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Grid:A Simply Remarkable Spreadsheet


In GRID: pictures, movies, people, locations and many more things are kinda of a big deal. Grid allows you to organize and work with them in a whole new intuitive way.

spreadsheetcontentorganizemobiledownload25 Aug 12

Mapspread:Mapping Solutions for your Business


Import your data from spreadsheets, maintain it with fun tools, share with coworkers and friends, publish to the world. Assign spatial metadata to your sheets so that Mapspread can easily geocode your data if you specify types such as address, city, state, zip or country. It does not matter if you don't have the latitude/longitude: Mapspread will find them for you.

mappingbusinessspreadsheet8 Jul 09

Widgenie:The All-Powerful Data Visualizer


Widgenie uploads csv and excel files, gives you numerous options of visuals to personalize, then allows you to easily publish your widget onto various places on the web, social networks, blogs, websites, iGoogle, etc. The site also allows its users to have a statistics page for their widgets to see how many time their widgets have been viewed, as well as how many of those views are from unique visitors.

widgetspreadsheet3 Jul 08

eXpresso:Spreadsheet Manager


eXpresso is a secure, browser-based resource that enables users to share and collaborate on any Excel file, regardless of location. eXpresso is complete and immediately usable without installation, support or training. Individuals can use it ad hoc with real-time collaboration capabilities and version control. Most of the features of eXpresso are available without charge.

spreadsheetcommunitycollaborationsharesecure18 Aug 07

Num Sum:Easy, Sharable Web Spreadsheets


Num Sum is a web site that brings you online, simple, sharable web spreadsheets. In other words, you can now create social spreadsheets. All you need to join in is a modern web browser. Track your records, lists and data online, Share with everybody or with just your close friends and Connect with folks who have similar interests.

spreadsheetsharetracksocialcreate12 Apr 07

Peepel:Online Office and Maps


Peepel is an Online Office Suite of applications and tools that includes Peepel WebSheet, a powerful online spreadsheet, Peepel WebWriter, an online word processor and Peepel Desktop, a virtual desktop running in a web browser.

virtualspreadsheetofficetooldesktop3 Apr 07

Google Docs and Spreadsheets: Documents and Spreadsheets - Free Online Application from Google


With Google Docs and Spreadsheets you can create basic documents and spreadsheets from scratch. You can easily do all the basics, including making bulleted lists, sorting by columns, adding tables, images, comments, formulas, changing fonts and more. And it's free. You can also upload your existing files. Google Docs & Spreadsheets accepts most popular file formats, including DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, RTF, CSV, etc. So go ahead and upload your existing files; all your formatting and formulas will come through intact.

WORDspreadsheetgooglecreatebuildsharecollaborationmost-popular4 Mar 09

EditGrid:Spreadsheets on the Web


An online spreadsheet featuring real-time-update and extensive collaboration features.

sharecollaborationspreadsheet31 Jan 07

SmartSheet:Track and Manage Personal, Team, and Crowdsourced Work Online


Smartsheet is flexible enough to track any kind of work - projects, pipelines, events, contact lists, you name it. ItΓÇÖs familiar like a spreadsheet, but enables you to manage and share files, discussions, and e-mail updates in the context of your work list. For work that requires on-demand workers, Smartsheet is fully integrated with AmazonΓÇÖs Mechanical Turk.

businessadvertisingspreadsheetcollaborationbusiness13 Mar 09

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