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Movvit:Video Distribution

Movvit lets you share your videos with the world. Reach over 30 social and video sites with just one click, for free.

videosocialrecommendation 19 Mar 13

Lutebox:Share Moments & Shop Together

Lutebox is a social mall where you can shop together with family and friends, while videochatting. It takes the entire real world shopping mall experience and putting it online.

shopping socialfamilyvideochat25 Aug 12

Powtoon:Create Animated Presentations Online

PowToon is the brand new Do-It-Yourself animated presentation tool that supercharges your presentations and videos! Save massive amounts of time and money by creating Presentoons that bring the WOW!-factor to product demos, business presentations, social media clips, and much more.

animationpresentationbusinessvideofunIsrael3 Jul 12

Chill:Watch Videos From People You Care About

Chill makes it dead simple to watch and share video. It has built a fully-integrated way for you to consume entertaining, interesting and thoughtful content on your terms.

sharesocialvideo11 Mar 12

Vodio:Your Video Experience Redefined

Vodio lets users create their own personalized video streams from dozens of content services. Instead of searching through hours of videos in Youtube or any other video platform, the service gathers all the most talked about videos into one place.

socialdiscovervideoipadaggregator11 Mar 12

Glmps:A Magical Way to Share Life

GLMPS is fun, fast, and free way to share short videos with friends. Click a snapshot with your iPhone, capture a photo and a glimpse of that moment forever.

photovideosocialFacebookTwittermobile6 Aug 11

Listnplay:Makes Online Music & Videos Simple

ListnPlay is a music & video search platform that gives central point to search online music & videos. The unique catalog and interface allows you to create & search for playlists, albums and videos in the quickest way possible today.

musicvideoplaylistIsrael31 Jul 11

Magisto:Magically Turn your Videos Into Short, Fun Clips

Magisto is a web app that will simply make your video worth sharing: Magisto will take a long and boring video, take the gist of it and create a great-looking clip you’d be proud to share. And it is all done in a few clicks.

videogeneratorfamilyIsrael26 Apr 11

Memolane:See, Search , and Share your Life

Capture photos, videos, music, tweets, posts, and much more.View and share your entire life online. Create stories of your best memories together with your friends. Explore and search your life and the lives of your friends online.

mediavideosociallifestreaming21 Mar 11

Flixlab:Make Great Movies. Together

Flixlab is the fast, free, and fun way to turn the videos and pictures on your smartphone into great movies to share on Facebook.

videosharecollaborationmobilesocial21 Mar 11

HelloThere:Get Noticed and Get Hired

HelloThere is the new way to get noticed and get hired. Introduce yourself to your next employer with personalized video pages.

employeejobbuildtoolvideo9 Mar 11

SlideBomb:Ultimate Mashup for Media

SlideBomb lets you create mashup slideshows... Embed Youtube videos, images, Google Maps, and more. Its Free, Fast, and embeddable.

slideshowmediayoutubevideocreate5 Mar 11

Meltinpop:Playing with Culture

Meltinpop is a game for you and your friends. It is a fun, free way to explore the culture around you. With meltinpop you can share and discover music, movies, TV shows and books dedicated to your interests, obsessions and whims.

searchenginesocialmusicvideobookIsrael23 Dec 10

InTheMO:Find and Recommend the Best Spots Out There

Watch videos. Get Recs from friends and local experts. Know more. InTheMO gives you personalized recommendations for the best restaurants, nightlife, shopping, hotels, entertainment, services and more, in cities around the world.

geolocationrecommendationsocialsearchdiscovervideo14 Nov 10

Rounds:Video Chat. As It Should Be

Rounds is a place where friends can video chat and simultaneously watch videos together, browse Facebook, play real-time games and collaborate together on a unique and interactive social entertainment platform. Register today and enjoy a truly rich and fun video chat experience.

chatrealtimevideosocialcollaborationmessagingIsrael31 Oct 10

Shufflr tv:Social Video Browser

AIR-based application Shufflr ,is a social video browser where videos find you. A slick way to discover, watch & share online videos.

AIRdesktopsocialvideotvbrowser18 Aug 10

Dragontape:Remix Online Vidoes into a Gapless Tape

Dragontape is a webapp that enables you to create mixtapes of your favorite online videos, so you can watch them as a continuous show. The tapes you create are accessed through a single URL, so you can easily share with friends or embed them in a webpage. The source clips remain in their original locations, Dragontape simply remembers where to find them.

mixvideolistvisualtimline3 Aug 10

Creaza:Creative Suite of Tools

Creaza offers an engaging suite of online tools where kids can use their imagination by creating, publishing and sharing digital stories.

visualmappingmindmaptoolkidsvideoaudioedit3 Aug 10

ShowMe:Social Network that Rewards your Talent

ShowMe is a platform dedicated to challenge, where anyone who possesses a talent can compete in particular contests to win money, to bet on the winners or simply to enjoy watching the madcap videos. Contests are divided into four categories: Jam Planet (music), Radical Playground (sports), Beauty Island (beauty) and Donkey Circus (pranks).

gamesocialvideomoney19 Jul 10 Trending Videos Socially Shared

Ranks by category and recently most tweeted and shared videos over Twitter & Facebook.

socialvideoTwittertv22 Aug 10

Vanityvid:Turns your Profile picture into a Video

With their Browser plugin, Vanityvid lets your profile pic come alive. Wherever your profile pic shows (social networks, online communities, blog comments, etc.), people will also be able to see you move and hear you talking, and get a better feeling of who you are and what you're like.

videopluginphotosocialtoolIsrael2 Jul 10

Wibbitiz:Automated Interactive Videos

Wibbitz provides a video player plugin for your site that takes static web content like images, headlines and video clips- in real-time and automatically creates an interactive video, giving users an engaging overview of the website by video-surfing. The video is always up-to-date and the user can interact with it by reading the full story and sharing the video's content on various social networks.

videoplayerrealtimegeneratormedia20 Jun 10

AirVideo:Video Streaming for iPhone and iPod Touch

Air Video can stream videos in almost any format to your iPhone and iPod touch. You don't need to copy your videos to the device just to watch them.

videomobiledownload7 Jun 10

Zoofs:The Video Conversation Right Now

Zoofs is a new way to discover YouTube videos that people are talking about on Twitter. Zoofs orbits around the Twitter sphere, eating through piles of tweets every day, in search for the most tweeted YouTube videos, and applies a weighing recipe to rank them based on their popularity.

twittervideorealtimetv26 Jul 10

Interlude:Intereactive Video Platform

Interlude is a digital media start-up company that designs, develops and markets interactive music and video technology allowing users to interactively compose a unique version of a music video based on pre-recorded audio/video segments of a song. The Company’s vision is to bring the next generation of online music videos to the web browser space by creating a new and engaging experience of viewing and listening to music that integrates between Internet, television and radio mediums and empowers consumers while protecting and respecting artists’ original works.

musicvideoadvertisingmediaIsrael5 May 10

Nurph:Chat Anywhere Using Twitter

No installation, just enter a URL, tweet it, and start a chat with your friends.

chatcommunitytwittervideo1 May 10

MyPlay:Music Videos, Album Reviews and More

Watch your favorite music videos, download the hottest music, rate albums, download embed codes, and check out artist photos.

videomusicalbum21 Mar 10

Buzzuka:Create and Share your Pitch

Buzzuka is the place for people, companies and groups to create and share their powerful 30-second elevator pitch. When your pitch is ready to go, Buzzuka also helps you get the word out, on your social networks, in an interview...whenever opportunity knocks!

videocreatetoolshare16 Mar 10

Thwapr:Mobile to Mobile Video Sharing

Thwapr is a free service for reliably sharing photos and videos to mobile phones and social networks. Share a video to your friend's phone, Twitter, or Facebook. All you need is text messaging and a mobile browser. Thwapr works on more than 200 phones across major carriers in the U.S. and Canada. No download required and it's free.

videomobilesharetwitter22 Aug 10

Flixtime:Video Slideshows Made Easy

3 quick steps and in about 3 minutes, you will be ready for the world premiere of your video. It's absolutely free to sign-up for a account, upload your images and videos, and watch your masterpiece come together.

videoedittoolfunslideshow23 Feb 10

Magma:Simple Video Aggregator

Magma is for exploring, discovering, collecting, sharing, and tracking videos from all over the Internet.

collectionvideoaggregatordiscover11 Feb 10

Synctube:Watch Videos with Friends in Real-time

Ever want to share a video with your friend or family, but wish you were there with them to watch so you could enjoy the moment together? Synchtube solves this problem by allowing you to share a video in real-time. Simply paste a YouTube link and create a room. You can share this room with others, and watch videos in real-time.

videosyncrealtimesocialchat4 Jan 10

Utvee:Monetize your Video Content

Utvee enables publishers and advertisers to sell products seen on TV shows and films. Simultaneously, the service enable viewers to easily find and buy the products they see on their favorite shows.

tvshoppingvideoadvertisingIsrael30 Dec 09

ReelClever:Channel your Creativity

Filmmakers create and manage your Showreel. Use the project management tools to collaborate with other filmmakers. Find work, promote your films & get discovered the reel clever way.

filmcollaborationcommunityvideoart11 Dec 09

Filmnet:Film & People Network

FilmNet is an online community based around video content that brings together filmmakers and viewers through quality videos, advanced social networking tools and an in-depth industry database.

filmnetworkvideocommunity11 Dec 09

Movieclips:Watch & Share Movie Clips

Movieclips is a premium online video destination offering audiences the largest and most diverse collection of movie scenes. Movieclips allows fans to find, watch and share more than 12,000 movie clips from the libraries of major Hollywood studios.

videocollectionfunsharefilm4 Dec 09

Vidque:Video Worth Watching

VidQue enables users to save and share videos to their own custom pages with a single click, while helping them follow what their friends and peers are watching. Video discovery is simplified by allowing users to watch videos using their personal ''Video Feed'', a listing of the latest videos saved by the users they follow.

videodiscovertool2 Dec 09

Kidyos:Pre-Screened and Safe for Kids

Kidyos focus is to bring the best online content for toddlers and young kids into one safe, secure and fun place. It is a simple web-site with kids-friendly videos from Youtube, fun games and educational material from across the web. Kidyos helps parents find new content that their kids will like through personalized and community recommendations. The library contains hundreds of videos and games all pre-screened and safe for kids. Kidyos is fun for kids, and saves parents time.

kidsparentvideosecurefungameIsrael24 Nov 09

MeMoov:Animation Studio online

Memoov is a Free Animation Creation service. Create and share user generated animation in minutes. no Animation skills needed. have fun animating and sharing quickly and easily.

animationvideocreatefunIsrael21 Nov 09

Rippol:Video Intelligent Discovery

Rippol is an intelligent video discovery engine that uses The Butterfly Effect Network, a system of algorithms invented by Team Rippol to help you discover videos you like.

searchenginediscovervideo21 Nov 09

EpixHD:Big on any Screen

EpixHD carries all the great movies that you'll see on-air. With over 150 movies and over 600 video segments that you can access anywhere, your EPIX subscription offers you the following: First-run hit movies, independent films, westerns, classics, TV shows, extreme sports, music concerts, anime, and much, much more.

lifestylevideoTV4 Nov 09

TubeRadio fm:The YouTube for Music is a web application that looks & feels like a music player where users can quickly find, listen to, build, and share playlists of their favorite artists' music. Since TubeRadio based on the music library of Youtbue, it makes it easy to find just about any songs you want - Millions of them.

musicvideoplaylistplayer2 Nov 09

Woopid:Watch It - Learn It

Watch free technology training videos. Get help and answer your computer and gadget questions with thousands of video tutorials for PCs, Macs, and tons of different applications.

e-learningvideo23 Oct 09

PopScreen:Bookmarking Tool For Online videos

PopScreen is a quick and simple way to bookmark your favorite TV shows, movies, webcasts, news clips, music and viral videos from hundreds of online sources in one location.

videoTVbookmarkingtool13 Sep 09

Pixorial:Convert, Preserve, Organize, Produce, and Share Home Movies

Bring new life to your old videos with services from Pixorial. Pixorial convert video, then help you to organize, label, edit, and then share your favorite video moments with family and friends.

videoedittoolconvertorganize11 Sep 09

Masher:Create A Video, Music and Photo Mashup

Masher letΓÇÖs you easily create a video by mashing together video clips, music tracks and photos. So you can create a video to brag about your holiday, to wish your friend happy birthday, or to show off your creative side. Whatever you have to say, a video speaks a squillion words, so get mashing!

videomediamashupmixtool5 Sep 09

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