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Movvit:Video Distribution

Movvit lets you share your videos with the world. Reach over 30 social and video sites with just one click, for free.

videosocialrecommendation 19 Mar 13

Enthuse:Showcase Your Expertise lets you create a one-page website, showing off what you’re good at and why. Assemble a profile in minutes by hand-picking the best content you've created on the web and we'll make it look great for you.

socialnetworkcontactbusiness9 Feb 13

YourCauseOrMine:Get involved and maybe get involved

The meet online/date offline social site matches members based on location, cause interests and site activity and provides a platform for individuals and groups to meet, connect and volunteer together. Members can identify their interest and involvement in various causes, search for profile matches among other members, join groups based on their interests and make plans to volunteer with or attend local cause-related events.

socialdatecausegroup7 Jan 13

Smore:Beautiful Pages Instantly

The days of posting a flyer around the neighborhood are over. Smore helps you create amazing pages that you’d be proud to share.

flyerbuildcreatesocial6 Oct 12

Atendy:Create, Manage, and Promote your Event

Atendy is an event technology helping organizations manage, promote and engage their events. It is a consolidated and data driven platform that puts more focus on attendees. The consolidation keeps costs low and empowers hosts to be more productive. It also provides event-wide data with deeper tracking abilities. Attendees use our system too since they can use it to network before, during and after the event, and as a result hosts can leverage their guests by building a community.

event socialorganizemanagement29 Sep 12

Lutebox:Share Moments & Shop Together

Lutebox is a social mall where you can shop together with family and friends, while videochatting. It takes the entire real world shopping mall experience and putting it online.

shopping socialfamilyvideochat25 Aug 12

Tripl:Discover The World Through Your Friends

tripl is a new way to consume your friends trips. Follow where they are or have been traveling, see the pictures they took and read about the places they have been. In a simple feed you will be able to read up on your friends adventures away from home.

discovertravelsocial25 Aug 12

Yfrog Social:A Personal Social Network

A new social network designed to improve your social experience online. Preserve your unique online identity for each different group of friends, family and business; Increased privacy. No third party tracking codes, and no third party cookies. You are in full control of your own content.

socialnetworkphotofamily business 2 Aug 12

SeatID:Social Seating

SeatID is a social seating solution that allows airline passengers to choose a seatmate based on their social network profiles. SeatID’s solution, which uses data from Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks, allows travelers to look at people with similar interests on the plane and then book a seat accordingly. The service is ideal for business purposes and networking, and it provides an elegant way to meet new and interesting people.

socialnetworkcontactbusiness6 Jun 12

Workitywork:Love Your Workplace

Workitywork is a social workplace engagement platform that helps employees love the workplace. With Workitywork teams can give recognition for great work and share workplace feedback in real-time. If a colleague does something great, you can recognize their great work by sending them a kudos. Proud of your own workplace accomplishment? Celebrate your triumph with the entire team! Need the team’s opinion, get honest feedback by sending a poll they can complete anonymously. Stay on top of the office morale with vibes. Workitywork helps boost workplace morale, improves employee participation and involvement, and creates a positive attitude in the workplace.

officeprojectrealtimesocialmanagement14 May 12

Weduary:Make Social Wedding Websites

Weduary makes it easy for any bride and groom to build a social and beautiful wedding website in minutes. Weduary is designed with a DIY spirit in mind - you can personalize your entire site, from the domain name, to the registry info, to your custom color palette.

buildwebsitesocial30 Apr 12

Path:Share Life With The Ones You Love

Path is the smart journal that helps you share life with the ones you love. Path should provide you with the simple way to keep a journal, or ''Path'', of your life on the go. It should help you authentically express yourself and share your personal life with loved ones.

mobilecommunitymediasociallocation17 Apr 12

Blomming:The Social E-commerce

Use Blomming to sell wherever on the Web: your blog, your company's website, your preferred social network - or even your friends' ones. Blomming is an e-commerce system with cart, checkout, payments and tools for keeping track and manage orders and contacts.

e-commerceshoppingsocialFacebookblogging8 Apr 12

Popset:Share Photos With Group Of Friends

Popset lets you create group photo albums so you and your friends can keep all of your adventures in one place.

photogroupalbumsocialmobileapplication28 Mar 12

ResumUP:Go Visual - Go Visible

Full visual resume with work and education experience and psycho-social profile. Find out who you are and show who you want to be. In one click.

Facebookresumesocialvisual16 Mar 12

Talkino:A New Way Of Commenting Online

Talkino is a commenting network, that allows you to discuss instantly on any webpage without having to encounter comments from people that would annoy you.

commentdiscussionnetworksocial9 Mar 12

Anybeat:Neighborhood Community

Anybeat is an online community, a public gathering place where you can interact with people from around your neighborhood or across the world. Anybeat is hoping people will find it to be a casual place to gather and communicate with interesting people.

communitycontentsocialdiscover28 Feb 12

Capsule:Event Planning Made Easy

Capsule is a web and mobile app built for event planning, group interaction, and photo sharing. Next time you think about starting an Evite, a Facebook event or group, or a 10-person email thread, try Capsule.

socialorganizeeventgroup11 Mar 12

Chill:Watch Videos From People You Care About

Chill makes it dead simple to watch and share video. It has built a fully-integrated way for you to consume entertaining, interesting and thoughtful content on your terms.

sharesocialvideo11 Mar 12

BrandMyMail:Extends your social presence into your emails

BrandMyMail is a web-based platform that seamlessly integrates social media content with a customer’s email messages. The service enables business and individual users to build a brand presence through the in-email presentation of nearly real-time social content. Operating through a simple extension, BrandMyMail can seamlessly pull multiple content sources into the Gmail, including Facebook statuses, Twitter feeds, and more.

socialbusinesscontentfeedeemailgmail9 Feb 13

Punchfork:The best new recipes from top food sites

Punchfork makes it easier to find the best new recipes from popular sites like101 Cookbooks, The Pioneer Woman, Leite's Culinaria, Serious Eats,Simply Recipes and The Kitchn. It uses conversations on social networks to bring users with high quality recipes that passionate cooks are talking about right now.

socialfoodrecipeaggregatorconversation11 Mar 12

Vodio:Your Video Experience Redefined

Vodio lets users create their own personalized video streams from dozens of content services. Instead of searching through hours of videos in Youtube or any other video platform, the service gathers all the most talked about videos into one place.

socialdiscovervideoipadaggregator11 Mar 12

Awesm:Analytics for Social Media offers fully hosted custom domain URL shorteners with full clickstream stats, Google Analytics integration, and robust APIs.

analyticsocialdomain1 Dec 11

Batch:The Easiest Way To Share An Album

Batch is the simplest way to share an album, or batch of photos directly from your phone. In seconds, you can share a batch, and relive that night out partying with friends, dinner with family, or the concert where you tweeted your batch for anyone to see.

mobilephotosharealbumsocial14 Nov 11

AnyDo:Make Things Happen with Friends

Any.DO helps you get things done with your friends in a simple & elegant way. It's free, simple & fun.

mobilevoicecommunicationsocialIsrael14 Nov 11

Mieple:Meet New People

Mieple makes it easy for anyone to find mutual friends and get in touch with people you want.

socialcommunicationconnect12 Oct 11

Doweet:Organize Small Events With Friends

Doweet is a fun and simple way to create social activities with the people around you.

eventmobilesocialFacebookIsrael17 Sep 11

Trippy:Helping Friends Travel Better

Trippy ties into social sites like Facebook to find your friends who know about where you're traveling to (those who have checked in, live, work, or go to school there) and who already know your personal details (like if you're vegan, have toddlers, or a penchant for pinot). Tapping into the travel experiences of your friends is a whole lot more valuable than getting questionable info from random strangers.

Facebooktravelsocial17 Sep 11

Kickofflabs:Social Landing Page For Your Business

Kickoflabs offers a rich and easy to use site designer, integration and social sharing with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. In addition they provide rich statistics and simple newsletter support out of the box with no dependencies on third party tools.

socialformregistration 6 Sep 11

Restorm:Make Money With Your Music

Restorm is a music platform designed to help your work in the music industry. With this platform, you can earn money online, generate more attention for your music and save time all at once. Restorm brings together all actors of the music industry. Artists, labels, promoters, media representatives and music lovers can all share their passion for music in one place.

musicsellsocialtool17 Aug 11

ifttt:If This Then That

ifttt puts the internet to work for you by creating tasks that fit this simple structure.

socialtasktool17 Aug 11

Zaarly:Buy and Sell Anything with People Nearby

Zaarly helps you buy and sell things with people around you. People need a simple way to get what they want from people around them. With Zaarly, you can now get what you want from your local community - goods, services or a way to earn extra cash.

socialbuylocationcommunitymoney16 Aug 11

Glmps:A Magical Way to Share Life

GLMPS is fun, fast, and free way to share short videos with friends. Click a snapshot with your iPhone, capture a photo and a glimpse of that moment forever.

photovideosocialFacebookTwittermobile6 Aug 11

Julpan:Harnessing the World's Social Information

Julpan will broaden your social circle on the Web and expose you to better information. All those connections that everyone else is making will go to work for you, your friends, your followers and fans, to give you the answer you want, whenever you want it.

socialsearchconnectionIsrael6 Aug 11

Stencyl:Create Flash Games In A Flash

Stencyl helps you create Flash (and soon, iOS) games in a flash with or without coding.

gamecreatefunsocialdownload11 Jun 11

Teeboxer:Social Golf

Teeboxer makes getting rounds of golf together faster and easier by handling the coordination for you: sharing and planning with your existing social networks, managing who's in and out, gathering tee time and course preferences, optimizing tee time selection and assignments, and keeping everyone up to date over web, mobile, text messaging, and voice.

gamecollaborationsocialnetworkcommunication10 May 11

Frid ge:Simple and Private Social Network

Fridge enables anyone to instantly create simple and private social networks to share photos, messages, and events with friends and groups.

socialnetworkprivatemedia22 Apr 11

Meetin gs:Simply Effortless Meetings - Simply effortless meetings. allows you to organize meetings over organizational boundaries easily and securely without the need for participants to remember any passwords or install any applications.

meetingorganizeofficesocial22 Apr 11

BO LT:A Page Sharing Network

BO.LT lets you ''remix'' pages and share them with the people you want to reach.

socialnetworkdesignmix21 Apr 11

SpotLike:Stick a LIKE button in your place

Get a printed QR Code poster for your store. Your customers will scan with their phones to get to your Facebook page.

mobilescanQRFacebooksocial19 Apr 11

Jux:Drag and Drop-based Website Creator Platform

Jux is a website builder designed from the ground up for sharing. With simple drag-and-drop tools, website creators can copy,mix and modify components or whole sites shared by others.

websitebuildtoolsocial widget16 Apr 11

Dapsem:Show your Appreciation

Daps’em is a platform allowing people to show their appreciation to their friends (and soon other stuff), offline and online.

mobilelifestreamsocialdownloadIsrael6 Apr 11

Like fm:An Easy Way to Share your Music learns your music tastes from the songs you play so you can easily tell your friends what music you like, and discover new music from them.

musicsocialsearchdiscover26 Mar 11

Vayable:Let The Locals Guide You

Vayable is a marketplace for unique, local experiences. It connects independent travelers and local explorers with experts for custom, authentic and meaningful experiences. It’s exploring the world from the inside out.

travelsocialtool25 Mar 11 and Open Microblogging Platform

Microblogging has taken the world by storm. Millions of people around the world now share their thoughts with friends, family, and random strangers every day. Links are shared, stories are told, and events are discussed. rstatus is the newest place to participate in the collective conscious of the planet.

socialcommunitylifestream25 Mar 11

Memolane:See, Search , and Share your Life

Capture photos, videos, music, tweets, posts, and much more.View and share your entire life online. Create stories of your best memories together with your friends. Explore and search your life and the lives of your friends online.

mediavideosociallifestreaming21 Mar 11

Flixlab:Make Great Movies. Together

Flixlab is the fast, free, and fun way to turn the videos and pictures on your smartphone into great movies to share on Facebook.

videosharecollaborationmobilesocial21 Mar 11

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