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SaasPose:Creat, Convert, Automate Document In The Cloud

SaaSpose is a cloud-based document generation, conversion and automation platform for developers. SaaSpose’s APIs gives developers on all platforms total control over documents and file formats. It interoperates seamlessly with other cloud services.

documentdevelopercloud14 Apr 12

LiveMinutes:Share Documents Live. Get Minutes Worth Keeping

LiveMinutes is a free web conferencing service that lets you share and annotate documents with team members, students, clients, etc. What's special about LiveMinutes is that it's user-oriented in a way previous web conferencing tools never have been. Also, after every meeting, an HTML5 report is automatically generated with the meeting minutes so you can keep trace of what was said and done, hence the name.

webconferencedocumentlive2 Oct 11

Papyrs:Easy Document Management

Organize, collect and share all your team's information. Build your own easy intranet in seconds. Create and share documents, forms and discussions.

documentmanagementorganize1 Jul 11

FlipSnack:Make Beautiful Flipping Books

FlipSnack is an online flipping book software that allows you to convert PDF documents into Flash page flip digital publications. It's the ideal solution for those who wish to embed a book, magazine, catalog, newspaper, portfolio or any other kind of document into a website or blog.

PDFbookdocumentbloggingtool13 May 11

DocRaptor:One-click document creation using simple HTML

DocRaptor is a web-based application that allows you to convert HTML to PDF or HTML to Excel quickly and easily. Using Prince XML, this killer software eliminates tedious coding and makes creating full PDF and XLS documents a snap.

documentconvertfileoffice23 May 11

DokDok:Track, Share, and Manage, Email Attachments

DokDok enhances your Google Apps inbox to make it easy to find, compare and work on versions of email attachments.

documentgoogleemail23 May 11

OffiSync:Works Together on Document in Real-time

OffiSync Supercharges Microsoft Office, enabling users to significantly improve the way they create, collaborate and share their documents by integrating Microsoft Office with Google Docs, and Google Apps.

documentrealtimemicrosoftgooglecollaboration23 May 11

ThinkFold:Real-time Thinking. For Groups

ThinkFold's structured environment helps groups collaborate on ideas, documents, presentations and plans. Put an end to endless emails, multiple document versions, unstructured wiki pages and confusing planning tools with a simple, yet powerful and flexible structured thinking tool.

collaborationrealtimegroupdocumenttool28 Apr 10

Sync in:Realtime Document Conferencing

When multiple people edit the same document simultaneously, any changes are instantly reflected on everyone's screen. The result is a new and productive way to collaborate and conference on text documents, useful for meeting notes, brainstorming, project planning, drafting sessions, training, and more.

syncdocumentofficerealtimecollaboration23 Apr 10

PaperRater:Free Online Grammar Checker

PaperRater robust grammar checking allows you to find those pesky mistakes and correct them before turning in your paper. Find out if your paper contains plagiarized text before your professor does.

studenttoolcollegedocument3 Mar 10

Crocodoc:Share and mark up Documents Online

Sharing and reviewing documents and presentations with others can be quite a pain. Crocodoc was built to change that, alleviating the need to email attachments back and forth, print and pass around hard copies, or install expensive collaboration software.

documentcollaborationfilePDFpresentation1 Mar 10

Glasscubes:Share. Collaborate. Communicate

Glasscubes allows users to upload, edit and share documents online in secure workspaces. Combining key document management features, Glasscubes also contains project management features such as task management, online discussions and shared calendars. It's very simple to use which means that if you roll it out to a team, the whole organization or external companies, you will be working better together in moments, without any training. And because it is web based, with no downloads required, it is available from any location and is even usable on smartphones.

collaborationtoolofficedocumentsecuremanagement10 Dec 09

MyFax:Send Fax for Free

MyFax allows you to send up to two faxes per day, 10 pages each. Fax documents such as word, excel or PDF files anywhere within 41 countries.

faxtooldocumentPDF26 Dec 09

WatchDox:Control, Track and Protect your Documents

WatchDox allows users to protect, control and track documents when sharing them with partners, customers and other parties.

documentsharesecuretrackIsrael22 May 09

WhereIsNow:Latest Shared Document Search Engine

WhereIsNow wants to facilitate searching for the latest version of any shared document. It is not a document archive and does not store any documents. The system is designed to give information publishers the opportunity to tell the world where the latest version of their documents can be found by providing a unique Publisher+Document key for each document indexed in the WhereIsNow database and one or more addresses where the latest version of that document can be found.

searchenginedocumentdiscover23 Apr 09

Vuzit:Online Document Viewer

Vuzit is an online document distribution platform for securely displaying documents in a web browser. Vuzit provides digital libraries, copyright holders, and content creators the ability to distribute documents without the fear of loss from piracy or malicious attackers.

documentfilepresentationslideshow20 Apr 09

Springbase:Create Online Database Applications

Springbase is the way to build powerful database applications on the web, without the hassle and expense of servers and software installation. All you need is a web browser.

createtoolformdocument24 Mar 09

PDFVue:Edit, Annotate and Share PDFs for Free

With PDFVue you can upload any document from any computer without having to have expensive client software. Once you've made your changes you can simply download the updated PDF or share the secure PDFVue link.

PDFfiledocumentshare9 Mar 09

LivePresentations:Upgrading PowerPoint for the Internet Age

Create and share rich presentations whether you are online or offline. Import from and export to PowerPoint and other document formats. Live Presentations is a part of the Live Documents office productivity suite.

livepresentationsyncdocumentfileadobeAIR19 Feb 09

ZumoDrive:Hybrid Cloud Storage for all your Documents and Media

ZumoDrive is the hybrid cloud storage for all of your media. You can access your music, photos, and documents from anywhere with your favorite applications. You don't have to think, or sync your files again, it just works. ZumoDrive's hybrid cloud storage also means you will never have to worry about running out of space.

storagedocumentsyncorganizefilemediamobile18 Jan 09

Snapter:Goodbye, scanner. Hello, digital camera.

Use your digital camera as a mobile scanner to scan documents, business cards, whiteboards, and books. Snapter makes camera photos look like scanned documents.

mobilescandocumentPDFbusiness6 Jan 09

ShowDocument:A Simple Way to Review Documents Together

An instant live collaboration used to quickly show documents to friends and colleagues.It allows co-browsing on any document, user uploads a document and invites friends to view it with him live. All the participants in the session see each others' drawing, highlights, etc.

documentcollaborationtoolIsrael24 Oct 08

Kallout:Where Search Begins

KallOut brings selection-based search to any web page, email, presentation, document, spreadsheet or PDF. Unlike other search methods that are trapped inside the browser, KallOut serves up content from the most popular sites on the web inside floating information palettes.

searchmappingdocumentemail27 Jun 09

Acrobat:Work. Together. Anywhere

Acrobat is a suite of online services hosted by Adobe that you can use to create documents together and share them with others. It helps people get document work done faster, without email attachments or version confusion, and it makes your documents look great so that you and your work look great, too.

documentfilePDFAdobecollaboration1 Jun 08

A.nnotate: Annotate Documents Online

Private or shared review, indexing and discussion with notes and tags. A.nnotate lets you easily give, collect and store detailed notes on documents and web pages.

documentfileshareconversationnotecommenttool23 May 08

Calameo:Publish your Documents

Calameo offers you a new publishing method that has an incredibly wide variety of options and is simple to use. From a PDF file, you create magazines, brochures, sales catalogs, annual reports, presentation brochures...

documentnewsletterpresentationcreatetoolPDF26 Dec 09

Scribd:Publish Yourself Online

Scribd is a free, web-based, document sharing community and self-publishing platform that enables anyone to easily publish, distribute, share, and discover documents of all kinds. E-books, presentations, essays, academic papers, newsletters, photo albums, school work, and sheet music are just a few of the different kinds of documents you can publish and share on Scribd.

communityfilesharedocument31 Aug 08

Yudu:Publish any Ducument Online

Create page turning publications and share them online. Get noticed and captivate your audience with interactive online brochures, magazines, portfolio's and more...

documentsharebloggingcontent5 Nov 08

Nuospace:Enterprise Wiki For Everyone

No need to study wiki markup or to work with a designer. What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editing is performed in your browser. Edit your pages online just the way you would in a regular word processor. Nuospace is available in two forms: as a hosted service available on the web, and as a standalone software for Intranet installation.

wikimanagementdocument19 Mar 08

Ebiwrite:Tools for Translators

What can you do with Ebiwrite?- Write translations and organize them with tags- Upload files and documents- Create your own personalized dictionaries, and share them with other Ebiwrite users- Draft translations on any computer or phone with Internet access.

languageorganizedocument7 Mar 08

Teamspinner:Online collaboration

Teamspinner is project-centered online groupware. It is much like a wiki but also support attachments and comments. Changes can be tracked using RSS.

collaborationdocumentofficebusiness3 Mar 08

ProofHQ:Proofing Made Easy

ProofHQ is an online proofing system that helps you manage the way that you and your team review, proof and approve documents. ProofHQ improves collaboration so work is finished faster and with fewer errors. ProofHQ can to used to proof and approve a huge range of documents including graphic design, print, web design, packaging, press releases, business stationery, corporate identity, logos, photos, and much more...

collaborationdocumentofficebusiness2 Mar 08

Fliiby:Looking for File?

Fliiby owns a large web-library of shared files. You can preview and download Images, Audio, Video, Flash, Documents and Packed archives. You can also create your own file library, and upload multi files up to 100 files at once, when file size limit is 100MB per file. Easy describe, categorize and manage your uploaded files, make them private or disable download for audio and videos.

filesharevideophotodocumentmediacreate20 Feb 08

InstaColl:Bridging the Gap Between the Desktop and the Web

An easier way to securely share your Microsoft Office documents with remote colleagues in real time. Seamlessly web-enables desktop productivity applications such as the Microsoft Office suite - combining the power and familiarity of your desktop applications with the collaboration facets of the Web

documentofficesecureremote9 Feb 08

Issuu:Publish your own Issue

Issuu is the place for online publications: Magazines, documents, and stuff you'd normally find on print. It's the place where you become the publisher. Upload a document, it's fast, easy, and totally free. Within seconds you'll have a super cool online magazine you can post anywhere on the web and share instantly with your friends.

documentsharecreatebooknewsletter28 Apr 08

Docstoc:Find and Share Professional Documents

Docstoc is a free online document exchange database and social networking site that allows users to store, search, and share virtually any type of document (word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, illustrator, etc…). Similar in concept to (for photos) and (for videos) Docstoc will be the online community for sharing all types of documents. The users will post, categorize, and rate thousands of documents that can be reused by other users for a variety of purposes.

documentexchangesocialnetworksharesearchmost-popular4 Mar 09

WebAsyst:A Suite of Online Web Services you Need Every Day

WebAsyst is a suite of online services for group or personal use. All services are tightly integrated and can be accessed from one account that requires single login.

managementtrackdocumenttaskstoragefilesecureemail1 Sep 07

SyncWizard:Web Besed Ajax Applications-All in one Place

Ajax13 is a software development company that introduces web-based applications written using the AJAX based methodology.

filedesktopdocumentmediamobilesync27 Dec 08

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