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MuchEnough:Use your Webcam to Teach and Learn


MuchEnough is an online marketplace and meeting place for online instruction in any topic.

e-learningteacherstudenttoolmarketplace13 Apr 11

Sympoz:Lifelong Learning Evolved


Sympoz offers a truly great educational experience online. Courses cover a wide range of topics including: Wine, Cooking, Personal Finance, Parenting.

e-learningteacherstudenttool2 Dec 10

Voxy:Learn a Language from Life


Voxy is an innovative language-learning platform that seeks to solve the most vexing and pervasive problem for language students. That problem has a lot of fancy names (abandonment, lack of compliance, and persistence, just to name a few) but these are all code for one thing: most people who set out to learn a language stop studying and never actually learn. Voxy fixes that problem. Learn to talk about stuff that you care about most. And do it right on your phone.

languagee-learningmobileteacher29 Sep 10

Sweetsearch:SweetSearch is a Search Engine for Students


Sweetsearch searches only the 35,000 Web sites that its staff of research experts and librarians and teachers have evaluated and approved. It constantly evaluate the search results and "fine-tune" them, by increasing the ranking of Web sites from organizations such as the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, PBS and university Web sites.

e-learningteacherstudenttoolsearchengine3 Sep 10

CapAlly:The Student Loan Marketplace


CapAlly has created a way for individuals, corporations, and educational institutions to invest in a student's future through a peer-to-peer micro-finance investment opportunity.

e-learningteacherstudenttoolmarketplace3 Sep 10

GradeGuru:Note Sharing for Students


GradeGuru is a free knowledge sharing network where college students can share their study materials, engage in collaborative learning and get peer-feedback while building their online academic profiles for internships and career opportunities. GradeGuru’s university and class specific communities provide a relevant and intuitive social learning environment for thousands of students from over 300 universities.

e-learningteacherstudenttoolnotecollaborate3 Sep 10

PhotoPeach:Fresh Slideshow to Go


Automatically make your own free slide show in seconds. Upload photos, pick music, add captions in the show, and more.

e-learningteacherstudenttoolslideshowphoto3 Sep 10

KnoteBooks:Anyone can Contribute. Everyone can Learn


Knotebooks is a unique approach to the open educational resource (OER) movement, providing users with the tools to create, collaborate on and share customized, self-guided physics lessons. Whether you are a student, teacher, professional or self-learner, you'll really enjoy being a part of this burgeoning educational community.

e-learningteacherstudenttoolcollaboration3 Sep 10

Planbookedu:The Easier Way To Get Plans Done


Your plans are available anywhere and are simple to create. Attach files, Common Core Standards, print, export to Word or PDF, share with colleagues.

e-learningteacherstudenttoolto-do3 Sep 10

GradeBook:Easy to use Online Gradebook for Teachers


LearnBoost’s product allows teachers to manage their classroom by offering an amazing gradebook and software for managing and creating lesson plans, tracking attendance, maintaining schedules, integrating calendars including Google calendars, seamless tagging of Common Core State Standards, and so much more.

e-learningteacherstudenttool3 Sep 10

TwistyNoodle:Coloring Pages and Handwriting Practice Worksheets


Twisty Noodle has thousands of free coloring pages and handwriting practice worksheets that you can customize and print. They work with top illustrators, artists, and licensed image libraries to offer the most unique selection of coloring pages and handwriting practice worksheets on the internet.

e-learninggamefunkidsparentfamilygame11 Aug 10

Kidopo:Making Kids Happier


Kidopo offers an innovative coloring application for coloring pages, which simulates a real coloring experience. Other sections of the sites are kids printables, games and craft videos.

e-learninggamefunkidsparentfamilyIsrael6 Aug 10

Schoology:Your Digital Classroom


Schoology is a free web-based learning management system (LMS) built on a social network. Schoology leverages the familiarity of popular social media tools to improve communication and collaboration.

e-learningsocialmanagement9 Jun 10

Twiducate:Social Network For School


Twiducate is a free resource for educators. The goal is to create a medium for teachers and students to continue their learning outside the classroom. The service attempt to fill a need for a more educationally focused, safe venue for teachers, schools, and home learners in a social networking environment.

e-learningteacherstudentsocialnetwork7 Jun 10

Quizinator:e-Learning tool for Teachers, Instructors, and Homeschoolers


Create, Store, and Print worksheets, studysheets, exams and quizzes online. Designed specifically for teachers, instructors, and homeschoolers.

e-learningtoolteacher14 May 10

GroupTable:Manage Group Projects and Study Groups


GroupTable is a web-based software and success network developed specifically to help student groups improve document management, project planning and communication.

groupstudente-learningnetwork15 Mar 12

Befter:Share Before and After Pictures


Who you were yesterday, it's not who you are right now. Afraid of the dark when you were a child, but now you like it when the lights go low? Not so good at maths, and suddenly became an astro-physician? Changes are part of our lives and part of everything. Befter is here, so it can look at the differences between past and present, between what was then and what is now.

photosharefune-learning19 Jan 10

CarrotSticks:Online Math Games


CarrotSticks is an online multiplayer game that improves math skills for 1st - 5th graders as they practice and compete with peers around the world.

kidsfunparentgamee-learningteacher12 Jan 10

AnyBodyOutThere:Post a thought, and start Talking


AnybodyOutThere help users easily find other like-minded people to chat without first having to search through numerous forums and endless chatroom wastelands. The site connects individual users based on their thoughts and interests with people outside of their social circle of friends.

realtimequestionanswerknowledgeconversatione-learningIsrael13 Feb 11

GameClassroom:Game Platform for Kids


Game Classroom is a one-stop web destination for accessing high-quality educational games, and homework help for K-6 students. Game Classroom offers math games, homework help, worksheets and more. It is a great site for kids, parents and teachers.

kidsfunparentgamee-learningteacher19 Nov 09

Woopid:Watch It - Learn It


Watch free technology training videos. Get help and answer your computer and gadget questions with thousands of video tutorials for PCs, Macs, and tons of different applications.

e-learningvideo23 Oct 09

TypingWeb:Learn to Type Online


TypingWeb is a free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all ages. All skill levels will benefit from TypingWeb's free keyboarding lessons.

e-learning1 Jun 09

Raylit:Fun Educational Online Platform for Kids


Raylit is an effort to achieve that objective. It has been specifically designed for 3-7 year old kids in preschool, kindergarten and first grade, taking into account their mental and physical development. Raylit features a healthy balance of learning and entertainment interwoven together into an interactive and engaging personalized experience for each kid.

kidsparentgamee-learningfun26 May 09

EkoLoko:Ecological Virtual Environment for Kids


Ekoloko is a educational, virtual community where kids discover the world, virtual and real, through fun games and quests, while absorbing the values, knowledge and skills that will help them become more responsible and involved individuals.

virtualcommunitykidse-learningdiscovergameknowledgeIsrael15 May 09

uTutti:Web Based Music Teacher Office Assistant


uTutti is an online program created with one overall goal in mind: save music teachers time and energy so they can get back to teaching. uTutti allows you to streamline the administrative aspects of your program so you can focus on the education of your students. Take control of your program by managing student contact info, parent communication, inventory, finances, fees, fundraisers, calendars, group email, grades, classes/groups, and more.

musicteacherprojecte-learningmanagement13 May 09

Tolingo:Professional Translation Services


tolingo is an online translation plattform offering a faster and more direct service than traditional translation agencies. It efficiently connects costumers who need a translation with the best matching translators all over the world - with the best quality guaranteed

languagetooldiscovere-learning25 Mar 09

JamLegend.com:Music Gaming Unleashed


JamLegend lets you play a rocking guitar game online for free. It features a limitless song library, massive multiplayer, tournaments and social features. Like the games Guitar Hero and Rock Band, JamLegend simulates the thrill of rocking out for a sold out crowd while enabling features never before available in console games.

musicgamee-learningfun16 Feb 09

Notely:Student Organization Made Easy


Notely is a collection of online tools designed to help all you crazy busy students out there to organize your hectic lives. Whether you're in University, College or High School Notely has the tools to help you get organized and achieve better grades.

e-learningorganizestudentcollege26 Jan 09

Plinky:Create Inspired Content on the Web


Plinky makes it easy for you to create inspired content. Every day it'll provide a prompt (i.e. a question or challenge) and you answer. Pllinky makes it simple to add rich media and share your answers on Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

knowledgee-learningcontentquestionanswer26 Jan 09

Busuu:The Language Learning Community


busuu is a free online community for learning languages. You can directly connect with other members of the community in order to practice your language skills with an integrated video chat. Additionally, you have free access to photo based learning material covering more than 100 different topics.

communitye-learninglanguage21 Jan 09

KIDOZ:A Kids Browser


The KIDOZ browser is a protected environment made for young kids that enables children to surf sites ,watch videos and play games. The system blocks links, scripts and any other attempts that lead to sites and content which have not been approved, preventing them being viewed by the children.

funkidsbrowserparentsecureAIRadobee-learningIsrael4 Jul 09

WePapers:Creating the World's Biggest Study-Group


WePapers helps students and others share and expand their knowledge. You can find and download the papers and documents you need in a matter of seconds, discuss them with others, or just mess around.

e-learningteacherstudentknowledgeIsrael23 Nov 08

MiddleSpot:Where Search Meets Research


Collect relevant websites, links, images, videos, files, widgets, and just about anything in one central spot, access it from anywhere, or even embed it in another website. You can annotate, cluster, layer, pan, resize, tweet and share the content you've collected. A mashtab makes a great start page or personal collection of interests.

searchenginee-learningcollection17 Nov 09

Eduslide:Create and Deliver your own E-learning


Eduslide offers either a public learning content management system (LCMS) to create, upload and control access to e-learning content, or a download of the open source version.

e-learningteacherstudentknowledge18 Jan 09

Bojam:Mix, Record and Collaborate


Bojam is an online music collaboration service connecting musicians to mix, record, and collaborate to produce original or popular music. Bojam open-sourcing all aspects of the music creation process, including a wiki-style platform for adding song info, lyrics, and instrument tabs.

musiccollaborationmixfune-learningIsrael26 Sep 08

Shidonni:Bring your Pet Sketch to Life


Sihidonni is an innovative startup, developing a software based online imaginary world for kids. Shidonni provides a virtual universe, where kids and their parents can create their own imaginary world, play & share games, have fun and interact with each other in a friendly, non-violent environment.

kidsfunparentgamevirtualdrawIsraele-learning25 Sep 09

Beanbag:Personalised Learning


Beanbag connects parents and students to tutors without the middleman. It's also a great place to find & share videos, websites and other stuff that helps with school.

communicationparentstudente-learning14 Jul 08

My Happy Planet:Learn a Language. Make Friends. Have Fun


MyHappyPlanet is an online community for people who are passionate about learning languages. With MyHappyPlanet, you can practice speaking with a native speaker, learn more about other cultures, and make friends with people anywhere in the world.

communitylanguagee-learning29 Apr 08

Tikatok:Imagine a Story. Create a Book


Tikatok is a community for children to write illustrate and publish a real book. With Tikatok, becoming a published author is easy. Just write a story, illustrate it and order as many copies as you want. Tikatok features a suite of free teacher tools and has seen over 1000 teachers register to run bookmaking projects in their classrooms.

kidsfunparentcommunitybookIsraele-learning22 Feb 09

Songsterr:Sing and Play Guitar Online


Songsterr is a guitar service offering extraordinary experience of playing, learning, and singing guitar online. Songsterr provides a realistic guitar sound and gives you a full control over the playback - it's up to you to decide when it's time to move to the next chord and to sing a new verse.

musice-learning8 Oct 08

uTipu:Capture and Share PC know-how


uTIPu strives to become the easiest-to-use know-how capturing and idea sharing social network service. The product and service enable people to record their activities on PCs as videos and share them as help tips with one another (hence the name uTIPu, as you-TIP-you).

knowledgecommunitysociale-learningvideo26 Sep 08

Talk Lessons:Find A Local Instructor


TakeLessons is America's premier network of certified, professional instructors for leisure activities such as music lessons, dance classes, vocal coaching, painting, languages, personal training, and yoga. If you're interested in having fun and learning something new, then this is the place for you. All types of students are welcome: everyone from the hobbyist to the professional, beginner to advanced.

networke-learningknowledgestudent14 Mar 08

Edmodo:Communication Platform for Education


Edmodo creating free online tools for the education community. The first one is a communications tool for Schools, Teachers, Students, and parents for use in classroom.

e-learningtoolknowledgestudentteachertwitter3 Mar 08

Knowtes:The Place to Study


Knowtes is a flashcard-based learning community. By adding a card to your Knowtes memory, it becomes due at optimized intervals. The Knowtes Adaptive Learning Engine then adjusts how frequently you have to study cards in your memory based on how well you do on them.

playere-learningcommunitylanguage2 Mar 08

FreeScreencast:Free ScreenCast Host


With FreeScreencast you can make screencasting simple from beginning to end. Record your screen, upload, and share with ease. No special skills required.

videocreatee-learning11 Feb 08

SpanishPod:Learn Spanish on your Terms


SpanishPod is a language training service. It works by taking the best of the traditional classroom, and recreating it around the needs and lifestyle of the student, with all the improvements that technology allows.

podcastlanguagee-learning7 Feb 08

GlobalScholar:Empowering the World to Learn


GlobalScholar offers a unique online tutoring platform, where parents and students can safely connect with trusted educators who provide one-on-one tutoring, homework help or self-paced learning. The GlobalScholar platform also can be used by schools and school districts to enable teachers and administrators to more efficiently and effectively create, manage and align content, assessments, curriculum, standards and supplemental learning to drive educational performance.

e-learningteacherstudent31 Jan 08

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