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Yumy:Location-based Link Sharing Network

A linksharing webapp which is location based so it's the best way to share funny or informative links with your surroundings without the need to register anywhere. It works on all devices.

linknetworklocation30 May 12

Readmeo:Read your Links Later

So much to read, so little time? Readmeo is a simple tool that allows you to save links for reading later.

linktoolcontentorganize16 Jan 11

Butns:Changing the common understanding of what a Hyperlink is

Butns is a free service that enables you to add as many destinations as you like to each hyperlink on your website (or blog, forum e.g.), allowing your users to choose exactly which information they want and where they want to get it. And it is very easy to use.

toolcontentlink28 Mar 10

Weblist:Find the Best List on the Web

Easily create,manage, and share lists of webpages - from music video playlists - to your daily reading material. Pick your pages, name the weblist and get your new weblist URL.

listmanagementcreateorganizelinkIsrael7 Jan 10

Fytch:Read, Write and Share your Comments

Using Fytch, People all around the world read, write and share their comments while surfing the web. They leave their thoughts, opinions and ideas directly at the page they are visiting.

contentbookmarkingcommentsharelink18 Nov 09

Linktive:Effective Link Building Services

Linktive is a fast, simple way to grow your business by creating an intelligent link building network that you control.

businessbuildlink24 Aug 09

startio:Make a startpage with your Favorite Links is your new homepage. It holds all of your most used links so you can get to them quickly from wherever you are, and it's super customizable.

startpagebookmarkinglink26 Jul 09

Dropvine:Send Links to Friends in just a few seconds

Dropvine is a utility that I put together that speeds up the process of sending links to one or more friends. When you've found a page that you want to send, you just click the Dropvine bookmarklet and on the next page click which friends you want to receive that link then hit send. Takes about 5 seconds.

linksharetoolbookmarking22 May 09

GRAZEit:Sharing links on any page on the Web

Grazeit is a browser add-on that suggests related content on any page you visit. This content is shared by anyone who wants to spread links where it matters. Why limit the sharing to social networks when you can share anywhere?

recommendationcontentlinksharedownloadpluginIsrael22 May 09

Favo:A Smart Bookmark Management Tool

Favo uses the very familiar inbox concept for all incoming favorites. Your surfing experience does not get interrupted by dialogs that ask you to pause and organize the content you are collecting. Favorites are collected from your browser and from your friends' recommendations.

bookmarkingcontentlinkorganizesync22 May 09

Cligs:Short URLs with Analytics

Cligs is a powerful URL shortening service that gives you access to analytics and detailed traffic information about your short URLs.

linktoolanalyticstinyURL14 Oct 08

Rowdii:The Web Behind the Web

Rowdii generates a discussion forum next to every website in the world so users can provide feedback about products, and services online. The service also allows you to create links between related websites.

searchenginecommentlink13 Sep 08

urlPass:Shorten Links Tool

urlPass is a free Web 2.0 service that allows you to dramatically reduce the length of long and cumbersome URL's . The resulting shortened URL (e.g. then becomes a permanent and unique link / reference to a particular webpage. A urlPass is short, easy to read and more convenient to distribute.

linktoolconverttinyURL14 Oct 08

TinyPaste:Copy & Past Sharing Tool

A simple service that convert your text into a link, through web or Firefox plugin.

linktoolconvert27 Jun 08

LaterThis:Links you like - Later

With LaterThis, you can save interesting links and revisit them later when you are in the mood to read them, this without cluttering your bookmarks-folder or desktop with hard to find links. LaterThis is free to use.

bookmarkingcontentlinkorganizetool9 Jun 08

Matoumba:Front News Reader

Matoumba is a website that sorts everyday the most relevant information to you. Vote for the news and Matoumba will learn your tastes and the information that you like the most.

newscontentlinkaggregator28 May 08

Linkasa:Shorter Safer Sweeter Links

Create more readable links, easier to remember, ready to be paste in forums, in chats or in your mails. Linkasa uses a base 62 compression algorithm. By adding a tag, you can define the look of the generated links. Much better for transmitting a link. Easier to type, easier to remember.

toollinkbloggingcontent23 May 08 URL Truncation Service, is a free URL truncation service. Generate a short URL for your unsightly long one, and share that URL with others, who get automatically forwarded to your original URL, with no temporary redirect pages / ads / popups / cookies.

generatorlinkbloggingtinyURL14 Oct 08

URLbunch:Bunch Links Together for Easy Sharing

URLbunch is bunch of links to a web site. It's like TinyURLbut on crack. Pack a whole bunch of links together and share them with one small link. It's a useful free service when you want to share a bunch of links with someone through social outlets such as Myspace, Facebook, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, etc. It's just easier to share that way.

linksharetooltinyURL14 Oct 08

Lucratives:The Best Internet Marketing Articles and Blog Posts

Lucratives is an Internet Marketing community that provides useful links to blog posts and articles that allow Web Entrepreneurs to become more knowledgeable and profitable online.

marketinglinkcommunitycontent21 Apr 08

ReadBurner:What's Shared on Google Reader

ReadBurner turns Google Reader sharing into an action similar to bookmarking a page on or voting for an article on Digg. This approach to social news makes sharing interesting stories easier than ever, and adds a new level of democracy and transparency in determining what's the most newsworthy.

contentlinkbookmarkingGoogleRSS16 Apr 08

Yahoo! Buzz:The Best of the Best - Chosen by People like you

The buzz can be about anything - a great story on a major news site, an extraordinary bit from an obscure site, an intriguing video, or a fantastic blog that shouldn't be missed. Instead of editors, people like you determine the top-rated stories.

rateYahoocontentlinkblogging27 Mar 08

Start4all:A Wordpress Mashup

With start4all you can start a blog, publish your thoughts, and share your favorite links The link page is a special Wordpress based plug-in, fully based on AJAX technology.

blogginglinkmashup20 Feb 08

LinkBunch:Links Aggregator

LinkBunch lets you put multiple links into one small link which you can share over IM, Twitter, email or even a mobile phone SMS.

linkaggregator11 Jul 08

OK or KO:Rate your Favorite Site

Give a high rating to the websites you like (you can search for your favorite ones). Or Flag inappropriate websites (porn, gambling, spam).

ratelinksearch17 Feb 08

LinkBlip:Know when Someone Click your Link

LinkBlip is very simple way to monitor when someone has clicked a link you sent them. Have you ever sent someone an email and never heard back? If you send them a LinkBlip URL, you'll automatically be notified by email when they click on it.

emaillinkalert31 May 09

Alltop:All the Top Stories Covered all the Time

Alltop is a directory of stories from the most popular blogs on the Internet. Updated constantly.

contentlinkaggregator16 Feb 08

ShotCode:Offline Weblinks

ShotCode connects your target audience to your websites in one click by using technology that changes camera mobile phones into personal "barcode" scanners. Install the ShotCode reader on a mobile phone, start the software, aim at a ShotCode and click. That is all it takes to connect your target audience to you, on impulse.

mobilelinkcontent13 Feb 08

netRocket:Rocket to your Destinations

More then just a collection of links. Netrocket is a bookmark scheduling service that allows you to collect, edit, and schedule your bookmarks for viewing when you want to view them.

bookmarkingcollectionlink11 Feb 08

Mixx:Your Blend of the Web

At Mixx, all of the content is user-generated, which means that Mixx don't have an editor who decides what you should find interesting. Mixx figures that you can find that same-old same-old pretty much anywhere else. So instead, they simply make it easy for you to submit stories, photos, videos-whatever you find interesting, informative, different or fun. You can also see-and vote on-the stuff that other Mixxers submit.

contentlinksharebookmarking31 Jan 08

PeopleTrusted:A Democracy of Trust

PeopleTrusted helps bring credibility and social reputation to products, services, and companies doing business on the web. We do this by aggregating feedback from people just like you. At the heart of PeopleTrusted is democracy. Each and every vote counts.

ratesharelinksocialcommunitydiscover15 Aug 07

NetworkBar Generator:Easily Create your Network Bar

Network Bar Generator dot com was created to help network owners and webmasters provide a quick and easy way to create and manage network bars. Network Bar Generator enable you to organizing large networks of sites on one bar and get sites indexed faster in search engines.

networkgeneratorcreatetoolblogginglink9 Aug 07

Collactive:On the New Web, Popularity Rules

Collactive is here to help you make things that are important to you known to as many people on the Internet as is possible. Everything you need to get your voice heard in this new, democratic Web 2.0 world is here to be had, free of charge.

socialtoolblogginglinkcontent16 May 07

Bzzster:Share any Link from any Browser

Bzzster allows you to recommend about cool videos, news stories, blog posts to friends easy and something you look forward to doing. Bzzster goal is to make Bzzster the best way to recommend links.

sharelinkcontentcommunity26 Mar 07

Reddit:What's New Online

Your votes train a filter, so let reddit know what you liked and disliked, because you'll begin to be recommended links filtered to your tastes. All of the content on reddit is from users who are rewarded for good submissions (and punished for bad ones) by their peers; you decide what appears on your front page and which submissions rise to fame or fall into obscurity.

bookmarkinglinkmost-popular22 May 09

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