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Enthuse:Showcase Your Expertise lets you create a one-page website, showing off what you’re good at and why. Assemble a profile in minutes by hand-picking the best content you've created on the web and we'll make it look great for you.

socialnetworkcontactbusiness9 Feb 13

Yfrog Social:A Personal Social Network

A new social network designed to improve your social experience online. Preserve your unique online identity for each different group of friends, family and business; Increased privacy. No third party tracking codes, and no third party cookies. You are in full control of your own content.

socialnetworkphotofamily business 2 Aug 12

SeatID:Social Seating

SeatID is a social seating solution that allows airline passengers to choose a seatmate based on their social network profiles. SeatID’s solution, which uses data from Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks, allows travelers to look at people with similar interests on the plane and then book a seat accordingly. The service is ideal for business purposes and networking, and it provides an elegant way to meet new and interesting people.

socialnetworkcontactbusiness6 Jun 12

Yumy:Location-based Link Sharing Network

A linksharing webapp which is location based so it's the best way to share funny or informative links with your surroundings without the need to register anywhere. It works on all devices.

linknetworklocation30 May 12

Talkino:A New Way Of Commenting Online

Talkino is a commenting network, that allows you to discuss instantly on any webpage without having to encounter comments from people that would annoy you.

commentdiscussionnetworksocial9 Mar 12

Sparked:The Microvolunteering Network

Sparked makes it easy for busy people to give back. It's an entirely online form of volunteering that allows you to lend your professional skills whenever and wherever you have time. Whether you've got 10 minutes at the bus stop or an hour after work - Sparked got a nonprofit challenge for you.

nonprofitnetworktime13 May 11

Teeboxer:Social Golf

Teeboxer makes getting rounds of golf together faster and easier by handling the coordination for you: sharing and planning with your existing social networks, managing who's in and out, gathering tee time and course preferences, optimizing tee time selection and assignments, and keeping everyone up to date over web, mobile, text messaging, and voice.

gamecollaborationsocialnetworkcommunication10 May 11

Frid ge:Simple and Private Social Network

Fridge enables anyone to instantly create simple and private social networks to share photos, messages, and events with friends and groups.

socialnetworkprivatemedia22 Apr 11

BO LT:A Page Sharing Network

BO.LT lets you ''remix'' pages and share them with the people you want to reach.

socialnetworkdesignmix21 Apr 11

DocMeIn:Online Patient Appointment Manager

DocMeIn is a revolutionary online appointment scheduling service for private practices of all types. With no software to install, no fees and no ads anywhere on the site, DocMeIn enables two-way communication between practices and patients with a singular focus on managing physicians' time in the most efficient way possible.

healthsocialnetworkcommunitycalendar31 Jan 11

IMGuest:Hotels. People. Connections

A business-oriented social networking platform, used by traveling individuals to set up face-to-face meetings around the world.

travelsocialnetworkgeolocationhotelIsrael22 Jan 11

Toonti:Create your own Free Social Networking Site

Toonti is a platform that allows you to create your own custom social network. An innovative WYSIWYG Design Wizard and Design Tools make it simple for anyone to design their site. In addition, it has a rich set of tightly integrated features and it supports various privacy options.

socialnetworkcommunitymanagement21 Jan 11

diyFractional:Do-it-yourself Fractional Ownership

diyFractional is an online service that helps people set up and manage shared ownership of any type of infrequently used asset (such as a boat or vacation home). For those seeking to share something, it's a social network designed to help people find and connect with partners to share an asset with. For those already sharing something, it's a community of experienced shared owners and a robust shared ownership management app that makes managing an asset-sharing partnership easy, providing capabilities such as scheduling, expense tracking and reimbursement, voting, issue tracking, and much more.

socialnetworkcommunitymanagement4 Jan 11

Sporuter:Get help with your Startup

Sprouter facilitates networking and collaboration between entrepreneurs globally. Providing a platform for users to connect with other innovators, entrepreneurs can expand their networks to include fellow entrepreneurs and startups with similar interests and goals.

collaborationconnectnetworkbusiness4 Jan 11

Summify:Top News from your Networks in your Inbox

Summify automatically identifies the most important news stories for you across all of your social networks and delivers to you either as a personalized email digest in your inbox or in a web client.

emailnetworksocialnewslatter29 Dec 10

colourDNA:Discover your World

colourDNA is a social network that combines the likes and loves of people for mutual benefit. colourDNA is the simplest way to discover more of what you love.

colordnadiscoversocialnetwork26 Nov 10

Gogobot:Social Trip Planner

Gogobot’s mission is to make trip planning more fun by making it easy to connect and share travel advice with your friends.

travelsocialnetworkgeolocationIsrael16 Nov 10

Travellution:Your Travel Revolution

Travellution is a travel social network that connects people going or dreaming to go to the same destination at the same time. Travellution say it will revolutionize the way you have traveled so far and it will support the sustainable development of our planet and society through its ethical business model.

travelsocialnetwork7 Nov 10

ffflourish:Health Community

ffflourish is a free social networking utility dedicated to natural health. ffflourish allows you to create a profile, connect with friends, track your goals, share your passion and thrive in an inspiring community dedicated to what makes you feel your best.

healthsocialnetworkcommunity17 Oct 10

Cooklet:Inspiring Culinary Organizer

Cooklet is a culinary and social networking platform. The idea behind it is to organize recipes in easy to use interactive cookbooks. It is a place of sharing experiences among authors and users from all over the world.

foodsocialnetworksharerecipe9 Oct 10 custom splash page and personal analytics

create a personal, dynamic profile page (think splash page) that points users to your content around the web (versus depending on Google search), and understand how many people see your profile, where they're coming from, and what they do on your page.

socialnetworkwebsiteanalytics11 Sep 10

Bumped in:Meet People on the Move is specifically designed to help you optimize your travels and enhance your overall trip experience. Build valuable relationships with others in transit; and, ultimately, change the way you travel for good.

travelsocialnetworkgeolocation4 Sep 10

Podio:The Work Platform

Podio is a work platform with the ambition to change how we all work. Podio are developing a new and radical take on work tools: you build it yourself.

socialnetworkbusinessteamproject4 Sep 10

Gimao:A Social Information Management Service

Gimao enables blogs and social networks to offer their users the ability to organize information in a structured (semantic) form and present it contextually via a lightweight widget.

semanticbloggingsocialnetworkmanagementorganizeIsrael6 Jul 10

Twiducate:Social Network For School

Twiducate is a free resource for educators. The goal is to create a medium for teachers and students to continue their learning outside the classroom. The service attempt to fill a need for a more educationally focused, safe venue for teachers, schools, and home learners in a social networking environment.

e-learningteacherstudentsocialnetwork7 Jun 10

Moodler in:What is your mood?

Moodler is a mood tracker for your social network that also allows you to do some snap polling on trending topics.

socialnetworkfundownloadAIRdesktop28 May 10

BizMe2:Online Conferences Network

BizMe2 is the social network junction for tradeshows and conventions that show goers cannot live without. Designed specifically for tradeshows and conventions goers, Biz2Me makes planning your tradeshow or convention trip quick and easy. It minimizes your planning time and maximize the time you spend doing business.

webconferencebusinesssocialnetworkIsrael22 May 10

SocialWok:Share Ideas, Files, and Google Apps with your Coworkers

Business social networking for your enterprise and Google Apps. Socialwok was created to allow organizations to harness the ease and power of rich media and feeds to improve collaboration and communication.

socialnetworkbusinessteamprojectfileoffice16 May 10

Edistorm:Brainstorming without the Bored Room

Edistorm is brainstorming without the bored room. Using sticky notes on a boardroom wall as a metaphor, users brainstorm ideas online and make better decisions.

stickynotesocialnetworkproject15 May 10

Stickr:Leave your Stickers on the Web

With Stickr you can create streams, subscribe to your friends’ feeds, form and join groups, follow people you like, leave private comments. Stickr feed can be embedded to your homepage or blog, your account can be associated with accounts on other social networking sites.

stickynotesocialnetworkmedia15 May 10

Smak ly:Increase Blog Traffic is a social news network that aggregates content in real time, rates and recommends it through our smart social widgets, global RSS and API, gaining bloggers more traffic, backlinks and revenue.

socialnetworknewsaggregator17 Feb 10

TypeFront:Web Font Distribution Platform

TypeFront is a font distribution platform that gives designers and font sellers the tools they need to take advantage of the new wave of downloadable font support in web browsers.

fontdownloadnetworkdesign7 Feb 10

GroupTable:Manage Group Projects and Study Groups

GroupTable is a web-based software and success network developed specifically to help student groups improve document management, project planning and communication.

groupstudente-learningnetwork15 Mar 12

Stribe:Instantly Create A Social Network

Create, publish and manage easily your community on your website. Get your own social network in a very short time.

socialnetworkwebsitecreate30 Dec 09

Boostpost:Easy Social Nework Ranking Integration

Boostpost is the easiest way to add social network ranking buttons to your blog or website.

widgetbloggingsocialnetwork11 Dec 09

Filmnet:Film & People Network

FilmNet is an online community based around video content that brings together filmmakers and viewers through quality videos, advanced social networking tools and an in-depth industry database.

filmnetworkvideocommunity11 Dec 09

Pearltrees:Create The World Of Your Interests

Pearltrees lets you organize the web your way. Use pearltrees to keep at hand the contents you find everyday on the web, to discover new contents from people who share your interests, to drive through your own web... and contribute to the first human-powered organization of the web.

socialnetworkvisualorganizediscovercontentconnection8 Dec 09

Foursquare:Find your Friends

Foursquare on your phone gives you & your friends new ways of exploring your city. Earn points & unlock badges for discovering new things.

mobilediscovertracknetworkmappinggeolocationGPS3 Jan 10

Rummble:For People & Places You Love

Using clever algorithms, Rummble makes it easier to find people and places nearby that you will like. It works anywhere - you can use it at home or on the move via your mobile. Rummble is an easy way to share all your favorite places around the world with your friends. Rummble learns who you trust and what things you like, so you can find those nearby things on your mobile phone, in your home city or when you travel.

mobilediscovertracknetwork8 Dec 09

Typekit:An easy way to use Real Fonts

Typekit is a subscription-based service for linking to high-quality open type fonts from some of the worlds best type foundries. Fonts are served from a global network on redundant servers, offering bulletproof service and incredible speed. And it couldn't be easier to use.

fontdownloadnetwork19 Nov 09

Threadsy:Pull Yourself Together

Threadsy pulls your accounts together into a fresh experience that lets you discover more about people. Supports email & social network platforms.

socialtrackemailnetworklifestreamIsrael20 Jun 10

Profilder:Easy Creative Layouts

The goal of Profilder is to provide a cross networks layout editor. This editor has many innovating features such the ''one click import and export layout'' or the auto-coloring feature based on background colors. The editor is customizable with your own photos.

networksocialdesigntool26 Oct 09

Dropico:Drag & Drop Media Across Social Networks

With Dropico system, people can simply drag & drop pictures from one service to another without the upload time - it all happens in a single working environment. It can be any picture that you, or your friends uploaded to one of these services before: Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Twitpic, Myspace, Photobucket, and Bebo. You can easily copy pictures from friends albums directly to your service account or any other service. Invites for Go2 readers:

photomediasocialnetworktoolIsrael4 Oct 09

Brizzly:A Simple way to Experience Twitter

Brizzly is a way to view content from the social web. Right now, you can view enhanced content from Twitter in a clear, simple way. Brizzly plan to include other social media in the future.

socialnetworktwittercommunication22 Sep 09

Platogo:Play Together Online

Platogo is a social gaming network, that apply the Web 2.0 paradigms of user-generated content and strong community focus to browser-based gaming in a way that's attractive to gamers and developers alike.

communitygamesocialnetwork31 Aug 09

LoopThing:Business Networking

Loopthing is a social networking platform which enables businesses to create and maintain win-win relationships with other businesses and individuals around the world.

businessnetworkconnectionsocial14 Aug 09

SocialFollow:All Social Networks in one Button

Have Facebook, Myspace, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts and want to feature them all on your website? Social Follow has created one happy place for all your social profiles to hang out and get along. Social Following is the action of following someone through all of their social accounts.

socialnetworkwidgetblogging9 Feb 10

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