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FullContact:Enhance Contacts with Rich Social Profiles

Contact Management APIs for Data Enrichment and much more.

contactmanagementAPI19 Mar 13

Tracky:A Social Collaboration and Project Management Tool

Tracky is a social collaboration platform that bridges the gap between your personal and professional circles. If you need to get something done or if you're looking to connect with other doers, Tracky is the place.

collaborationproject management tool8 Nov 12

Atendy:Create, Manage, and Promote your Event

Atendy is an event technology helping organizations manage, promote and engage their events. It is a consolidated and data driven platform that puts more focus on attendees. The consolidation keeps costs low and empowers hosts to be more productive. It also provides event-wide data with deeper tracking abilities. Attendees use our system too since they can use it to network before, during and after the event, and as a result hosts can leverage their guests by building a community.

event socialorganizemanagement29 Sep 12

Bitrix24:Social Intranet and Project Management Platform

Bitrix24 is a united work space which handles the many aspects of daily operations and tasks.

CRMbusinessprojectmanagementgroup18 Jun 12

Workitywork:Love Your Workplace

Workitywork is a social workplace engagement platform that helps employees love the workplace. With Workitywork teams can give recognition for great work and share workplace feedback in real-time. If a colleague does something great, you can recognize their great work by sending them a kudos. Proud of your own workplace accomplishment? Celebrate your triumph with the entire team! Need the team’s opinion, get honest feedback by sending a poll they can complete anonymously. Stay on top of the office morale with vibes. Workitywork helps boost workplace morale, improves employee participation and involvement, and creates a positive attitude in the workplace.

officeprojectrealtimesocialmanagement14 May 12

Boto:Streamlined Issue Tracking

For small teams and individuals who are tired of heavy, feature loaded issue tracking services, Boto offers an alternative your clients will actually understand and appreciate. All actions are taken on your issue stream - No going back and forth. Comment, prioritize, attach images & files, change statuses and even create new issues.

trackmanagementgroupbusiness9 Mar 12

HeapNote:Organize your Notes, Tasks, Bookmarks, and Expenses

HeapNote is a custom-fit online notebook. It lets you manage your ideas, bookmarks, todo lists, expenses or anything else that is important to you with an extremely flexible, powerful and easy to use interface.

noteorganizetaskmanagement4 Mar 12

PhoneDeck:Manage your Mobile Phone Remotely

Enhance your mobile capabilities and maximize call management. Make calls with just one click; Never forget to call back; Read and write SMS, and many more.

mobilemanagementcloud4 Dec 11

Trello:Organize Anything, Together

Trello is a network for sharing and managing workflows. In one glance, a Trello board tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and how close they are to being done.

organizecollaborationmanagement17 Sep 11

Papyrs:Easy Document Management

Organize, collect and share all your team's information. Build your own easy intranet in seconds. Create and share documents, forms and discussions.

documentmanagementorganize1 Jul 11

Pegby:Get Stuff Done More Efficiently

Pegby is a browser-based productivity app that emulates ''pegging'' cards onto a constantly updating board. Make plans and list ''to-dos'' with the ability to customize according to taste. Share all your data seamlessly and in realtime. The tool is very easy & fun to use, but also scalable to manage even the most robust projects.

to-doprojectrealtime management 18 Jun 11

Jumbotask:Simplify and Organize your Freelancing

Most webapps just do invoicing or just do leads or just do time tracking. JumboTask does it all. No longer will you need multiple webapps to handle what you need.

taskmanagementmobileinvoice8 Jun 11

StorageRoom:Mobile Application CMS

Manage any content online and easily integrate it into your applications.

mobilecontentstoragemanagement8 Jun 11

BillGuard:Antivirus for your Bills

BillGuard is antivirus for your bills. BillGuard monitors your credit card and debit card bills and alerts you when they contain unwanted charges such as hidden fees, unrecognized charges, unauthorized charges, billing errors, scams and fraud.

billpaymentmanagementIsrael28 May 11

Onovo:Save Money on your Mobile Data

Onavo’s vision is to help smartphone users regain control of their data usage, delivering transparency, management and control.

mobilemoneymanagement13 May 11

Cronsync:Web-based Time Tracking and Accounting

Cronsync is a web based time tracking and invoicing solution. It simplifies and professionalizes billing and invoicing procedures and shows you how profitable clients and projects are.

invoicemanagementbillfinance25 Feb 11

Toonti:Create your own Free Social Networking Site

Toonti is a platform that allows you to create your own custom social network. An innovative WYSIWYG Design Wizard and Design Tools make it simple for anyone to design their site. In addition, it has a rich set of tightly integrated features and it supports various privacy options.

socialnetworkcommunitymanagement21 Jan 11

BambooHR:Employee Database Software

Online HR software that streamlines employee management for businesses of all sizes.

employeemanagementbusiness4 Jan 11

diyFractional:Do-it-yourself Fractional Ownership

diyFractional is an online service that helps people set up and manage shared ownership of any type of infrequently used asset (such as a boat or vacation home). For those seeking to share something, it's a social network designed to help people find and connect with partners to share an asset with. For those already sharing something, it's a community of experienced shared owners and a robust shared ownership management app that makes managing an asset-sharing partnership easy, providing capabilities such as scheduling, expense tracking and reimbursement, voting, issue tracking, and much more.

socialnetworkcommunitymanagement4 Jan 11

startino:Free Online To-to List

Startino is online to-do list, which was built to help you organize your daily business. It’s a simple, yet powerful tool, which won’t get in the way of your googling. And it is free.

to-doorganizemanagement27 Nov 10

Silverline:Application Level Workload Management

Silverline is software-as-a-service for software-as-a-service companies. Silverline precisely monitors and manages the allocation and usage of server resources, giving IT professionals unprecedented insight and control of any application's CPU, memory, I/O and disk utilization.

analyticsofficeprojectenterprisemanagementtrack7 Nov 10

SmartQ:Visualize your Workflow

Online visual ticket board for workflow management and team collaboration based on Kanban.

taskmanagementcollaboration6 Nov 10

Ganttic:Resource Management and Schedule Maker

Interactive gantt chart software for resource scheduling online. Use it free to organize your team timesheets, production lines , meeting rooms and more.

managementprojectorganizetime26 Oct 10

Formulists:Manage your Twitter Followers

Filter your timeline, track unfollowers, and more...right from your Twitter home page.

twittermanagement 28 Sep 10

Teambox:Collaboration Software

Teambox is Collaboration Software for Workplace Communication. Share messages, tasks and pages online.

projectmanagementgroupofficetaskcollaboration26 Sep 10

Gantto:Presentable Gantt Charts

Import MS Project files and turn them into presentable timelines in minutes or use Gantto to create full fledged project plans from scratch. Gantto makes it easy to navigate through a complex project plan, zoom into the details or zoom out for a summary using Gantto’s extensive set of view management features.

charttimelinecreatepresentationmanagement tool7 Sep 10

Rule fm:Simplify your Business with one Application

Why work it when you can rule it? People, projects, documents & more. Making productivity accessible, affordable, reliable and fun.

businessprojectmanagementtool3 Aug 10

AlertGrid:Instant Notifications when your Business Faces some Problems

AlertGrid is an online service that helps business owners from various industries increase reliability of their businesses. You can get sms/phone/email notification in a seconds after some important incident happened (server down, script error, machine stopped). By providing intuitive rules editor and simple integration API you can receive instant notifications in minutes after creating account.

businesstoolmanagement23 Jul 10

Gimao:A Social Information Management Service

Gimao enables blogs and social networks to offer their users the ability to organize information in a structured (semantic) form and present it contextually via a lightweight widget.

semanticbloggingsocialnetworkmanagementorganizeIsrael6 Jul 10

Geotoko:Geo Location Marketing

Geotoko is a campaign management platform that allows businesses to run contests and sweepstakes using location-based services (LBS). Reward users for checking-in using Foursquare, Gowalla, Brightkite, Whrrl, TriOut, Loopt and Twitter. Geotoko also allows users to automatically collect loyalty points and rewards for check-ins on all major geolocation applications.

geolocationmanagement26 Jun 10

Schoology:Your Digital Classroom

Schoology is a free web-based learning management system (LMS) built on a social network. Schoology leverages the familiarity of popular social media tools to improve communication and collaboration.

e-learningsocialmanagement9 Jun 10

logos/base.gif:Track Your Sales - Small Business CRM

Base is a CRM for small businesses. You can organize and manage your sales in a simple and effective way, helping you focus on closing the deal.

CRMbusinessprojectmanagement7 Jun 12

Milton:Contact Project and Financial Management

Milton helps freelancers and small service companies manage their contacts, projects, and finances all through one simple web-based application. Milton gives you everything you need to run a small service-based business. Manage your contacts, projects, and finances, including task management, time tracking, invoicing and expenses. Milton does it all.

businessprojectmanagement19 May 10

AppsFire:Share your Favorite iPhone App

AppsFire allows you to share with your friends your lists of favorite iPhone Apps. All you have to do is download and install AppsFire app on your Mac (PC coming soon), let is scan your Apps on iTunes. Then it will point you to your private AppsFire page where you can decide which app you will share and actually share them the way you decide (email, social networks or widget).

mobilemanagementsharesocialIsrael5 May 10

NM Qoute:Web Based Quote Software

NM Quote is the flexible web based quotation software that lets your team efficiently produce, amend, send and track complex quotations and estimates at the click of a button.

projectmanagementgrouptrack1 May 10

InvoiceDude:Bill your Clients Securely

Invoice Dude is a hosted software to bill your clients securely without any setup. Although many tools exist like this, but Invoice Dude is 100% free to use software. It understands how difficult it is to setup payment gateways on your website and then managing the list of so many invoices, also, sending them to clients whenever they request - this is all troublesome. Invoice Dude takes care of all those troubles for you

billinvoicemanagementmoney23 Apr 10

AudioBox:Your Media Library in the Cloud is a platform that lets you store, manage and stream your media library in the cloud. Users can stream their music from anywhere through the Cloud Web Player, developers can build their own player through the Open API.

musiccloudorganizemanagementmobile4 Apr 10

PocketSmith:Better Budgeting With A Calendar

PocketSmith is a personal finance and budgeting web application, utilizing a calendar that forecasts your future cash position.

calendarmoneymanagementfinance30 Mar 10

Todo ly:Simple Todo List is an intuitive and easy to use online Todo list, and Task Manager. It helps you to get organized, simplify your life, and get things done. Create todo lists, and manage them online from anywhere.

to-dolisttaskmanagementorganize15 Mar 10

Headmagnet:Helps you Remember Stuff

Headmagnet is a web application that helps you to memorize new facts quickly and maintain what you have learned. Headmagnet helps you to predict when you will forget things, so that you can review only what you need to.

discovertrackmanagementprivate11 Mar 10

GoingUp!:Web Stats and Analytics

With an AJAX-rich interface, GoingUp! combines powerful web analytics with top notch SEO tools. GoingUp! integrates popular analytics & SEO tools in one easy-to-use interface to see how your website is performing from all points-of-view.

toolanalyticsmanagement11 Mar 10

Radian6:Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

Radian6 gives you a complete platform to listen, measure and engage with your customers across the entire social web.

socialanalyticsmanagementlifestream10 Mar 10

ReaddyNote:Plan, Organize and Manage Effortless

Web-based task management. Supports common self-management practices, as well as individual. You can work efficiently - either individually or in teams.

managementtaskprojectgroup22 Feb 10

Shrinking:Simple, Effective Weight Loss Tracking

Shrinking allows you to easily keep track of your weight, what you eat, and your weight-loss goals. Enter your daily weight, set milestones and track your weight loss all in one place. With simple graphs showing your progress, Shrinking is an easy way to keep up with your weight loss journey.

healthtrackmanagement20 Feb 10

Showzey:Take Control of your Photos

Showzey is service which liberates all your photos. Showzey will collect all of your photos along with shared photos from your Gmail mailboxes, Facebook account, Picasa albums, and Flickr albums. You can share photos, copy them between sites, make funny captions, create RSS feeds, etc.

collectionsharephotosocialmanagement26 Jan 10

Weblist:Find the Best List on the Web

Easily create,manage, and share lists of webpages - from music video playlists - to your daily reading material. Pick your pages, name the weblist and get your new weblist URL.

listmanagementcreateorganizelinkIsrael7 Jan 10

CloudSplit:Realtime Cloud Analytics

CloudSplit gives you the ability to do things like setting alerts that let you know when your cloud expense has gone over a certain amount, as well as allowing you to set cut-off limits on your cloud transactions.

financemoneymanagementalertoffice29 Dec 09

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