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Atendy:Create, Manage, and Promote your Event

Atendy is an event technology helping organizations manage, promote and engage their events. It is a consolidated and data driven platform that puts more focus on attendees. The consolidation keeps costs low and empowers hosts to be more productive. It also provides event-wide data with deeper tracking abilities. Attendees use our system too since they can use it to network before, during and after the event, and as a result hosts can leverage their guests by building a community.

event socialorganizemanagement29 Sep 12

Grid:A Simply Remarkable Spreadsheet

In GRID: pictures, movies, people, locations and many more things are kinda of a big deal. Grid allows you to organize and work with them in a whole new intuitive way.

spreadsheetcontentorganizemobiledownload25 Aug 12

HeapNote:Organize your Notes, Tasks, Bookmarks, and Expenses

HeapNote is a custom-fit online notebook. It lets you manage your ideas, bookmarks, todo lists, expenses or anything else that is important to you with an extremely flexible, powerful and easy to use interface.

noteorganizetaskmanagement4 Mar 12

Gidsy:Instantly Book Activities Organized by Real People

Gidsy is a website where people can book and offer many different kinds of activities. Think unique walking tours guided by locals, nature hikes with wild cavemen and exclusive pop-up restaurants hosted by top chefs. If you are an organizer you can create a listing for an activity by providing descriptions, photos and other details. When you have scheduled some events in your activity calendar, people can book these activities through Gidsy’s payment system.

locationorganizesearchevent11 Mar 12

Capsule:Event Planning Made Easy

Capsule is a web and mobile app built for event planning, group interaction, and photo sharing. Next time you think about starting an Evite, a Facebook event or group, or a 10-person email thread, try Capsule.

socialorganizeeventgroup11 Mar 12

Pinterest:An Online Pinboard

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. You can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

organizemediaphotodiscoversearch30 Oct 11

Trello:Organize Anything, Together

Trello is a network for sharing and managing workflows. In one glance, a Trello board tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and how close they are to being done.

organizecollaborationmanagement17 Sep 11

Papyrs:Easy Document Management

Organize, collect and share all your team's information. Build your own easy intranet in seconds. Create and share documents, forms and discussions.

documentmanagementorganize1 Jul 11

Meetin gs:Simply Effortless Meetings - Simply effortless meetings. allows you to organize meetings over organizational boundaries easily and securely without the need for participants to remember any passwords or install any applications.

meetingorganizeofficesocial22 Apr 11

Readmeo:Read your Links Later

So much to read, so little time? Readmeo is a simple tool that allows you to save links for reading later.

linktoolcontentorganize16 Jan 11

startino:Free Online To-to List

Startino is online to-do list, which was built to help you organize your daily business. It’s a simple, yet powerful tool, which won’t get in the way of your googling. And it is free.

to-doorganizemanagement27 Nov 10

Ganttic:Resource Management and Schedule Maker

Interactive gantt chart software for resource scheduling online. Use it free to organize your team timesheets, production lines , meeting rooms and more.

managementprojectorganizetime26 Oct 10

Micromobs:Group Discussion Made Easy

Micromobs is a way for small and niche communities/groups to communicate. No more having to deal with long email threads, or archaic group applications. Create mobs for your friends, family, classmates, co-workers, and everyone else in between. Organize your groups!

organizegroupchatsocialcommunitycommunication12 Oct 10

Buyosphere:Organizing your Shopping History

Ever wondered why e-commerce hasn't yet evolved? Disappointed with your online shopping experience? Buyosphere aim to change all that and more. The future of e-commerce is coming and it will put Y-O-U in charge.

organizeshoppinge-commerceemail16 Apr 11

Lanyrd:The Social Conference Directory

Find conferences your friends are going to, see what's happening at conferences right now, build up a speaker profile, catch up on past conference coverage. Use Lanyrd to help organize and promote your conference, get analytics on your attendees. Sign in via Twitter.

eventorganizetwittersocial4 Sep 10

Amiando:Online Event Registration and Ticketing Tool

amiando helps you with all the smaller aspects of event organization: website, promotion, participant registration, online payment, ticketing and more. That way, you have more time for your core responsibilities.

eventtoolorganizemarketing11 Aug 10

Gimao:A Social Information Management Service

Gimao enables blogs and social networks to offer their users the ability to organize information in a structured (semantic) form and present it contextually via a lightweight widget.

semanticbloggingsocialnetworkmanagementorganizeIsrael6 Jul 10

PartyPlannr:Party Planner Easy-to-use Form

Use PartyPlannr to create and organize who's coming to your party.

partyformorganize30 Jun 10

Inslices:Save and Share what Matters

Inslices helps you to collect, share and organize relevant web pages selections while surfing.

bookmarkingtoolorganize6 May 10

Muziboo:Upload Music, Organize, Discuss, and Share

Muziboo is an online music sharing platform that addresses your need of wanting to connect with a tribe. A tribe that appreciates your musical being, that encourages your efforts in that direction and that which helps you hone your skills with collective wisdom.

musicorganizeconversation28 Apr 10

LinCut:Simple Way to Bookmark Website

LinCut is a one button bookmark saving service with no registration required. Available any time, any place forfree with unlimited space for your bookmarks. LinCut is user friendly with customizable interface. It supports 5 most popular browsers and have some useful options like: account protection by PIN, mark favorite links, edit any part of bookmark(url, title, comment) when saving it.

bookmarkingtoolorganizebookmarklet23 Apr 10

Getwapps:Discover, Organize and Access your Favorite Sites

Getwapps is imagined as your central place on web. You can find applications & sites at Getwapps, add your own apps & sites, organize them into visual quick lists and easily access them.

bookmarkingtoolorganize12 Apr 10

AudioBox:Your Media Library in the Cloud is a platform that lets you store, manage and stream your media library in the cloud. Users can stream their music from anywhere through the Cloud Web Player, developers can build their own player through the Open API.

musiccloudorganizemanagementmobile4 Apr 10

Kooaba:Make Smart Visuals

Your digital images turn into smart visuals with kooabaΓÇÖs image recognition services. Using Smart Visuals enables you to explore, share and organize the things you see.

visualphotoorganizesearch16 Mar 10

Todo ly:Simple Todo List is an intuitive and easy to use online Todo list, and Task Manager. It helps you to get organized, simplify your life, and get things done. Create todo lists, and manage them online from anywhere.

to-dolisttaskmanagementorganize15 Mar 10

Weblist:Find the Best List on the Web

Easily create,manage, and share lists of webpages - from music video playlists - to your daily reading material. Pick your pages, name the weblist and get your new weblist URL.

listmanagementcreateorganizelinkIsrael7 Jan 10

Putplacee:Secure, Organize and Share your Digital Life

PutPlace gathers all your valuable digital stuff - photos, documents, email, music, videos - from all your PCs and laptops. It backs up everything, securely stores it, and organizes it all so you can find or share your files from anywhere.

organizesecurefilemediabackup29 Dec 09

Squareleaf:Organize your stuff - However you want to

Squareleaf is a simple and intuitive virtual whiteboard, complete with all the sticky notes you'll ever need. Unlike the real thing, Squareleaf notes don't fall off all of the time. Squareleaf doesn't force you to keep boring old tabular lists. Arrange your notes how you see fit, quickly and easily.

noteorganizeto-do23 Dec 09

Spaaze:Collect. Organize. Remember

Spaaze is a new visual way to organize pieces of information in a virtual infinite space. You basically get an infinite virtual corkboard and you can manage your bookmarks, text snippets and Youtube favorites in a visual way. While it can be used to collect ideas for certain projects it also can be used as the central spot for everyday information management (from todo lists, to the daily websites, to remembering 1h google tech talks for later).

to-dolistorganizebookmarkingtool14 Dec 09

Nexty:An Easy To Use GTD Tool

Nexty is an easy to use To Do list manager created using GTD principles. The core idea behind this software is simplicity, and to make a GTD tool that is the most easy to use.

to-domanagementorganizetaskopensource9 Dec 09

Pearltrees:Create The World Of Your Interests

Pearltrees lets you organize the web your way. Use pearltrees to keep at hand the contents you find everyday on the web, to discover new contents from people who share your interests, to drive through your own web... and contribute to the first human-powered organization of the web.

socialnetworkvisualorganizediscovercontentconnection8 Dec 09

Nubli:Automatically Prioritize your Outlook Emails

Nubli is a tool for people getting voluminous emails on Outlook. Nubli automatically prioritizes your emails into high, medium and low buckets. This helps you focus on your most important emails and take quick actions on the deprioritized ones. This improves your productivity at work. Nubli also organizes your inbox with its automated tagging feature. With this you can search your emails by tags and do away with folders.

emailorganizetool4 Nov 09

StuffBuff:Fast Fun Auctions

StuffBuff is extreme social eCommerce which makes it easy to catalog everything you own so that you can buy and sell in fast, fun, adrenalin fueled auctions.

e-commercebuysellorganize5 Oct 09

Get It Done:Organize Your Life Once and For All

Your software shouldn't work against you, it should work with you. Get It Done lets you share files, manage projects, handle emails, delegate to team members, and manage your tasks on the go all from one easy-to-use website, the GTD way.

to-domanagementorganizetask13 Sep 09

iDeskapp:Don't Forget It

An online notebook, which will help you organize your information. It will allow you to create Pages consisting of notes, images, to-dos, files... You can keep them for yourself or share with your coworkers, friends and family.

organizeto-donote11 Sep 09

Pixorial:Convert, Preserve, Organize, Produce, and Share Home Movies

Bring new life to your old videos with services from Pixorial. Pixorial convert video, then help you to organize, label, edit, and then share your favorite video moments with family and friends.

videoedittoolconvertorganize11 Sep 09

Konkuri:Manage and Publish your Tournament

Konkuri is a web application to manage tournaments and leagues, create the tournament site, share results, get feeds, comment on matches, and so on. Konkuri's goals are: 1) to help people manage and publish tournaments for any kind of sport or game; 2) to become a community where players and teams can find tournaments and vice versa.

sportcreateorganizecommunity8 Sep 09

EventWax:Web-Based Event Organization Lubrication

An easier, smarter way to organize special events, from conferences and workshops to parties, gigs, and receptions.

eventorganizesocial14 Aug 09

Corbis:Stock Photography

Corbis provides Royalty-Free and Rights Managed stock images for editorial and commercial applications, including iconic, historical, archival, fine art and illustration, current events, and exclusive celebrity photography.

photogalleryorganizebuy29 Jul 09

Bantam:Social CRM in the Real Time Stream

Start an online workspace with Bantam to communicate, share information, and manage relationships inside and outside your organization.

realtimecommunicationorganizeofficeprojectCRM22 May 10

Demomemo:A Social Quotation Service

deepmemo allows easily and quickly to save everything interesting you come across in the Internet. Using tags you can easily organize your quotes and notes and find the information you need among all the rest that you saved. IE/Firefox toolbar and/or bookmarklet are available on the site.

quoteorganizenote9 Jul 09

Friends Call Me:Organize Your Web Profiles

Friends Call Me is a simple way to check if your username is registered on more than 150 of the most popular websites. It is also has an easy way to organize and share where all your profiles are on the web.

identityorganizetool3 Jul 09

Zeeyoo:Organize Meetings Simpler and Faster

Zeeyoo has been developed to coordinate your appointments in a fast an easy way. Due to its clear and plain system, appointments can be created, controlled, changed and administered in a few steps without the use of any computer systems or applications. The organizer can always see the current state of his invitation. One of the main advantages of this application is that the appointment management can be done easily. The organizer can also upload documents that can be accessed by all participants.

calendarmeetingorganizetask29 Jun 09

Nirvana:Getting Things Done, Web 2.0 Style

Nirvana is GTD task management software for getting things done. Spend less time managing your projects & tasks and more time doing them.

taskmanagementorganizeto-do27 Jun 09

Cliqset:Merging, Organizing and Sharing Social Information

Cliqset is a platform offering new ways for developers and users to create, organize and share social information on the web, desktop and mobile environments.

socialorganizecreate1 Jun 09

Yasssu:Podcast Service

Yasssu enables users to organize their personal media world. Topic areas are selected, media episodes are filtered, and stored in the user's private area My Yasssu - updated and structured according to preference. Yasssu provides its users with the tools to consume their preferred media in a stringent and up-to-date manner, absent of the time-dependence inherent in much of the mainstream tools employed to consume media.

mediapodcastorganizeaudio30 May 09

Moreganize:Get Organized

Moreganize is a multifaceted organization tool. It is suited for both professional and private use and is especially convenient if a larger group of people needs to get organized. For free, no registration required

organizeprivatetoolto-do20 May 09

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