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ClickTo:One Click to your Favorite Apps simplifies your daily work significantly. You will save dozens of clicks, because interfaces between programs, and detours, can be skipped. Rather than looking up an address for a contact in Outlook, opening your browser to access Google Maps, and then typing in the address, you only need to click on Outlook, hit Ctrl+C (for Mac-Users: ⌘+C), select the menu ''Google Maps'' and searches for the address automatically on google maps and shows you the results.

toolsearchdownloaddesktop11 Mar 12

GameGround:Power Up Your Games

GameGround is a lightweight personalized app that connects, enhances and allows you to share your gaming experiences and success. Play your favorite Flash games, web games, Facebook games, PC games and Xbox games with GameGround to see all of your results, leaderboards, achievements and high scores in one place. Earn exclusive missions, badges and rewards to get more more from your games and discover new games to play. Share your high scores and success on Facebook and other social networks to compete and compare with your friends.

socialgamedesktopdownloadcommunityfun27 Nov 10

Lazyscope:X-ray vision for Twitter

Discover and follow streams from any website along with Twitter, in a single real-time stream.

twittercontentdesktoplifestream7 Nov 10

SimpleDiagrams:Create Simple Diagrams Quickly

SimpleDiagrams is a small desktop application that helps you express your ideas quickly and simply. There's just enough functionality to describe a thought or capture a process. SimpleDiagrams keeps the visual expression clear through the simple design of library items and backgrounds.

designdesktopdownloadtoolmindmap18 Sep 10

Shufflr tv:Social Video Browser

AIR-based application Shufflr ,is a social video browser where videos find you. A slick way to discover, watch & share online videos.

AIRdesktopsocialvideotvbrowser18 Aug 10

FontsLive:Premium Quality Web Fonts

FontsLive is allowing you to use hundreds of premium fonts from different font foundries and designers directly on your website. FontsLive offers both web fonts and desktop font licenses from leading type designers and font foundries.

fontdesignbuydesktop2 Jul 10

Moodler in:What is your mood?

Moodler is a mood tracker for your social network that also allows you to do some snap polling on trending topics.

socialnetworkfundownloadAIRdesktop28 May 10

Favetop:Social Desktop for Your Favorite Sites and Media

Favetop is an Internet Desktop which gives you quick access to your favorite sites and online media as well as the ability to follow others and discover new favorites.

desktopmedialist26 May 10

Gpanion:Your Google Apps Companion

The easiest way to work with your Google Apps from your home, office, everywhere. Use Gpanion on your Computer, iPad, iPhone, mobile, and television.

toolGoogleofficedesktop16 May 10

Zbang it:One place to connect, share & collaborate with everyone

Zbang integrates all your online activity into a single place, allowing you to seemingly work across different platforms, without having to flip from one site to the other. By using Zbang’s interface, you can share your digital content with your friends via social media venues and collaborate with colleagues.

collaborationlifestreammediasocialdesktopIsrael5 May 10

SocialVisor:Twitter & Facebook Desktop Client

SocialVisor is the tool for people who want to communicate with their contacts, without putting everything else on hold.

socialcommunicationtwitterfacebookcontactdesktopdownload18 Apr 10

Appcelerator:Full-featured Application Development Platform

Appcelerator Titanium lets you use web technologies, open source and cloud computing to build native apps for iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

mobilebuilddesktop26 Jan 10

SeesmicLook:A Desktop Twitter Client for Windows7

Seesmic Look gives a way to immerse yourself in the real-time web. Optimized for Windows 7, this innovative interface allows you to feel the pulse of millions of users or be inspired by individuals of your specific interest. Beginners learning to understand real-time can stay engaged and connected without even logging into Twitter, while experienced users can take advantage of Look's powerful features in creative and imaginative ways.

twitterdownloaddesktoprealtimelifestream22 Jan 10

Graabr:Grab Your Screen

Graabr is an application and hosting service which uploads your screen to, with the option of sharing to social web sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc with just a few mouse clicks.

photosharesocialdesktopdownload14 Nov 09

Pipio:Social OS Platform

Pipio is a social operating system that aims to give people the ability to share and communicate in real-time. You can search what other people are communicating about in real-time based on contextual, geographical, and chronological relevance. As an operating system, Pipio allow full functionality of third party web apps within the Pipio ecosystem.

socialcommunicationtrackrealtimedesktop9 Feb 10

Talkety:Phone to Phone. Without Software

Talkety is an innovative technology which enables you to both phone at cheap rates and have lots of advanced telephony features available. You do not phone with your computer but with your normal phone. You just use your computer to initiate the call. Thanks to its API, you can use Talkety in your own applications.

mobiledesktopaddressbook22 May 09

Gladinet:Delivering Cloud Services to your Desktop

Gladinet Cloud Desktop mounts cloud storage as local folders, and integrates online applications with the local desktop. It is a personal cloud agent for internet users and a desktop delivery agent for cloud service providers.

desktopstoragefiledownload7 May 09

Ginipic:Taking Image Search to a whole New Level

ginipic is a desktop application that enables you to search multiple image search engines and photo sharing sites, and use the pictures in a drag&drop or simpler fashion right to your workspace.

photosearchenginedownloaddesktopIsrael3 Feb 09

SongBeat:Find your Favorite Music Online

Songbeat is a web-based music player for your Desktop. Songbeat allows you to search the web for music files by using an innovative search platform: Just submit the song title or artist, and Songbeat finds the music for you.

searchmusicdesktopdownload31 Aug 08

OOdesk:Your Virtual Desktop

Reproduce the appearance and functionality of your own computer with all interactive functions and community tools of Web 2.0. Access your workspace anytime, configure, customize and share it from any computer, PDA, phone connected to the network.

desktopwidgetRSSsocial28 Jul 08

Bubbles:Your Social Life on your Desktpo

With Bubbles, your web-apps are a click away. super-charged with new features like customized notification windows, even when your web-app is minimized. No more separation between your desktop and the web - use Bubbles, and your favorite apps are just a click away.

socialdesktopdownloadalert30 May 08

Ergo:Visual Internet and Desktop Search

Ergo enables you to gather information from a wide variety of sources simply and in a single step. Ergo provides an astonishing ability to intelligently group your results in exciting new ways. Share your thoughts on things you've found with other people.

sharevisualcontentdownloaddesktop26 May 08

Feedalizr:Adobe Air App for FriendFeed

Feedalizr is a software client that helps you track your FriendFeed account right from your desktop.

socialdesktoplifestreamdownloadAIR19 Apr 08

Zoeybot:Avirtual Desktop for Kids

ZoeyBot is an educational service designed for kids between the ages of 7 and 13. This website describes ZoeyBot, but to actually experience it you need to load the ZoeyBot Virtual Desktop by clicking on the green button on the main page, or the image on the right.

kidssecuredesktopparent16 Apr 08

Sobees:The Best of the Web on your Desktop

Sobees allows you to personalize your computer with themes. Navigate through multiple desktops on your computer. Enjoy a friendly interface and stylish design. As well as to Stay in touch with your communities. Share moments of your life. Collaborate closely.

desktopsharelifestreamRSSdownload11 Apr 08

ShifD:ShifD Content Between Multiple Devices

ShifD is a mobile application that provides users the capability to seamlessly shift content back and forth between their desktop computers and mobile devices.

mobiledesktopAIR3 Mar 08

Cloudo:The Computer Evolved

With Cloudo, every computer, in school, at work, at your friends’ or even in the library becomes your own, free of charge computer. And with Cloudo Mobile your online computer is accessible from your mobile phone as well.

desktopmobilefilestorage21 Feb 08

Yakkle:Instant Collaboration

You may have used an instant messaging tool like AIM or Yahoo Chat or Google Talk and know that you can send text messages to your family, friends, co-workers and associates. Yakkle does instant messaging too, but it also allows you to use your PC to transmit your voice to your friends and to share your desktop with them all from within a single application.

messagingIMchatdesktopdownloadvoice20 Feb 08

Widgetop:Your New Web Desktop

Widgetop brings Apple Dashboard widgets to the web so now you can access your own personal Web Desktop anywhere. Widgetop supports an assortment of mini web applications or widgets which you can use to create your own personal Web Desktop.

desktopwidgetmobilestartpagefeed29 Jan 08

Nivio:Make Every Computer Yours!

Nivio is your personal Windows desktop on any computer in the world. All you need isa web browser and internet access, and you'll find all your files and software just as you left them.

desktop24 Dec 07

gOS: An Alternative OS with Google Apps for the Masses

Imagine a gorgeous desktop that just works. All the web, media, and office software you'll need is included. gOS will give easy access to the best of Google Apps and products, and other popular Web 2.0 applications.

googleofficedesktop1 Nov 07

Ceedo:Virtualization for Mobility

Ceedo Enterprise allows corporations to deploy and remotely manage users digital workspaces, providing a fully self-contained, mission-specific portable desktop environment that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

organizedesktopbusinessremote18 Sep 07

Hiitch:Build your own Community on your Desktop

Hiitch is a desktop software that notifies you of people and things that interest you. It is also a social networking software that provides you with an array of features that securely connect you from your desktop to the community.

communitydesktopdownloadsharesocialnetwork17 Nov 07

myGoya:At Home on every Computer

Online desktop. Your hard drive on the web. All data can be saved directly online, always secure, accessible any time. myGoya include, file manager, calendar, mail management, flickr widget, chat box and more.

desktopcalendaremailmanagementmediatoolwidget27 Nov 07

MyBooo:Access your Data from any Computer

With MyBooo, you have the possibility to store and centralize your data. MyBooo also allows you to share and exchange data with the MyBooo community. Not only that, MyBooo lets you view your multimedia images, sound and video. In addition, you have the possibility to access your own RSS feeds This is available to you easily.

desktoptool4 Jun 07

Diino:My Internet Desktop

Diino mission is to provide a single site solution for businesses and individuals to securely access, share and store their digital files anywhere they are, any time they choose.

desktopsharefilestorageblogging8 May 07

Spinlets:Take Content Anywhere

Spinlets run inside a webpage, they allow anyone to create their own website 'mash-ups' by embedding content from one site into another site. Spinlets are completely based on browser technologies such as HTML, Flash, etc. It’s not a desktop widget, like the ones provided by Apple and Yahoo.

widgetmashupdesktopbloggingcontentfeedRSSstartpage20 Apr 07

CallWave:Think Outside the Phone

With CallWave, you can start experiencing the convenience of managing your mobile phone voicemail on your desktop - FREE. And you will be automatically notified when the CallWave Vtxt beta begins. Sends copies of your mobile phone messages to your email in-box, which you can play, reply, save or delete as you wish. Gives your powerful text reply and call back features details. And more.

mobiledesktopvoiceemailvisualtext7 Apr 07

Peepel:Online Office and Maps

Peepel is an Online Office Suite of applications and tools that includes Peepel WebSheet, a powerful online spreadsheet, Peepel WebWriter, an online word processor and Peepel Desktop, a virtual desktop running in a web browser.

virtualspreadsheetofficetooldesktop3 Apr 07

Netvibes UWA:Write Once, Run Everywhere

UWA (stand for Universal Widget API) by Netvibes, has been relesed today.This product enable you to have all your Netvibes widgets available on every widget platforms or blog systems like: Google IG, Apple Dashboard and many more.

widgetstartpagedesktopblogging9 Mar 07

Dekon:A Web Desktop Platform

Dekoh is desktop platform for applications that deliver integrated experience of web and desktop. Along with the free Dekoh Desktop, comes a gallery of personal media applications and Dekoh Network service that helps users share content/applications directly off their PC.

desktopmanagementmedianetwork25 Feb 07

SpringWidgets:A Widget Engine for the Desktop and the Web

SpringWidgets is a little windows into the web. Now you can stay up to date without wasting time searching! You can drag them around your desktop, open multiple versions of the same widget, and even Dock them against the side of your screen so that they stay open while you work! SpringWidget Engine allows you to pop our widgets from sites that offer them. Once you have the program installed, every time you come across a SpringWidgets button, just click it and you'll be able to download that widget to your desktope.

widgetdownloaddesktoptoolcreate11 Jul 08

SpiceWorks:Set IT FREE

Spiceworks IT Desktop - Designed, tested and used by 30,000 IT pros in 170 countries, Spiceworks lets you easily: Inventory, monitor and report on the hardware and software on your network. Track issues and problems, manage your work and run a help desk. Solve problems with the help of IT pros around the world.

desktoptrackmanagementdownload11 Feb 07

Yugma:Easy-To-Use, Free Web Conferencing

Yugma is a free web conferencing service that enables people to instantly connect over the Internet and to collaborate using any application or software, using both Windows and Mac. Online collaboration is great solution for businesses that need to share information with their employees and clients, regardless if they are located in another building, state or even another country. Yugma offers those companies an opportunity to bring people together in real time and on demand.

webconferencecollaborationdownloadbusinesssharedesktop27 Jan 07

excite UK:Shake your Web

To make the most of all the free live content available on the web, Excite MIX provides you with a single access point, where you can see all your favourites from just one page. The techie term for it is a Feed Aggregator. What you're seeing on your Excite MIX are the latest updates / news / content from the websites you choose.

RSSfeeddesktop29 Dec 08

Gritwire:Set of useful Tools for People who use the Web Daily

Gritwire Is web based desktop alike that provide you with some nice tools to help you organize your feeds,content and other daily reading all into one place.

desktoporganizeRSSfeedtoolstartpage12 Jan 07

SyncWizard:Web Besed Ajax Applications-All in one Place

Ajax13 is a software development company that introduces web-based applications written using the AJAX based methodology.

filedesktopdocumentmediamobilesync27 Dec 08

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