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Rompr:Recommendation-based Community for Parents

Parents are the new Young! Rompr lets parents share the fun. Join us so we can make parenting AWESOME.

recommendationfamilykidsIsraelcommunity13 Nov 12

Lutebox:Share Moments & Shop Together

Lutebox is a social mall where you can shop together with family and friends, while videochatting. It takes the entire real world shopping mall experience and putting it online.

shopping socialfamilyvideochat25 Aug 12

Yfrog Social:A Personal Social Network

A new social network designed to improve your social experience online. Preserve your unique online identity for each different group of friends, family and business; Increased privacy. No third party tracking codes, and no third party cookies. You are in full control of your own content.

socialnetworkphotofamily business 2 Aug 12

Vikido:Family Based Social Sharing Platform

Vikido is a social sharing platform, designed for the web and mobile, that brings the entire family together in a fun, safe way.

kidsfamilyphotosharingIsrael17 Aug 11

Magisto:Magically Turn your Videos Into Short, Fun Clips

Magisto is a web app that will simply make your video worth sharing: Magisto will take a long and boring video, take the gist of it and create a great-looking clip you’d be proud to share. And it is all done in a few clicks.

videogeneratorfamilyIsrael26 Apr 11

TwistyNoodle:Coloring Pages and Handwriting Practice Worksheets

Twisty Noodle has thousands of free coloring pages and handwriting practice worksheets that you can customize and print. They work with top illustrators, artists, and licensed image libraries to offer the most unique selection of coloring pages and handwriting practice worksheets on the internet.

e-learninggamefunkidsparentfamilygame11 Aug 10

Kidopo:Making Kids Happier

Kidopo offers an innovative coloring application for coloring pages, which simulates a real coloring experience. Other sections of the sites are kids printables, games and craft videos.

e-learninggamefunkidsparentfamilyIsrael6 Aug 10

Troovi:Exchange and Share your Photos in High Quality

Troovi is an easy photo exchange platform to share your photos in high quality. There's no need to register - Simply choose the photos you want to share and upload them. To share the photos with others all you have to do is to send them your unique link.

photosharealbumfamilyexchangecollection23 Jul 10

thredUP:Kids Clothing Exchange

thredUP is where America's busiest families conveniently exchange kids clothing online. You can list the boxes of clothes your kids have grown out of and pick ones for them to wear.

familykidsparentexchange7 Jul 10

TogetherVille:Online Neighborhoods for Kids

Togetherville is a social online community for families where parents create safe online neighborhoods for their kids (under 10) to play and connect with the real-life friends and family they already know and trust. Best of all, it's fun and it's free.

familyparentkidsfunsocialcommunity22 May 10

Divvshot:Share High Resolution Photos with Family & Friends

Divvyshot solves photo sharing, especially among groups of friends and family members. It is doing this with effortlessly simple products that are a pleasure to use.

photosharefamilyalbum10 Mar 10

OnTheRoudTo:Create Travel Books

OnTheRoad is the newest online travel journal that gives you the ability to share your journey every step of the way with those back home. By providing you with great tools such as an interactive map, youΓÇÖre able to track your locations and plan your next destination. Easily publish photos and videos to share with your friends and family. Upload personal notes about each experiences to make the memories last forever. Connect with other travelers and be inspired by their thoughts, photos and destinations.

travelbloggingbooksharefamily7 Oct 09

Storybird:Collaborative storytelling

Storybird is a service that uses collaborative storytelling to connect kids and families. Two (or more) people create a Storybird in a round robin fashion by writing their own text and inserting pictures. They then have the option of sharing their Storybird privately or publicly on the network. The final product can be printed (soon), watched on screen, played with like a toy, or shared through a worldwide library.

collaborationkidsfamilyprintshare6 Sep 09

Myabui:Get Connected - Stay Connected

A safe place where you can securely and effectively interact within the separate Circles of your life... family, friends, work, customers, charities, and activities.

securefamilyofficecommunityshare2 Sep 09

Family Connections:Start a Private Family Website

Family Connections makes it easy for people with little to no web design experience to create a family website.

familyconnectionwebsitebuilddesign2 Sep 09

SnailMailr:Send letters Online

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to send snail mail online, as easily as you send an email? Enter Snailmailr. Keep in better contact with elderly relatives, send a special letter to a friend, write a landlord, or mail a resume and cover letter: a cheap, simple, faster way to do a common task.

snailmailtoolfamily13 Aug 09

PhotoSnack:High Quality Photo Sharing

PhotoSnack is a photo sharing service that allows you to create photo slideshows and online photo albums for free. The Photo Snack photo slideshow maker enables you to share your photo albums with your friends and family.

slideshowphotoalbumfamilycreate17 Jul 09

Expono: A Rich Social Photo Sharing Platform

A safe place to store, organize and share your photos. A feature rich social photo sharing platform built with your privacy, data portability and security in mind. With Expono your photos are stored in their original formats and sizes. Your originals are kept unmodified for backup and restore purposes. Photos uploaded are location tagged automatically if they contain GPS information. You define who can see this information in your privacy settings. And there are so many other features as well.

photonetworksocialstoragesecureprivatefamily4 Jun 09

Famicity:Share in Family

Famicity is a private social network for families. A lovely place to share pictures, advices and history for a long time with your relatives.

networkfamilysharesocialprivate22 May 09

ArrivedOK:A Mobile Tool for Air Travelers

Use ArrivedOK to automatically notify others about your arrival to your travel destination, and save on roaming charges.

travelmobilefamilytooltwitter3 May 09

Memolio:Create Compact Albums

There are uncountable images collected, stored & viewed by the people on the web and their computers. Compact and durable Memolio albums are easy to share with friends & family or the world. Memoliator application allows you to create these sweet little print and online albums effortlessly. It gives you the best of both worlds. One album designed to stand up to everyday life and one online duplicate of that album. Practical, virtually indestructible and fun to make.

albumcreatefamilybuyphoto18 Apr 09

FamilyMingle:Online Global Family Tree, Genealogy Search and Family Fun

Family Mingle is a family meeting place that enables you to simply build your extended family tree, place family messages on the family message board, schedule family events, share photos and build family albums. Mingle helps all family members, young and old, to stay in touch and to learn a bit more about their family today and the family heritage.

familytreefunalbumbuildnetwork26 Dec 09

Shwup:Your Private Space

shwup by muvee, is your own private space on the Internet to share photos and videos with family, friends and even that eccentric postman. Shwup hosts online albums where you can effortlessly share and view photos or videos as well as create original home videos with whoever you want, whenever you want.

mediasharefamilyalbum24 Dec 08

Famento:Your Family History

Famento is a place for you to record personal and family history. Famento lets you keep in touch with people you care about, and tell them about your life using photos, videos, stories, and more.

photovideofamily14 Aug 08

TotSpot:A private Page for your Child

TotSpot is a place for parents to publish a page about their kids and share with family and friends. It's part online babybook, parent journal, and social network. Childhood is an ongoing story and TotSpot is the first site that makes it super easy for parents to securely share their kid's story with friends and family.

parentkidsfunsociallifestreamfamily5 Jun 08

Albelli:Create your own Photo Book

A powerful photo album software. Seamless integrated with Photobucket, the new Albelli tool gives Photobucket’s nearly 40 million users a feature-rich tool with all of the benefits of a desktop application while maintaining the ease and speed of a web application.

photobookcreatefamily22 Apr 08

About My Baby:Baby Scrapbooking

AboutMyBaby is a super-easy, super-fast way to keep friends and family connected with your baby or baby-to-be with photos, videos, journal entries and more.

babyphotomomfamily26 Mar 08

GeneTree:Discover your World Family Through DNA

GeneTree is a new category of family networking site designed to help people understand where their personal histories belong within the greater human genetic story. The GeneTree site creates unparalleled opportunities for unlocking genetic heritage and identity, connecting with ancestors and living relatives, and sharing meaningful information and experiences to help preserve family histories.

familynetworktreeidentity31 Dec 07

Respectance:Share your Memories

Respectance is the place to instantly create a personalized Tribute where family and friends come together to share their favorite memories and relive those irreplaceable moments.

sharefamily15 Dec 07

It's Our Tree:Family Tree Creator

Investigate your family tree at Itsourtree, and find distant relatives. With Itsourtree you get completely free and comfortable creation of family trees. Only you and your family can see your family tree. At the InfoCentre you can find information on genealogy.

familytreecreatetool12 Dec 07

MyHeritage:Create Family Tree - Genealogy

MyHeritage allows you to have your face recognition for your photos and to create family tree for free. MyHeritage are providing a bunch of tools for researching your heritage and sharing it on the Internet.

familytreecreatephotoIsrael28 Dec 07

AncestryPress:Bring your Family Stories to Life

Building your family tree has been a labor of love. Now you can bring it to life with AncestryPress free, easy-to-use publishing tool. Create beautiful pages or family tree posters that showcase your documents, photos and charts. You can print your pages at home or order professionally printed, coffee-table quality books or high quality prints suitable for framing.

familytreecreatetool5 Dec 07

MyFamily:Create a Private Family Website

myfamily is providing private family web sites to help millions of people stay connected with those who matter most. Continuing that tradition, 2.0 beta introduces a new generation of free family web sites for sharing photos, stories, news, and more.

sharephotocreatefamilywebsite19 May 08

Kindo:Create your Family Tree

Kindo is where families get together, build their tree and grow. It's about staying in touch with your loved ones, and finding out what they're up to.

familytreebuild30 Oct 07

LivingMemory:A Place for Close Friends and Family

LivingMemory is for everybody to use everyday. It is a robust online world that allow their Members to create an online memory of their existence on this planet in an ongoing and easy manner.

createsharephotofamilytree7 Aug 07

Story of My Life:Keep your Story Forever

Story of My Life is the world’s largest collection of online Stories of people’s lives. With easy to use tools, privacy and access settings, you create social circles and bonds with all of the people important to your life. The Story of My Life site helps you build an interactive and rich, 360-degree view of who you are: your accomplishments, your feelings and thoughts, your narrative – the essence of who you are and what you will leave behind.

sharecreatediscoverfamily2 Aug 07

Genoom:Linked Family

Genoom is a web application to create a meeting place for your family. By forming your family tree you can start a family network where you can invite your relatives to join you in discovering, remembering and sharing your moments. Both past and present.

familytreecreatenetworkdiscovermeet2 Aug 07

Nymbler:Your Personal Baby Name Assistant

Nymbler is a new baby name web site that allows you to search for baby names based on popularity, styles and origins as well as your personal tastes. Nymbler allows you to find your favorite names and share them with your friends and family.

familybabysearchdiscovertool17 Jul 07

MommyClub:Canadian Moms Grops

MommyClub is one of the most comprehensive parenting networks in Canada. This free site empowers Canadian moms to connect, learn and play, both locally and nationally. Canadian moms can exchange support, encouragement and wisdom which inspires them to reach their full potential as mothers and as individuals. MommyClub is Everything Mom and is now available to moms across the country, for free.

familycommunitysocialgroupmom23 May 07

ZOOOF:The Family Network

With ZOOOF, the Family Network, you will make an astonishing voyage of discovery around the world. Rediscover your close relatives, honor your ancestors, write your own biography, share the birth of a child, learn about your family's history and discover the many religions, convictions and colours. Find family ties with your heroes, your friends and the past.

familytreenetworksocialdiscover15 May 07

TripCart:Trip Planner and Online Travel Guide

Whether you're taking a family vacation, traveling on business, or driving cross-country, TripCart gives you all the tools you need to plan a memorable experience, whatever your budget. No more endless Internet searches or wading through masses of articles and travel books. TripCart is designed by travelers for travelers. TripCart sort through the world of travel information to make it easy for you to plan the best possible trip.

travelbloggingfamily8 May 07

Famiva:Where Families Live Online

Famiva is a , private social network for families. A place for you and your relatives to get connected, collaborate, build your family tree, share photos, events and stories, get reminders. With Famiva's innovative technology, you can create your site, invite members, and start building your entire family network in just minutes.

createsharecollaborationnetworkfamilysocial22 Apr 07

Active Allowance:Teaching Kids Dollars and Sense

Active Allowance is a revolutionary web service that helps you create a thoughtful and sustainable allowance and responsibilities system for your kids. Active Allowance provide easy-to-use online tools and an easy-to-maintain process to help you teach your kids, as part of everyday life, about responsibility, values, making choices and appreciating things.

e-learningkidsparentmoneyfamily30 Mar 07

Kincafe:Connecting Families

Kincafe is all about connecting, bonding and cherishing loved ones - the ones you grew up with, the ones you care for at the center of your heart. Kincafe brings you the latest updates from your family and friends to you. You can build and link family trees together, remember birthdays and anniversaries, share your photo Albums, blogs and other family treasures such as scrapbooks, interests and family news with all who care most.

familymanagementblogging19 Mar 07

Parentography:Connecting Families on the Go

Parentography is a vibrant online community for parents who want honest advice, tools, tips and ideas for family excursions, whether they plan to travel across town or across the country.

communitytoolfamilysharecreate27 Nov 07

OpMom:Moms Know Best

OpMom - short for Operation Mom - is a free lifestyle management system and social community for moms. OpMom members enjoy sharing the latest event ideas, travel plans, recipes, and service provider referrals with each othere.

familymanagementcommunitymom3 Jan 08

Famundo:It's your Family. It's your World. Bring it all together.

Famundo is revolutionizing the way families manage their busy lives. Famundo is a new concept in family management. Famundo goal is to make your life a little easier so you can spend more time enjoying it!

familymanagement8 Mar 07

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