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Gojee:Mouthwatering Recipes

Gojee matches you with recipes from the world’s most passionate food and drink writers.

foodmobilerecommendationsearch6 Oct 12

Punchfork:The best new recipes from top food sites

Punchfork makes it easier to find the best new recipes from popular sites like101 Cookbooks, The Pioneer Woman, Leite's Culinaria, Serious Eats,Simply Recipes and The Kitchn. It uses conversations on social networks to bring users with high quality recipes that passionate cooks are talking about right now.

socialfoodrecipeaggregatorconversation11 Mar 12

Farmigo: Locally Grown & Fresh

Farmigo is providing an alternative food system by enabling group-buying of fresh food directly from local farms & producers, making it convenient and affordable to get local, seasonal food.

foodstorebuygroupIsrael17 Sep 11

Recipefy:Manage, Share and Discover Recipes

Recipefy is an easy to use recipe manager to create and share your cookbook online. Organize recipes by tag, share it with your friends and bookmark your favorite one from people around the world.

foodmanagmentrecipe20 May 11

FoodJournal:Create your

A food diary for people that want to keep a record of what they are eating and share the photos with others.

foodbloggingtrack5 Mar 11

Chewsy:Discover Food Nearby

Chewsy is the mobile app that will change the way you eat out by showing you reviews of what really matters - the food. Now you can order with confidence, discover great dishes nearby and share your thoughts with the world.

sharefoodsocialgeolocationmobile26 Nov 10

Cooklet:Inspiring Culinary Organizer

Cooklet is a culinary and social networking platform. The idea behind it is to organize recipes in easy to use interactive cookbooks. It is a place of sharing experiences among authors and users from all over the world.

foodsocialnetworksharerecipe9 Oct 10

Foodical:What are you eating?

Foodical is the social tool that allows you to share what you’re eating with your friends. Track your calories consumption, using Foodical automatic calories calculator.

foodhealthcalculatorlifefeedsocialtool19 May 10

Fiddme:Eat. Drink. Tell the World

Fiddme is visual guide to the culinary wonders of the city around you. Fiddme's is built as a social game, encouraging people to meet, go out and explore new places and share their opinion. Going beyond the traditional review sites and apps we believe that your social connections have the most affect on your food choices. Using fiddme you can go and see the dish, read a review, comment or even try it yourself. With fiddme you'll get acknowledged for your experience and passion, be followed by others, and connect to your friends.

foodlocationmobilefunvisualIsrael5 May 10

DaFoodie:Decide Where To Eat

DaFoodie is the easiest way to decide where to eat (currently only in Orlando)

foodlocationsearchphoto30 Mar 10

RecipeRX:Food for the Soul

RecipeRx is the first free online resource to customize recipe, product, and restaurant suggestions based on an individualΓÇÖs unique health profile. There is no one-size-fits-all diet, so it help you easily incorporate the right foods into daily life so you can attain and maintain optimal health.

reciperestaurantfoodcommunityhealth21 Sep 09

CookThing:How to Cook Anything

Enter what you want to cook, and CookThing sends back the most common ingredients in that dish. Select the ingredients you want to use and it will return the recipes for what you want to cook with the ingredients you want to use.

foodsearchenginerecipeaggregator18 Sep 09 what you Eat

With you can tweet what you eat, and share recipes and restaurants with other foodies. Think: TwitPic, for food.

twitterfoodsharerecipelifestylephoto21 Sep 09

Nibbledish:Recipes, Food Photos & Discussion

Good Recipes. Delicious Food. Beautiful Photography. Created and rated by you and fellow food-lovers from all over the world. Nibbledish is your gastronomic hub where every visit will bring inspiration and a rumbling belly..

foodrecipelifestyle3 May 09

3 Buck Bites:Cheap Eats for Food Lovers

3 Buck Bites is the go-to guide and lookbook for food lovers who crave cheap eats while satisfying their visual pleasures. Frugal foodies unite for a common goal: scour local neighborhood restaurants across the country to find and photograph culinary delights under $3.99.

searchfooddiscoverexplore21 Mar 09

Fatburgr:Nutrition information from your Favorite Restaurants

When you go to a restaurant, do you know the nutritional content of what you're ordering? Fatburgr gives you weight watchers points plus nutritional information from your favorite restaurants. You can search Fatburgr for menu items via their restaurant or category.

healthfoodrestauranttrack15 Jan 09

Cookstr:Recipe Search Engine

Cookstr has a collection of recipes from great chefs and cookbook authors. Find a recipe for a favorite dish, or discover something you've never made before.

foodrecipesearchengine19 Nov 08

Foodzie:Taste Something Different

Foodzie is an online marketplace where you can discover and buy food from small artisan producers and growers.

foodmarketplacebuy15 Sep 08 Websites Builder for Restaurants and Cafes

A website for your restaurant is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. Between hosting, design, and updating, it can get complicated and expensive… but it doesn't have to be. With a website, hosting is a matter of signing up, designing a matter of choosing a theme, updating a matter of signing-in. The site is completely yours and completely free.

restaurantwebsitebuildfood5 Sep 08

Lunch Prodigy:Order Lunch Online

Lunch Prodigy is a free web service to make your company save time when your employees want to do a lunch order. It can also be used for stationery and other corporate needs.

foodmenagementtooloffice29 Aug 08

CityMint:Food to Go

CityMint is a mobile and web-based service that allows you to order meals from your favorite restaurants from your mobile phone or online. Orders can be placed on the internet, your phone's mobile web, or simply by a text message.

mobilefoodrestaurantSMSsearch30 May 08

Foodari:Create your own Personalized Cookery Book

Foodari is a food social network - Start storing all of your recipes from anywhere to one place, and share recipes and ideas with other foodies across the world.

foodsocialnetworkrecipebook18 May 08

Lunchn:Where are you going for Lunch?

Lunchn helps provide an answer to the question that you and your friends ask each other almost every single day. "Where are we going for lunch?" Join or create lunch groups with all of your lunch buddies. Find or add your favorite lunch spots, and add them to your groups, search and rate good restaurants, and more.

foodrestaurantsearchgroupsocial12 May 08

Zeer:Consumer Reviews for Healthy Eating

Zeer is a grocery product community that helps people "believe in what they buy." Zeer connect people to product information, communities full of like-minded people, and buying advice.

healthcommunitydiscoverfood7 May 08

foodfeed:What are you Eating?

foodfeed is a service that helps you share your eating habits with everyone, from anywhere. Just be sure Mom doesn’t get your feed.

foodsociallifestream17 Apr 08

Food Blog Search:Search for Recipes in over 1800 Food Blogs

Food blogs are a wonderful source of recipes, stories, and opinions about food. These blogs are the labors of love of countless people from around the world who are so passionate about what they cook and eat they spend hours photographing and writing about it.

foodbloggingsearchenginerecipe24 Feb 08

TastyPlanner:Create, Plan, and Share Recipes

Tasty Planner helps you create, plan and share recipes, menus, grocery lists and more. Browse, create, and share delicious recipes. Add them to your personal Recipe Box. Plans meals in your weekly planner to have your grocery shopping list automatically generated for you. You can print your shopping list or have it emailed to you. You can even access it at the grocery store on your iPhone.

foodrecipesharetool21 Feb 08

SuperCook:Recipe Search, Searved well done

Supercook is a new recipe search engine that finds recipes you can make with the ingredients you have at home. To begin, simply start adding ingredients you have. The more ingredients you add, the better the results will be.

searchenginefoodrecipe31 Jan 08

CookThink:What are you Craving?

Cookthink is a personalized cooking and recipe website that helps you find recipes to suit your cravings. Most of the recipes at the site are for everyday meals that are easy to prepare and cook during a busy work week.

foodrecipeshare11 Jan 08

ImCooked:A web community for video recipe sharing

imcooked allows you to watch people cooking in their natural environment - their own home. With imcooked members can share their recipes with the world, absolutely free.

foodrecipecommunityvideo6 Nov 07 Recipes, Cooking Tutorials

iFoods is a new and hip way of interacting with other food lovers worldwide. Not only do you get to upload your own videos, develop your profile and prove your culinary genius to everyone but you also have the option of learning a few things from our professionally produced video cooking tutorials.

foodvideocommunity28 Sep 07

Burrp!:Find Places to Go and Things to Do

Burrp! is an online urban lifestyle guide that helps people find places to go and things to do. Burrp! is driven by a vibrant and active community of users that share their opinions on lifestyle related businesses, events and other mediums. Burrp! provides a good platform for you to share what’s great and not so great about your lifestyle experiences.

foodbusinesssearchdiscoverlifestylerestaurant28 Jul 07

Tastespotting:Feed your Addiction - Food Directory

Tastespotting has a great visual way to look at food. Images link to variety of sources with the relevant article. share what delicious dishes, posts, images, products, ingredients, etc. inspire great tastes.

foodphotosharevisualdiscoverlifestyle28 Jul 07

Foodio54:Over a Half Million Restaurants to Choose From

Foodio54 is an extremely large database of restaurants (currently only in the US) that collects rating data about those restaurants. Foodio54 than use collaborative filtering to make predictions about restaurants you might like that you haven't visited yet (or at least rated).

foodrestaurantdiscoverlifestyle28 Jul 07

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