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Medigram:Messaging System for Medical Professionals.

Medigram strives to provide a secure, HIPAA compliant group messaging system for medical professionals. Chat with your colleagues and teams on any platform, from your laptop to your iPhone.

healthmessagingchat28 Mar 12

DocMeIn:Online Patient Appointment Manager

DocMeIn is a revolutionary online appointment scheduling service for private practices of all types. With no software to install, no fees and no ads anywhere on the site, DocMeIn enables two-way communication between practices and patients with a singular focus on managing physicians' time in the most efficient way possible.

healthsocialnetworkcommunitycalendar31 Jan 11

ffflourish:Health Community

ffflourish is a free social networking utility dedicated to natural health. ffflourish allows you to create a profile, connect with friends, track your goals, share your passion and thrive in an inspiring community dedicated to what makes you feel your best.

healthsocialnetworkcommunity17 Oct 10

Foodical:What are you eating?

Foodical is the social tool that allows you to share what you’re eating with your friends. Track your calories consumption, using Foodical automatic calories calculator.

foodhealthcalculatorlifefeedsocialtool19 May 10

Shrinking:Simple, Effective Weight Loss Tracking

Shrinking allows you to easily keep track of your weight, what you eat, and your weight-loss goals. Enter your daily weight, set milestones and track your weight loss all in one place. With simple graphs showing your progress, Shrinking is an easy way to keep up with your weight loss journey.

healthtrackmanagement20 Feb 10

WorkoutBOX:Make your Fitness Simple

WorkoutBOX features professionally designed workouts with step-by-step video instructions, combined with personalized support from an expert fitness team.

healthsport9 Nov 09

HelloHealth:Connect your Doctor in Person

HelloHealth is a revolutionary new experience with your neighborhood doctor. It mix office and online visits to give you personal attention when and how you want it.

healthcommunication1 Oct 09

RecipeRX:Food for the Soul

RecipeRx is the first free online resource to customize recipe, product, and restaurant suggestions based on an individualΓÇÖs unique health profile. There is no one-size-fits-all diet, so it help you easily incorporate the right foods into daily life so you can attain and maintain optimal health.

reciperestaurantfoodcommunityhealth21 Sep 09

Zodbod:Download your Dream Body

ZodBod. is a website where you can find out how other people lost weight/gained muscle and got their dream body. People who want to achieve a physical change can search for a mentor by finding someone who has already achieved the exact change they want for themselves. ItΓÇÖs possible to search by weight, age, gender and many other factors.

healthcommunitysharesearch10 Jun 09

Zahdoo:A Socio-Cognitive Utility to Manage the Daily Juggle

Zahdoo is a web based social networking application that acts like a personal cognitive agent (PCA). This potent combo of cognition and social networking will revolutionize how computers support ordinary users while redefining productivity and online digital interactivity. Zahdoo can interpret a users context and objective from his content and learn from experience. It uses the cumulative knowledge of everyone in its network to intuitively guide each individual user with suggestions. In addition, it helps the user harness the collective experience and wisdom of the crowd in its network.

socialhealthnetwork31 Mar 09

Mind360:Play Smart

Mind360 is profoundly committed to enhancing and maintaining peopleΓÇÖs mental fitness through a new cutting-edge online cognitive training platform. Mind360 highly engaging brain training games are designed to help strengthen key cognitive functions including Memory, Attention, Executive Functions, Thinking and Reasoning, and Visual Perception etc., and all in enjoyable ways.

gamesocialhealthIsrael23 Mar 09

Vet Help Direct:Interactive Qualified Vet Advice

Designed and run by vets, Vet Help Direct's interactive questions direct you to personalized first aid advice and clear guidelines about when to contact the vet. Easy and fun to use, Vet Help Direct is the online source of reliable advice for concerned pet-owners.

healthpetsearchanswerquestion16 Feb 09

Fatburgr:Nutrition information from your Favorite Restaurants

When you go to a restaurant, do you know the nutritional content of what you're ordering? Fatburgr gives you weight watchers points plus nutritional information from your favorite restaurants. You can search Fatburgr for menu items via their restaurant or category.

healthfoodrestauranttrack15 Jan 09

Akvo:The Open Source for Water and Sanitation

Akvo creates and shares internet tools that help to provide clean water and proper sanitation to those who today have none. Akvo helps everyone to share knowledge, match more projects to funds, and simplify reporting. It works with people around the world who want to use these tools to improve people's health and living conditions quickly.

donationopensourcehealth14 Jan 09 Health Network

With you can share the best professionals with your trusted circle - form people you know. Find useful health information, and network in a safe environment .

healthnetworkcommunity3 Dec 08

Doctor:Fast, Easy, Doctor Search via Maps

Doctor helps people find local doctors who accept their health insurance in the fastest and easiest way possible. Doctor enlisted Google Maps as the primary display of search results and added some customizations to the icons as well as the ability to expand/collapse the map and ΓÇ£jumpΓÇ¥ to a specific doctor by clicking ΓÇ£View on mapΓÇ¥ in the list of search results that loads below the map.

mappingsearchhealth19 Sep 08

Good Guide:Find Safe, Healthy, & Green Products

GoodGuide provides the world's largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of the products in your home.

greensearchhealth10 Sep 08

infoMED:Healthcare Information When You Need It

infoMED is an intelligent healthcare application which through a series of questions (infoMeds) provides you with personalized medical information specific to you and your symptoms. For healthcare professionals, infoMED offers unique platform to you and your practice. Custom infoMeds can record a patient’s history, review their symptoms and include your medical opinion - all before a patient's visit.

healthdiscoversearchquestion3 Jun 08

Zeer:Consumer Reviews for Healthy Eating

Zeer is a grocery product community that helps people "believe in what they buy." Zeer connect people to product information, communities full of like-minded people, and buying advice.

healthcommunitydiscoverfood7 May 08

Zocdoc:Dentist and Doctor Appointments. Instantly

ZocDoc enables you to make appointments with dentists and doctors instantly online. Currently offering dental appointments in New York. Other specialties and cities will be added soon.

healthmeetorganize11 Jul 08

icyou:Intensive Content for your Health

icyou focused solely on bringing you the whole world of healthcare video. Find any health-oriented video you seek from hundreds of certified medical and health professionals, as well as regular people dealing with the same issues you are.

healthvideosharelifestyle9 Feb 08

ReliefInsite:Secure Online Pain Management Services

ReliefInsite is a secure web-based service that provides visually-oriented pain assessment and tracking. Through the collection of structured and unstructured data, and the preparation of comprehensive reports, ReliefInsite helps patients with pain receive better and faster treatment by enabling them to communicate more effectively with their doctor and others involved in their care.

managementtrackhealth7 Feb 08

VisibleBody:Discover the Human Body Like Never Before

Argosy's Visible Body application, featuring an interactive, 3D model of the human body, is the most comprehensive human body visualization tool available on the market today. This entirely Web-delivered application offers an unparalleled understanding of the human body.

3Dtoolhealth11 Feb 08

Kosmix:Topic-Based Search Engine

Kosmix helps you discover everything you need to know about a topic by intelligently organizing the best information on the web for the topic.

searchenginehealth4 Jan 08

iMedix:Find and Share Health Information

iMedix is a free website that helps you find and share health information. At iMedix, you are not alone, coping with fear and confusion regarding your medical condition. Whether you're looking for symptoms, diseases, treatments, or simply general health information, you will be searching together with many other people.

communityhealthchatsearchIsrael28 Dec 07

PlanetFesto:A Ribbon of Images to Surround the World

PlanetFesto is a collaborative, group-created site about the environment and individual action.Take some action and be a part of planetfesto's ribbon around the world.

lifestylegreengroupcreatecollaborationhealth6 Sep 07

iGuard:Safer Medicin - Healthier You

iGuard is the fastest and easiest way for you to get personalized alerts and updates on the safety of your medicines. iGuard facilitate the virtual flow of communication among patients, physicians, and researchers according to two guiding principles: With iGuard, patients can feel safer because they will be sent the drug safety information they need, when they need it. Plus, the more people that join iGuard, the faster it can help researchers identify safety problems.

healthalertvirtualcommunication31 May 09

DailyBurn:Better Fitness Results in Less Time

DailyBurn is a web-based, personal health and fitness tracking application. Like many other web 2.0 sites, DailyBurn provides a social element, but also assists users find a workout program, track exercise progress, and reach fitness goals. DailyBurn also has an iPhone interface for tracking workout progress while at the gym and provides video tutorials of popular exercises.

trackhealthlifestylechartdiet2 Jun 09

MEDgle:Personalized Medical Search

MEDgle is an online information and educational service. With the thousands of articles and sites available, finding relavent medical information is difficult. MEDgle's goal is to make medical information easily and intuitively accessible for the benefit and betterment of everybody. Simply: search, learn, and thrive.

healthsearchengine27 Apr 07

YackPack:Simply Connected

Simplify your connected life the way only YackPack's patented interface can. See at a glance who is in the 'office', and hold a conversation as if you're right there - no 'calling', no 'composing a message', no 'opening a chat window' - just instant, effortless communication.

communicationmappingvisualcommunityaudiochatcollaborationhealth28 Mar 07

Healia:Your Search for Health

Healia is the premier consumer health search engine for finding high quality and personalized health information on the Web. It serves as an independent, unbiased gateway to the highest quality health information resources. Healia is optimized for health search by integrating cutting-edge technology including health intelligence to provide the best results for health queries.

healthsearchengine11 Apr 07

Extrapounds:Your World of Friendly Weight Loss

Extrapounds is an independent weight loss social community.This unique website increases the likelihood of successful weight loss and maintenance by providing access to a community of people who share a common goal: to lose weight. Extrapounds is here to give members access to a user-friendly, convenient and personal space or web log that charts progress and stores relevant information concerning weight loss and diet. Extrapounds goal is to help promote self awareness for those undertaking a journey towards weight loss and increased self esteem. All of that for FREE.

healthcommunitysharediettrackblogging1 Mar 07

R.Health:Your Health Home Page

Revolution Health’s objective is to give consumers more choice and control over their health care, enabling all of us to live healthier, better lives.

communityhealthtool22 Jan 07

MDjunction:Health Community with a Healthy Attitude

Once you or someone you care for was diagnosed as being sick, you’ll spare no time, effort or money in order to find out as much as you can about the illness and possible treatments. MDjunctions main (and only) goal is to help you and your family members achieve better health related decisions. Free, open to all, online information.

healthcommunityshare2 Jan 07

DietTelevision:DietTelevision Help you Lose Weight and be Healthy

DietTelevision built the first part of the site to help you find the diet that best matches your needs. Go and add your own review or use the handy "Diet Finder" tool. You probably don't need to know that the Diet Finder uses all the latest and greatest Web 2.0 technology, complex algorithms, etc. Really, all you need to know is that it's easy and fast, and it works.

healthsharediet21 Aug 07

beGreen:Greenify your Lifestyle

A web application that will allow you to offset your carbon emissions from your car, home or work and become a green citizen. The website features an AJAX carbon calculator and full social networking capabilities.

carnetworksocialhealthgreen6 Sep 07

Traineo:Reach your Weight Loss & Fitness Goals

Motivation, Support and Accountability are the keys to achieving a weight loss and fitness goal. Traineo mission is to create the most effective weight loss and fitness community on the web by combining the latest software technology with sound information and services from the world’s leading health and fitness experts.

healthcommunityshare27 Jan 07

FitnessJournal:Your Fitness Success Starts Right Now

Fitness Journal offers a complete exercise log for people who wish to improve their fitness level, athletes who are looking to set a new personal record, and people who just want to lose a few pounds. It's accounting software for the body that is designed to help you stay motivated and reach your health and fitness goals.

healthsport27 Jan 07

SugarStats:Monitor and Share your Blood Sugar Glucose Levels

With SugarStats you can track your blood sugar glucose levels along with the elements that effect those levels such as medication, food intake and physical activity. You can then easily share this information with your health care professional, family and friends to get further consultation and advice to better your health.

trackhealthshare21 Sep 06

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