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SimilarWeb:Discover Web Traffic Insights for any Website description

SimilarWeb it’s a great research tool to discover the story behind any website with a single click. SimilarWeb’s insights will help inform competitive analysis and identify growth opportunities online. The data is presented as nice infographic for any website on the web.

downloadpluginsearchdiscoverIsrael28 Jan 13

Rompr:Recommendation-based Community for Parents

Parents are the new Young! Rompr lets parents share the fun. Join us so we can make parenting AWESOME.

recommendationfamilykidsIsraelcommunity13 Nov 12

24me:An Automatic To Do List

In addition to all the features that any other to do list app has, 24me can also automatically tell you about things you need to do. It can notify you about your financials, service providers, friends, and other errands. It can even take care of some of those responsibilities for you.

to-domobilepaymentIsrael13 Nov 12

Powtoon:Create Animated Presentations Online

PowToon is the brand new Do-It-Yourself animated presentation tool that supercharges your presentations and videos! Save massive amounts of time and money by creating Presentoons that bring the WOW!-factor to product demos, business presentations, social media clips, and much more.

animationpresentationbusinessvideofunIsrael3 Jul 12

Apartable:Apartment Rentals Made Easy

Apartable is a personalized marketplace for finding your perfect rental apartment.

marketplacetoolIsrael18 Jun 12

AnyDo:Make Things Happen with Friends

Any.DO helps you get things done with your friends in a simple & elegant way. It's free, simple & fun.

mobilevoicecommunicationsocialIsrael14 Nov 11

Piclogo:Coupon and Location Platform.

Picalogo iPhone app enables you to get coupons and check-in to various services - like Foursquare and Facebook places - merely by taking a picture of the logo of the business you're in. It's everywhere in the business.

locationcouponmobileIsrael12 Oct 11

Doweet:Organize Small Events With Friends

Doweet is a fun and simple way to create social activities with the people around you.

eventmobilesocialFacebookIsrael17 Sep 11

Tonara:Interactive Sheet Music App

Tonara's offering innovative products that listen to musicians and help them learn, rehearse and perform. Armed with world-class score following technology, Tonara leads the transition of sheet music into the digital age.

musicdigitalIsrael3 Oct 11

Farmigo: Locally Grown & Fresh

Farmigo is providing an alternative food system by enabling group-buying of fresh food directly from local farms & producers, making it convenient and affordable to get local, seasonal food.

foodstorebuygroupIsrael17 Sep 11

Shaker:Virtual Hangout With Facebook Friends

Shaker provide the first place on the Internet for you to hangout with your Facebook friends.

datefunFacebookvirtualIsrael15 Dec 12

Quixey:Find Apps That Do What You Want

Quixey is a Functional Search engine for apps, allowing users to find apps by describing what they want to do. Quixey powers app search across all platforms.

searchengineapplicationdiscoverIsrael17 Sep 11

JPEGmini: Process Your Photo

JPEGmini reduces the file size of your photos by up to 5x, while keeping their original quality and JPEG format.

photofileeditIsrael6 Sep 11

6scan:Website Protection Suite.

6scan is the world's first automated protection suite against website hackers, offers security protection suite for website.

securetoolIsrael21 Aug 11

Vikido:Family Based Social Sharing Platform

Vikido is a social sharing platform, designed for the web and mobile, that brings the entire family together in a fun, safe way.

kidsfamilyphotosharingIsrael17 Aug 11

Julpan:Harnessing the World's Social Information

Julpan will broaden your social circle on the Web and expose you to better information. All those connections that everyone else is making will go to work for you, your friends, your followers and fans, to give you the answer you want, whenever you want it.

socialsearchconnectionIsrael6 Aug 11

Listnplay:Makes Online Music & Videos Simple

ListnPlay is a music & video search platform that gives central point to search online music & videos. The unique catalog and interface allows you to create & search for playlists, albums and videos in the quickest way possible today.

musicvideoplaylistIsrael31 Jul 11

Mobli:Subject-based Media Channels

Mobli is a real-time visual media platform made up of subject-based channels such as people, places and topics. Mobli enables users to see the world through other people’s eyes.

mobilecommunitymediaIsrael16 Jul 11

Visual ly:Infographics & Visualizations is aiming to build the world’s largest community for exploring, sharing, creating, and promoting data visualizations.

visualdatabaseexplorecontentIsrael16 Jul 11

BillGuard:Antivirus for your Bills

BillGuard is antivirus for your bills. BillGuard monitors your credit card and debit card bills and alerts you when they contain unwanted charges such as hidden fees, unrecognized charges, unauthorized charges, billing errors, scams and fraud.

billpaymentmanagementIsrael28 May 11

Doat:Empowering Search Results

do@ iPhone platform changes mobile search in three fundamental ways - the way results are delivered (apps instead of links), the sources delivering the results (direct from publishers) and the manner in which results are ranked (via do@'s ''social radar'').

searchengineiPhonemobileIsrael28 May 11

Dapsem:Show your Appreciation

Daps’em is a platform allowing people to show their appreciation to their friends (and soon other stuff), offline and online.

mobilelifestreamsocialdownloadIsrael6 Apr 11

Tingiz:Taking QR Codes to the Next Level

Tingiz is a platform for creating smart and simple mobile microsites for products, to be accessed from the product itself through a connector (mainly QR codes). The product microsite is created and managed by the product manufacturer, and is built from a set of modules which are designed specifically to be used for products.

brandmobileQRcreatewebsitecommunicationscanIsrael6 Apr 11

Magisto:Magically Turn your Videos Into Short, Fun Clips

Magisto is a web app that will simply make your video worth sharing: Magisto will take a long and boring video, take the gist of it and create a great-looking clip you’d be proud to share. And it is all done in a few clicks.

videogeneratorfamilyIsrael26 Apr 11

Hitpad:Stay Up-to-date with the Current News

Hitpad brings you rich bite-size information snippets about the important and worth-knowing topics of the day so you become current in no time and with very little effort.

DownloadiPadmobilenewsIsrael6 Apr 11

TvTak:Detection of TV Shows

TvTak recognizes television shows in just one second. A single click is all it takes to share what you’re watching on TV.

downloadmobileTVadvertisingIsrael6 Apr 11

Greplin:A Personal Search Engine

Greplin indexes the information you create on different websites (like Gmail, Twitter and Facebook) and provides lightning fast search of all your information.

searchenginecontentpersonalfacebookgoogleIsrael13 Mar 11

FanGager:Manage and Engage your Facebook Fans

An innovative fans management and engagement platform, enabling brand managers to unlock their fans and followers potential.

analyticsFacebook social Israel29 Jan 11

IMGuest:Hotels. People. Connections

A business-oriented social networking platform, used by traveling individuals to set up face-to-face meetings around the world.

travelsocialnetworkgeolocationhotelIsrael22 Jan 11

Meltinpop:Playing with Culture

Meltinpop is a game for you and your friends. It is a fun, free way to explore the culture around you. With meltinpop you can share and discover music, movies, TV shows and books dedicated to your interests, obsessions and whims.

searchenginesocialmusicvideobookIsrael23 Dec 10

Contapps:Enjoy Your Contacts

Contapps boosts your android contacts with customized widgets and a fresh look & feel. Discover new ways to interact with your mobile community and stay tuned for more cool widgets & updates...

androidmobilecontactwidgetcommunication socialIsrael11 Dec 10

Plnnr:An Automatic Trip Planning

Plnnr is an online service that allows its users to generate detailed trip plans within major tourist destinations. Plnnr works by automatically generating a trip itinerary based on simple facts the customer provides about the trip. Similar to a GPS, Plnnr will give you directions on how to get to places. Similar to your best friend, Plnnr will also recommend the places to visit.

travelgeneratorhotelgpsIsrael1 Dec 10

Gogobot:Social Trip Planner

Gogobot’s mission is to make trip planning more fun by making it easy to connect and share travel advice with your friends.

travelsocialnetworkgeolocationIsrael16 Nov 10

QuoteBase:Prepare Price Quotes

With QuoteBase, you can create beautiful price quotes that your customers will love. Create customized quotes within minutes by using the web interface or by sending an email to the app. You can also collaborate with members of your team and get the quote prepared faster.

businessqoutecollaborationIsrael14 Nov 10

Reask:Friends' Opinion Search Engine

Share what you search for. Get answers from real people.

answerquestionsearchengineIsrael8 Nov 10

Rounds:Video Chat. As It Should Be

Rounds is a place where friends can video chat and simultaneously watch videos together, browse Facebook, play real-time games and collaborate together on a unique and interactive social entertainment platform. Register today and enjoy a truly rich and fun video chat experience.

chatrealtimevideosocialcollaborationmessagingIsrael31 Oct 10

AdsCaptcha:When Ads Meet Captcha

AdsCaptcha is a new online security and advertising tool that uses CAPTCHA authentication to spread branding messages while keeping consumers highly involved with the ads.

secureadvertisingtoole-commerceIsrael26 Oct 10

ConncetedTraveling:Your Online Resource for Smart Travel Tips

learn the best travel tips and tricks out there along with the latest gadgets and mobile tools to help you maximize your travel experience.

travelmobileIsrael14 Oct 10

A.I.type:Easier way to Type

A.I.type will make your writing experience easier, faster and better by completing your words and sentences while you are typing in any Windows application on your PC (MS word, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Skype etc.).

downloadtoollanguagetexteditIsrael2 Oct 10

Babller:Communication Without Barriers

Babller lets you read and post status updates on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin in a variety of languages. With Babller you can read twitter status messages, Facebook updates and Linkedin status updates in your favorite language. Babller also automatically translates your status to any of the selected languages, and posts it to the relevant service/s.

languagesociallifestreammobileIsrael2 Oct 10

Ringbow:The Ring Device

The ring is an electronic device worn on your finger and developed to communicate with any of your touch screens. It is designed to complement touch screens and to enhance the experience of finger interactions. Utilize your thumb to operate the ring while simultaniously touching the screen and you will discover ultimate accessibility not possible any other way.

Israelmobilegadget28 Sep 10

ShareBacks:Stop Commenting. Start Sharebacking

Tap into Facebook and bring the engagement back home - The conversation starts on your content, shared via social networks, and published back on your site.

socialfacebookcommenttoolbarIsrael16 Sep 10

HashtagArt:Turning streams into art

Hashtag Art can take any photo and use it as a canvas. As your fans tweet your hashtag, the canvas becomes a mosaic of your fans. It is an exciting and interactive way for your customers to become connected with you. After the first batch of tweets, the mosaic already starts to take shape.

twitterartlifestreameventIsrael12 Sep 10

Sohoos:A simple, Safe Solution to grow your Biusiness

Creating a unique Eco-system where every micro business will flourish.

businesssecureIsrael26 Aug 10

Finz it:Giving you Reason to Share aims to increase the number of customers sharing their purchase with their friends. They are trying to achieve this by incentivizing your clients to share what they bought over social networks. More customers share, more of their friends are exposed to the product and visit your site - as simple as that.

shoppinge-commercesocialshareIsrael7 Aug 10

iScoper:Product Suggestion Engine

iScoper generates smart results using computer produced algorithms combined with expert input from real people whom are authorities in electronics, gadgets, and technology. iscoper is a free service that has no ties to any of the merchandise and does not make money on any of your purchases.

engineshoppinggadgetdiscoversearchanswerIsrael7 Aug 10

Kidopo:Making Kids Happier

Kidopo offers an innovative coloring application for coloring pages, which simulates a real coloring experience. Other sections of the sites are kids printables, games and craft videos.

e-learninggamefunkidsparentfamilyIsrael6 Aug 10

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