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Picozu:Comprehensive Photo Editor

Picozu Editor is an online drawing and photo retouching application based on HTML5 and CSS3. The app provides you with an easy yet complex way to edit your photos, draw using various brushes, filters, layers and explore various editing tools such as color fill, magic eraser and more.

paintingphotoeditfunhtml51 Mar 13

Ribbet:Photo Editing & Sharing For Everyone

Built on the same platform that made Picnik great, is an easy-to-use and powerful online photo editor. Get ready for collages, touch-ups, advanced photographic effects including curves and clone tools, fonts, frames, stickers, vampire effects, beards, and an entire pond full of effects.

photoeditsharingfunpicnik18 Jul 12

Powtoon:Create Animated Presentations Online

PowToon is the brand new Do-It-Yourself animated presentation tool that supercharges your presentations and videos! Save massive amounts of time and money by creating Presentoons that bring the WOW!-factor to product demos, business presentations, social media clips, and much more.

animationpresentationbusinessvideofunIsrael3 Jul 12

Shaker:Virtual Hangout With Facebook Friends

Shaker provide the first place on the Internet for you to hangout with your Facebook friends.

datefunFacebookvirtualIsrael15 Dec 12

Stencyl:Create Flash Games In A Flash

Stencyl helps you create Flash (and soon, iOS) games in a flash with or without coding.

gamecreatefunsocialdownload11 Jun 11

LittleBirdTales:Capture the Voice of Childhood.

Little Bird Tales was created to help nurture children's creativity and imagination while simultaneously creating one of a kind childhood treasures that can easily be shared. It is dedicated to providing a safe web environment for children, free of advertising, merchandising and links to other sites.

bookkidsfunvoicesecure20 Feb 11

StarMe:Your Personal Hall of Fame

Star. me lets you tell your friends how awesome they are. Giving and receiving stars will unlock new stars, new features, games and more.

funsocialrecommendation5 Feb 11 Brag wall. Trophy case. is a way to showcase online milestones and legitimate real world achievements. It is fun, acceptable and simple for 13-83 year olds to catalog and boast about their proudest accomplishments.

geolocationmobilesocialfun5 Dec 10

GameGround:Power Up Your Games

GameGround is a lightweight personalized app that connects, enhances and allows you to share your gaming experiences and success. Play your favorite Flash games, web games, Facebook games, PC games and Xbox games with GameGround to see all of your results, leaderboards, achievements and high scores in one place. Earn exclusive missions, badges and rewards to get more more from your games and discover new games to play. Share your high scores and success on Facebook and other social networks to compete and compare with your friends.

socialgamedesktopdownloadcommunityfun27 Nov 10

Grungi:Online Games, Kids Games, Games for Everyone

Play hundreds of free online games for boys and girls: free online games, girls games, flash games, racing games, mmorpg, 3d games, puzzle games and more!

fungamekidsflash26 Sep 10

TwistyNoodle:Coloring Pages and Handwriting Practice Worksheets

Twisty Noodle has thousands of free coloring pages and handwriting practice worksheets that you can customize and print. They work with top illustrators, artists, and licensed image libraries to offer the most unique selection of coloring pages and handwriting practice worksheets on the internet.

e-learninggamefunkidsparentfamilygame11 Aug 10

Kidopo:Making Kids Happier

Kidopo offers an innovative coloring application for coloring pages, which simulates a real coloring experience. Other sections of the sites are kids printables, games and craft videos.

e-learninggamefunkidsparentfamilyIsrael6 Aug 10

Frintr:Print your Friends

Frintr creates mosaics of your profile picture from all your friend's profile pictures. Facebook, Twitter and Myspace are currently supported.

funphotosocialtwitterfacebook3 Aug 10

Photovisi:Collage Photo Made Easy

Your own collage photo effect. Many templates to choose from, very easy to use. Completely online so no downloads required.

photoeditfuntool21 Jul 10

WhizKidGames:Games for Kids

WhizKidGames is a site that allows children to freely play interactive games and listen to stories. For better experiences open the site window in fullscreen mode.

fungamekids7 Jul 10

Moodler in:What is your mood?

Moodler is a mood tracker for your social network that also allows you to do some snap polling on trending topics.

socialnetworkfundownloadAIRdesktop28 May 10

TogetherVille:Online Neighborhoods for Kids

Togetherville is a social online community for families where parents create safe online neighborhoods for their kids (under 10) to play and connect with the real-life friends and family they already know and trust. Best of all, it's fun and it's free.

familyparentkidsfunsocialcommunity22 May 10

ChessKid:Online Chess Game for Kids

Dedicated to being a safe place for kids to learn and play chess! No contact with strangers. Parents manage their kids' access and friendships online and can monitor their activity. Free online games with other kids from around the world - Enjoy tournaments & club matches too.

gamefunkidsparent16 May 10

Fiddme:Eat. Drink. Tell the World

Fiddme is visual guide to the culinary wonders of the city around you. Fiddme's is built as a social game, encouraging people to meet, go out and explore new places and share their opinion. Going beyond the traditional review sites and apps we believe that your social connections have the most affect on your food choices. Using fiddme you can go and see the dish, read a review, comment or even try it yourself. With fiddme you'll get acknowledged for your experience and passion, be followed by others, and connect to your friends.

foodlocationmobilefunvisualIsrael5 May 10

Draw to:Draw Something and Share with your Friends

Simple webapp that allows anyone to create & share disposable drawings quickly without the hassle of starting up external programs, saving & uploading files, etc. It's intended for drawings done ''in the moment'' e.g. during an online conversation, either for fun or to help communicate when words aren't enough. It's 100% free no signup required. Supports all major browsers and sharing methods. Also supports iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Uses HTML5.

drawpaintfuntoolart17 Apr 10

Fiverr:A $5 Marketplace

Fiverr is a place for people to share things they are willing to do for $5: Funny and Bizarre, Social Marketing, Graphics, Advertising, Technology, Business, Programming and more.

marketplacesellbuyfunmoneye-commerceshoppingIsrael8 Jun 10

Flixtime:Video Slideshows Made Easy

3 quick steps and in about 3 minutes, you will be ready for the world premiere of your video. It's absolutely free to sign-up for a account, upload your images and videos, and watch your masterpiece come together.

videoedittoolfunslideshow23 Feb 10

StoryJumper:Create your own Children's Book

StoryJumper is a site that gives parents, kids, and authors a fun set of intuitive tools for writing and illustrating kids stories. The goal is to inspire anyone that's ever wanted to write a kids story to get started.

kidsbooktoolfun13 Feb 10

Befter:Share Before and After Pictures

Who you were yesterday, it's not who you are right now. Afraid of the dark when you were a child, but now you like it when the lights go low? Not so good at maths, and suddenly became an astro-physician? Changes are part of our lives and part of everything. Befter is here, so it can look at the differences between past and present, between what was then and what is now.

photosharefune-learning19 Jan 10

CarrotSticks:Online Math Games

CarrotSticks is an online multiplayer game that improves math skills for 1st - 5th graders as they practice and compete with peers around the world.

kidsfunparentgamee-learningteacher12 Jan 10

FarmVille:Grow your own Farm with your Friends

Grow delicious fruits and vegetables and raise adorable animals on your very own farm, with the help of your Facebook friends.

gamefacebookkidsfunmost-popularfarm10 Apr 10

Movieclips:Watch & Share Movie Clips

Movieclips is a premium online video destination offering audiences the largest and most diverse collection of movie scenes. Movieclips allows fans to find, watch and share more than 12,000 movie clips from the libraries of major Hollywood studios.

videocollectionfunsharefilm4 Dec 09

FlockDraw:A Seamless Realtime Collaborative Drawing Tool

Paint a simple masterpiece. Make a point visually. Do whatever you want. Do it together. Grab a tool. Pick a color. Draw something. Show a friend. Show the world. Share your vision - That is FlockDraw.

drawpaintfunsharekidsrealtime2 Dec 09

Kidyos:Pre-Screened and Safe for Kids

Kidyos focus is to bring the best online content for toddlers and young kids into one safe, secure and fun place. It is a simple web-site with kids-friendly videos from Youtube, fun games and educational material from across the web. Kidyos helps parents find new content that their kids will like through personalized and community recommendations. The library contains hundreds of videos and games all pre-screened and safe for kids. Kidyos is fun for kids, and saves parents time.

kidsparentvideosecurefungameIsrael24 Nov 09

MeMoov:Animation Studio online

Memoov is a Free Animation Creation service. Create and share user generated animation in minutes. no Animation skills needed. have fun animating and sharing quickly and easily.

animationvideocreatefunIsrael21 Nov 09

GameClassroom:Game Platform for Kids

Game Classroom is a one-stop web destination for accessing high-quality educational games, and homework help for K-6 students. Game Classroom offers math games, homework help, worksheets and more. It is a great site for kids, parents and teachers.

kidsfunparentgamee-learningteacher19 Nov 09

Myoats:Create Something...

Myoats is a community where people create designs using an online drawing application. These designs can be rated, downloaded, and archived. The Most Liked designs are rewarded by being featured on the home page.

artdesigndrawfun1 Nov 09

Sketchfu:Draw Anything and Share with Friends

Sketchfu is a website where people communicate with each other through drawing.

drawpaintfunsharekidssketch10 Oct 09

OMGPOP:Play Games and Meet New People

OMGPOP is a place where you can play free multiplayer games with your friends.

fungamechat6 Oct 09

MeeBee:Makes Meeting Easy

MeeBee is an online personal assistant that arranges all your meetings with friends. MeeBee uses the devices and apps you already use: your email accounts and your calendars, and helps you organize meetings with your friends.

groupfuneventcalendarlifestyleSMSsocial16 Jul 10

Tucoola:Exploring Children - Informed Parents

Tucoola provides a platform that allows partners and developers integrate Tucoola's algorithm in their products. Tucoola will provide a growing community access to TucoolaΓÇÖs children enrichment products and content created by TucoolaΓÇÖs users. Tucoola is focused on parents and children aged 2-8 market segment.

kidsparentcommunityfun14 Sep 09

Zoodles:Children's Browser based on Adobe's AIR Platform

Zoodles is a kids browser based on Adobe's AIR platform that aims to give kids a safe place to play and learn online. With the Zoodles Parent Dashboard, you can view everything your child has been doing online, see reports on the things they are interested in, and really understand, and participate in your childΓÇÖs learning journey. You can also see which educational skills your child has been developing.

kidsbrowserAIRadobefungame30 Aug 09

Scumlabs:Free Flash Games

Introducing a new way to play flash games; Scumlabs is a repository of the Internet's best online games. Need to pass some time? Click 'Random Game' to jump into the fun.

flashgamefun23 Aug 09

Kideos:Video for Kids

Safe, funny, screened videos for kids with all their favorite characters. Each video on Kideos has been screened by the site Video Advisory Council before it makes it onto our site. The goal is to empower parents to feel comfortable allowing their child to spend time on Kideos, while also making sure children have a thoroughly entertaining experience.

kidsparentvideosecurefun16 Aug 09

Avartize:Choose your Avatar Overlay

Avartize gives you, the Twitter user, the option to easily pimp your profile picture, also known as your avatar. Set your state to ''busy'', tell your friends youΓÇÖre on fire - or let everybody know you are out taking in that special event. You also have the option to create your own overlays, so people can pimp their avatar with your artwork

twittertoolfunphoto6 Aug 09

Chirps:Your Voice & Sounds on Twitter , a way for users to tweet audio clips. These audio clips can come in a variety of forms - whether it is something you recorded, i.e. your own voice, sounds from an event, a question you pose to your twitter followers; an audio clip you found on the Internet, or an audio file youΓÇÖd like to upload from your computer.

twitteraudiofilefun1 Aug 09

Loogix:Create GIF Animations Online

Loogix allows you to create animated pictures and animated effects from your photos. Just upload at least two photos (maximum ten), select desired size and speed and click to ''Generate Animation'' button. On the result page you can find link to your animation, you can send to the friends just from the form on the website. Loogix also provide you with HTML code, that you can put to your Facebook, MySpace, Orkut etc.

photofunanimationtool29 Jul 09

Metaplace:Next-Generation Virtual World Platform

Build a virtual apartment and put it on your website. Work with friends to make a huge MMORPG. Share your puzzle game with friends. The vision: to enable you build anything, and play everything, from anywhere.

virtualcreatesocialfun16 Jul 10

KissTunes:Play and record tunes onlin

Play and record tunes online using your computer's keyboard! Download your tunes and load them again at!. Share your fun melodies with friends and family.

audiorecordfunmusic28 Jun 09

Raylit:Fun Educational Online Platform for Kids

Raylit is an effort to achieve that objective. It has been specifically designed for 3-7 year old kids in preschool, kindergarten and first grade, taking into account their mental and physical development. Raylit features a healthy balance of learning and entertainment interwoven together into an interactive and engaging personalized experience for each kid.

kidsparentgamee-learningfun26 May 09

PictureTrail:A Large Variety of Cool Slideshows on the Internet

PictureTrail offers several services that enable you to express yourself. Photo sharing, cool photo slideshows, and image hosting will enhance your online community experience. PictureTrail also host personal homepages which enable you to build your own social networking community right here on PT. It supports Myspace layout codes as well as music and web widgets from anywhere on the web.

photoslideshowfunwidgethosting3 May 09

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