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Workitywork:Love Your Workplace

Workitywork is a social workplace engagement platform that helps employees love the workplace. With Workitywork teams can give recognition for great work and share workplace feedback in real-time. If a colleague does something great, you can recognize their great work by sending them a kudos. Proud of your own workplace accomplishment? Celebrate your triumph with the entire team! Need the team’s opinion, get honest feedback by sending a poll they can complete anonymously. Stay on top of the office morale with vibes. Workitywork helps boost workplace morale, improves employee participation and involvement, and creates a positive attitude in the workplace.

officeprojectrealtimesocialmanagement14 May 12

Collba:Real-time Chat for Teams

Collba is exclusively designed for teams. Chat with your team mates in private rooms, share files, links, code snippets in real time. With an advanced search you will never lose important information.

chatgroupofficeteamfilerealtime14 Apr 12

Meetin gs:Simply Effortless Meetings - Simply effortless meetings. allows you to organize meetings over organizational boundaries easily and securely without the need for participants to remember any passwords or install any applications.

meetingorganizeofficesocial22 Apr 11

DocRaptor:One-click document creation using simple HTML

DocRaptor is a web-based application that allows you to convert HTML to PDF or HTML to Excel quickly and easily. Using Prince XML, this killer software eliminates tedious coding and makes creating full PDF and XLS documents a snap.

documentconvertfileoffice23 May 11

YaRooms:Web-based Meeting Room

Yarooms - Web based meeting room planner is aimed at delivering the most effective way to manage a small or medium size company shared workspaces, shared meeting rooms and resources.

meetingresourceoffice16 Nov 10

Silverline:Application Level Workload Management

Silverline is software-as-a-service for software-as-a-service companies. Silverline precisely monitors and manages the allocation and usage of server resources, giving IT professionals unprecedented insight and control of any application's CPU, memory, I/O and disk utilization.

analyticsofficeprojectenterprisemanagementtrack7 Nov 10

Teambox:Collaboration Software

Teambox is Collaboration Software for Workplace Communication. Share messages, tasks and pages online.

projectmanagementgroupofficetaskcollaboration26 Sep 10

Sococo:A Group Communication Service for Distributed Teams

Sococo Team Space is an always-on service that promotes more effective communication. Team Space presents an intuitive visual layout that depicts an office floor plan with individual offices, conference rooms and common areas. Visual cues allow you to see who's in the office, who's busy, who's free and who's meeting with whom. A simple click allows you to enter any room and be instantly connected to all those within with voice, chat, and multi-screen sharing. Since Team Space is always-on there are never any web meetings to schedule, access codes to distribute, or delays while waiting for attendees to locate codes and join your meeting.

communicationprojectgroupoffice23 Sep 10

Teamly:Get the Right Work Done

Teamly is a productivity and team management SaaS web app that helps make people more focused and effective, and businesses more successful. It makes users think about what is really important in their companies, commit to these priorities and then share these for review by their manager and team-mates. It combines priority and goal setting for the individual with real-time information on staff for managers.

taskprojectmanagmentofficegrouprealtime6 Aug 10

TeamLab:Create your Enterprise Portal

TeamLab is a free open-source platform for business collaboration and project management. It allows you to use social networking tools such as blogs and forums, organize business tasks and milestones, as well as communicate with your team members via corporate IM.

collaborationofficeprojectenterpriseforumbusiness15 Jul 10

Clockspot:Web Time Clock & Online Timesheet

Online time clock and timesheet software, designed for business owners, bookkeepers, and payroll professionals. Employees clock in and out via phone or web.

timetrackbusinessofficemobile30 Jun 10

Tabzon:In-Out Board, Staff Status and Availability

Tabzon is a free, easy to use tool that helps you keep track of your co-workers' whereabouts and status. It works in real-time from your web browser.

trackofficerealtime7 Jun 10

Skylight:Web-based Tools to improve your Business Life

Web app that provides business tools to manage contacts, resources, scheduling, tasks, projects, invoices and collaboration all in one app.

businesstoolcollaborationtaskprojectoffice4 Jun 10

Gpanion:Your Google Apps Companion

The easiest way to work with your Google Apps from your home, office, everywhere. Use Gpanion on your Computer, iPad, iPhone, mobile, and television.

toolGoogleofficedesktop16 May 10

SocialWok:Share Ideas, Files, and Google Apps with your Coworkers

Business social networking for your enterprise and Google Apps. Socialwok was created to allow organizations to harness the ease and power of rich media and feeds to improve collaboration and communication.

socialnetworkbusinessteamprojectfileoffice16 May 10

Sync in:Realtime Document Conferencing

When multiple people edit the same document simultaneously, any changes are instantly reflected on everyone's screen. The result is a new and productive way to collaborate and conference on text documents, useful for meeting notes, brainstorming, project planning, drafting sessions, training, and more.

syncdocumentofficerealtimecollaboration23 Apr 10

CloudSplit:Realtime Cloud Analytics

CloudSplit gives you the ability to do things like setting alerts that let you know when your cloud expense has gone over a certain amount, as well as allowing you to set cut-off limits on your cloud transactions.

financemoneymanagementalertoffice29 Dec 09

Glasscubes:Share. Collaborate. Communicate

Glasscubes allows users to upload, edit and share documents online in secure workspaces. Combining key document management features, Glasscubes also contains project management features such as task management, online discussions and shared calendars. It's very simple to use which means that if you roll it out to a team, the whole organization or external companies, you will be working better together in moments, without any training. And because it is web based, with no downloads required, it is available from any location and is even usable on smartphones.

collaborationtoolofficedocumentsecuremanagement10 Dec 09

Sprouter:A Microblog for Entrepreneurs

''What are you working on?'' Connect with other innovators to network, share ideas and collaborate. Solicit real-time feedback and benefit from previous discussions. Discover relevant events in your local area and post your own.

blogginglifestreamcollaborationrealtimeconnectionofficeproject16 Nov 09

Ubidesk:Online Collaboration Workspace

Ubidesk is an online collaboration workspace where you can run team projects with document collaboration and task management. Ubidesk is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service), and you can use it through your web browser anywhere anytime.

collaborationofficeprojectmanagement5 Sep 09

Myabui:Get Connected - Stay Connected

A safe place where you can securely and effectively interact within the separate Circles of your life... family, friends, work, customers, charities, and activities.

securefamilyofficecommunityshare2 Sep 09

Bantam:Social CRM in the Real Time Stream

Start an online workspace with Bantam to communicate, share information, and manage relationships inside and outside your organization.

realtimecommunicationorganizeofficeprojectCRM22 May 10

Fuze Meeting:WebConference in HD

Fuze Meeting is a free, easy & effective tool for web conferencing & online meeting. Fuze works on Mac, PC & iPhone and requires no download.

meetwebconferenceofficetool16 Jun 09

Creately:Create and Collaborate on Online Diagrams

Draw, share and collaborate on online diagrams, flowcharts, office and home network diagrams, mockups, user interface designs, wireframe, Class diagram, UML diagram, ER Diagram, process flow and online diagrams with Creately for Free.

drawchartcollaborationcreatedesigntooloffice17 May 09

Producteev:Task Management for Teams and Individuals

Producteev is a web-based task management application that helps people - whether they are located in the same office or in multiple time zones - work together more effectively and efficiently,

taskmanagementcollaborationoffice14 Mar 09

SocialCast:Knowledge is Social

Socialcast helps your employees communicate more effectively by creating private, online communities for businesses of all sizes. The on-demand software helps you quickly and easily share questions and ideas, find information, resources, and collaborate in real time.

socialbusinesscommunicationknowledgeoffice27 Nov 08

Co-op:Stay in tune with your Co-workers.

Co-op makes it easy to stay connected with your co-workers without disrupting them. Your team can use it to post updates, ask questions, share links, and track time. Quickly share your daily agenda with your co-workers. Quickly scan your co-workers' agendas. Then cancel your daily status meetings, and more.

officecollaborationcommunicationlifestreamtrackbusiness31 Jan 09

I Did Work:The Work Log that Shares

Keep a history of your work, and share it with your team. See exactly what your teammates are up to in real-time, without having to attend all those exciting status meetings.

officeproject5 Nov 08

Paid Interviews:Get Paid for a Successful Job Interview

Paidinterviews is a career network that connects job candidates with their ideal employer using social media, sophisticated matching technology, and a unique model that pays candidates when hired.

networkjobofficemoney22 Sep 08

Appointy:Boost & Control your Business

Appointy, is a social network driven, service search engine which not only enables you to search but also allows you to book services in your area or if you own a business and accepts appointment over phone then start accepting appointments online from 200+ million users socializing on web and grow your business exponentially.

businesssearchenginecalendaroffice5 Sep 08

Lunch Prodigy:Order Lunch Online

Lunch Prodigy is a free web service to make your company save time when your employees want to do a lunch order. It can also be used for stationery and other corporate needs.

foodmenagementtooloffice29 Aug 08

BlueTie:Email, Calendaring & Sharing for Your Business

BlueTie offers small and growing businesses, a hosted email and collaboration application at an affordable price that equals the more expensive solutions.

businessemailofficecollaboration11 Jul 08

Virtual Law Office:Your Virtual Law Office

Virtual Law Office Technology, LLC was founded with the purpose of providing a secure, software as a service, web-based product that connects solo and small firm law practices with the online consumer. The goal of the software is to provide a complimentary method for the solo and small firm practitioner to compete by expanding their client base to tap into the online consumer and the need for unbundled, online legal services.

businesslawoffice30 Apr 08

MyExperiment:Find, use and Share Scientific Workflows

The myExperiment Virtual Research Environment enables you and your colleagues to share digital items associated with your research - in particular it enables you to share and execute scientific workflows.

mappingmindmapcreateofficetool27 Apr 08

WORKetc:Boost your Business

WORKetc is a total small business software management tool and Intranet. WORKetc systemises many of your daily activities such as tracking billable time, managing customer support, marketing and invoicing - making them easily accessible through the single interface.

projectmanagementtrackbillinvoiceofficebusinessCRM22 May 10

When Is Good:Schedule for Meeting

An a easy online tool that can help you choose the time for your next meeting or event. Just click the grid for all the times that a good for you, and the service send you a link to circulate to your participants. They see your proposed times and click on when they are free. You see the combined results.

timetoolofficegroupmeetcalendar2 Apr 08

Rescure Time:Time Management

RescueTime for Business offers you a low-cost and effort-free way to understand how your team is spending their time. While an understanding of how your team spends their time can help you manage, passing that understanding on to your team can have staggering implications on their productivity.

timemanagementofficegroupdownload2 Sep 09

Teamspinner:Online collaboration

Teamspinner is project-centered online groupware. It is much like a wiki but also support attachments and comments. Changes can be tracked using RSS.

collaborationdocumentofficebusiness3 Mar 08

ProofHQ:Proofing Made Easy

ProofHQ is an online proofing system that helps you manage the way that you and your team review, proof and approve documents. ProofHQ improves collaboration so work is finished faster and with fewer errors. ProofHQ can to used to proof and approve a huge range of documents including graphic design, print, web design, packaging, press releases, business stationery, corporate identity, logos, photos, and much more...

collaborationdocumentofficebusiness2 Mar 08

Paymo:Web-Based Time Tracking Tool

Paymo is a free online web based time tracking tool, employee timesheet and reporting. Time tracking can be unpleasant for employees, that's why Paymo is designed to make time tracking simple and fun - once youΓÇÖve tried it youΓÇÖll wonder how your business ever survived without it.

tracktoolmanagementofficebusinesstime24 Apr 09

VisualCV:Replace the Resume with Online Professional Profiles

VisualCV is better resume, online. Include video, pictures and a portfolio of your best work samples. Securely share different versions with employers, colleagues and friends, and control who sees what.

resumevideophotoshareofficejob3 Aug 10

InstaColl:Bridging the Gap Between the Desktop and the Web

An easier way to securely share your Microsoft Office documents with remote colleagues in real time. Seamlessly web-enables desktop productivity applications such as the Microsoft Office suite - combining the power and familiarity of your desktop applications with the collaboration facets of the Web

documentofficesecureremote9 Feb 08

GetZephyr:Test Management System

A testing desktop that is customized for your role and allows you to work on all your important tasks, while closely collaborating with the rest of the test team.

managementcollaborationoffice6 Feb 08

Sosius:Work and Collaborate Online

Sosius is a new, powerful way of managing the digital information in your life without the need for lots of different, complicated services and providers. Your Sosius account provides you with a 200 MB workspace that you can use to store, organize and share information with whoever you want, wherever they are.

collaborationofficestoragemanagement27 Dec 07

PBwiki:Online Collaboration and Project Management

PBwiki Small Business Edition is perfect for small businesses and small teams/groups in larger companies looking for an easy, secure way to collaborate at work. Plus, you can make and use a PBwiki as easy as a peanut butter sandwich – no IT required.

businesscollaborationmanagementofficewiki7 Apr 08

ProjectOffice:Web Based Project Management Solution is an online project management solution used by professionals and teams to manage and collaborate on projects successfully. With project managers can create projects and tasks, assign tasks to project members, track time, expenses and issues. The entire project team can collaborate and share knowledge using wikis.

managementofficecollaborationprojectknowledgewiki30 Apr 09

DeskAway:Project Collaboration and Task Management Software

DeskAway is a web-based project and task management software for people who want to overcome the limitations of managing and tracking their projects or activities by email.

managementofficecollaboration12 Feb 08

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