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Lutebox:Share Moments & Shop Together

Lutebox is a social mall where you can shop together with family and friends, while videochatting. It takes the entire real world shopping mall experience and putting it online.

shopping socialfamilyvideochat25 Aug 12

Blomming:The Social E-commerce

Use Blomming to sell wherever on the Web: your blog, your company's website, your preferred social network - or even your friends' ones. Blomming is an e-commerce system with cart, checkout, payments and tools for keeping track and manage orders and contacts.

e-commerceshoppingsocialFacebookblogging8 Apr 12

Fab:Design-based Shopping Platform

Fab is a members-only online shopping website for design. It provides daily design inspirations and sales at up to 70% off retail. Membership is free but numbers are limited.

shoppingdesigncommunity12 Oct 11

Beetailer:Your Online Store on Facebook

Beetailer is a service that allows you to integrate your existing online store with Facebook, allowing you to display your products so Facebook users can discover, comment, share, and purchase them. Get started in three easy steps.

shoppinge-commeerceFacebookstore21 Mar 11

Carwoo!:A simple way to buy a Car

CarWoo! is a way to buy your new car. You’ll get the car you want at a great price, save a ton of time, and you won’t have to sacrifice your sanity.

carshoppingbuy18 Oct 10

Buyosphere:Organizing your Shopping History

Ever wondered why e-commerce hasn't yet evolved? Disappointed with your online shopping experience? Buyosphere aim to change all that and more. The future of e-commerce is coming and it will put Y-O-U in charge.

organizeshoppinge-commerceemail16 Apr 11

Finz it:Giving you Reason to Share aims to increase the number of customers sharing their purchase with their friends. They are trying to achieve this by incentivizing your clients to share what they bought over social networks. More customers share, more of their friends are exposed to the product and visit your site - as simple as that.

shoppinge-commercesocialshareIsrael7 Aug 10

iScoper:Product Suggestion Engine

iScoper generates smart results using computer produced algorithms combined with expert input from real people whom are authorities in electronics, gadgets, and technology. iscoper is a free service that has no ties to any of the merchandise and does not make money on any of your purchases.

engineshoppinggadgetdiscoversearchanswerIsrael7 Aug 10

Goodsie:Create Great Looking Online Stores

Create an elegant, enterprise quality storefront without any of the traditional hassles of setting up shop online.

storeshoppingdesignbuybuild9 Jul 10

OpenCart:Open Source Shopping Cart Solution

A free shopping cart system. OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online e-commerce solution.

shoppinge-commerceAPI1 Jul 10

Tinypay me:Start Selling in 60 Seconds

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to start selling something within 60 seconds and share it across the world? is an open service that provides endless selling possibilities.

marketplacesellbuymoneye-commerceshopping29 May 10

Shoply:An Easy Way to Sell

Shoply is a hosted application which allows you to set up and run your own online shop. Shoply offers decentralized shopping software as well as a centralized shopping marketplace and directory. Shoply provides you with everything you need to run and grow your own shop.

marketplacesellbuymoneye-commerceshopping 26 May 10

Fiverr:A $5 Marketplace

Fiverr is a place for people to share things they are willing to do for $5: Funny and Bizarre, Social Marketing, Graphics, Advertising, Technology, Business, Programming and more.

marketplacesellbuyfunmoneye-commerceshoppingIsrael8 Jun 10

Zibaba:Social Driven Advertising and Ecommerce Solutions

Zibaba is a distributed social shopping service that lets friends stay connected when shopping anywhere on the web. No longer will you need to waste time wading through hundreds of reviews from strangers. With Zibaba you can get reviews on products and services from people you know and trust. Leverage your friends to share, recommend and discuss products and services, get the best prices and stay connected anywhere you shop.

advertisinge-commerceIsraelshopping9 Jan 10

Utvee:Monetize your Video Content

Utvee enables publishers and advertisers to sell products seen on TV shows and films. Simultaneously, the service enable viewers to easily find and buy the products they see on their favorite shows.

tvshoppingvideoadvertisingIsrael30 Dec 09

Blippy:What are your Friends Buying?

Blippy is a fun and easy way to see and discuss the things people are buying. Automatically share your favorite purchases from iTunes, Amazon, Zappos, Visa, MasterCard, and more.

lifestreamsocialshopping23 Dec 09

Giddi:Find the Best Products

Giddi is a product rating engine that works by aggregating product details, pricing, reviews, sales and other important criteria from a number of web sources including Amazon,, Epinions, and CNET Reviews. This information is run through a proprietary calculation to generate the Giddi Rating.

shoppingbuydiscoversearchrecommendation20 Dec 09

Kout:Intuitive, Elegant and Simple Selling

Sell digital or physical products directly from your website or blog with a simple URL, No front end store - Kout creates a unique url for you product which you point your customers to. The unique url links the customer to a beautiful one page checkout designed to create positive emotion & trust to close the sale.

shoppingtool28 Nov 09

BidBLink:Entertainment Shopping

On BidBlink, you can win brand new products for up to 90% off retail prices. Like a traditional auction, the last bidder that bids before time runs out, wins. But on BidBlink, each bid lowers the price of the item. To offer this discount, BidBlink charge a small fee - as low as 10¢ per bid - for each bid placed.

shoppingbuydiscoversearch23 Oct 09

Rackup:Rackup Gift Card Auctions

Rackup features a new style of fast auctions in which consumers compete for gift cards and for an extra free cash bonus of up to 100%. What makes Rackup truly notable is not just the speed and efficiency of the auctions, but the unusually compelling value proposition to both consumers and merchants, resulting in a rare 'win-win' for both parties.

giftcardshopping14 Sep 09

Swoopup:Search Coupon Codes

Coupons, discounts and promotions are right at your fingertips. SwoopUp allows everyone to search, use and share deals at thousands of the most popular online stores. Best of all it's free.

couponsearchshopping28 Jul 09

Milo:Shop Local Stores

A way to find products available now at local stores. Most of shopping is still done offline with the majority of consumers researching products online before buying in the store. Milo is a key tool from consumers that tells you what's available at the store down the street right now, let's your read reviews and compare products and find the best price before buying it.

shoppingstoresearchdiscover27 Jun 09

Shopr:Shopping with Friends and Family

Shopr is an online product recommendation and discovery, shopping collaboration and price comparison site. Shopr helps online shoppers make better buying decisions, organize product research, find the latest hot products, and follow trusted influential friends, family members, and expert shoppers.

e-commerceshoppingrecommendationtool10 Jun 09

Sense of Fashion:The Home for Indie Fashion

Sense of Fashion created a home for indie fashion, where you can show off your hot style, sell your clothes and accessories and shop for unique fashion items from all over the world. Sense of Fashion is a web site of people, not items. In Sense of Fashion everyone can interact socially with everyone else.

designshoppingsocialIsrael9 Apr 09

TrendGal:Social Shopping for Women

TrendGal is a social shopping application focusing on women fashion. Browse through dozens of boutiques from a single location, find great clothes by yourself or with your friends, and shape emerging trends with your votes and comments.

shoppingclothingsocialsearchlifestyle19 Mar 09

Yokaboo:Your own Free Store in Minutes

Yokaboo is the simple and quick way to promote, sell and manage your online store. Create your own shop and start selling in 5 easy steps. At the moment, Yokaboo offers everything you might need from a basic online store, with a variety of tools that allows you to modify and control your store.

shoppingstoree-commercesellbuyorganizemarketplace28 Feb 09

sfeed:The Shopping Microblog

sfeed is a shopping microblog that helps you share your findings with your friends, discover new products and create visual sets of items.

bloggingTwittershopping15 Feb 09

Shopnics:Visually Compare Electronic Products

Shopnics is an e-commerce site to visually compare the electronic products. Shopnics goal is to simplify the shopping experience and help making buying decisions faster.

visuale-commerceshoppingsearch29 Jan 09

7items:Fast and Simple Online Shopping

7items is a simple, but powerful shopping search engine which is designed to meet your expectation. Why the name 7items? Based on recent researches this is average amount of items people buy during one online shopping session.

shoppingsearchenginebuy19 Jan 09

Uatuh:Let someone else find it for you

Uatuh is an auto search service for products on Ebay, Amazon, Google Base and more. The service will try to find what you are looking for and notify you using SMS, Twitter, Email and IM.

searchtrackalertshopping23 Dec 08

ZingSale:Save Money Shopping

ZingSale is a free service that helps you save money on all of the stuff you want to buy. Just tell the service what product you're interesting in, and get notified when products you want to buy go on sale.

shoppingalertmoney3 Dec 08

FriendShopper:Shop with Friends Online, in Real Time

FriendShopper is a real time social shopping application online, where users can shop any store across the web and communicate about those products effectively and easily.

shoppingsocialcommunicationdiscover13 Nov 08

Wishabi:Your Ultimate Personal Shopper

The Wishabi concept is simple, make a wishlist of things you want, and Wishabi hunts the best deals for you by using our deal hunting community. The result is a set of hand picked deals, typically much better than comparison shopping, customized for exactly the things you want.

shoppingcommunitytool13 Nov 08

Grocio:Comparing Local Grocery Prices

Grocio ID's the least expensive local grocer for the items you're shopping for, then matches coupons to those same items for maximum saving for you.

couponshoppingstorecommunity11 Nov 08

myFavz:Gifting Reinvented

myFavz is a social shopping service in a fun and innovative format. Among other exciting features, users will be able to explore and share cool new product ideas, get personalized shopping suggestions and create and communicate instant wish lists.

shoppingsocialcommunitylistgift26 May 09

Scrobbld:Manage eBay and PayPal payments

Scrobbld is a service for eBay/PayPal sellers. It saves time for home and small businesses by providing easy multiple postage label printing , automating stock management and improving customer relations through automated emails (auto-CRM). It also provides for automated deliveries of ebooks and adding shipment tracking info to items among other features.

managementmoneytrackshopping27 Aug 08

Clavardon:A Co-Browsing Tool for E-Commerce

Clavardon is an innovative tool that allows visitors to co-browse and interact on a Website exactly as they would do in a real store. Clavardon is targeted at companies that sell products and services online, as it allows those companies to improve their conversion rate, enhance shopper-experience and reduce the cart-abandonment rate. Clavardon also provides several social shopping features.

toole-commercemarketingshoppingsocial25 Aug 08

ROCKETON:A New Parallel World

ROCKETON turning the web into a virtual landscape and individual web sites into fun and unique destinations. You see who is browsing on web sites and can easily interact with them. You can chat, play games and hang out on any page. Shop online with your friends; then go and watch videos or head over and read the latest in celebrity gossip together.

virtualchatshoppingcommunication23 Aug 08

Veedow:Shopping without Searching

Veedow is a Social Shopping site that learns what you like and gives you personal recommendations based on your taste. The service aims to replicate the best bits of the traditional shopping experience in a more effective and satisfactory way by aggregating every topic of interest into a customized page filled with the most relevant and appealing products for each user in every moment.

shoppingsocialwishlist15 May 08

No More Notebooks:Social Shopping has come Online

No More Notebooks is a social shopping experience that allows members all over the world to create an unlimited number of lists containing an unlimited number of items from any webpage. People use No More Notebooks to keep track of items they wish to buy, create lists for specific events and generally interact with one another.

shoppingsocialcommunitylist8 May 08

ChoiceA:Real Estate for the Rest of us

ChoiceA intends to alter the landscape of FSBO real estate. Users are encouraged to list their property for sale for free. Buyer's can browse listings with new technologies including drag-n-drop favorites, endless scroll searches and can view properties using data, pictures or maps. ChoiceA intends to eliminate the obstacles in FSBO real estate, they even provide free downloadable real estate transaction forms.

realestatebuysearchengineshoppingmarketplace10 Jan 08

The Mall Plus:3D Online Mall

The Mall Plus committed to enhancing your shopping experience, so that you get the fun of real shopping combined with the convenience of online shopping. Explore virtual stores and purchase products.

shoppingvirtual3Dbuy19 Dec 07

Retrevo:Matching People and Electronics

Retrevo can find you product reviews, manuals and support for laptop computers, digital cameras, gps, cell phones, printers, camcorders, and more. A real-time independent Web service aggregates, comprehends and summarizes important information on electronics products from experts, users, PDF manuals and other web pages and presents answers in easily digestible and actionable form that average consumers can understand and use to find, buy or use electronics products.

shoppingbuysearch15 Dec 07

StylePath:Personalizes Product Recommendations

StylePathΓÇÖs visual search technology matches people to products based on their personal taste, and creates social networks for people of all styles. This patented process simplifies online shopping by offering more accurate product recommendations.

lifestyleshoppingsearchrecommendation16 Mar 09

iompi:Create your own Site

iompi lets you quickly make your own website on your own computer where publish your shopping cart website and sell. You will get professional results, fast.

createshopping3 Oct 07

Retrove:Real Estate Search Engine

Retrove is a national vertical real estate search engine that allows you to search all types of real estate listings such as MLS listings, FSBO, foreclosures, classifieds and other types of property listings across the nation. Retrove provide you real estate search results that take you directly to the real estate listing source.

realestatesearchengineshoppingmarketplace27 Nov 07

The Youpers:Helping your to do Better Buys

The Youpers will help you find the best products to buy. All you need to do is to tell Youpers what you're looking for. The Youpers do all the hard work, talking about the products and services, making and finding reviews and showing the best options.

shoppingbuydiscover12 Sep 07

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