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Collba:Real-time Chat for Teams

Collba is exclusively designed for teams. Chat with your team mates in private rooms, share files, links, code snippets in real time. With an advanced search you will never lose important information.

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Podio:The Work Platform

Podio is a work platform with the ambition to change how we all work. Podio are developing a new and radical take on work tools: you build it yourself.

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SocialWok:Share Ideas, Files, and Google Apps with your Coworkers

Business social networking for your enterprise and Google Apps. Socialwok was created to allow organizations to harness the ease and power of rich media and feeds to improve collaboration and communication.

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Yammer:Share Status Updates with your Co-Workers

Yammer is a tool for making companies and organizations more productive through the exchange of short frequent answers to one simple question: ΓÇ£What are you working on?ΓÇ¥ As employees answer that question, a feed is created in one central location enabling co-workers to discuss ideas, post news, ask questions, and share links and other information

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Konolive:Instant Collaboration

KonoLive is the Instant collaboration software that is defining the future of knowledge sharing. By engaging teams and individuals to contribute to activities and collecting their inputs in real-time, KonoLive brings more value to the knowledge you access, create and share. KonoLive boosts your productivity by enabling you to Get Things Done. Together.

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