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Venmo:A Digital Wallet

Venmo is the easiest way to pay your friends back. Link a credit card or bank account to your iPhone, Android or Blackberry, and split dinner bills, bar tabs, lunches, grocery bills, utilities, rent, cab rides, and tickets.

mobiledownloadmoneylifestyle30 Oct 11

Zaarly:Buy and Sell Anything with People Nearby

Zaarly helps you buy and sell things with people around you. People need a simple way to get what they want from people around them. With Zaarly, you can now get what you want from your local community - goods, services or a way to earn extra cash.

socialbuylocationcommunitymoney16 Aug 11

Prizes:Solve Problems. Win Contests. Make Money is a place where you can create contests and let people compete for a prize of your choosing. The best submission wins the prize.

moneycommunitygift9 Jul 11

VibeDeck:Sell Direct to Fan

A free direct-to-fan platform for creative artists and their fans. Create a professional artist page in seconds with an edit-in-place interface, then simply connect your PayPal account to VibeDeck and receive your money instantly when you make a sale.

musicpaymentmoneybuytool22 May 11

Onovo:Save Money on your Mobile Data

Onavo’s vision is to help smartphone users regain control of their data usage, delivering transparency, management and control.

mobilemoneymanagement13 May 11

Sponzu:Watch Ads To Fund Ideas assists individuals, communities and organizations in bringing their ideas to life by helping them to raise the funding required to drive the idea. Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, asks for people's time, not money. Supporters of ideas simply have to donate time to watch a short video ad provided by one of our sponsors, in order to donate funding towards an idea

moneysocialdonation26 Jan 11

Appsplit:Buy, Sell, Split, Mobile Applications Source

Appsplit is a company specializing in the business of mobile apps. Appsplit provides a growing industry with more than 500,000 apps a marketplace where individuals and businesses can buy and sell apps. Those looking for an alternative to completely relinquishing ownership can participate in a Split Program where we take on the responsibility of managing and marketing applications on behalf of the owner in return for a percentage of the profit.

marketplacemobilebusinessmoneybuy26 Jan 11

MobilePay:Your Phone is now your Wallet

The MobilePay solution was invented around the cornerstones of security and simplicity of integration for merchants. MobilePay was designed to work without requiring a merchant to buy any new hardware, install new software, use bar codes, use NFC (Near Field Communications or RFID Tech), use BlueTooth technology or providing a code or phone number to the merchant cashier in order to process a payment transaction. MobilePay virtualizes the consumer’s credit, debit, gift, and loyalty cards to allow them to make secure payments in real world stores with their phones. Convenient. Simple. Secure. MobilePay. Your phone is now your wallet.

financemoneybuymobile20 Oct 10

Creditable:Personalized Credit Goals Without Getting Personal

Creditable helps users achieve their credit goals by generating a personalized credit plan based on the user's individual situation. A sophisticated social network analyzes and connects users with similar credit plans and enables users to work together on goals. Creditable, unlike other financial web apps, can provide these innovative features without requiring personally identifiable information from its users. Users have full access to Creditable while remaining completely anonymous.

privatecollaborationmoneysocial18 Sep 10

ShowMe:Social Network that Rewards your Talent

ShowMe is a platform dedicated to challenge, where anyone who possesses a talent can compete in particular contests to win money, to bet on the winners or simply to enjoy watching the madcap videos. Contests are divided into four categories: Jam Planet (music), Radical Playground (sports), Beauty Island (beauty) and Donkey Circus (pranks).

gamesocialvideomoney19 Jul 10

GoFoundMe:Raise Money Online

GoFundMe was created to help people raise money online for the things that matter to them most. By providing an incredibly easy to way to collect money online, GoFundMe has made it possible for everyday people to make huge differences in the lives of family, friends & neighbors.

donationmoneysociallifestyle18 Jun 10

Bill4time:Web Based Time Billing Software

Bill4Time is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It is a time tracking software and a time billing software all in one. Track your time and have it organized with your clients, projects, rates, and activities. From there create reports and invoices.

tracktimemoneyprojectinvoice10 Jun 10

Tinypay me:Start Selling in 60 Seconds

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to start selling something within 60 seconds and share it across the world? is an open service that provides endless selling possibilities.

marketplacesellbuymoneye-commerceshopping29 May 10

Shoply:An Easy Way to Sell

Shoply is a hosted application which allows you to set up and run your own online shop. Shoply offers decentralized shopping software as well as a centralized shopping marketplace and directory. Shoply provides you with everything you need to run and grow your own shop.

marketplacesellbuymoneye-commerceshopping 26 May 10

InvoiceDude:Bill your Clients Securely

Invoice Dude is a hosted software to bill your clients securely without any setup. Although many tools exist like this, but Invoice Dude is 100% free to use software. It understands how difficult it is to setup payment gateways on your website and then managing the list of so many invoices, also, sending them to clients whenever they request - this is all troublesome. Invoice Dude takes care of all those troubles for you

billinvoicemanagementmoney23 Apr 10

PocketSmith:Better Budgeting With A Calendar

PocketSmith is a personal finance and budgeting web application, utilizing a calendar that forecasts your future cash position.

calendarmoneymanagementfinance30 Mar 10

Fiverr:A $5 Marketplace

Fiverr is a place for people to share things they are willing to do for $5: Funny and Bizarre, Social Marketing, Graphics, Advertising, Technology, Business, Programming and more.

marketplacesellbuyfunmoneye-commerceshoppingIsrael8 Jun 10

CloudSplit:Realtime Cloud Analytics

CloudSplit gives you the ability to do things like setting alerts that let you know when your cloud expense has gone over a certain amount, as well as allowing you to set cut-off limits on your cloud transactions.

financemoneymanagementalertoffice29 Dec 09

Kapitall:A Unique Online Investing Platform

Kapitall is an online investing platform that combines a friendly investing experience with powerful yet simple tools to build your skills - and maybe even your net worth. Kapitall's ''drag and drop'' interface allows people to easily analyze stocks, ETFs and mutual funds, and compare their performance against their peers and major market indexes.

financemoneystockmanagement2 Nov 09

Recurly:Super Simple Subscriptions

Recurly abstracts the billing complexity from the customer and reduces the typical integration time from months to days. Recurly is priced competitively as a percentage of subscription revenue - customers integrate for free and only pay as their revenue grows.

billmanagementmoneyfinance30 Oct 09

TradeSmarter:Binary Options Trading Platform

TradeSmarter provides a fully customized and secure binary options trading solutions for leading online brands that would like to deploy branded, simplified trading arenas. TradeSmarter products and services are designed to create a smarter and simpler trading experiences for the masses.

financemoneysecure21 Mar 10

FuelStart:Track your Home Energy Usage

Each year the average household will spend thousands of dollars on their home energy needs. Energy costs add up from a number of different sources. The main consumption of energy is typically your heating source during the cold winter months. In most cases households have multiple sources of energy and it becomes difficult to keep track of where your money is being spent. Using Fuelcharts households using multiple fuel types (oil, pellets, wood, propane, etc..) can compare where they are spending their money and at what times of year.

managementtracklifestylemoneyfinance31 Aug 09

CancelAds:Avoid Online Ads

CancelAds is a service that lets bloggers make more money off their content by removing ads for a fee while to web surfers CancelAds offers ad-free browsing.

bloggingadvertisingtoolmoney8 Jul 09

Boku:Pay with Mobile

Easy, Safe Mobile Payments for merchants and publishers. Monetize billions of unbanked or card-averse consumers with high conversion rates when you integrate easy, safe Boku mobile payments.

mobilefinancemoneybuy16 Jun 09

Wonga:Short Term Loans

Wonga provides cash on demand. It's faster and more convenient than other online lenders because thereΓÇÖs no paper work, faxing or hanging on the phone ΓÇô the entire service is online. It's straightforward to submit an application and, if approved, you'll get the money in your bank account within an hour.

moneyfinance8 Jun 09

manageME7:Money Management

manageME7 helps in providing a convenient money management solution to students, professionals, homemakers and to everyone who want to manage their day-to-day income and expenditure more effectively. You can also earn cash through it's affiliate program.

moneymanagementfinancestudent17 May 09

Siwapp:Free Online Invoice System

An open source web application meant to help manage & create invoices in a simple, straightforward way. Siwapp is not meant to solve all & every need of your business, neither it intends to end up as a full business manager application. The goal is to get just one thing right: Invoices. A basic need for every business.

invoiceopensourcebillorganizemoney20 May 09

Investside:Your personalized Finance Watch Platform

Investside is an online, personalized financial dashboard that enables an active portfolio management .As it brings all financial and disparate data sources together in the form of movable components, you are sure to keep you up to date on the markets. Novice or confirmed Traders, Investside is your invitation to design the financial environment that suits the best to you.

virtualmoneyfinancestock19 Feb 09

TaxiMe:Taxi Fare Estimator

TaxiMe is a taxi fare estimator proving an answer to the big question: How much is a taxi going to cost? All you need to do is enter your starting address and your final destination. Combining an estimation and taxi contact information, taxime is the all-in-one package.

toolmoneytravelmapping31 Jan 09

StockTwits:Real Investors. Real Ideas. Real Time

StockTwits is an open, community-powered investment idea and information service. Eavesdrop on what traders and investors are talking about right now or contribute to the conversation and build your reputation and following as a savvy market wizard.

communitystockfinancemoneytwitter14 Jan 09

ZingSale:Save Money Shopping

ZingSale is a free service that helps you save money on all of the stuff you want to buy. Just tell the service what product you're interesting in, and get notified when products you want to buy go on sale.

shoppingalertmoney3 Dec 08

Wikinvest:Investing Simplified

Wikinvest is an investment website that explains the deeper story behind a company, giving investors the context they need to understand what they are betting on when they purchase a particular stock or invest in a specific sector.

contentstockwikimoney28 Feb 09

PriceHub:Real Prices for Real People

With over 17,000 actual sale price data points and counting, PriceHub recently rolled out the "What's My Car Worth?" feature, which use real car selling prices to help consumers see what their car is really worth, based on what other people paid. Instead of guesses or estimates PriceHub uses actual transaction prices submitted by users.

searchdiscovercarmoney6 Nov 08

Billshrink:Free Personalized Advice for Saving your Money

BillShrink provides a free, web-based service that provides consumers with personalized recommendations for everyday service such as cell phone plans and credit cards. These recommendations are computed in real-time by matching your indicated usage profile against literally millions of different options in any market. The results enable you to view and compare your options so that you can make a well-informed decision that maximizes your savings.

billmoneymanagementmobile22 Oct 08

FreeAgent:Online Accounting for Freelancers

FreeAgent is an online money management and accounting tool intended for small, service businesses of 1-3 employees. This will include most kinds of freelancers, contractors and consultants. Whether you are just getting started, or are already in business as a sole trader or limited company, VAT registered or not, FreeAgent can save you time.

financemoneytoolmanagementbusiness23 Feb 09

Paid Interviews:Get Paid for a Successful Job Interview

Paidinterviews is a career network that connects job candidates with their ideal employer using social media, sophisticated matching technology, and a unique model that pays candidates when hired.

networkjobofficemoney22 Sep 08

Ronin:Invoicing in the Cloud

Ronin is a flexible application designed for creative professionals looking for an easy, affordable, web-based way of managing clients and invoices. As a Ronin customer, you are guaranteed free upgrades with your subscription - there are no fees or update costs.

invoicefinancemoneymanagement13 Sep 08

Scrobbld:Manage eBay and PayPal payments

Scrobbld is a service for eBay/PayPal sellers. It saves time for home and small businesses by providing easy multiple postage label printing , automating stock management and improving customer relations through automated emails (auto-CRM). It also provides for automated deliveries of ebooks and adding shipment tracking info to items among other features.

managementmoneytrackshopping27 Aug 08

Bukisa:Share your Knowledge, Earn Money

Bukisa is a platform for creators to share their work and knowledge. These creators contribute with articles, videos, podcasts, etc. The contributors enjoy wide publicity for their work, and revenue sharing from advertisements profited on their pages.

knowledgecommunitymoneymarketplaceIsrael14 Aug 08

Fuelly:Track, Share, and Compare your Gas Mileage

By recording and analyzing your mileage, you can see how much money you can save with small driving changes. You can also see how your mileage compares with EPA estimates and the mileage of other drivers using Fuelly. Tips and a discussion forum also offer ways to save.

carsharemoneymanagement8 Aug 08

Zefty:Online Allowance and Money Management for Kids

Although Zefty functions like a bank account, there's no real money involved. Parents set up each child and specify how much allowance they get and how often. It's their money, you as a parent are simply holding it for them - so the mom and dad are the bank.

kidssecuremoneyparentmanagement25 May 08

Spendji:Plan - Share - Do

Spendji is a new website that helps you plan your spending and manage all the details for activities, events, projects and general mayhem. Use it for yourself, or collaborate with friends, family, colleagues and groups you belong to.

financemoneymanagement20 May 08

Zadby:Be Seen. Get Paid

Zadby is an online marketplace where advertisers, marketers, and brand managers can connect with freelance video producers to create innovative product placement videos tailored for sites like YouTube and MySpace. Zadby facilitates the creation, posting, tracking, and payment for online videos with product placement angles.

marketplaceadvertisingcreatevideomoney27 Jun 09

Cerizmo:Sell Downloads and Files

Cerizmo is a system for selling and delivering downloadable files of all kinds. It is a hosted, on-demand service that provides everything you need to start selling - a customizable online store, a control panel to manage it, payment integration, and automatic delivery of downloads. There's no software to install or configure.

sellmarketplacemoneybuydownload24 Apr 08

analysis-one:Essential Tools for Visualizing Business Performance

analysis-one is an online tool for decision makers, providing visual reports on your organization's health, weaknesses and value. Analysis-one provides financial analysis tools to help understand the numbers which drive your business. Calculate and monitor key management ratios and communicate performance using scorecards and other visualizations.

financemanagementmoneycalculatorbusinessvisual23 Apr 08

Pikistore:Create your own t-shirt Store

Pikistore is a t-shirt store creation site that lets you create your own real independent site, not just a site that is part of a larger portal with no real control. You get control over your design, products, mark-up, statistics and more, yet not have to fulfil the order, just worry about making money.

marketplacesellbuymoney15 Apr 08

Money2Manage:Online Personal Finance Software

Money2Manage is a simple and friendly income and expenses tracking tool focused on helping you manage your finance. You can create multiple accounts and give it a beginning balance amount. You can also transfer funds between two accounts.

financemoneymanagement16 Apr 08

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