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Origins of the Game

As both the games are so closely related to each other, the popularity of Casino Hold ‘Em grew largely as Texas Hold ‘Em became a household name throughout the world. As you may already be aware, Casino Hold ‘Em was actually derived directly from Texas Hold ‘Em, by bringing about a small difference in the former, in the manner that rather than playing against the other opponents on the table, you play against the dealer or the house. Just that fact alone makes Casino Hold ‘Em a big favourite of poker beginners who otherwise get intimidated by the expertise and skill level of seasoned poker players. In this case, all they need to do is beat one single player, which is the dealer!

Apart from that, Casino Hold ‘Em mostly follows the same rules that are applicable to Texas Hold ‘Em. A regular 52 card deck is used for playing and you’re required to make the best possible 5 card poker hand. Every player gets dealt 2 hole cards, followed by dealing of 3 community cards on the table. The latter can be used by any player for forming his/her poker hand. All players must place an ante bet prior to start of the game and are also allowed to place an additional side bet known as AA bet. This side bet can significantly increase the winning payout if you get 2 aces as a part of your first 5 card hand (comprising of your 2 hole cards and 3 flop cards).

How it began?
Casino Hold ‘Em poker was introduced for the first time in the year 2000 by a person named Stephen Au-Yeung. He was a famous gambler having a lot of gambling experience under his belt, right from the 80s era. He went on to establish a company which developed casino games and featured more than hundred games in its portfolio, with Casino Hold ‘Em being one of them.
Casino Hold ‘Em is considered a one of its kind Texas Hold ‘Em variant where the players instead of playing against each other, play against the house. The first time that this game made its appearance was in the casinos situated in Europe, South Africa and Russia. 2002 was the most important year for this game as it was introduced to players world over when it was displayed at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London, UK, as a part of International Casino Exhibition. It provided a house edge in the vicinity of 2%, going up to 2.5%.

First recognition
The first time that Casino Hold ‘Em was recognised as a game with huge commercial potential was in the year 2007 when it got licensed for official play throughout the United Kingdom, which constitutes a very important market for gambling. Thereafter, several UK online and off-line casinos adopted the game and started marketing it aggressively as one of their main highlights. Poker players also started accepting it as their primary choice, some even making a regular living from it.
One of the main reasons why a large majority of poker players loved Casino Hold ‘Em so much was because of the AA side bets. Quite obviously, the most important factor of the game was that you didn’t have to play against other skilled players; so anyone not good at bluffing also stood a great winning chance as it lowered the pressure by a great degree.
All these factors combined with the fast pace of the game contributed to its immense success as a high-quality casino card game throughout the world. It got even more attention through players who devised their own strategies which were strictly applicable to Casino Hold ‘Em alone, allowing them to make the most of the regular and AA side bets.

Casino Hold ‘Em of the modern day
In the modern era, Casino Hold ‘Em is actively played as a popular and highly entertaining online casino game. You can even play the live dealer version of Casino Hold ‘Em wherein you play online against an actual dealer broadcasted from a professional casino studio, directly on your tablet PC, smart phone, laptop or desktop. The advent of Casino Hold ‘Em into live dealer arena has made it available to a large number of gamblers who otherwise used to fly down to their nearest casino destination for enjoying their most favourite poker game.
In the modern era, Casino Hold ‘Em is actively marketed by TCS John Huxley, Gaming Supplies Company and more than ten different online gaming software. It’s actively played at more than 100 different live casinos more than 1000 online casinos world over.
All about Casino Hold ‘Em