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Movvit:Video Distribution

Movvit lets you share your videos with the world. Reach over 30 social and video sites with just one click, for free.

videosocialrecommendation 19 Mar 13

Rompr:Recommendation-based Community for Parents

Parents are the new Young! Rompr lets parents share the fun. Join us so we can make parenting AWESOME.

recommendationfamilykidsIsraelcommunity13 Nov 12

Gojee:Mouthwatering Recipes

Gojee matches you with recipes from the world’s most passionate food and drink writers.

foodmobilerecommendationsearch6 Oct 12

Bre ad:Spread Your Idea allows you to customize your own digital billboard to recommend anything you want. Some bakers choose to promote their personal brand; others like to recommend their favorite things.

advertisingtoolrecommendation18 May 11

StarMe:Your Personal Hall of Fame

Star. me lets you tell your friends how awesome they are. Giving and receiving stars will unlock new stars, new features, games and more.

funsocialrecommendation5 Feb 11

InTheMO:Find and Recommend the Best Spots Out There

Watch videos. Get Recs from friends and local experts. Know more. InTheMO gives you personalized recommendations for the best restaurants, nightlife, shopping, hotels, entertainment, services and more, in cities around the world.

geolocationrecommendationsocialsearchdiscovervideo14 Nov 10

Gripe: Word-of-Mouth Power

Gripe harnesses your word-of-mouth power to get complaints with any business or service provider heard and resolved, likely on the spot!

geolocationrecommendationsocialsearchdiscovermobile4 Oct 10

Boosket:Recommend Products on Facebook Pages

Boosket offers a new tool to promote and recommend products on Facebook fan pages. Reward your community with your latest product catalog, special offers, promotions or private sales.

Facebookadvertisingtoole-commercerecommendation18 Sep 10

Buzz:Want to know the best places to go?

Get top recommendations from the people you trust the most – your friends and family.

locationrecommendationsocialsearchdiscover8 May 10

Giddi:Find the Best Products

Giddi is a product rating engine that works by aggregating product details, pricing, reviews, sales and other important criteria from a number of web sources including Amazon,, Epinions, and CNET Reviews. This information is run through a proprietary calculation to generate the Giddi Rating.

shoppingbuydiscoversearchrecommendation20 Dec 09

Aloqa:Always Be A Local

Aloqa's context-aware application has solved two problems for mobile users: 1) it takes away the need to type search terms into browsers or other mobile applications to find something, 2) it proactively pushes out recommendations about social network friends nearby and interesting local opportunities to users on the go. Wherever they are, users can simply glance at their phones and see which friends, favorite businesses, events like music concerts, local offers and other interesting places are close by, without having to launch a browser or search application.

recommendationrealtimemobilesearchsocial11 Aug 09

Redux:Your Entertainment Guide to the Web

Redux is a place to post and discuss what you love with anyone and everyone. find and enjoy videos, photos, music, and websites recommended by people who love the same stuff you do.

mediarecommendationsocialdiscovercontent31 Jul 09

CastRoller:Discover & Share Podcasts

CastRoller makes it easy to find and enjoy the best podcasts on the web. With podcast recommendations and social features, CastRoller delivers personalized entertainment right to you.

podcastaudiosocialrecommendation29 Jul 09

Shopr:Shopping with Friends and Family

Shopr is an online product recommendation and discovery, shopping collaboration and price comparison site. Shopr helps online shoppers make better buying decisions, organize product research, find the latest hot products, and follow trusted influential friends, family members, and expert shoppers.

e-commerceshoppingrecommendationtool10 Jun 09

Nextstop:Local & Travel Guides

Recommendations for the best places to eat, things to do, and hidden gems anywhere in the world.

travelrecommendationsearchdiscover8 May 09

Twindexx:Croud-Sourcing the best of Twitter

Twindexx is a way to find the best and brightest of twitter based on recommendations of others and shared interests. You can find the most relevant people to connect with, and see who they connect with and recommend, and who they connect with and recommend...

twitterrecommendationdiscovertoollist24 Apr 09

BookArmy:Never Read A Bad Book Again

A bustling community built around millions of book and author pages, Bookarmy lets you organize, plan and share your reading life on the web. Create a virtual bookshelf of favorite reads ΓÇô share and compare your own tastes with others. Connect with your favorite authors - join online reading groups and author-led web-chats. See what your friends are reading - swap reviews and recommendations with people you know.

booklifestylerecommendationcommunity23 Apr 09

Plista:The Recommendation and Personalization Network

Plista is a service for personalized user-experience. Download the plugin to discover new relevant content on the sites you already use.

plugindownloadrecommendationnetwork16 Apr 09

GRAZEit:Sharing links on any page on the Web

Grazeit is a browser add-on that suggests related content on any page you visit. This content is shared by anyone who wants to spread links where it matters. Why limit the sharing to social networks when you can share anywhere?

recommendationcontentlinksharedownloadpluginIsrael22 May 09

MopShots:Find the Perfect Hair Style

MopShots is the online hairstyle lookbook, where users can submit photos to show off their ΓÇÿdos, and the pros can boast about those of their customersΓÇÖ, too.

lifestylediscoversearchrecommendation21 Mar 09

Likaholix:It's about what you like

Likaholix is a personalized recommendations site where you can share and discuss your likes and discover new ones.

disocverrecommendation17 Mar 09

StumbleAudio:Music Recommendation Engine

StumbleAudio is a social music discovery site with a mission is to help you find music by new and exciting artists that you would like, rather than play or sell you the hits by known artists that you are ΓÇ£expectedΓÇ¥ to love.

musicsearchenginediscoverrecommendation16 Mar 09

Strands:Recommendation Search Engine

Strands develops technologies to better understand people's taste and help them discover things they like and didn't know about. Strands has created a social recommender engine that is able to provide real-time recommendations of products and services through computers, mobile phones and other Internet-connected devices.

lifestreamsocialsharerecommendation16 Mar 09

Loomia:Social and Personalized Recommendations

Loomia's goal is to provide sites with easy-to-use recommendation services that help people find things that that they like. Affordably, transparently, and without a lot of work.

searchenginesocialrecommendation16 Mar 09

StylePath:Personalizes Product Recommendations

StylePathΓÇÖs visual search technology matches people to products based on their personal taste, and creates social networks for people of all styles. This patented process simplifies online shopping by offering more accurate product recommendations.

lifestyleshoppingsearchrecommendation16 Mar 09

Zukool:Personalized Music Recommendations

ZuKool Music provides highly relevant, personalized music recommendations. It uses advanced AI to create intelligent taste agents that, through user interaction, evolve to embody a user's musical taste profile.

musicdiscoversearchrecommendation16 Mar 09

ThisNext:Real Recommendations from Real People

ThisNext is a shopcasting network where you can recommend, share and discover great products. Every product on ThisNext is picked by the ThisNext community (That means you!). You can organize your picks into product playlists we call shopcasts.

shoppingnetworkdiscovercommunityorganizerecommendation16 Mar 09

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