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HotelScan:Travel More For Less

Hotelscan is a new and fresh way of quickly of easily finding the choice of hotel that will suit you. It’s ability to search all the other web sites for exactly what you wont and present all together on one page, affords you to all information in one place making it simpler and to compare offers and allow you to make your choice from a well informed standing with confidence.

hotelsearchenginetooldiscovertravel24 Sep 13

SimilarWeb:Discover Web Traffic Insights for any Website description

SimilarWeb it’s a great research tool to discover the story behind any website with a single click. SimilarWeb’s insights will help inform competitive analysis and identify growth opportunities online. The data is presented as nice infographic for any website on the web.

downloadpluginsearchdiscoverIsrael28 Jan 13

Gojee:Mouthwatering Recipes

Gojee matches you with recipes from the world’s most passionate food and drink writers.

foodmobilerecommendationsearch6 Oct 12

Gidsy:Instantly Book Activities Organized by Real People

Gidsy is a website where people can book and offer many different kinds of activities. Think unique walking tours guided by locals, nature hikes with wild cavemen and exclusive pop-up restaurants hosted by top chefs. If you are an organizer you can create a listing for an activity by providing descriptions, photos and other details. When you have scheduled some events in your activity calendar, people can book these activities through Gidsy’s payment system.

locationorganizesearchevent11 Mar 12

ClickTo:One Click to your Favorite Apps simplifies your daily work significantly. You will save dozens of clicks, because interfaces between programs, and detours, can be skipped. Rather than looking up an address for a contact in Outlook, opening your browser to access Google Maps, and then typing in the address, you only need to click on Outlook, hit Ctrl+C (for Mac-Users: ⌘+C), select the menu ''Google Maps'' and searches for the address automatically on google maps and shows you the results.

toolsearchdownloaddesktop11 Mar 12

Pinterest:An Online Pinboard

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. You can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

organizemediaphotodiscoversearch30 Oct 11

Quixey:Find Apps That Do What You Want

Quixey is a Functional Search engine for apps, allowing users to find apps by describing what they want to do. Quixey powers app search across all platforms.

searchengineapplicationdiscoverIsrael17 Sep 11

Julpan:Harnessing the World's Social Information

Julpan will broaden your social circle on the Web and expose you to better information. All those connections that everyone else is making will go to work for you, your friends, your followers and fans, to give you the answer you want, whenever you want it.

socialsearchconnectionIsrael6 Aug 11

Doat:Empowering Search Results

do@ iPhone platform changes mobile search in three fundamental ways - the way results are delivered (apps instead of links), the sources delivering the results (direct from publishers) and the manner in which results are ranked (via do@'s ''social radar'').

searchengineiPhonemobileIsrael28 May 11

Like fm:An Easy Way to Share your Music learns your music tastes from the songs you play so you can easily tell your friends what music you like, and discover new music from them.

musicsocialsearchdiscover26 Mar 11

Greplin:A Personal Search Engine

Greplin indexes the information you create on different websites (like Gmail, Twitter and Facebook) and provides lightning fast search of all your information.

searchenginecontentpersonalfacebookgoogleIsrael13 Mar 11

FindTheBest:Find. Compare. Decide

FindTheBest is an objective comparison engine that allows you to find a topic, compare your options and select the best choice for you.

searchengine5 Feb 11

Tastebuds:Find single people who share your passion for Music

Tastebuds music dating helps you find single people in your area who share your taste in music. Simply enter your username or select your favorite artists to get started.

datemusicmeetsearchcommunication7 Jan 11

Meltinpop:Playing with Culture

Meltinpop is a game for you and your friends. It is a fun, free way to explore the culture around you. With meltinpop you can share and discover music, movies, TV shows and books dedicated to your interests, obsessions and whims.

searchenginesocialmusicvideobookIsrael23 Dec 10

Tellme:Say It. Get It

Tellme combines the passion of people, the innovation of the Internet, the potential of voice technologies, the unprecedented transformation of the phone, plus a few new ideas. Simply say what you want, and hear or see the results. Then, connect or transact to act on the information.

mobilevoicesearch5 Dec 10

Carbuzz:New Car Choosing Made Easy

Carbuzz compiles the most helpful car reviews, so that you can quickly find out what the experts think of each new car. Quite simply it save you trawling the web to research new cars.

searchenginecar26 Nov 10

Qwiki:The Information Experience

Qwiki, a revolutionary new search tool that enables you to discover more about a variety of topics through a unique and transformative audiovisual reference tool that we call a 'Qwiki'. Their mission is to provide a new way of searching for, and receiving information and content.

wikiaudiosearchmedia14 Nov 10

InTheMO:Find and Recommend the Best Spots Out There

Watch videos. Get Recs from friends and local experts. Know more. InTheMO gives you personalized recommendations for the best restaurants, nightlife, shopping, hotels, entertainment, services and more, in cities around the world.

geolocationrecommendationsocialsearchdiscovervideo14 Nov 10

Reask:Friends' Opinion Search Engine

Share what you search for. Get answers from real people.

answerquestionsearchengineIsrael8 Nov 10

Blekko:Slashtag Search

blekko is a better way to search the web by using slashtags. slashtags search only the sites you want and cut out the spam sites. use friends, experts, community or your own slashtags to slash in what you want and slash out what you don't.

searchenginesocialtag2 Nov 10

Tuxebo:A Smart Way to Rent

Tuxebo is an independent online marketplace that matches people looking for things to hire with companies that provide it. Tuxebo speed up the time taken to get quotes from your local hire companies, create competition, drive down prices and allow people to quickly compare deals and providers.

realestatesearchmarketplace22 Oct 10

Selectly:Enhancing Search through Humans and Sachines

Selectly is a search engine that leverages the power of conventional search algorithms, human knowledge and the social web.

searchenginesocial12 Oct 10

Gripe: Word-of-Mouth Power

Gripe harnesses your word-of-mouth power to get complaints with any business or service provider heard and resolved, likely on the spot!

geolocationrecommendationsocialsearchdiscovermobile4 Oct 10

PlaylistNow:Playlists Based on Activity

Playlistnow is all about changing the way people think about music in the web. PlaylistNow is a big believers in the situation and the playlists that can make improve your experience.

musicplaylistsearch19 Sep 10

CloudMagic:Instant Gmail Search Extension

Get super fast search results for your online data. CloudMagic provides search across multiple services. You get a unified view of the search results. CloudMagic also shows search results as you type.

searchgmailinstantdownload16 Sep 10

Sweetsearch:SweetSearch is a Search Engine for Students

Sweetsearch searches only the 35,000 Web sites that its staff of research experts and librarians and teachers have evaluated and approved. It constantly evaluate the search results and "fine-tune" them, by increasing the ranking of Web sites from organizations such as the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, PBS and university Web sites.

e-learningteacherstudenttoolsearchengine3 Sep 10

Sentimnt:Your Social and Persoanl Search Engine

Sentimnt reads what you've read and remembers it. Next time you are wondering where you've read something, it can help. Sentimnt will index content from all of your favorite Websites and applications

searchengineprivatecontentsocial1 Sep 10

Greplin:The Search Bar for your Life

A site that searches all your online data, in one place, really fast.

searchengineprivatecontentsocial1 Sep 10

Blungr:Simple Host Name Generator

Blungr is a simple domain name generator created to help problems about thinking out domain names for projects. A lot of domain names are already reserved and Blungr want to help web developers to in searching proper names for their web applications.Also, Blungr allows to check a generated domain availability and advises suppliers where to buy it.

domaingeneratorsearch26 Aug 10

Bantora:The World of Events

Bantora is the place for connecting like-minded people in the coder / developer / planner community and making events happen. If you are looking for fresh ways to share your ideas, get support for existing ones or better still, create new ones, Bantora might be for you.

eventdiscoversearch22 Aug 10

fflick:Instant Movie Reviews

Movie previews, reviews, thoughts, and reactions by you and your friends.

searchmoviediscovertwitter18 Aug 10

Hipmunk:Find your Flight Faster and Dasier

Most flight search sites haven't changed in years. They have an intimidating search page and endless pages of flight results. Finding the right flight often takes time. Hipmunk trys to make your experience bette with an easy to use interfaces for searching, browsing, and filtering your flight search results.

travelsearchengine18 Aug 10

RadioTime:Easy to find Local Radio Stations.

Find and listen to podcasts, music and local radio stations online .

radiopodcastmusictoolsearch16 Aug 10

iScoper:Product Suggestion Engine

iScoper generates smart results using computer produced algorithms combined with expert input from real people whom are authorities in electronics, gadgets, and technology. iscoper is a free service that has no ties to any of the merchandise and does not make money on any of your purchases.

engineshoppinggadgetdiscoversearchanswerIsrael7 Aug 10

GoodNoows:Your Personal News Stream

Change the way your read the news with the help of Good Noows. You can discover and share the latest news on your favorite topics from the sources you trust.

newsdisocversearchshare16 Jun 10

Quiqee:Search by Double Click

With Quiqee, double-click enable your website. Add great slick features to your website. Make more money from your content website. Increase Traffic to your site.

widgetsearchengineblogging8 May 10

Buzz:Want to know the best places to go?

Get top recommendations from the people you trust the most – your friends and family.

locationrecommendationsocialsearchdiscover8 May 10

Rentalr:Rent Apartments

Rentalr has been designed in order to let customers find in a simple, fast and efficient way the best apartments at the best value for money. It has more than 1000 apartments in prime locations, for example, Barcelona, Paris, Rome...

searchenginerealestate23 Apr 10

Midomi:Search Music With Your Own Voice

Midomi allows you to find and discover music and people. Use your voice to instantly connect to your favorite music, and to a community of people that share your musical interests. Sing your own versions, listen to voices, see pictures, rate singers, send messages, and buy music.

searchmusicdiscovertoolaudiocommunity12 Apr 10

Songr:Finding Music You Like

With songr, you can find music others are listening to in real time. Being bored has never been more interesting.

musicsearchrealtime12 Apr 10

PostUp:World's Best Tweeters

PostUp makes Twitter more relevant for everyone. It gives a fast and easy way for everyone to find the best tweets and tweeters in the world, and for serious tweeters to grow a highly targeted following.

twittertooldiscoversearchmarketplace16 Sep 10

DaFoodie:Decide Where To Eat

DaFoodie is the easiest way to decide where to eat (currently only in Orlando)

foodlocationsearchphoto30 Mar 10

RankSpeed:Search by Sentiments

RankSpeed is a search and ranking tool that helps you find the best websites and products by doing a sentiment analysis on the Twittersphere / blogosphere.

searchenginetwitteranalyticstool22 Mar 10

Kooaba:Make Smart Visuals

Your digital images turn into smart visuals with kooabaΓÇÖs image recognition services. Using Smart Visuals enables you to explore, share and organize the things you see.

visualphotoorganizesearch16 Mar 10

Cadmus:Manages Your Stream

Cadmus is a real-time service that keeps you updated on what your friends are talking about, by displaying the most relevant content since the last time you checked in. It helps you get caught up on what you have missed.

realtimetwittersearchcontent8 Mar 10

SortFix:Improve your Search

SortFix aims to allow the best way to search the Web, while making Google and Yahoo search easy and fun and also improves the results.

searchengineIsrael11 Feb 10

TopSite:Find the Best Sites on the Web

Discover the best top sites on the web on a variety of topics such as Video, Music, News and more.

discoversearchenginewebsiteIsrael31 Jan 10

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