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Webydo:Create and Manage Code-free Business Websites

Webydo is a professional web suite that enables graphic designers to create and manage exceptional HTML websites, without writing code. With this sophisticated online software, designers can bring any design to life and with a click of a button, publish an advanced HTML website with a friendly built-in CMS for the website owner.

designmanagebusinesswebsite17 May 13

Barc:Chat With Everyone On Any Webesite

The goal of Barc is simple: to bring like-minded people together. By leveraging every webpage on the internet - and giving people and websites tools to interact, share and discuss with one another.

chatwebsitetool15 Dec 12

Breezi:Website Builder for Designers

With Breezi you can create a site from scratch, after picking a starting point during sign-up, and then you can add and remove Apps to manage your content, customize page layouts, and design your site however you’d like. Hosting and support are included.

websitebuilddesign23 May 12

Weduary:Make Social Wedding Websites

Weduary makes it easy for any bride and groom to build a social and beautiful wedding website in minutes. Weduary is designed with a DIY spirit in mind - you can personalize your entire site, from the domain name, to the registry info, to your custom color palette.

buildwebsitesocial30 Apr 12

Erly:Build Beautiful Webpages For Any Event

Events from Erly allow you to create, in just seconds, a beautiful webpage for your event that brings together event information, invitations, and a multimedia album.

websitecreatebuildevent11 Mar 12

Moonfruit:Free Website/Store Builder

Moonfruit offers a free website and online shop builder that allows you to publish once, be everywhere, and have total design control of your pages, blog posts and products with no ads and no catches. It's so easy, you can be up and running in 10 minutes.

websitecreatebuildstoreFacebookmobile30 Oct 11

App net:A Simple, Beautiful Web Presence for your Apps.

Create a fantastic home on the web for each of your mobile apps in minutes, freeing up development resources that are better spent elsewhere. Each page is 100% controlled by you and includes unique features such as SMS install link distribution.

mobilewebsitecreateapplication16 Jul 11

Jux:Drag and Drop-based Website Creator Platform

Jux is a website builder designed from the ground up for sharing. With simple drag-and-drop tools, website creators can copy,mix and modify components or whole sites shared by others.

websitebuildtoolsocial widget16 Apr 11

Tingiz:Taking QR Codes to the Next Level

Tingiz is a platform for creating smart and simple mobile microsites for products, to be accessed from the product itself through a connector (mainly QR codes). The product microsite is created and managed by the product manufacturer, and is built from a set of modules which are designed specifically to be used for products.

brandmobileQRcreatewebsitecommunicationscanIsrael6 Apr 11

jMockups:A Better Way to Web Design

jMockups is a web app that lets you design and share pixel perfect website mockups. Whether you plan on making a website for yourself or for a client, jMockups will help you figure out exactly what your site will look like before you write a single line of HTML or CSS.

designtoolwebsite26 Oct 10

Cloudflare:Performance & Security for Any Website

CloudFlare brings the performance and security tools previously reserved for the Internet giants to the rest of the web for free.

securewebsitetool9 Oct 10

Clue:An Easy Way to Test your Site Visitors

What if your website isn't working like you think it is? Does it seem like nobody's lingering on the home page, or finding their way to the blog? Get a Clue - Test out your pages and find out exactly what's sticking in people's minds.

discoverwebsitetoolquestion25 Sep 10

DevHub:A Fun Site Builder

By playing the DevHub game, you can easily build vertically-focused, media-rich destination sites that have the potential to generate revenue and promote user-engagement.

websitecreatebuildtoolgame16 Sep 10 custom splash page and personal analytics

create a personal, dynamic profile page (think splash page) that points users to your content around the web (versus depending on Google search), and understand how many people see your profile, where they're coming from, and what they do on your page.

socialnetworkwebsiteanalytics11 Sep 10

Recurse:From the Drawing Board to the Browser

As a designer you understand that presentation is important. Recurse is a simple solution to show clients your spiffy new design. By emulating a website with multiple flat images, clients will have a better idea of what the composition will look like ‘in the wild’.

designdrawwebsitetoolphoto26 Jul 10

Qouterobot:Fast & Easy Website Proposals

Quote Robot is an intelligent, easy-to-use, rapid quote generation tool. It remembers past quotes, and helps you with future quotes by suggesting hours.

websitetoolcreate2 Jun 10

MouseFlow:Realtime User Studies and Analytics Tools

Mouseflow is an app that lets you record every visits to your website or blog, including mouse movements, clicks and key strokes. The recordings can be played back in the browser, as if you were looking the visitor over the shoulder. You can get summarized heatmap analyses that show you were the users are clicking and how far down they are scrolling.

analyticstoolrealtimewebsite7 Apr 10

Kafafa:A Simple Website-building Tool

Kafafa enables the user to create professional-looking websites with no programming knowledge.

websitetoolcreatebuild3 Apr 10

Lifeyo:Build The Website You've Always Wanted

Lifeyo lets people make websites. It is a simple and free website creation tool that lets anyone have a great looking website.

websitetoolcreatebuild15 Mar 10

Stiqr:No Code, Just Stick It

Stiqr delivers on-demand site editing tools and applications to your site without any coding on your part.

websitetoolcreateedit7 Mar 10

Flavors me:Create An Elegant Website allows anyone to create an elegant website using personal content from around the internet.

websitetoolcreate3 Mar 10

TopSite:Find the Best Sites on the Web

Discover the best top sites on the web on a variety of topics such as Video, Music, News and more.

discoversearchenginewebsiteIsrael31 Jan 10

UptimeRobot:Monitors your websites every 5 minutes

Uptime Robot is all about helping you to keep your websites up. It monitors your websites every 5 minutes and alerts you if your sites are down.

websitetool26 Jan 10

Stribe:Instantly Create A Social Network

Create, publish and manage easily your community on your website. Get your own social network in a very short time.

socialnetworkwebsitecreate30 Dec 09

Basekit:Web 2.0 Website Builder

Stop coding, start designing - create a website the BaseKit way. The website builder and integrated website CMS for web designers. Import your Photoshop files and have full control over your designs. BaseKit automatically slices and dices your designs into standards-compliant HTML and CSS - in seconds. Add dynamic web 2.0 features to your website without having to write any code. BaseKit website builder lets you create a website with simple point, click, drag and drop.

designtoolwebsite23 Dec 09

Nomaine:Themed Domain Name Generator

Nomaine is a free, fun and simple ajaxified themed domain name generator that harness the power of randomness to create pronounceable names using word patterns from lists. You can add a prefix or suffix to direct search in a specific direction and limit the number of syllables. Domain availability is checked. You can bookmark your favorite ones for an easy brainstorming session.

domainwebsitegeneratortool10 Dec 09

Family Connections:Start a Private Family Website

Family Connections makes it easy for people with little to no web design experience to create a family website.

familyconnectionwebsitebuilddesign2 Sep 09

MockFlow:Easy Wireframing for Software and Websites

MockFlow is an online tool for creating wireframes of software and websites. It helps to enhance your planning process by enabling to quickly design and share interactive UI mockups.

designtoolwebsite2 Sep 09

Zooloo:Your Name. Your Domain. Your Life

Your complete online environment to connect, create and control your life. Build your dashboard for your eyes only. Create your site using our easy-to-use site and blog builder. Control who can see your content, including site pages, blog, profile, photos and videos on a page-by-page and album basis, using our patent-pending Privacy Manager. And many more...

domainwebsitebuildbusiness13 Jul 09

Twitstr:Twitter Groups for your Website

Twitster is a PHP application that lets you display tweets on your own web site from everyone you follow in Twitter. What's more, Twitster can filter those tweets by a #hashtag giving you the ability to create a Twitter-based group or community on your own site.

twittergroupdownloadcommunitywebsite18 May 09

Movylo:Create your Free Mobile Site

Movylo is an easy to use self service mobile CMS that allows you to create your free mobile site instantly optimized for all phones in a few clicks. With Movylo you can: - create your free or premium mobile site; - mobilize your blog; - get RSS feeds; upload and manage your contents (videos, ringtones, walpapers); - create questionnaires and instant polls; - create contests; - create newsletter via email and SMS.

mobilewebsitebuildgenerator28 Apr 09

File2ws:Convert any File into a Public URL is a free website that converts any of your own files into a public online web page. Every converted file to a web page has a unique web address so you can share it with friends, or other people on the internet. This allows information to be shared quickly and efficiently to a large audience.

fileconvertwebsitetool10 Apr 09

GixawChat:Create your Instant Live Chat Site

Gixaw Chat is a web-based live chat service that lets you create your own chat site in just seconds. You get a 24/7 URL where you can invite friends, visitors, or colleagues to chat, collaborate, and share files.

messagingchatIMcreatewebsite10 Apr 09

Yola:Build a Free Website

Learn how to make a free website. Yola will allow you to build a website quickly and will provide you with free hosting for your website.

hostingwebsitebuild3 Apr 09

TripOutlook:Create your free Travel Site

TripOutlook provide a comprehensive travel booking engine that could be easily implemented for number of other partners. Add tens of thousands of Hotel content pages to your website, which will help you get more traffic and keep customers at your website.

travelhotelwebsitetoolsearchengine18 Mar 09

Stimator:Real Website Value Estimator

Stimator is a real-time website value estimator. The engine deliveries the most accurate economical value that a website could worth by collecting important data from different sources.

websitetoolfinancecalculator2 Feb 09

Swift:WAP Builder and Mobile Marketing Tools

Swift is a free mobile site creation tool that allows you to create a website that works on any mobile phone in just minutes. Extend existing content to the mobile world, including news feeds, blog posts, photos and much more. Or create a custom site to get your message out, extend your brand or share with your friends.

mobilecontentRSSfeedbuildwebsite14 Jan 09

Exactfactor:Check Your Site Position in Search Engines

Exactfactor develops an online SEO tools that gives the websites owners the ability to automatically and easily check their websites keyword position. Instead of manually looking for the position of your website in the Search Engines, Exactfactor provides a simple and powerful online system that will give you details information and reports and will help you to promote your website in the Search Engines and by that increase the traffic to your website.

toolwebsitetrackalertsearchengine19 Dec 08

Sauropol:Create A Free Website

Create a free website for your company, rock band or newborn baby. Choose from a large selection of designs or upload your own. Transfer or buy a domain. Sauropol goes way beyond blogging by allowing you to create sites with hierarchical structure and multiple layouts. Sure you can do blogging as well but that’s just subset of what the site offer.

websitecreatebloggingtool28 Nov 08

Tweegee:Innovative Tweens Site Caters to Kids

Tweegee integrates social networking, digital content, and interactive tools to offer a complete online platform for Tweens and Pre-teens. Tweegee provides Tweens with the ability to take full ownership of their online activities, to create their complete personal web sites, communicate via web based email and organizer, engage in rich multiplayer games, read news most relevant to them, author their own articles and much more ΓÇô all on one platform and at one destination

socialkidsnetworkwebsiteIsraelfungame12 Mar 09 Websites Builder for Restaurants and Cafes

A website for your restaurant is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. Between hosting, design, and updating, it can get complicated and expensive… but it doesn't have to be. With a website, hosting is a matter of signing up, designing a matter of choosing a theme, updating a matter of signing-in. The site is completely yours and completely free.

restaurantwebsitebuildfood5 Sep 08

Jabbify:Instant Messaging for your Website

Jabbify allows you to add IM to your website in few seconds. You can keep your visitors coming back by creating a responsive and dynamic site with real time chat.

chatcommunicationIMwebsite24 Aug 08

Edicy:Build and Edit Websites with Ease

Create a fresh site with nice design and web hosting on any domain in seconds. ItΓÇÖs seamless, all in one and unprecedentedly easy to use. Oh, and itΓÇÖs free too.

createtoolsharestoragewebsite16 Mar 09

Lefora:Forums Made Easy

Just a few clicks to get the discussion started on Lefora free forum hosting service. With community Moderation and Anti-Spam support, email notifications, RSS, newsletters, and search engine (SEO) friendly, videos, photos, threaded discussions, unread tracking and rich text editors, and much more.

forumcommunitywebsite1 Aug 08

Slinkset:Create your own Social News Site in Seconds

Slinkset gives you the complete ownership of your site, with the ability to build the type of community you want.

communitywebsitebuildtool25 Jul 08

MySites:Single Place for all your Online Needs

MySites is a place for you to save, manage and share your content online: your party photos, holiday videos, band's tunes, school work, all in one place. MySites can also bring more functionality to the websites you're already using.

storagefilemanagementwebsite15 Jul 08

LaunchSpalsh:Get Free Launch Page for your Upcoming Site

LaunchSplash allows you to create a Web 2.0 "Coming Soon" Launch Page for your domain quickly and easily. It includes support for visitors to sign up for site announcements via Email Lists and RSS.

createwebsitedomain20 Jun 08

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