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HotelScan:Travel More For Less

Hotelscan is a new and fresh way of quickly of easily finding the choice of hotel that will suit you. It’s ability to search all the other web sites for exactly what you wont and present all together on one page, affords you to all information in one place making it simpler and to compare offers and allow you to make your choice from a well informed standing with confidence.

hotelsearchenginetooldiscovertravel24 Sep 13

Tripl:Discover The World Through Your Friends

tripl is a new way to consume your friends trips. Follow where they are or have been traveling, see the pictures they took and read about the places they have been. In a simple feed you will be able to read up on your friends adventures away from home.

discovertravelsocial25 Aug 12

Trippy:Helping Friends Travel Better

Trippy ties into social sites like Facebook to find your friends who know about where you're traveling to (those who have checked in, live, work, or go to school there) and who already know your personal details (like if you're vegan, have toddlers, or a penchant for pinot). Tapping into the travel experiences of your friends is a whole lot more valuable than getting questionable info from random strangers.

Facebooktravelsocial17 Sep 11

Vayable:Let The Locals Guide You

Vayable is a marketplace for unique, local experiences. It connects independent travelers and local explorers with experts for custom, authentic and meaningful experiences. It’s exploring the world from the inside out.

travelsocialtool25 Mar 11

IMGuest:Hotels. People. Connections

A business-oriented social networking platform, used by traveling individuals to set up face-to-face meetings around the world.

travelsocialnetworkgeolocationhotelIsrael22 Jan 11

Beachionary:Find Beach Information Easily

Beachionary is a social website for beaches all over the world. Users are able to find details for beaches, such as their location on the map, photos of them, the facilities available at every beach, user reviews and ratings, and nearby hotels.

lifestylehotelsocialtravel10 Jan 11

Planely:Who is on your next plane?

Tell Planely which flights you’re traveling on and Planely will tell you who else is traveling with you on the plane and at your departure and arrival airports.

travelsocialtrack3 Dec 10

Plnnr:An Automatic Trip Planning

Plnnr is an online service that allows its users to generate detailed trip plans within major tourist destinations. Plnnr works by automatically generating a trip itinerary based on simple facts the customer provides about the trip. Similar to a GPS, Plnnr will give you directions on how to get to places. Similar to your best friend, Plnnr will also recommend the places to visit.

travelgeneratorhotelgpsIsrael1 Dec 10

Gogobot:Social Trip Planner

Gogobot’s mission is to make trip planning more fun by making it easy to connect and share travel advice with your friends.

travelsocialnetworkgeolocationIsrael16 Nov 10

Travellution:Your Travel Revolution

Travellution is a travel social network that connects people going or dreaming to go to the same destination at the same time. Travellution say it will revolutionize the way you have traveled so far and it will support the sustainable development of our planet and society through its ethical business model.

travelsocialnetwork7 Nov 10

ConncetedTraveling:Your Online Resource for Smart Travel Tips

learn the best travel tips and tricks out there along with the latest gadgets and mobile tools to help you maximize your travel experience.

travelmobileIsrael14 Oct 10

Bumped in:Meet People on the Move is specifically designed to help you optimize your travels and enhance your overall trip experience. Build valuable relationships with others in transit; and, ultimately, change the way you travel for good.

travelsocialnetworkgeolocation4 Sep 10

Hipmunk:Find your Flight Faster and Dasier

Most flight search sites haven't changed in years. They have an intimidating search page and endless pages of flight results. Finding the right flight often takes time. Hipmunk trys to make your experience bette with an easy to use interfaces for searching, browsing, and filtering your flight search results.

travelsearchengine18 Aug 10

Historypin:Pin your History to the World

Historypin is the place where people come together to share their historical pictures and stories. Together, Historypin want to collect old photos to build up a digital history of the world. Explore Google Maps through an extra dimension, time.

mappingtravelphotoGoogle30 Jun 10

Explorra:Discover the World

Explorra is the place where you discover the world. Find amazing holidays, inspiration and share your travel experiences! This is your complete Travel Guide.

explorediscovertravelhotelshare21 Jun 10

Stay:Get your Personal Tavel Guide turns travel planning into a fun and social activity. Have fun discovering some of the best attractions, restaurants and hotels around the world, collect places you find interesting in your own guide and share it with family and friends

traveldiscovercreatehotel17 Jun 10

Viament:Vehicle Routing Optimization

Viamente Route Planner makes the route planning process immediate, unambiguous and efficient. All that is needed is to import addresses and constraints. Through a single click, the optimal routes become visible on the maps thanks to Google Maps integration.

mappingcartravelgreen12 Apr 10

Trekadoo:Vacation Rentals

Trekadoo is your one stop shop to manage your vacation rental business. It provides management tools for vacation rental owners. Receive reservations online, accept credit cards. Unlimited photos, easy search function, and much more.

hoteltravellifestylediscoversearch15 Dec 09

AirBnB:Travel Like A Human

Airbnb is a global network of accommodations offered by locals. It's more fun and very cheap, especially in big cities like New York, San Francisco, Paris, etc.

hoteltravel28 Oct 09

HouseTrip:Your Marketplace for Holiday Rentals

Online marketplace for holiday rentals. Holiday rentals exist for a longer time than hotels but recently get more attention from the public. People finally recognize the value of holiday rentals: more room than in hotels, more amenities, and an atmosphere more personal and more charming. No matter if you travel alone, with your friends or with your family: on HouseTrip, you will always find holiday rentals suiting your needs.

traveldiscoversearchhotel19 Oct 09

OnTheRoudTo:Create Travel Books

OnTheRoad is the newest online travel journal that gives you the ability to share your journey every step of the way with those back home. By providing you with great tools such as an interactive map, youΓÇÖre able to track your locations and plan your next destination. Easily publish photos and videos to share with your friends and family. Upload personal notes about each experiences to make the memories last forever. Connect with other travelers and be inspired by their thoughts, photos and destinations.

travelbloggingbooksharefamily7 Oct 09

Skimble:Track & Plan your Active Life

Skimble is an online tool to help you easily plan, track, and discover your active life. Skimble mission is to inspire active lifestyles.

tracklifesttylediscovertravel18 Sep 09

Loggel:Your Travel Diary

Loggel is a Lifelog community. It takes the basic concept of blogging to another level by using an innovative format: The Lifelog. The Lifelog connects esthetics and functionality, modern web technologies and easy usability. The user, loggeler, can record various szenarios from his/her life in a multi-media way, connect with friends and get to know new people.

visualbloggingtravelcommunity16 Aug 09

Raveable:Hotel Reviews Without Extra Baggage

Finding the right hotel for your vacation is difficult. Reading thousands of reviews is time consuming and often frustrating. Raveable was designed to give you an at-a-glance view of your next hotel.

hoteltravellifestylediscoversearch14 Aug 09

Everlater:Record and Share your Tavel Experiences

Everlater is a place for you to beautifully record your travel experiences, share them with friends and family, and discover new travel ideas from your social network & other travelers like you. Everlater's goal is to unify all of your travel conversations and information sharing into once place, and make the online travel world a more social and enjoyable experience.

travelsharediscover9 Aug 09

Gliider:Plan Funner Trips

Gliider is a digital file that lets you hold on to all of the interesting stuff you come across when you're researching and planning a trip. Find a cool hotel you don't want to forget about? See a great restaurant you want to try? No matter what website you're on, just highlight whatever you want with your mouse and drag it into your Gliider. Photos, text, whatever!

travelhotelplugindownloadhighlight12 Jul 09

Oyster:Hotel Reviews

Oyster gives a comprehensive preview of the hotels you might choose to stay at, from the beds you'll sleep in to the bathrooms you'll use to the food you'll eat. The goal is to guide users to the hotels that will best fit their needs. Qyster do this by extensively photographing every place they visit and writing in-depth reviews based on a firsthand experiences.

hoteltravelblogging22 Jun 09

Vidmap:Real Geo-tagging for Videos

offers its users to upload and geo-map videos. Videos are played side by side with a google map which synchronously shows the progress of the playing clip. It's predestinated for videos filmed from vehicles like bikes, cars and trains but also videos taken by walkers and hikers.

videomappingcartravel7 Jun 09

Trourist:A Traveling Experience Network

Trourist wants to put you there right in the thick of things and help you, the traveler, live your destinations.

traveldiscovernetwork25 May 09

Ruba:Discover your Next Perfect Trip

Find local guides to restaurants, hotels, travel and vacations on Ruba. Travelers and locals write guides with detailed pictures and maps of top attractions. Travel guides from thousands of cities around the world.

travelhotelrestaurantsearch10 May 09

Nextstop:Local & Travel Guides

Recommendations for the best places to eat, things to do, and hidden gems anywhere in the world.

travelrecommendationsearchdiscover8 May 09

ArrivedOK:A Mobile Tool for Air Travelers

Use ArrivedOK to automatically notify others about your arrival to your travel destination, and save on roaming charges.

travelmobilefamilytooltwitter3 May 09

MapVivo:Online Travel Journals

Create your online travel journal at MapVivo, share with friends and explore the world. Let people see where youΓÇÖve been and what you found with MapVivo.

travelmappingdiscoversharephotoexplore23 Apr 09

Joobili:Timely Travel

Joobili's timely travel approach is a solution for better travel inspiration. With Joobili, you say when, and they will help you to find the best travel experiences specific to your travel dates and personal interests. Simple as that.

timelinetravellifestyle5 Apr 09

PleaseVisitMe:A Social Travel Invitation

PleaseVisitMe is a simple travel invitation service. Just fill out the form with your information and your friend's information and it will automatically check prices for the best deals and email your friend the invitation and the lowest price it can find.

socialtraveltool22 Mar 09

TripOutlook:Create your free Travel Site

TripOutlook provide a comprehensive travel booking engine that could be easily implemented for number of other partners. Add tens of thousands of Hotel content pages to your website, which will help you get more traffic and keep customers at your website.

travelhotelwebsitetoolsearchengine18 Mar 09

WhatsYourPlace:Virtual Land Ownership

With WYP, the entire world is for sale, and everyone can own his favorite parts of it. Virtual land ownership includes the right to exclusively showcase the place to the online audience (there is a profile to each place). The community environment fosters lively discussions and members sharing their emotions, rumors, and news about places.

gamevirtualtraveldiscover18 Feb 09

Twttrip:A Simple Travel Organizer

Where will you go next? Share your travel plans with your tweeple, and meet other tweeple traveling to the same place at the same time.

Twittertravelshare1 Feb 09

Travellr:Ask Questions about Anywhere

Travellr is a service that allows travelers to connect with like-minded locals and past visitors to get the most insightful, relevant, and personalized answers possible.

travelconnectionquestionanswer1 Feb 09

360cities:Discover & Embed Great Looking Panoramas

360 Cities brings interactive, panoramic photography to the mainstream. You can explore high resolution panoramic photography from around the world on 360 Cities.

photovisualtravel26 Jan 09

TaxiMe:Taxi Fare Estimator

TaxiMe is a taxi fare estimator proving an answer to the big question: How much is a taxi going to cost? All you need to do is enter your starting address and your final destination. Combining an estimation and taxi contact information, taxime is the all-in-one package.

toolmoneytravelmapping31 Jan 09

MapJack:Your City Online

MapJack showcases a new level of mapping technology. Mapjack developed an array of proprietary electronics, hardware and software tools that enables to capture an entire city’s streets with relative ease and excellent image quality.

mappingvisualtraveldiscover1 Nov 08

Cost To Drive:Full visibility into the cost of Car Travel

Want to know how much it costs to drive somewhere? Find out at CostToDrive, the easiest way to discover how much it costs to drive anywhere in the US.

cartraveldiscoversearch4 Oct 08

Woices:Share your Voice

Woices is a free internet service that allows people to create, share and consume echoes, audio records which are linked to a very specific geographical location or real world object. Woices ultimate goal is to extend reality by creating a new layer of audio information, what they call the echoesphere, that will make the world a more interesting place.

audiovoiceidentitytravel3 Nov 08

Go Plan It:Plan your Trip and Go

GoPlanit takes your preferences and budget into account when creating your personalized trip itinerary. The recommendation engine suggests the most popular and highest-rated items for each destination. It also takes into consideration the location of each recommended item, hours of operation, and friends’ recommendations when creating your custom plan. Collaborating with your friends is just as easy.

travelsearchengineorganizecreate17 Sep 08

PlanetEye:Explore Travel Destinations is a one-stop destination for all your travel planning needs. Featuring a powerful and easy-to-use planning tool; compelling, geotagged photography; leading edge mapping technology and extensive travel content from a team of in-house writers and a growing number of professional sources, PlanetEye is designed for travelers who want a new and exciting way to explore where to go and what to do.

travelexplorsearchphotomapping5 Sep 08

YouPlanet:Traveling somewhere?

YouPlanet is a fully-packed travel community giving you everything you need before, during and after your trip.

communitytraveldiscover16 Aug 08

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