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Ringo:A Smarter Buzzer for your Apartment

Ringo is a service that gives you control over your intercom or buzzer system.

mobileapplicationdownloadtool27 Mar 13

Appoxee:Push Notification System for App Owners

Appoxee enables developers to get to know their users and better understand what they want. By using Appoxee API apps owners can send news, polls, promotions, updates or anything they want - directly to app through push notification.

mobilecommunitydevelopernotification9 Feb 13

Walletkit:Design and Deliver Beautiful Mobile Passes

WalletKit is a SaaS platform for businesses to create,manage and deliver to its customers digital Boarding passes,Tickets,Store cards and Coupons for mobile wallets like Apple passbook and Google Wallet. .

designtoolmobile7 Jan 13

24me:An Automatic To Do List

In addition to all the features that any other to do list app has, 24me can also automatically tell you about things you need to do. It can notify you about your financials, service providers, friends, and other errands. It can even take care of some of those responsibilities for you.

to-domobilepaymentIsrael13 Nov 12

Lightt:Life, As It Happens

It’s easy to capture and share what’s happening around you with Lightt. With one tap, you grab 10 seconds of time in a burst of pictures. Your highlights upload instantly and connect in a seamless stream of beautiful moving pictures. Watch your highlights, and the highlights shared by your friends, play back faster than life, like the speed of your memory.

photocapturemobile13 Nov 12

Gojee:Mouthwatering Recipes

Gojee matches you with recipes from the world’s most passionate food and drink writers.

foodmobilerecommendationsearch6 Oct 12

Plunk:An Easy Way To Test Clicks On A Mobile Phone

Plunk lets you easily put together fun tests for touch screen targets on mobile devices. See where users are tapping on your mobile pages, then measure the success of your design or see if it's littered with bad apples.

designtoolmobile25 Aug 12

Grid:A Simply Remarkable Spreadsheet

In GRID: pictures, movies, people, locations and many more things are kinda of a big deal. Grid allows you to organize and work with them in a whole new intuitive way.

spreadsheetcontentorganizemobiledownload25 Aug 12

Path:Share Life With The Ones You Love

Path is the smart journal that helps you share life with the ones you love. Path should provide you with the simple way to keep a journal, or ''Path'', of your life on the go. It should help you authentically express yourself and share your personal life with loved ones.

mobilecommunitymediasociallocation17 Apr 12

Popset:Share Photos With Group Of Friends

Popset lets you create group photo albums so you and your friends can keep all of your adventures in one place.

photogroupalbumsocialmobileapplication28 Mar 12

Blippar:Mobile Augmented Reality Advertising

Blippar is a mobile augmented reality and image recognition platform enabling advertisers to reach consumers via outdoor ads, billboards, magazine, etc. The service uses the latest image recognition technology to make the ad itself the trigger for the virtual content. What the content consists of is totally brand dependent.

mobileadvertisingaugmented-reality11 Mar 12

PhoneDeck:Manage your Mobile Phone Remotely

Enhance your mobile capabilities and maximize call management. Make calls with just one click; Never forget to call back; Read and write SMS, and many more.

mobilemanagementcloud4 Dec 11

Batch:The Easiest Way To Share An Album

Batch is the simplest way to share an album, or batch of photos directly from your phone. In seconds, you can share a batch, and relive that night out partying with friends, dinner with family, or the concert where you tweeted your batch for anyone to see.

mobilephotosharealbumsocial14 Nov 11

AnyDo:Make Things Happen with Friends

Any.DO helps you get things done with your friends in a simple & elegant way. It's free, simple & fun.

mobilevoicecommunicationsocialIsrael14 Nov 11

Moonfruit:Free Website/Store Builder

Moonfruit offers a free website and online shop builder that allows you to publish once, be everywhere, and have total design control of your pages, blog posts and products with no ads and no catches. It's so easy, you can be up and running in 10 minutes.

websitecreatebuildstoreFacebookmobile30 Oct 11

Venmo:A Digital Wallet

Venmo is the easiest way to pay your friends back. Link a credit card or bank account to your iPhone, Android or Blackberry, and split dinner bills, bar tabs, lunches, grocery bills, utilities, rent, cab rides, and tickets.

mobiledownloadmoneylifestyle30 Oct 11

Piclogo:Coupon and Location Platform.

Picalogo iPhone app enables you to get coupons and check-in to various services - like Foursquare and Facebook places - merely by taking a picture of the logo of the business you're in. It's everywhere in the business.

locationcouponmobileIsrael12 Oct 11

Doweet:Organize Small Events With Friends

Doweet is a fun and simple way to create social activities with the people around you.

eventmobilesocialFacebookIsrael17 Sep 11

TalkTo:Talk To Local Business Via Text Messages

TalkTo lets you text any local business - as easily as you text your friends - and ensures you can get a text response back.

businesstextmobile17 Sep 11

Glmps:A Magical Way to Share Life

GLMPS is fun, fast, and free way to share short videos with friends. Click a snapshot with your iPhone, capture a photo and a glimpse of that moment forever.

photovideosocialFacebookTwittermobile6 Aug 11

App net:A Simple, Beautiful Web Presence for your Apps.

Create a fantastic home on the web for each of your mobile apps in minutes, freeing up development resources that are better spent elsewhere. Each page is 100% controlled by you and includes unique features such as SMS install link distribution.

mobilewebsitecreateapplication16 Jul 11

Mobli:Subject-based Media Channels

Mobli is a real-time visual media platform made up of subject-based channels such as people, places and topics. Mobli enables users to see the world through other people’s eyes.

mobilecommunitymediaIsrael16 Jul 11

Popplet:See what you think, Together

Popplet is dedicated to creating fun, gestural and visual experiences for both the web and mobile web.

mindmapprojectmobilecollaborative 18 Jun 11

Mokk me:Mobile Web App Mocks

With you can easily create mobile web app mocks you can share, test on multiple platforms, and use in production.

mobiledevelopertool13 Jun 11

Jumbotask:Simplify and Organize your Freelancing

Most webapps just do invoicing or just do leads or just do time tracking. JumboTask does it all. No longer will you need multiple webapps to handle what you need.

taskmanagementmobileinvoice8 Jun 11

Spreaker:Live Audio Broadcasting

Spreaker allows anyone to become a radio DJ by helping them create and broadcast their own personal radio show on the internet. Create your own online radio show and listen to thousands of internet radio shows and podcasts live every day.

liveDJmusicradiomobile8 Jun 11

StorageRoom:Mobile Application CMS

Manage any content online and easily integrate it into your applications.

mobilecontentstoragemanagement8 Jun 11

Doat:Empowering Search Results

do@ iPhone platform changes mobile search in three fundamental ways - the way results are delivered (apps instead of links), the sources delivering the results (direct from publishers) and the manner in which results are ranked (via do@'s ''social radar'').

searchengineiPhonemobileIsrael28 May 11

Onovo:Save Money on your Mobile Data

Onavo’s vision is to help smartphone users regain control of their data usage, delivering transparency, management and control.

mobilemoneymanagement13 May 11

SpotLike:Stick a LIKE button in your place

Get a printed QR Code poster for your store. Your customers will scan with their phones to get to your Facebook page.

mobilescanQRFacebooksocial19 Apr 11

Proto io:Fast Mobile App Prototyping

Build high-fidelity fully interactive mobile app prototypes in minutes. Prototypes can be viewed on browser or device giving a real experience to the user how the app will look like and behave. Multiple devices like smart phones and tablets/pads are supported including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile, and more

mobiledesign 19 Apr 11

OnSwipe:Insanely Easy Tablet Publishing

Onswipe enables publishers to provide the best browsing and advertising experience to their readers on tablet and touch devices.

contentmediamagazinemobileiPad14 Apr 11

Dapsem:Show your Appreciation

Daps’em is a platform allowing people to show their appreciation to their friends (and soon other stuff), offline and online.

mobilelifestreamsocialdownloadIsrael6 Apr 11

Tingiz:Taking QR Codes to the Next Level

Tingiz is a platform for creating smart and simple mobile microsites for products, to be accessed from the product itself through a connector (mainly QR codes). The product microsite is created and managed by the product manufacturer, and is built from a set of modules which are designed specifically to be used for products.

brandmobileQRcreatewebsitecommunicationscanIsrael6 Apr 11

Hitpad:Stay Up-to-date with the Current News

Hitpad brings you rich bite-size information snippets about the important and worth-knowing topics of the day so you become current in no time and with very little effort.

DownloadiPadmobilenewsIsrael6 Apr 11

TvTak:Detection of TV Shows

TvTak recognizes television shows in just one second. A single click is all it takes to share what you’re watching on TV.

downloadmobileTVadvertisingIsrael6 Apr 11

Flixlab:Make Great Movies. Together

Flixlab is the fast, free, and fun way to turn the videos and pictures on your smartphone into great movies to share on Facebook.

videosharecollaborationmobilesocial21 Mar 11

Shaloc:Realtime GPS Location Sharing and Tracking

Shaloc is real-time location sharing, if you move few steps, your friends can see you move in real-time. Shaloc does one simple thing of real-time location sharing and does it right, it is easy and simple to use, one tap to start sharing, your friends you share with do not require any app download.

realtimeGPSmobiletrack16 Feb 11

Appsplit:Buy, Sell, Split, Mobile Applications Source

Appsplit is a company specializing in the business of mobile apps. Appsplit provides a growing industry with more than 500,000 apps a marketplace where individuals and businesses can buy and sell apps. Those looking for an alternative to completely relinquishing ownership can participate in a Split Program where we take on the responsibility of managing and marketing applications on behalf of the owner in return for a percentage of the profit.

marketplacemobilebusinessmoneybuy26 Jan 11

CallLoop:Easy, Integrated, & Automated Voice and SMS Text Messaging

Call Loop, it's the Constant Contact for voice broadcasting. Now you can easily send voice broadcasts and automated phone calls directly to your clients, customers, and prospects in 2 simple steps.

voicetextmobilemessaging7 Jan 11

Mixlr:Brodcast Live, High Quality Audio

Mixlr makes professional broadcasting easy. Broadcast live, high-quality audio across the web, iPhone, iPad and mobile devices. Free.

mixmusicaudioDJmobile18 Dec 10

Contapps:Enjoy Your Contacts

Contapps boosts your android contacts with customized widgets and a fresh look & feel. Discover new ways to interact with your mobile community and stay tuned for more cool widgets & updates...

androidmobilecontactwidgetcommunication socialIsrael11 Dec 10

Yesblogs:Your Blog with Style

Choose your own .com domain name and your blog is available on mobile phones. You may customize each part of your blog, including templates, widgets, and fonts style (200 fonts available). You can also create unlimited mailboxes with your domain name.

bloggingtoolmobile10 Dec 10 Brag wall. Trophy case. is a way to showcase online milestones and legitimate real world achievements. It is fun, acceptable and simple for 13-83 year olds to catalog and boast about their proudest accomplishments.

geolocationmobilesocialfun5 Dec 10

Tellme:Say It. Get It

Tellme combines the passion of people, the innovation of the Internet, the potential of voice technologies, the unprecedented transformation of the phone, plus a few new ideas. Simply say what you want, and hear or see the results. Then, connect or transact to act on the information.

mobilevoicesearch5 Dec 10 Music Sharing App is a music service, based on your smartphone. With, you listen to your music and broadcast it at the same time. Other users can tune into your broadcast and hear the exact same music you are listening to. It's like running your own mobile radio station. Anywhere you are. Anytime you like.

musicmobilegeolocation29 Nov 10

Footfeed:Expand your Social Footprint

Footfeed is a mobile geolocation check-in aggregator network that brings together many web services so users can checkin to many networks simultaneously. Built from the ground up as a stand alone check-in service, Footfeed integrates APIs from Brightkite, Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook.

aggregatorgeolocationsociallifestreammobile26 Nov 10

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