your gaming experiences and success. Play your favorite Flash games, web games, Facebook games, PC games and Xbox games with GameGround to see all of your results, leaderboards, achievements and high scores in one place. Earn exclusive missions, badges and rewards to get more more from your games and discover new games to play. Share your high scores and success on Facebook and other social networks to compete and compare with your friends.

socialgamedesktopdownloadcommunityfun27 Nov 10

Zenergo:Less Chatter, More Matter

Zenergo is an Activities-based social network that brings together people who share common interests so they can go out and do things. The service offers over 300 popular activities, plus features to form groups and events, maintain an activity calendar, and post your activity pictures. And it's free.

socialcommunitygroupeventcalendar17 Oct 10

ffflourish:Health Community

ffflourish is a free social networking utility dedicated to natural health. ffflourish allows you to create a profile, connect with friends, track your goals, share your passion and thrive in an inspiring community dedicated to what makes you feel your best.

healthsocialnetworkcommunity17 Oct 10

Micromobs:Group Discussion Made Easy

Micromobs is a way for small and niche communities/groups to communicate. No more having to deal with long email threads, or archaic group applications. Create mobs for your friends, family, classmates, co-workers, and everyone else in between. Organize your groups!

organizegroupchatsocialcommunitycommunication12 Oct 10

Hashable:Who are you connecting?

Hashable is a fun new way to post meaningful connections with people and see who else in your community is connecting.

communicationcommunitytwitter12 Oct 10

GeoPollster:Politics + Foursquare = GeoPollster

GeoPollster uses Foursquare to combine politics with checkins. When you sign up for GeoPollster, you select which political party you currently support. Then each time you check in to a Foursquare venue, GeoPollster will count your checkin as a ''vote'' for that party. Votes are tallied to determine polling data for the venue, the city, the state, the nation, and even the venue’s category.

geolocationtoolcommunitysocialvote9 Oct 10

Visualizing:Community of Creative People

Visualizing is a community of creative people working to make sense of complex issues through data and design… and it’s a shared space and free resource to help you achieve this goal.

communitydesignvisualresource4 Oct 10

Socialight:Connect with People through Space and Place

Socialight is for brands, companies, communities, and individuals that want to build a local content app easily and inexpensively. You can load up some content and be ready to publish a location-aware iPhone app within minutes.

communitymobilegeolocation22 Aug 10

Smile ly:Be Heard. Be Happy is a social community for people who love brands. You sign up, they send you free products to try, you come back online and tell them what your thought. It's that simple, and yes it's totally free.

socialcommunity3 Aug 10

Mugtug:A Suite of Photo Editing Software

Mugtug is an online community dedicated to the creation and sharing of beautiful photography. It was created by a group of individuals who are passionate about art and design, who hope to make the web a more beautiful place.

editphotocommunitypaintdesign16 Jul 10

TogetherVille:Online Neighborhoods for Kids

Togetherville is a social online community for families where parents create safe online neighborhoods for their kids (under 10) to play and connect with the real-life friends and family they already know and trust. Best of all, it's fun and it's free.

familyparentkidsfunsocialcommunity22 May 10

Nurph:Chat Anywhere Using Twitter

No installation, just enter a URL, tweet it, and start a chat with your friends.

chatcommunitytwittervideo1 May 10

Midomi:Search Music With Your Own Voice

Midomi allows you to find and discover music and people. Use your voice to instantly connect to your favorite music, and to a community of people that share your musical interests. Sing your own versions, listen to voices, see pictures, rate singers, send messages, and buy music.

searchmusicdiscovertoolaudiocommunity12 Apr 10

Donutchat:Social Chat Room for your Online Community

Donut chat provides media-enabled chat rooms for your online community. It fully works on iPhone/iPod touch. Web-based with no install. Free.

chatcommunitymobilemedia16 Mar 10

MyBikeNumber:Register your Bike Worldwide

MyBikeNumber Is a free service to register your bicycle and components world-wide or search for these. Your registered bicycle gets a code, which you can stick on your bicycle. This can be read with a mobile device.

lifestylesearchcommunitysport2 Jan 10

ReelClever:Channel your Creativity

Filmmakers create and manage your Showreel. Use the project management tools to collaborate with other filmmakers. Find work, promote your films & get discovered the reel clever way.

filmcollaborationcommunityvideoart11 Dec 09

Filmnet:Film & People Network

FilmNet is an online community based around video content that brings together filmmakers and viewers through quality videos, advanced social networking tools and an in-depth industry database.

filmnetworkvideocommunity11 Dec 09

Kevutu:What do you want?

Kevutu, which is free, allows users to create and share what they want in life with friends and family. They can also share it with the entire community. Creating wants is free and easy.

communitysocialshare25 Sep 09

RecipeRX:Food for the Soul

RecipeRx is the first free online resource to customize recipe, product, and restaurant suggestions based on an individualΓÇÖs unique health profile. There is no one-size-fits-all diet, so it help you easily incorporate the right foods into daily life so you can attain and maintain optimal health.

reciperestaurantfoodcommunityhealth21 Sep 09

Moonit:Online Destination for Relationship Compatibility

Moonit is your online destination for relationship compatibility and guidance. Moonit created a tool that produces short, easy-to-digest advice for use ''on the go'' and ''in the field.'' To make your lives even easier, Moonit integrated the tool with Facebook and Twitter and made it accessible across mobile devices.

communitymeetcommunicationconnection14 Sep 09

Tucoola:Exploring Children - Informed Parents

Tucoola provides a platform that allows partners and developers integrate Tucoola's algorithm in their products. Tucoola will provide a growing community access to TucoolaΓÇÖs children enrichment products and content created by TucoolaΓÇÖs users. Tucoola is focused on parents and children aged 2-8 market segment.

kidsparentcommunityfun14 Sep 09

Konkuri:Manage and Publish your Tournament

Konkuri is a web application to manage tournaments and leagues, create the tournament site, share results, get feeds, comment on matches, and so on. Konkuri's goals are: 1) to help people manage and publish tournaments for any kind of sport or game; 2) to become a community where players and teams can find tournaments and vice versa.

sportcreateorganizecommunity8 Sep 09

Myabui:Get Connected - Stay Connected

A safe place where you can securely and effectively interact within the separate Circles of your life... family, friends, work, customers, charities, and activities.

securefamilyofficecommunityshare2 Sep 09

Platogo:Play Together Online

Platogo is a social gaming network, that apply the Web 2.0 paradigms of user-generated content and strong community focus to browser-based gaming in a way that's attractive to gamers and developers alike.

communitygamesocialnetwork31 Aug 09

Vanilla:Free Forum Hosting

Vanilla is a simple discussion forum that you can use to build community around your website, brand, or business. You'll have access to a fully functional forum, themes, categories, all of the admin features you need - Free.

forumcommunitybusinesscommunicationhosting30 Aug 09

Mygazines:Upload, Share, Archive Magazines is a digital newsstand where you can browse, share, archive and compile articles, contributed by many of Mygazines publishers.

communitysharemagazine18 Aug 09

Loggel:Your Travel Diary

Loggel is a Lifelog community. It takes the basic concept of blogging to another level by using an innovative format: The Lifelog. The Lifelog connects esthetics and functionality, modern web technologies and easy usability. The user, loggeler, can record various szenarios from his/her life in a multi-media way, connect with friends and get to know new people.

visualbloggingtravelcommunity16 Aug 09

BookRix:Connecting Writers to Readers

BookRix is an Internet portal where anyone can place their own books, short stories, poems etc. to be laid out just like a proper book, published on the net, promoted and sent out to friends.

bookcommunitygallerylifestylecollaboration6 Aug 09

Steepster:Tea Drinkers Unite

Steepster is a site that helps you keep an online log of the teas you drink. Using a super-simple interface, you can easily fill your tealog with tasting notes and tales of your tea drinking adventures. You can also follow other tea drinkers to see what's in their cup, discovering brand new teas from people you know and trust.

lifestylesocialtrackcommunity25 Jul 09

Topstr:Share your Favorites

You have Favorites? Now you can share them. Topstr allows you to create your Tops, vote your favorites or suggest them and be part of the community.

ratelistsharecommunitydiscover21 Jul 09

CityMove:Find A Local Mover

CityMove is a reverse-auction moving marketplace where users are matched up with local movers. Users list the stuff they want moved and local movers bid for their business. Users then select a mover based on a combination of bid price and past mover reviews and ratings. When the move is completed, users can leave a review for their mover so that other people can benefit in the future.

communitysearchmarketplace16 Jul 09

Waze:Real-Time Road Information & Live Map

Waze is a social mobile application that enables drivers to build and use real-time road intelligence on what's ahead, what to avoid and the quickest routes at any given moment. The service includes constantly updated road maps, and delivers traffic and accident alerts and data on the fastest route to wherever you're going.

mappingmobilerealtimecarsocialcommunity15 Jul 09

NeatlySaid:Stock Market Predictions

NeatlySaid is a place where members can easily post, using a structured tags tool, anything that is on their mind and share it with the investment community.

stockmarketingcommunityIsrael5 Jul 09

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