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Blomming:The Social E-commerce


Use Blomming to sell wherever on the Web: your blog, your company's website, your preferred social network - or even your friends' ones. Blomming is an e-commerce system with cart, checkout, payments and tools for keeping track and manage orders and contacts.

e-commerceshoppingsocialFacebookblogging8 Apr 12

ResumUP:Go Visual - Go Visible


Full visual resume with work and education experience and psycho-social profile. Find out who you are and show who you want to be. In one click.

Facebookresumesocialvisual16 Mar 12

Moonfruit:Free Website/Store Builder


Moonfruit offers a free website and online shop builder that allows you to publish once, be everywhere, and have total design control of your pages, blog posts and products with no ads and no catches. It's so easy, you can be up and running in 10 minutes.

websitecreatebuildstoreFacebookmobile30 Oct 11

Doweet:Organize Small Events With Friends


Doweet is a fun and simple way to create social activities with the people around you.

eventmobilesocialFacebookIsrael17 Sep 11

Trippy:Helping Friends Travel Better


Trippy ties into social sites like Facebook to find your friends who know about where you're traveling to (those who have checked in, live, work, or go to school there) and who already know your personal details (like if you're vegan, have toddlers, or a penchant for pinot). Tapping into the travel experiences of your friends is a whole lot more valuable than getting questionable info from random strangers.

Facebooktravelsocial17 Sep 11

Shaker:Virtual Hangout With Facebook Friends


Shaker provide the first place on the Internet for you to hangout with your Facebook friends.

datefunFacebookvirtualIsrael15 Dec 12

Glmps:A Magical Way to Share Life


GLMPS is fun, fast, and free way to share short videos with friends. Click a snapshot with your iPhone, capture a photo and a glimpse of that moment forever.

photovideosocialFacebookTwittermobile6 Aug 11

Readings:Facebook-based News Reader


Readings, an online community built exclusively for people who care about news, videos and want to stay up-to-date. It lets you read and watch your desired news, reviews, videos, etc in a clean UI.

contentnewsfacebookRSSfeed9 Jul 11

SimplyBookMe:Online Reservation Tool for Facebook


A simple to setup web booking application that can also be easily installed on company Facebook fanpages where Fans can directly make their appointment bookings.

Facebooktoolcalendarevent28 May 11

SpotLike:Stick a LIKE button in your place


Get a printed QR Code poster for your store. Your customers will scan with their phones to get to your Facebook page.

mobilescanQRFacebooksocial19 Apr 11

Beetailer:Your Online Store on Facebook


Beetailer is a service that allows you to integrate your existing online store with Facebook, allowing you to display your products so Facebook users can discover, comment, share, and purchase them. Get started in three easy steps.

shoppinge-commeerceFacebookstore21 Mar 11

Greplin:A Personal Search Engine


Greplin indexes the information you create on different websites (like Gmail, Twitter and Facebook) and provides lightning fast search of all your information.

searchenginecontentpersonalfacebookgoogleIsrael13 Mar 11

Convore:Communicate in Groups in Real-time


Convore is a quick way to instant message with groups of friends in real-time. You can join in on conversations about topics that interest you, or start your own conversations. Don't worry about missing anything, because we keep track of what you're not seeing, so that when you return, you can easily catch up! But don't take our word for it, join in on the fun and see for yourself.

communicationfacebooktwittergroup9 Feb 11

Canvas:Share and Play with Images


Canvas is a place to share and play with images.

photoshareFacebooksocial5 Feb 11

FanGager:Manage and Engage your Facebook Fans


An innovative fans management and engagement platform, enabling brand managers to unlock their fans and followers potential.

analyticsFacebook social Israel29 Jan 11

PostPost:What Your Friends Share on Facebook


PostPost is a news aggregator for the social generation, and collates the articles, videos, and photos your friends have found interesting enough to post. It features advanced search technology powered by yolink where users can search deeply within all of their news articles across disparate sources.

Facebookaggregatorsocial26 Jan 11

LiveGo:Web-based Client - All In One


Facebook, Twitter and your favorite messengers (windows live messenger, yahoo messenger and gtalk) and e-mail accounts (hotmail, gmail and yahoo mail) are all in one place now. Also Social filters, To-Do List, Notes and Calendar empower users.

chatmessagingcommunicationsocialtwitterfacebookemail11 Dec 10

Keepio:Manage Personal Belongings


Keepio provides a fast and easy way to collect the things you own, so you can share and swap items with your trusted friends on Facebook and Twitter.

collectionsharesocialtwitterfacebook14 Nov 10

Natter:The missing link between Twitter & Facebook


All your tweets are monitored by the Natter service and posted to Facebook. Every comment posted to this new Facebook post will be posted to Twitter. So you can follow your Facebook right from your favorite Twitter client.

twitterfacebooksocialtoollifestream18 Oct 10

Boosket:Recommend Products on Facebook Pages


Boosket offers a new tool to promote and recommend products on Facebook fan pages. Reward your community with your latest product catalog, special offers, promotions or private sales.

Facebookadvertisingtoole-commercerecommendation18 Sep 10

Plixi:Photo Sharing for Twitter and Facebook


Plixi is a service for sharing pictures around people, places and events and creating collective memories. Plixi allows users to instantly share their photos to popular social networks through mobile devices and on the web.

twitterfacebooksocialphotosharegeolocationAPI17 Sep 10

ShareBacks:Stop Commenting. Start Sharebacking


Tap into Facebook and bring the engagement back home - The conversation starts on your content, shared via social networks, and published back on your site.

socialfacebookcommenttoolbarIsrael16 Sep 10

Frintr:Print your Friends


Frintr creates mosaics of your profile picture from all your friend's profile pictures. Facebook, Twitter and Myspace are currently supported.

funphotosocialtwitterfacebook3 Aug 10

Tabfusion:Facebook Tab Applications for your Profile and Fan Pages


Tabfusion offers a host of Facebook Tab apps ranging from standalone apps with independent functionality to apps that are designed to integrate other popular websites (Ex. Flickr, Twitter, YouTube etc.) into the user's profiles and fan pages.

Facebooktoolmarketingtab22 Aug 10

NorthSocial:Powerfully Simple Facebook Applications


Easy-to-use applications that enable anyone to quickly create & manage a custom Facebook page.

Facebooktoolmarketingtab26 Jul 10

Flipboard:Your Personalized, Social Magazine


Flipboard iPad app, is a social magazine that brings to life the stories, photos, news and updates being shared across Twitter and Facebook.

socialmagazinetwitterfacebookiPadnews23 Jul 10

ReverbNation:Tools for Musicians


ReverbNation is an online music marketing platform used by over 500,000 artists, managers, record labels, and venues to grow their reach, influence, and business across the internet. ReverbNation provides free and affordable solutions to individual artists and the music industry professionals that support them in the areas of web promotion, fan-relationship management, digital distribution, social-media marketing, direct-to-fan e-commerce, fan-behavior measurement, sentiment tracking, web-site hosting, and concert booking and promotion.

musicFacebookbandmarketing19 Jul 10

Static520:FBML App Made Simple


Static 520 Template Creator gives an easy way to implement the FBML app for Facebook. Static 520 can host your photos, videos, and content and creates an easy way to optimize your Facebook FBML app.

Facebooktoolmarketingtab9 Jul 10

Pagemodo:Design A Facebook Page


An online Facebook marketing tools that helps any company to present themselves and their products on their Facebook fan page, without any technical or graphic skills needed!

Facebooktoolmarketingtab9 Jul 10

RootMusic:Facebook Page Creator for Bands and Singers


A RootMusic BandPage puts all of your band’s information in one place - fans can listen to new tracks you uploaded while they read more about you and check out your upcoming gig schedule.

musicbandFacebookmarketingtab9 Jul 10

PrivacyDefender:Facebook Privacy Setting App


Are Facebook's privacy settings leaving you exposed? Protect your private information with PrivacyDefender - an easy to use tool that automatically configures your Facebook privacy settings. All you need to do is select your desired level of privacy protection and PrivacyDefender does the rest.

Facebookprivacytool6 Jun 10

TwentyFeet:Check your Track


TwentyFeet is a service that will help you keep track of your social media activities and monitor your results. The service aggregates metrics from different services, thus giving you the full picture of what happens with the content you post on the web - all in one place.. TwentyFeet shows your social media and web metrics from: Twitter, Facebook, bit.ly, YouTube, RSS, etc.

analyticstoolTwitterFacebooksocialtrack27 May 10

Sircleit:Solving Daily Problems and Questions


SircleIt is a web based social application for anyone who faces daily problems and questions. Whether the issue is personal, social or professional, SircleIt directs them to the right ''circle'' of responders. The appropriate responders are assembled from people that share a social or professional profile (the ''social graph'') and who have an incentive and the ability to help or advise their peers with their skills and knowledge. SircleIt comes with complimentary features from the social networking world, providing an easy graphical application for its use.

socialquestionanswersfacebookIsrael5 May 10

SocialVisor:Twitter & Facebook Desktop Client


SocialVisor is the tool for people who want to communicate with their contacts, without putting everything else on hold.

socialcommunicationtwitterfacebookcontactdesktopdownload18 Apr 10

TabSite:Add Tabs to your Facebook Fan Page - Easily


TabSite was developed as an easy way to create a website underneath a Facebook Tab called ''TabSite''. This is an easy-to-use solution to manage your content. There is no need for Static FBML when you use the TabSite editor.

facebooktoolsocialcontentbusinesstab9 Jul 10

HomePuzz:Go Beyond Status Messages


Easily share content on Twitter, Facebook, Google buzz - updates, photos, videos, and more.

lifestreamsocialsharetwitterfacebookgoolebuzz22 Aug 10

Feeder fm:Post Music Directly to Facebook


Feeder.fm has an easy way to share music by posting it directly to Facebook. Just enter a search term and click on the search button. Once you find the song you want to publish, just click Feed It!

musicFacebookshare13 Feb 10

Pixable:Print your Facebook Content


Create photo books in less than 5 minutes with your photos on Facebook, Picasa, Flickr or your harddrive.

photoalbumbookFacebookcontent15 Dec 09

FarmVille:Grow your own Farm with your Friends


Grow delicious fruits and vegetables and raise adorable animals on your very own farm, with the help of your Facebook friends.

gamefacebookkidsfunmost-popularfarm10 Apr 10

Tinker:Follow Live Conversations on Twitter and Facebook


Tinker helps you stay on top of your favorite events by showing you the latest buzz from Twitter and across the social web. Create or follow an event stream by choosing a keyword and youΓÇÖll be the first to hear.

eventlifestreamsocialfacebooktwittersearch1 May 10

Thread:Friends of your Friends


The best way to meet people is through friends. Thread makes it easy to see your entire social network and find common friends using Facebook Connect.

facebooksocialmeetconnection16 Jul 10

imjtw:Image Hosting for Twitter & Facebook Users


Imj.Tw(eet) is a free service for Twitter & Facebook users providing secure image hosting and sharing. All you need is a Twitter or Facebook account to begin.

twitterfacebookphotohosting17 Jul 09

Face:Discover more photo of yourself


Face is a powerful tool for finding pictures of you and your friends on Facebook. This application scan photos and detect all faces appearing on them, recognize and automatically match names to all faces. You can also search for friends and browse their face galleries.

FacebooktooldiscoverphotosearchIsrael1 Apr 09

Neyun:New Concept for Exploring and Searching


Neyun gives you an innovative way to easily extract, store, connect, visualize, and search all your personal information like emails, blogs, photos, contacts, appointments, news, and bookmarks in a single place.

searchexplorecontentvisualsocialtwitterfacebookemail18 Mar 09

Syncplicity:Effortless Backup, Synchronization, and Sharing


Syncplicity makes sure you always have the files you need at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Syncplicity backs up all your files, keeps them synced and up-to-date across all your computers and computers of people you’ve shared them with, allows you and your friends to access them online (even if your computers are turned off), and can even sync them with Facebook and Google Docs.

syncfilesecureFacebookbackup26 Jul 10

Involver:Complete Brand Marketing on Facebook


Involver is a technology platform that companies of all sizes use to engage their audience on social networks.

Facebooktoolmarketingtab9 Jul 10

Sendible:Messages Sending Manager


Sendible lets you connect with people by scheduling and receiving messages at a time you choose.Send unlimited email, sms and social network messages to be delivered at a time you choose. Easily access all your email and social network contacts and reach them wherever they may be, and more.

socialmanagementlifestreamcontacttwitterfacebook6 Apr 10

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