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Peecho:Clout Print Button


Peecho is a A free service that lets you sell digital publications as physical products. It is the simplest way to convert your content into high quality photo books, magazines, canvas prints and more.

sellprintwidgetbutton11 Mar 12

Jux:Drag and Drop-based Website Creator Platform


Jux is a website builder designed from the ground up for sharing. With simple drag-and-drop tools, website creators can copy,mix and modify components or whole sites shared by others.

websitebuildtoolsocial widget16 Apr 11

RemindThis:Website Reminder Widget


RemindThis is an alternative to bookmarking. Through this service, you will be able to have notifications put your way, reminding you to visit a site that you saw just once.

bookmarkingreminderwidget22 Dec 10

Contapps:Enjoy Your Contacts


Contapps boosts your android contacts with customized widgets and a fresh look & feel. Discover new ways to interact with your mobile community and stay tuned for more cool widgets & updates...

androidmobilecontactwidgetcommunication socialIsrael11 Dec 10

ANTETYPE:Prototyping and Design Application for User Interface Designers


ANTETYPE is a design application that supports user interface designers at every step of their work. Design beautiful interfaces, invent new widgets, style them and put it all together in an interactive prototype.

designtoolwidgetvisualcreate18 Sep 10

Quiqee:Search by Double Click


With Quiqee, double-click enable your website. Add great slick features to your website. Make more money from your content website. Increase Traffic to your site.

widgetsearchengineblogging8 May 10

Bulloonz:Financial Sentiment Monitoring


Bulloonz offers an online financial service that synthesizes the Internet’s vast commentary into meaningful information for nonprofessional, professional, and institutional investors. Using innovative technology with unique capabilities in text analysis, pattern detection, and other modeling algorithms, Bulloonz tracks, analyzes, and interprets investor sentiment.

realtimewidgetfinancetrackstockanalyticssemanticIsrael5 May 10

Monyta:Feedback Tab


Customers are talking. Do you hear them? Monyta is a feedback system, which will listen to your cutomers needs, wants and thoughts using a easy to setup feedback tab.

commentsocialtoolwidgetfeedback31 Jan 10

Boostpost:Easy Social Nework Ranking Integration


Boostpost is the easiest way to add social network ranking buttons to your blog or website.

widgetbloggingsocialnetwork11 Dec 09

Redanyway:Boost your Blog with Followers Widget


Redanyway provides a social way to follow a blog. It provides a friends' and followers' widget which you can sport on your personal blog/site. This enables your friends or readers to directly add your blog to follow or add you to their friends list right from your blog.

bloggingwidgetsocial18 Aug 09

Heyzap:Get Engaging Games for your Site


Heyzap allows any website or blog to take the most exciting flash games and put them into their website. This results in the website/blog having increased traffic, user time of site and engagement. Publishers can use widgets, APIs or RSS feeds to connect up to over 12,000 games.

flashgamebloggingwidget15 Jul 09

Hover.in:Content and Ad Delivery Platform


Hover.in is a publisher driven in-text rich content delivery platform. It has a complete open API and many rich apps could be build around it.

widgetbloggingadvertising29 Jun 09

SocialFollow:All Social Networks in one Button


Have Facebook, Myspace, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts and want to feature them all on your website? Social Follow has created one happy place for all your social profiles to hang out and get along. Social Following is the action of following someone through all of their social accounts.

socialnetworkwidgetblogging9 Feb 10

Wibiya:A User Friendly, Customizable Web-based Toolbar


Wibiya allow users to customize a social toolbar with services, applications and widgets of their choice into their site or blog. The platform offers a one-stop solution for integrating, managing and tracking third-party applications without writing any code. Wibiya also gives you the ability to create a community using Facebook Connect.

toolbarcommunitycommunicationwidgetIsrael30 May 09

PictureTrail:A Large Variety of Cool Slideshows on the Internet


PictureTrail offers several services that enable you to express yourself. Photo sharing, cool photo slideshows, and image hosting will enhance your online community experience. PictureTrail also host personal homepages which enable you to build your own social networking community right here on PT. It supports Myspace layout codes as well as music and web widgets from anywhere on the web.

photoslideshowfunwidgethosting3 May 09

urFooz:Your Portable Profile


urFooz your portable ID that lets you share information across your favorite social networks, blogs and start pages. Easily organize your Web favorites, such as photos, videos, bookmarks and more, by creating a urFooz ID. urFooz is your portable ID that gives you: One identity for all your online activities; An avatar that represents the "virtual" you; and a single connection for all your Web favorites.

identityprofilemediabloggingmobilewidgetcommunityfuncommunication26 Mar 09

Produle:Create Interactive Flase-Based Apps Online


As a Software as a Service (Hosted) solution, it inherits all the benefits of On-Demand software such as no installation, automatic updates, global availability, cross-platform (works under PC, Mac and Linux). Moreover users can design and publish flash apps with no time consuming compilation or uploading, it's just instant. Produle can be used for a wide range of projects including data apps, widgets, banners, promos, animations, product guides, presentations, user interfaces for web services and any other possible interactive web content.

buildwidgettoolpresentationdesignflash22 Feb 09

Vocaroo:Record and send Voice Emails


Vocaroo is a simple service for sending voice messages across the interwebs via email.

recordvoicebloggingwidgetemail7 Feb 09

AddMerch:he One Button Merchandise Solution


AddMerch is a service that allows everyone to embed a complete Print-on-Demand custom merchandise store in right in their own website. Photos, images and user generated content can all be offered as high quality merchandise without any manual uploading or setting up of products. Tell AddMerch the URL of the image that you want to use, and AddMerch does the rest.

bloggingphotobuywidgetbuild31 Jan 09

aMap:Create your very own Argument Widget


aMap is short for 'argument map'. The idea's very simple - to get more people arguing by mapping out complex debates in a simple visual format.

mindmapmappingwidgetbuild26 Jan 09

Conduit:Create a Custom Toolbar


Create a free custom toolbar and stay connected to your users even when they are surfing other websites. Whatever your users do on your website they can do with your community toolbar - from shopping to social networking to making reservations... you name it. Whole applications can even be put on the toolbar.

communitybuildtoolbarwidgetIsrael13 May 09

CroudSound:Get Customer Feedback & Improve your Product


CrowdSound helps you gather suggestions from your customers and respond to them, thereby opening up a productive dialogue between both parties. Your customers will love the intuitive, easy way to let you know their suggestions. Your product will benefit by constantly getting a stream of new feature ideas, improvements and feedback.

commentsocialtoolwidgetfeedback19 Nov 09

Youclac:On-Demand Analytics Apps


Youcalc offers an on-demand analytics platform for business and private use. Private users can build and use analytics widgets free of charge. Youcalc widgets are not about gaming, socializing, etc. but about extracting insight from data and analysis. Widgets can run anywhere - in a browser, inside iGoogle, in a blog, on a facebook account, etc

widgetanalyticsbusiness21 Nov 08

Wauwee:Free Entertainment on your Mobile


Wauwee is a service that connects you to your friends and family via your mobile phone and your PC, through the exchange of photos and chat. It's free, easy & fun.

channelmobilemediadownloadwidget15 Oct 08

Tell A Friend:Leverage Word of Mouth Marketing


Tell-a-Friend is a complimentary tool that lets readers recommend and share content directly with their friends word of mouth style via any method: e-mail, IM, social networks, Twitter or even their blog. Without taking readers' attention away from the content page, Tell-a-Friend taps their internal address book to access their lists of friends from each of the supported networks and contact them individually or as a group.

socialdiscovercontentbloggingwidget22 Sep 08

Schmedley:StartPage with Benefit


Schmedley offers channels data that is diverse and sometimes hard to get at, and organizes it into one clean, easy-to-use interface. In many cases schmedley becomes a content provider, dedicated to offering an innovative way to carry out different web searches and perform specific tasks while gathering data from various sources. Even greater functionality is achieved by giving users the ability to store and manipulate personalized data relevant to each task at hand.

widgettoolstartpage19 Sep 08

TabUp:Stay Connected. Stay Organized. Keep Tabs


With TabUp you can: Find and add Tabs to keep you up-to-date with people, places, and things that interest you. Create Tabs to keep in touch easily with all the people and groups in your life. Receive email alerts for your most important activities. And more.

startpagewidgetnews19 Sep 08

ContestMachine:Promotion Made Easy


ContestMachine makes it easy to run a contest or giveaway on your blog or website. Today, many bloggers struggle to run contests using the the comments feature on blog posts. ContestMachine makes it a lot easier.

bloggingwidgetcommentrategift13 Sep 08

Dotspots:Improving Online News


DotSpots is a semantic annotation system that brings the wisdom of crowds to every meme (block of text) on the web, and leverages automatic semantic matching to distribute each contribution to every instance of that meme across the web.

bloggingnewswidgettoolsearch8 Sep 08

Qrowd:Remix the Web


Qrowd is a start page, where all the structured data now on available on the web can be mashed together and displayed in customizable widgets. This empowers users with a new level of customization, whereby data can be extracted, combined, and converted into meaningful information that can be displayed in customizable formats.

startpagewidgetnews12 Aug 08

OOdesk:Your Virtual Desktop


Reproduce the appearance and functionality of your own computer with all interactive functions and community tools of Web 2.0. Access your workspace anytime, configure, customize and share it from any computer, PDA, phone connected to the network.

desktopwidgetRSSsocial28 Jul 08

Popego:The Internet Meets You


Popego lets you take control of your appearance on the web: you can fine-tune and adjust your interest profile, and let people explore what you like. Enjoy the web your way.

lifestreamsocialsharediscoverwidget22 Jul 08

ToldYa!:Social Commerce Platform


Expand your brand and drastically improve your conversions with a custom-built ToldYa advertising widget that's tied directly to your existing offers and offers an unbeatable interactive experience complete with text, images, audio, video, browsing, search and more.

advertisingmarketplacemarketingwidgetsocial19 Jul 08

Widgenie:The All-Powerful Data Visualizer


Widgenie uploads csv and excel files, gives you numerous options of visuals to personalize, then allows you to easily publish your widget onto various places on the web, social networks, blogs, websites, iGoogle, etc. The site also allows its users to have a statistics page for their widgets to see how many time their widgets have been viewed, as well as how many of those views are from unique visitors.

widgetspreadsheet3 Jul 08

Google's Friend Connect:Grow Traffic when Friends Connect on your Site


Google Friend Connect lets you grow traffic by easily adding social features to your website. With just a few snippets of code, you get more people engaging more deeply with your site.

widgetgooglesocialtrafficconnect11 Jul 08

Grazr:Merge and Filter Multiple Feeds into a Single Stream


Grazr is a collection of online tools for assembling and sharing large numbers of feeds in the simplest manner possible.

RSSfeedwidgettoollifestream2 Jun 08

BlogUpp!:Automated Blog Promotion


BlogUpp! represents a new form of free web promotion. It uses RSS to mutually share blog articles within the widget, along with the snapshot of promoted blog, non-obtrusively and interactively. There is no signup to use it, the setup can be done in seconds, and no maintenance is required afterwards.

bloggingwidgetRSScreatetoolmarketing22 Dec 08

Apture:A Rich Multimedia Experience for the Web


With just one line of code, publishers and bloggers can quickly and easily turn flat pages of text into a compelling multimedia experience. Apture gives content creators the power to find and incorporate relevant multimedia items directly into their pages. Readers can then access these items without ever leaving the page, providing them with a deeper and more meaningful web experience.

bloggingwidgettoolmediavisual6 May 08

SSMunch:Ajax-based Music Search Engine


SSMunch is a simple search engine that helps you find the music you like on the web, then allows you to listen and download your favorite songs to your computer. None of the songs on site are hosted on SSMunch servers. SSMunch system crawls the internet for audio tracks and then provides the information for the users. SSMunch is free and easy to use.

musicsearchenginewidget2 May 08

xtimeline:Expore and Create Free Timelines


Xxtimeline is a web 2.0 embeddable timeline widget and timeline content website. You can create timelines about any subject and display them on your blog or website.

timelinewidgetbloggingcreate30 Apr 08

Movavi:Online Video Converter


Movavi Online is a free online web service that lets you download videos from YouTube, Google and other video-sharing sites and save them to your iPhone, iPod, cellphone, and popular video formats: AVI, MPEG, MOV, FLV, MP4, 3GP. With Movavi Online, you can also convert videos already on your computer. There’s no charge for the service, and you don’t need to download any software.

convertvideowidgetfiletool26 Apr 08

YoSooy:Your Social Life on a Widget


YoSooy is a simple web app that allowing you to list ALL the social services you're using right now (Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Flickr, Digg, Delicious etc,.), and generate it into a nice widget.

widgetsocialnetworklifestream11 Jul 08

Keypi:Collaborative Web Tendencies


Keypi is a collaborative analysis tool for the tendencies of the web. In a simple way, Keypi provides in real-time the last tendencies and activities of the web: Browsers, Operating Systems, Search Engines, Mobile Supports, Robots. Data that Keypi provide by processing the audit of hundreds of sites. These figures are refined and specified as each one participates and influences the tendencies with their site and through keypi Widget Flash.

trackanalyticswidget2 Apr 08

Add to Any:Subscribe and Bookmark Widgets that Include Every Service for Your Visitors


Add to Any's "Subscribe" and "Bookmark" widgets let your visitors subscribe using any feed reader, bookmark using any bookmark manager, and share using any social service. Widgets contain a searchable menu of every applicable service, with the most popular displayed by default.

widgetsocialbookmarkingbloggingtoolbutton26 Jan 09

GWT- Ext:Widget Library


GWT-Ext is a powerful widget library that provides rich widgets like Grid with sort, paging and filtering, Tree’s with Drag & Drop support, highly customizable ComboBoxes, Tab Panels, Menus & Toolbars, Dialogs, Forms and a lot more right out of the box with a powerful and easy to use API.

widgettoolcreate29 Feb 08

Nabbr:The Widget Promotion Network


Nabbr widget platform makes it a snap to manage your affiliate account, so you always know exactly what you're earning. In addition to the money you can make from Nabbr premium music and entertainment content, Nabbr sweetens the pot with lots of great extras.

musicwidgetmoneynetworkadvertising12 Feb 08

Sprout Builder:Build Live Content


Sprout has a range of features appropriate for both novice and advanced users, resulting in quick and easy creation of sophisticated multimedia content.

contentmediabloggingcreatewidget30 Jan 08

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