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SendHub:SMS for Organizations

SendHub is a simple messaging solution. It makes it easy for businesses, educators, healthcare workers and just about anyone to send texts to individuals and groups of any size.

textSMSgroupmessaging28 Mar 12

Medigram:Messaging System for Medical Professionals.

Medigram strives to provide a secure, HIPAA compliant group messaging system for medical professionals. Chat with your colleagues and teams on any platform, from your laptop to your iPhone.

healthmessagingchat28 Mar 12

CallLoop:Easy, Integrated, & Automated Voice and SMS Text Messaging

Call Loop, it's the Constant Contact for voice broadcasting. Now you can easily send voice broadcasts and automated phone calls directly to your clients, customers, and prospects in 2 simple steps.

voicetextmobilemessaging7 Jan 11

LiveGo:Web-based Client - All In One

Facebook, Twitter and your favorite messengers (windows live messenger, yahoo messenger and gtalk) and e-mail accounts (hotmail, gmail and yahoo mail) are all in one place now. Also Social filters, To-Do List, Notes and Calendar empower users.

chatmessagingcommunicationsocialtwitterfacebookemail11 Dec 10

MessageHop:Cool Way to Create Personal Messages

A fast and easy way to create a special message for loved ones.

cardmessagingcommunicationphoto2 Dec 10

Rounds:Video Chat. As It Should Be

Rounds is a place where friends can video chat and simultaneously watch videos together, browse Facebook, play real-time games and collaborate together on a unique and interactive social entertainment platform. Register today and enjoy a truly rich and fun video chat experience.

chatrealtimevideosocialcollaborationmessagingIsrael31 Oct 10

Tropo:Add Voice, SMS, Twitter, and IM to Your Applications

Tropo makes it simple to build phone, SMS and Instant messaging applications. You use the web technologies you already know and Tropo's powerful cloud API to bring real-time communications to your apps.

APISMSIMmessagingcommunicationrealtimemobile7 Jun 10

HipChat:Private Chat for you Company

HipChat brings better-than-enterprise instant messaging to your organization. Get more done with chat rooms, file sharing, and searchable chat history. ItΓÇÖs a more productive and fun way to work.

chatmessaging26 Jan 10

Jotabl:Your Twitter Shoutbox

Do you use Twitter? Chances are that your visitors do to. Improve your website by encouraging visitors to leave their comments through the powerful medium of Twitter.

messagingtwittertoolcomment10 Dec 09

SendFlow:Interactive Messaging Platform

SendFlow is a web-based platform that lets you create, broadcast and manage interactive SMS text and voice messages. With SendFlow you can broadcast two-way messages that respond to caller inputs in real-time using land lines, mobile phones and internet transports like G-Talk.

SMStextmessagingrealtime5 Nov 09

OggChat:Live Chat Software for Business

OggChat is a live chat solution that integrates directly with GMail and Google Talk. It offers a free version that allows small businesses to include customer live chats on their website that support the features of expensive solutions such as operator routing, scheduling, topics, and online/offline statuses, but allow operators to respond right from their Google Account. This product is geared squarely toward Google Apps users.

chatlivemessagingcommunication3 Oct 09

Olark:Easy Live Chat

Olark lets visitors to your website chat with you without any extra chat software. Their messages show up in your favorite instant messaging app. Olark is easy for webmasters to set up and friendly to your visitors' web browsers.

chatlivemessagingcommunication21 Aug 09

Watchitoo:Real-time Social Collaboration

Watchitoo, a web-based service, enables people to consume and collaborate over content in real-time. The platform eliminates the boundaries between content sharing and social networking allowing users to interact with an array of content while communicating via video, voice and text chat in a synchronized web-environment.

realtimemediasocialcollaborationmessagingIsrael17 Nov 09

Truphone:Make Free and Cheap International Calls

Truphone is a free mobile phone app that works the iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Android and a range of Nokia handsets, and is designed to save lots of money on international calls. Free calls, when connected to Wi-Fi, are also available to anyone other connected Truphone, Skype or Google Talk user. Instant Messaging, and Twitter integration, are also available. Amazingly, with Truphone you can still make calls over the Internet, even when you are not connected to Wi-Fi, by using the Truphone Anywhere technology.

messagingmobilevoice27 Jun 09

GixawChat:Create your Instant Live Chat Site

Gixaw Chat is a web-based live chat service that lets you create your own chat site in just seconds. You get a 24/7 URL where you can invite friends, visitors, or colleagues to chat, collaborate, and share files.

messagingchatIMcreatewebsite10 Apr 09

MessagePub:Multichannel Messaging API

MessagePub enables your web application to start sending notifications and messages in minutes. There's no need to set up an email server, an SMS gateway, IM bots, etc... and having to maintain that infrastructure. Save you and your developers time and energy. MessagePub provides all that functionality in one dead-simple API. MessagePub lets you send messages via a simple API to the following platforms: phone (text-to-speech), email, SMS, Twitter, Google chat, and AIM.

messagingchatIM10 Apr 09

TinyChat:Quickly Creat your own Chatroom

TinyChat is a free service that allows you to create a free chat room that is accessible by anyone with a browser. Simply create a chatroom from the homepage then send the link it gives to you to anyone you want to chat with. After you leave the chat room, all the chat data is gone, so its perfect for secure chats.

chatTwittercommunicationmessaging22 May 09

Twessemger:Twitter add-in for Windows Live Messenger

When enabled, Twessenger automatically updates your Messenger Personal Message at regular intervals to reflect your latest Twitter tweet. Because Twitter supports updates via the web, IM, and SMS from your cell phone, you can now update your Messenger status message from wherever you are.

TwitterIMdownloadmessaging22 May 09

ShareMeme:Your Intelligent Outbox

ShareMeme allows you to communicate with all of your friends from one place. Using ShareMeme, you can send text messages, G-Chat messages, AIM instant messages, Twitter direct messages, and emails all from one easy-to-use interface.

messagingcommunicationemailTwitter22 May 09

IM-HISTORY:Consolidate, Store and Surf your IM History

IM-HISTORY is a web service that enables all Instant Messengers (IM) users to manage their contacts and access their chat histories online. The user-friendly solution consolidates all IM contacts and stores chat logs securely on a server, allowing free access from PC, laptop or any web-enabled device.

IMchatmessagingcommunicationdownload22 May 09

MeltMail:Your Temporary e-mail Forwarding

With Melt Mail, you only give your unique Melt Mail address (which forwards to your own), get the desired information and after a defined period of time (the melting point) the Melt Mail address will be deleted.

emailcommunicationmessagingtooltime29 Dec 10

Storyz:Show. Tell. Everywhere

Storyz allows for group messaging and photosharing from your mobile phone to other phone users and web users. Users can post private messages to their friends or completely public. In this way, Storyz functions like threaded group MMS across web and mobile. The service converts photos and videos across handsets and web, and can be used on popular social network sites like Facebook, MySpace and Hi5.

mobilegroupmessagingsocialmediacommunitycommentemailSMS16 Jul 09

Wadja:Mobile Social Network

Wadja is a service that helps you organize and manage your online social presence so you can better communicate and connect with friends, family, and contacts. Wadja is unique a social media and messaging service that is open and transparent, providing all its users with a variety of communication options such as SMS, email and mobile web messaging.

socialmobilenetworkmessaging24 Oct 08

Tagga:Handy Information To Go

Tagga allows anyone to create instant SMS and Mobile Sites so that you can interact, sell to, or simply communicate with mobile users.Promote your band, your house for sale, your business, organize your sports team, club, events and more.

SMStextmobilemessaging22 Jun 10

Xumii:Mobile Phone Messaging Application

Xumii is an easy to use and free mobile service that gives you a centralized way to aggregate contacts and feeds from your social networks and IM. Stay connected by sharing messages, fun widgets and photos using IM, threaded chat, groups and mobile walls.

messagingIMcommunicationsocialmobile22 Sep 08

Toksta:Instant Messenger for your Social Networking Site

Toksta* is a free instant messenger, which is easy to implement and customize into your social networking site or forum. toksta* IM enables your users to chat via text chat or webcam in real time - without having to switch to programs like Skype, MSN or ICQ.

messagingdownloadsocialnetworkchat15 Sep 08

Kwippy:Microblogging through Instant Messenger

With Kwippy you can: - Store status from GTalk, Yahoo messenger - Send posts from Gtalk, Yahoo as Instant messenger - Use it to bookmark URLs - Get closer to existing friends- and get to know friends of friends.

messagingcommunicationstoragelifestream6 Jul 08

Dexrex:Getting more out of Instant Messaging

Dexrex is the free add-on for archiving IM & SMS messages. Sign in with your screen name, download the plugin, and start saving your world one message at a time.

IMchatmessagingcommunicationpluginbrowser22 May 09

MeGlobe:Instant Massaging with Instant Translation

MeGlobe was built to diminish language barriers from online communication. The free web client lets you type in your own language, but sends a translated version, in real time, specific to the native tongue of whomever you are chatting with.

IMchatmessaginglanguagecommunicationdownloadtranslation22 May 09

Instant-t:Desktop and Web Messanger

Instant-t is multi protocol IM (AIM/ICQ/WLM/YH/GoogleTalk) includes voice and video for contacts from any of these choices. When you create a new Instan-t account, all your accounts and settings will be stored under a single Instan-t username; you will also be able to login into our downloadable IM client with the same account.

chatIMmessagingcommunication12 May 08

Twitterfone:Send Messages to Twitter with Voice

TwitterFone is free service that lets you update your Twitter feed using your voice from any mobile or cell phone. You call it, speak your tweet, and hang up. A short while later, your tweet will be posted on Twitter.

voicemobiletwittermessagingsocial9 May 08

Heysan:Mobile Instant Messaging

Heysan! is a mobile web based service that lets you use your MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo and GTalk accounts in your mobile phone - for free. It doesn't matter where in the world you are, what network or phone model you use, Heysan patent pending technology works no matter what.

mobilechatIMmessaging26 Mar 08

SnapYap:Free Live Video Calling and Video Messaging

A new way to communicate - Fun, simple, stress free. That's the way technology should be, and at SnapYap, that's the type of experience you'll get. With straightforward service and no downloads necessary.

livevideocommunicationmessaging23 Mar 08

Photo-Notes:Fun and Messaging

Email personal, online, Polaroid-style notes to your friends in a snap.

photomessagingfuntool22 Mar 08

Amphibian:Enhanced Visual Voicemail

If you are busy and cannot take a call, Amphibian takes the call for you. Amphibian not only saves and lets you listen to your messages, it transcribes them so you an read and even search your messages. When you are on the go, you can still dial-into voicemail. In addition, you get copies of your voicemail by email with an MP3 attachment or by text message, and you can retrieve messages online, right inside of Amphibian - using your computer or phone. You decide if want to read or listen to each message and in what order.

voicemobilemessagingemail12 May 08

Yakkle:Instant Collaboration

You may have used an instant messaging tool like AIM or Yahoo Chat or Google Talk and know that you can send text messages to your family, friends, co-workers and associates. Yakkle does instant messaging too, but it also allows you to use your PC to transmit your voice to your friends and to share your desktop with them all from within a single application.

messagingIMchatdesktopdownloadvoice20 Feb 08

SpeakLike:Now, Speak Like a Native

SpeakLike, the first instant messaging service for accurate, real-time translation chat across different languages. You type text in your language, and others see it in theirs.

messagingchatIMlanguage13 Feb 08

MailStore: Single-User Desktop Solution for E-mail Archiving and Backup

MailStore Home keeps all your valuable e-mail messages in one persistent and safe place. Lightning-fast search, one-click backup, powerful export - all information from your e-mail is at your fingertips anytime. Never lose important e-mail again.

emaildownloadmessagingbackup26 Jul 10 Messaging and Video Chat

imo is a web messenger and video chat service. It lets you IM your buddies on AIM, Google Talk, MSN, and Yahoo. It's fun, easy to use, and requires no downloads.

videochatmessagingIM17 Nov 07

GoldMail:Make your Messages Memorable

GoldMail provides a simple way to help you bring your messages to life by adding your voice to anything you send or post to the internet, like photos, images or documents. Use your own e-mail to send GoldMail messages and post GoldMail messages to any website or blog.

communicationemailmessaging17 Nov 07

Zimbie:Make IM Work for you

Zimbots are Instant Messaging services that appear as buddies on your contacts list. You can now download the application and use it as a messenger to talke to your Google/Jabber friends and try out the cool Zimbot features that allow you to turn your account into a ‘hybrid’ bot.

IMbloggingtoolmessagingdownload24 Oct 07

LoudTalk:Two Way Radio over Peer 2 Peer

LoudTalks is about voice communication without calls, instant messaging without typing. There are no typos, no calling, no busy signals. And, group communication with LoudTalks allows everyone to participate at their own pace, without interrupting normal activity.

communicationgroupmessagingdownload17 Sep 07

AirTalk:It is Not Just an IM

AirTalk is a flash based Instant Messenger chat that connects to MSN,GTalk,Yahoo!, ICQ, AIM,YouTube, Flickr. You can also view your buddies profile on myspace, flickr, friendster, and latest blog and twitter entries.

messagingIMchatsocialshare14 Sep 07

GetVoice:Get the Message

GotVoice provides is a voice messaging service that works effortlessly with home, mobile and work phone systems to send, receive, and create voice messages from any computer or handset.

voicemobilemessagingtext11 Sep 07

OneSens:Send Teasing Messages

Send great teasing messages (love, birthday greetings, invitations, ...) to your friends & relatives in a second.

messagingfuntoolsharecreate28 Feb 09

Tangler:The Discussion Network

Tangler is an innovative group interaction and communication platform. It's fun, interesting and really useful. It's an instant messaging and communication app that is based around a concept they call ‘instant grouping’.

groupnetworkcommunicationmessaging22 May 07

Orgoo:Your Communication Integrated

Manage and organize your internet communications! All your email accounts, IM accounts, chat, SMS, video conferencing and more, integrated in one interface.

emailchatIMmessagingcommunication17 Jul 07

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