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Grid:A Simply Remarkable Spreadsheet

In GRID: pictures, movies, people, locations and many more things are kinda of a big deal. Grid allows you to organize and work with them in a whole new intuitive way.

spreadsheetcontentorganizemobiledownload25 Aug 12

Anybeat:Neighborhood Community

Anybeat is an online community, a public gathering place where you can interact with people from around your neighborhood or across the world. Anybeat is hoping people will find it to be a casual place to gather and communicate with interesting people.

communitycontentsocialdiscover28 Feb 12

BrandMyMail:Extends your social presence into your emails

BrandMyMail is a web-based platform that seamlessly integrates social media content with a customer’s email messages. The service enables business and individual users to build a brand presence through the in-email presentation of nearly real-time social content. Operating through a simple extension, BrandMyMail can seamlessly pull multiple content sources into the Gmail, including Facebook statuses, Twitter feeds, and more.

socialbusinesscontentfeedeemailgmail9 Feb 13

Visual ly:Infographics & Visualizations is aiming to build the world’s largest community for exploring, sharing, creating, and promoting data visualizations.

visualdatabaseexplorecontentIsrael16 Jul 11

Readings:Facebook-based News Reader

Readings, an online community built exclusively for people who care about news, videos and want to stay up-to-date. It lets you read and watch your desired news, reviews, videos, etc in a clean UI.

contentnewsfacebookRSSfeed9 Jul 11

StorageRoom:Mobile Application CMS

Manage any content online and easily integrate it into your applications.

mobilecontentstoragemanagement8 Jun 11

OnSwipe:Insanely Easy Tablet Publishing

Onswipe enables publishers to provide the best browsing and advertising experience to their readers on tablet and touch devices.

contentmediamagazinemobileiPad14 Apr 11

Greplin:A Personal Search Engine

Greplin indexes the information you create on different websites (like Gmail, Twitter and Facebook) and provides lightning fast search of all your information.

searchenginecontentpersonalfacebookgoogleIsrael13 Mar 11

Ditto:What are you up to?

Looking to hang out? Find out what your friends are up to, have a conversation or get a group together. Ditto makes it easy to get recommendations about restaurants, movies and things to do. Download the app, and start Dittoing!

lifestreamcontentsocial5 Mar 11

Readmeo:Read your Links Later

So much to read, so little time? Readmeo is a simple tool that allows you to save links for reading later.

linktoolcontentorganize16 Jan 11

Miimr:Discussions around your Interests

Customize your news feed with relevant information by following over 11 million people, places, and things.

lifestreamcontentsocial29 Dec 10

Clicker:Watch TV Online for Free

Clicker is the simple way to find, share & watch TV online for free. Stream your favorite TV Shows, Movies, and Web Originals in high quality without downloading.

tvmediacontent 11 Nov 10

Lazyscope:X-ray vision for Twitter

Discover and follow streams from any website along with Twitter, in a single real-time stream.

twittercontentdesktoplifestream7 Nov 10

Publisha:The New Way to Publish

Publisha grew from a simple idea – allow anyone to create a magazine publishing business across multiple platforms, regardless of technical or online expertise or personal financial means. There are too many tools out there that promise simplicity but that need countless plug-ins and downloads to function. That’s not the idea behind Publisha. Simplicity is.

contentsharingmagazinebusiness21 Sep 10

TrailMeme:A Way to Tell Stories with Web Content

Trailmeme is a new kind of publishing that allows users to go from passive consumers of web content to actively engaged creators of trails, linking and annotating various digital objects in meaningful, relevant ways. Trailblazers can then share and publish their trails as collections of information around a topic based on the contexts that they've established.

contentmindmap16 Sep 10

Sentimnt:Your Social and Persoanl Search Engine

Sentimnt reads what you've read and remembers it. Next time you are wondering where you've read something, it can help. Sentimnt will index content from all of your favorite Websites and applications

searchengineprivatecontentsocial1 Sep 10

Greplin:The Search Bar for your Life

A site that searches all your online data, in one place, really fast.

searchengineprivatecontentsocial1 Sep 10

Favit:Your Personal Life Streamer

Favit wants to make everything smooth for you. Registration takes only seconds! You'll get a Home with all your friends and favorite blogs together, an interactive statistics model to see how you're doing, and many other cool features listed here. You can share as much as you want to, there's no limit. Your profile can be public and accessible by everyone, or you can make it private just for your friends.

lifestreamsocialcontentshare22 Jun 10

Talki:An Easy Way to Embed a Forum

Now you can embed a forum just like a YouTube video. Your forum will be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other services so members can skip registration. Turn passive blog and content readers into participating members, contributing content.

forumbloggingtoolcontent23 Apr 10

TabSite:Add Tabs to your Facebook Fan Page - Easily

TabSite was developed as an easy way to create a website underneath a Facebook Tab called ''TabSite''. This is an easy-to-use solution to manage your content. There is no need for Static FBML when you use the TabSite editor.

facebooktoolsocialcontentbusinesstab9 Jul 10

Butns:Changing the common understanding of what a Hyperlink is

Butns is a free service that enables you to add as many destinations as you like to each hyperlink on your website (or blog, forum e.g.), allowing your users to choose exactly which information they want and where they want to get it. And it is very easy to use.

toolcontentlink28 Mar 10

Dlvr it:Deliver your Content to the Social Web providers bloggers, publishers and brands, both large and small, with a way to expand their reach on the social web and into new channels.

socialcontenttool24 Mar 10

Cadmus:Manages Your Stream

Cadmus is a real-time service that keeps you updated on what your friends are talking about, by displaying the most relevant content since the last time you checked in. It helps you get caught up on what you have missed.

realtimetwittersearchcontent8 Mar 10

Emotify:Create and Share Powerful Media Packages

Emotify is a service that allows users to submit and vote on content (videos, photos, blog entries, articles) by emotion, helping create an emotional snapshot of the web. Additionally, Emotify serves as a platform for non-techies to easily create fun and engaging media packages called EmotiPacks. An EmotiPack is a collection of content put together by the user meant to elicit a particular emotion from its viewer.

mediacontentcollection29 Jan 10

Glydo:An Associative Content Discovery Tool

Glydo is an associative content discovery service, that discovers web content relevant to you and what you are interested in right now. To use Glydo, you'll need to download a browser addon for Firefox, which provides context sensitive and personalized recommendations while you browse the web.

contentdiscoverdownloadplugin24 Jan 10

Jogstr:Explore Digg Just Like StumbleUpon

Jogstr is a new way to explore, discover, and surf Digg news, images, and videos In Stumbleupon way. Jogstr gives you a hot soup of current popular webpages, and let you customize your Jogstr by choosing your favorite categories, topics, and stories type (news,images,videos). Also, Jogstr Let you share what you explore easily in most of social networks. Using Jogstr .. you can see how many Diggs & comments of a story.

newsaggregatorcreatecontenttoolbar21 Dec 09

Pixable:Print your Facebook Content

Create photo books in less than 5 minutes with your photos on Facebook, Picasa, Flickr or your harddrive.

photoalbumbookFacebookcontent15 Dec 09

Pearltrees:Create The World Of Your Interests

Pearltrees lets you organize the web your way. Use pearltrees to keep at hand the contents you find everyday on the web, to discover new contents from people who share your interests, to drive through your own web... and contribute to the first human-powered organization of the web.

socialnetworkvisualorganizediscovercontentconnection8 Dec 09

ToolMeet:Discover People & Content

With Toolmeet you can find out who is visiting a website and in which domain are your Facebook friends, and reach the sites where they're browsing with a click. This application gives the possibility of discovering new sites and talk with people who have similar interests.

discoverplugindownloadcontent7 Dec 09

Genieo:Your own Personal StartPage

Genieo is a new personalization platform that finds, filters and organizes relevant information into a personal, private homepage, created especially for you. Unlike regular start pages, such as iGoogle or Netvibes, Genieo does not require your explicit intervention or customization; it automatically finds and organizes the most interesting information for you personally.

contentstartpageIsrael21 Nov 09

Thoora:What The World Is Talking About

Thoora puts the spotlight the news worth talking about by exploring more than 80 million blogs and 4,500 mainstream media sources and Twitter.

twittercontentaggregator15 Sep 09

Fytch:Read, Write and Share your Comments

Using Fytch, People all around the world read, write and share their comments while surfing the web. They leave their thoughts, opinions and ideas directly at the page they are visiting.

contentbookmarkingcommentsharelink18 Nov 09

Wikitude:World Browser

Wikitude presents the user with data about their surroundings, nearby landmarks, and other points of interest by overlaying information on the real-time camera view of a smart-phone.

mobilecontentrealtimeoverlay11 Aug 09

ThyNews:Create A Custom Online Newspaper

ThyNews makes it easy to create your own custom online newspaper page full of headline links from the news sources you trust.

newsaggregatorcreatecontent6 Aug 09

Redux:Your Entertainment Guide to the Web

Redux is a place to post and discuss what you love with anyone and everyone. find and enjoy videos, photos, music, and websites recommended by people who love the same stuff you do.

mediarecommendationsocialdiscovercontent31 Jul 09

SocialSeek:Real-time Social Goodness Happening Online

See what's making noise - hot topics, stars, favorite team, even your brand - all in real-time and stay in the scene with socialseek. A simple and easy to stay on top of all the social goodness happening online. Press, blogs, tweets, videos, pics, and events on any topic, in your city or anywhere.

realtimesearchsocialnewscontent18 Jul 09

OneRiot:Find the Pulse of the Web

OneRiot crawls the links people share on Twitter, Digg and other social sharing services, then indexes the content on those pages in seconds. The end result is a search experience that allows users to find the freshest, most socially-relevant content from across the realtime web.

realtimesearchenginesocialcontent9 Jul 09

My6sense:A New way to Experience your Information

Ground breaking mobile application that ranks content from all your information streams and allows to interact in one click.

mobilecontentIsrael16 Jun 09

Tweetvisor:Real-time Updates from Favorite Topics

Tweetvisor is a web-based multi-column Twitter interface that enables people to better manage multiple Twitter accounts, returns real-time updates about favorite topics, news and tweets, and supports groups, tagging friends, inline video replies, multiple URL shortening services, various templates, inline multimedia URL converter, integrated feed reader. Plans for integrating Facebook and other social networks, and for developing a Tweet Advisor feature.

twittertoollifestreamcontenttrack16 Jun 09

Mixero:Reducing the Noise

The new generation Twitter client for people who value their time and are tired of information noise.

twittercontentlifestreamdownloadAIR27 May 09 It! is web-clipping tool which works like cutting the newspaper parts or a boardmarker. You can save your valuable contents in unlimited box and can easily access it from everywhere in these formats: PDF, TXT, HTML

bookmarkingcontenttoolhighlight19 May 09

Twubs:Hashtags Made Useful

Twubs is a good place to find disparate social media content all in one place. Whether you want to create groups, event pages, content pages, or just seek to find information on your favorite topics, twubs is the place for you.

socialcontentsearchtwittergroup17 May 09

TwitZap:Subscribe to Realtime Updates from your Friends

TwitZap lets you slice Twitter into channels of stuff that matters to you. Once your channels are set they will update in real-time, all in a familiar interface. TwitZap is realtime, for real. You don't have to refresh anything and talking to other TwitZap users is instant, even when Twitter is not.

twitterchannelcontenttoolstreamliferealtime29 Aug 09

GRAZEit:Sharing links on any page on the Web

Grazeit is a browser add-on that suggests related content on any page you visit. This content is shared by anyone who wants to spread links where it matters. Why limit the sharing to social networks when you can share anywhere?

recommendationcontentlinksharedownloadpluginIsrael22 May 09

Wikirank:What's Popular on Wikipedia

Wikirank shows you what people are reading on Wikipedia. ItΓÇÖs based on the actual usage data from the Wikipedia servers, which the Wikimedia foundation makes available as a public service. Wikirank take that data, process it, and give it back to you in a format thatΓÇÖs easy to use and share. Wikirank reveals emerging trends, and lets you embed relevant charts in blog posts and on social media sites.

wikichartcontentdiscover29 Aug 09

Recipester:Software How-to the Wiki Way

Recipester is a wiki-based community for sharing recipes about topics you are expert in. With recipester you can create recipes and solve specific problems of software in an easy and quicker way.

wikicommunitycontent26 Mar 09

Zimplit:Open Source Content Management System

Zimplit is the an easy CMS (Content Management System). It's extremely lightweight, simple and customizable. It's easy to install, and easy to use via a simple web interface. Zimplit consists of only one core engine file.

contentmanagementdownload22 Mar 09

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