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Chill:Watch Videos From People You Care About

Chill makes it dead simple to watch and share video. It has built a fully-integrated way for you to consume entertaining, interesting and thoughtful content on your terms.

sharesocialvideo11 Mar 12

Batch:The Easiest Way To Share An Album

Batch is the simplest way to share an album, or batch of photos directly from your phone. In seconds, you can share a batch, and relive that night out partying with friends, dinner with family, or the concert where you tweeted your batch for anyone to see.

mobilephotosharealbumsocial14 Nov 11

Flixlab:Make Great Movies. Together

Flixlab is the fast, free, and fun way to turn the videos and pictures on your smartphone into great movies to share on Facebook.

videosharecollaborationmobilesocial21 Mar 11

Chicisimo:Real Fashion on Real People

Real fashion on real people - Chicisimo is a global community of girls sharing their personal style and inspiring each other.

fashioncommunitysharelifestyle13 Mar 11

ShareDiscuss:Share and Discuss

ShareDiscuss is your place in the World Wide Web to share and discuss your ideas and projects. You can use it intuitively, for free and without registration.

sharetoolcommunication3 Mar 11

Canvas:Share and Play with Images

Canvas is a place to share and play with images.

photoshareFacebooksocial5 Feb 11

Pictarine:Zest of Life

Create your photo albums with your friends. Easily create a medley of your photos and contacts from Facebook, Flickr and Picasa.

photosharealbumprivate15 Jan 11 Sharing Made Easy

With you can share any number of files, no matter how large, within seconds. Click on select files. Share the files with your friends. Move on - because you've simply got better things to do.

sharefilesocial30 Nov 10

Chewsy:Discover Food Nearby

Chewsy is the mobile app that will change the way you eat out by showing you reviews of what really matters - the food. Now you can order with confidence, discover great dishes nearby and share your thoughts with the world.

sharefoodsocialgeolocationmobile26 Nov 10

Threddie:Brainstorming . Simplified

Threddie lets you brainstorm using a post-and-comment system everyone's familiar with. Just start a brainstorm, add a briefing and some topics, then invite people to discuss.

commentshare22 Nov 10

Keepio:Manage Personal Belongings

Keepio provides a fast and easy way to collect the things you own, so you can share and swap items with your trusted friends on Facebook and Twitter.

collectionsharesocialtwitterfacebook14 Nov 10

AppMakr:Create and Publish your own iPhone App

Appmakr is a browser-based platform designed to make creating your own iPhone app quick and easy. Using existing content and social networking feeds, AppMakr is a user-friendly system allowing for the creation of native iPhone applications.

mobilecreatesocialsharebuild13 Nov 10

Cooklet:Inspiring Culinary Organizer

Cooklet is a culinary and social networking platform. The idea behind it is to organize recipes in easy to use interactive cookbooks. It is a place of sharing experiences among authors and users from all over the world.

foodsocialnetworksharerecipe9 Oct 10

Wibba:Discover and Share Cool Stuff with Friends

Wibba makes discovering and sharing products with friends quick and easy. Instead of trawling through websites endlessly and dragging yourself through stores, follow friends and trendsetters to find the best products around. Share products you love with others quickly and easily, build up your own archive of great products.

discoversharesocialtool28 Sep 10 Screen Sharing

Get your people together without getting your people together. Share a single screen so everybody’s on the same page. You don’t need a plane, a projector or a sandwich platter. Just gather at to meet.

sharetoolwebconference18 Sep 10

Plixi:Photo Sharing for Twitter and Facebook

Plixi is a service for sharing pictures around people, places and events and creating collective memories. Plixi allows users to instantly share their photos to popular social networks through mobile devices and on the web.

twitterfacebooksocialphotosharegeolocationAPI17 Sep 10

Yogile:Easy Photo Sharing

Yogile is a photo sharing service that makes it incredibly easy to share images privately and within groups. Take a wedding for example. Dozens of attendees take their own photos, all from different cameras and angles. While you might try asking everyone for their shots afterward, Yogile offers a smart alternative by giving everyone your customized album URL or e-mail address.

photosharealbum11 Aug 10

Finz it:Giving you Reason to Share aims to increase the number of customers sharing their purchase with their friends. They are trying to achieve this by incentivizing your clients to share what they bought over social networks. More customers share, more of their friends are exposed to the product and visit your site - as simple as that.

shoppinge-commercesocialshareIsrael7 Aug 10

PinPOints:Share the Where! allows to convert an address into a short URL can be inserted into emails, SMS, forum posts, blogs, tweets etc.

tinyURLgeolocationsharemobile23 Jul 10

Troovi:Exchange and Share your Photos in High Quality

Troovi is an easy photo exchange platform to share your photos in high quality. There's no need to register - Simply choose the photos you want to share and upload them. To share the photos with others all you have to do is to send them your unique link.

photosharealbumfamilyexchangecollection23 Jul 10

SlideSix:Multimedia Presentation Sharing

Online presentation creation and sharing. Edit, and share your PowerPoint (PPT), OpenOffice (ODP), and Keynote presentations.

presentationcreatesharetoolslideshow16 Jul 10

Favit:Your Personal Life Streamer

Favit wants to make everything smooth for you. Registration takes only seconds! You'll get a Home with all your friends and favorite blogs together, an interactive statistics model to see how you're doing, and many other cool features listed here. You can share as much as you want to, there's no limit. Your profile can be public and accessible by everyone, or you can make it private just for your friends.

lifestreamsocialcontentshare22 Jun 10

Explorra:Discover the World

Explorra is the place where you discover the world. Find amazing holidays, inspiration and share your travel experiences! This is your complete Travel Guide.

explorediscovertravelhotelshare21 Jun 10

HotPotato:Share what you're doing with Friends

Hot Potato makes it easy to share what you're doing with friends and connect with others who have similar interests. You and your friends can connect around the question, ''What are you doing?'' First choose a verb - for example, ''I'm attending.'' Then select the name of the activity - ''I'm attending the Superbowl.'' Confirm the activity update, and voila, you're connected to everyone else attending the Superbowl on Hot Potato. Ask questions, sound off, and share your photos and videos.

lifestreamsocialsharemediaconnection17 Jun 10

GoodNoows:Your Personal News Stream

Change the way your read the news with the help of Good Noows. You can discover and share the latest news on your favorite topics from the sources you trust.

newsdisocversearchshare16 Jun 10

Rdio:Your Music. Everywhere

Unlimited access to music from your computer and mobile phone, even when you're offline. Discover music through people, not machines. Share the stuff you like on Twitter and Facebook.

musiccollectionsharemobilesocialoffline4 Jun 10

iSendr:On Demand P2P File Transfers

iSendr lets you send files to anyone with an internet connection via an on demand p2p direct connection for free. Your file goes straight from you to its destination - no server space required.

fileshareP2P19 May 10

AppsFire:Share your Favorite iPhone App

AppsFire allows you to share with your friends your lists of favorite iPhone Apps. All you have to do is download and install AppsFire app on your Mac (PC coming soon), let is scan your Apps on iTunes. Then it will point you to your private AppsFire page where you can decide which app you will share and actually share them the way you decide (email, social networks or widget).

mobilemanagementsharesocialIsrael5 May 10

Buzzuka:Create and Share your Pitch

Buzzuka is the place for people, companies and groups to create and share their powerful 30-second elevator pitch. When your pitch is ready to go, Buzzuka also helps you get the word out, on your social networks, in an interview...whenever opportunity knocks!

videocreatetoolshare16 Mar 10

Divvshot:Share High Resolution Photos with Family & Friends

Divvyshot solves photo sharing, especially among groups of friends and family members. It is doing this with effortlessly simple products that are a pleasure to use.

photosharefamilyalbum10 Mar 10

Meetifyr:On-line Shared Calendar

Meetifyr is a simple online shared calendar. You create a calendar, add your name and availability then send the link round to your friends to see when they're free. Simple as that.

calendarcollaborationsharemeeting3 Sep 10

Thwapr:Mobile to Mobile Video Sharing

Thwapr is a free service for reliably sharing photos and videos to mobile phones and social networks. Share a video to your friend's phone, Twitter, or Facebook. All you need is text messaging and a mobile browser. Thwapr works on more than 200 phones across major carriers in the U.S. and Canada. No download required and it's free.

videomobilesharetwitter22 Aug 10

HomePuzz:Go Beyond Status Messages

Easily share content on Twitter, Facebook, Google buzz - updates, photos, videos, and more.

lifestreamsocialsharetwitterfacebookgoolebuzz22 Aug 10

Feeder fm:Post Music Directly to Facebook has an easy way to share music by posting it directly to Facebook. Just enter a search term and click on the search button. Once you find the song you want to publish, just click Feed It!

musicFacebookshare13 Feb 10

Google Buzz:Go beyond Status Messages

Start conversations about the things you find interesting. Share updates, photos, videos and more with your friends.

googlegmailsharesociallifestreamgoolebuzzmobilegeolocation14 Feb 10

Showzey:Take Control of your Photos

Showzey is service which liberates all your photos. Showzey will collect all of your photos along with shared photos from your Gmail mailboxes, Facebook account, Picasa albums, and Flickr albums. You can share photos, copy them between sites, make funny captions, create RSS feeds, etc.

collectionsharephotosocialmanagement26 Jan 10

Befter:Share Before and After Pictures

Who you were yesterday, it's not who you are right now. Afraid of the dark when you were a child, but now you like it when the lights go low? Not so good at maths, and suddenly became an astro-physician? Changes are part of our lives and part of everything. Befter is here, so it can look at the differences between past and present, between what was then and what is now.

photosharefune-learning19 Jan 10

TinkrBox:Share your Collection

With TinkrBox you can easily collect and enjoy your favorite stuff in customizable boxes that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Create mashups of your favorite items (i.e. websites, videos, images, flash games, documents, etc) and share them effortlessly to friends via Facebook, Twitter and instant messengers.

collectionsharemashupcreate7 Jan 10

WantzIt:Sharable Wishlists

Wantzit is a free web-application that lets you create lists of what you want and then share them with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs and more.

wishlistsharesocialgift17 Dec 09

Movieclips:Watch & Share Movie Clips

Movieclips is a premium online video destination offering audiences the largest and most diverse collection of movie scenes. Movieclips allows fans to find, watch and share more than 12,000 movie clips from the libraries of major Hollywood studios.

videocollectionfunsharefilm4 Dec 09

FlockDraw:A Seamless Realtime Collaborative Drawing Tool

Paint a simple masterpiece. Make a point visually. Do whatever you want. Do it together. Grab a tool. Pick a color. Draw something. Show a friend. Show the world. Share your vision - That is FlockDraw.

drawpaintfunsharekidsrealtime2 Dec 09

Graabr:Grab Your Screen

Graabr is an application and hosting service which uploads your screen to, with the option of sharing to social web sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc with just a few mouse clicks.

photosharesocialdesktopdownload14 Nov 09

Palmood:Share your Mood

Palmood has an easy and fast way to blog your mood and share it with your friends, family, and the rest of the world.

sharebloggingtool4 Nov 09

Pixavid:Share And Host Your Images With Ease

pixavid is free image sharing site that allows you to easily upload a picture and share it on social net working sites such as Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Twitter, Stumbleupon and more, or embed it in a message board or blog.

photohostingsharesocial19 Oct 09

Sketchfu:Draw Anything and Share with Friends

Sketchfu is a website where people communicate with each other through drawing.

drawpaintfunsharekidssketch10 Oct 09

OnTheRoudTo:Create Travel Books

OnTheRoad is the newest online travel journal that gives you the ability to share your journey every step of the way with those back home. By providing you with great tools such as an interactive map, youΓÇÖre able to track your locations and plan your next destination. Easily publish photos and videos to share with your friends and family. Upload personal notes about each experiences to make the memories last forever. Connect with other travelers and be inspired by their thoughts, photos and destinations.

travelbloggingbooksharefamily7 Oct 09

Kevutu:What do you want?

Kevutu, which is free, allows users to create and share what they want in life with friends and family. They can also share it with the entire community. Creating wants is free and easy.

communitysocialshare25 Sep 09

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