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Top 7 Tips

As you may also be able to gauge from the name of the game, Casino Hold ‘Em poker is quite like Texas Hold ‘Em, except the fact that you play against the house and not the other players on the table. So, you do sit along with other players on the table, but all of you don’t play against each other, but against the dealer. It’s because of this reason that Casino Hold ‘Em is considered a far more chilled-out poker variant compared to Texas Hold ‘Em and others. Let’s now take you through some very important tips that can come in pretty handy when playing Casino Hold ‘Em in an off-line or an online casino:

Learn and master the rules
You should ideally avoid playing Casino Hold ‘Em and wagering huge amounts if you don’t have good knowledge of poker as a game. It would be good for you to first learn the basic rules of the game, the payouts, hand rankings etc. and only then use that knowledge in an active off-line/online casino poker environment. You may also try playing Texas Hold ‘Em initially to gain a better understanding of the similarities and differences in/between these two games.

If you can, avoid the AA side bets
Although the payouts increase pretty significantly if you place the AA side bets (for instance a straight flush that pays out 20 to 1 normally, increases to 50 to 1 with a AA side bet), the house edge increases significantly too with these bets. Hence, avoid placing these side bets if you can.

Understand the dealer’s position
When playing Casino Hold ‘Em, every dealer needs to play as per a predetermined strategy or pattern. He/she cannot veer away from that strategy or pattern and use his/her own mind. Every Casino Hold ‘Em dealer undergoes training and is well-instructed to play only the best combinations with the cards dealt to him/her. Hence, understand the dealer’s position and avoid using strategies like bluffing etc. it just won’t work! All you need to do is play your best cards!

Learn when to fold
One of the most important things for being successful at Casino Hold ‘Em poker is learning when you should fold your hands. It’s always best to cut your losses when you don’t get good hole cards. You may think that how this advice holds against the one that says that you must play out majority of your hands. Well, it’s alright to play majority of your hands, but you need to be reasonable too. And always keep in mind that poor initial hands have fairly low chances of becoming winning ones!

Learn when to continue playing
In case you find yourself having a semi-decent hand after the flop, you should continue betting and play the entire hand. Thinking of folding at such a time would be a very wrong decision. You must at all times keep in mind that you’re playing against the dealer and not against other players on the table. Hence, your chances of winning are pretty decent, especially if you get good hole cards and flop isn’t bad either.

It’s always better to call if you can make a pair after the flop
If you can make a pair with even one flop card, you must continue playing and calling the bets. The same should be done if your cards form an inside straight draw or a flush draw. Another situation where Casino Hold ‘Em players are encouraged to continue calling is whenever their 2 hole cards are higher than 7.

Set a limit
There’s no point getting carried away and ending up with empty pockets at the end of the session. Nothing denying that Casino Hold ‘Em is a fairly easy poker game and can win you plenty of easy money, but you should know when to stop. There’s no point continuing playing endlessly and losing all of your bankroll.
All about Casino Hold ‘Em